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[Backers | TiTS] Thieving Yer Milks! YAR!

Gillenew just finished up a sprite commission for me.. and it’s perfect. Click the pic for animation!

0.8.055 Changelog:

  • Fantasize now actually increases your lust by what it reports. At least it better…
  • The Milk Thief has a new loss scene that can work for basically every possible body configuration under the sun. Includes milking breasts, helping your breasts lactate, milking penises, pumping vaginas, etc. It has tons of variations for almost everything under the sun and is rated 100% taur compliant by the UGC taur service and safety board. (Written by William)
  • Some functions for getting the least/most “pumped” vagina index value were broken when a player only had 1 vagina. This should be fixed.

P.S. Wsan has the VIP area of the milkbar ready to go. That’ll be my next big code project.

[Backers | TiTS] A Wild Milk Thief Appears!

This cow was the favorite of most of the dev team. Good work, Shou!

…but she doesn’t have the scene where she properly milks you coded yet. Sorry guys. That’ll come tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how badly life wants to dog-pile me. It’s bad enough I spent an hour and a half getting some quarterly tax information for Tennessee figured out today.

0.8.053 Changelog:

  • A new enemy is prowling the mean (unfinished) streets of Dhaal – the zaika milk thief! She’ll attempt to forcibly extract your milk (or other fluids) at nearly any cost! Sadly, her primary PC-milking scene has yet to be coded on account of its size, number of variations, and the fact that I’ve been working on this on and off for most of the day already. Hopefully I can slot that in (with a new combat ability or two) in the next patch!
  • Fantasize now reports how much damage you do to yourself.
  • The Codex’s sidebar is now more readable. Previously, unselected categories blended into the background quite badly.
  • New Busts: Drink Cows! They’re fucking adorable!
  • Mimbranes got some nerfs. Despite being in the “harder” area of Mhen’ga, they were classified as level 1. In spite of that, their lust damage ignored all forms of lust resistance in the game, and it was possible to have them chain-grapple you. That should be eliminated, and their damage should be properly reported as well now.
  • Female naleen got a tiny physique nerf.
  • Naleen grapples should be a little easier to escape (only a little).
  • Temptresses had a buff to vaginal capacity to match their anal capacity.

0.8.054 Changelog:

  • I actually added the Zaika to the encounter table for Dhaal’s “Gyre” region. Whoops!

TiTS, the New Year, and Where We’re Going

Pardon if this message is riddled with more than usual small smattering of typos, but I just came off the back of a pretty huge two-plus hour meeting with the TiTS staff. We covered a LOT. So much that I’m probably not going to be able to touch on it all here. It’s that big – pretty much two full monitors worth of notes big. As a result, we’ve identified a lot of places we want to make improvement in the game flow and feel – especially the early game. I won’t bore you with all the minute details, but as an example: we’re going to shift the game start to the Mhenga landing pad (post-tutorial) and improving the credit acquisition methodology once you’re there.

Other changes could be more significant, like potentially having a reusable tent you can grab for resting and leveling in the wild, or reworking how sexiness is stated out and applied so that wearing slutty undies and clothes makes you a lusty glass cannon while dressing in granny panties and trash armor makes your blood harder to boil, so to speak. Additionally, the way sexiness is assigned to undies and items will be reworked to be level independent. Aliss’s vast selection will be able to stand up to the latest from Myrellion, Zheng Shi, or Dhaal. These may sound like dramatic changes, but rest assured that we’re not gonna lump up a ton of disparate and far reaching things at once.

But while we are talking about tease –  it too will be getting touched and improved. The skill ratings for the various kinds of teases will be removed and tied into libido instead. Hate that? Do you play an asexual mistress of the tease? We’re looking at having the “Ice Cold” perk potentially invert how libido is applied for those who want to be the temptress who never gives it away.

And the biggest and perhaps smallest change at the same time: after a lot of back and forth, we’re going to remove the 33 lust threshold for sex scenes in TiTS. In CoC, it served a useful risk/reward role in pushing you into dicier combat situations that could corrupt you if you lost. In TiTS, the game is more about exploration and adventure, and it winds up getting in the way more than anything else, especially when you manage to crush a boss fight only to discover you can’t access their fun scenes because your character isn’t quite horny enough.

And because my brain was burned when posted this, a late-edited addendum: We also talked about the oncoming end of flash. Geddy has some plans to make us browser-play compliant that she’s going to get cranking on before we hit that end of life deadline. She even mentioned streaming a ton to do it. Fingers crossed!

[Backers | CoC2] Misc. New Scenes

Hey, it’s been a while! Sorry about that. I’m only just recovering from a sustained illness — just in time for the Great Plague to hit my state — and one of my dogs passed away (peacefully). Stressful times.

So as Fen mentioned a bit ago, SavCo had a team meeting after our winter break to go over our collective homework: I made everyone on staff play through the entire game from front to back and take detailed notes. The team came back with a lot of good feedback and analysis for me. I came away with a meaty list of changes I’d like to make to the game in the near future, including but by no means limited to: upgrades to the UI and map so you can see where different encounter zones are and what dungeons are over your level, tweaks to the resolve/tease combat mechanics, changes to the tutorial and to item drop rates/tables (especially for TFs and eggs), and a bevy of items and scenes the team wants to add that they felt were missing or overlooked as we’ve gone.

In the meantime, though, a pretty good chunk of content has backed up in the code hopper so let’s clear that out, shall we?

0.2.35 Patch Notes:

  • After the Cait/Ryn/Evelyn foursome, you can now sometimes find Cait chugging Ev’s cock. (By me, coded by Leykoss)
  • New talk scenes added for Cait, Etheryn, and Lady Evergreen. Also a new talk is available with the Harem Cats while you’re searching for Liaden during the Hornet Hive quest. (By me, coded by Leykoss)
  • New TF: Spiderfolk. (By BubbleLord, coded by Coolmn)
  • You can now encounter Vari the Leothran in the Frostwood, and get taken back to her village for some fun. (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • You can encounter a mysterious new drider in the Foothills. (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Leykoss)
  • A new Sugo scene where he fucks your puss. (By BubbleLord, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Busts: Vari, Tanuki Witch

Big shout out to Leykoss for a lot of awesome work lately. What a lad.

As always, you can back us at….
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[Backers | TiTS] Year of the Rodenian

Lookin’ fiiiiine!

0.8.052 Changelog:

  • The rat slut duo in Cherry’s Tap-Hall, Walnut & Chestnut, will now offer VIP Service. If you’ve befriended Rat’s Raiders, then you can get access to it faster plus a discount. Otherwise, you have to keep using them. (Written by William, coded by DrunkZombie.)
  • If you get both the helmet and spacesuit in Zheng Shi but for some reason toss one, you can buy a complete suit from Urbolg for 30,000 – only after finding looting both of the above. This was already in the game, but a bolded notice to this effect was added to the airlock to help lost players know how to proceed.
  • Kasmiran’s bust has been added after wayyyyy too long.
  • HumpHard Inc has been removed from the game and its constituent toys and content reassigned to TamaniCorp or JoyCo as appropriate. Its author is no longer in the community and despite multiple Codex entries, none of the authors had much interest in it. This should trim the Codex bloat a bit while also helping players more strongly connect with (and remember) the existing corps.
  • Vahn and Synphia can now sell you SteeleTech suits, if you’d rather not have best-pup on your ship for her vending capabilities.

(I know I talked about chunking in bits of my milk thief, but all these other things popped up first!)

Tailsex… Tailsex Never Changes…

Hey guys! Quick Fenoxian update! After a pretty cruddy day for progress yesterday, I chunked out about 4000 words worth of stuff for the zaika milk thief enemy William and I are working on. Most of that is a scene for vagina-equipped players to calm down after a good fight with some great crotch-to-crotch tribbing – but with an interesting new wrinkle: threading the zaika’s tailgenital between both. The scene culminates with the choice of where you want to let her tail cum – thus far I have blurbs for your own tailpussy, her mouth, or just letting it spurt all over your bellies. I should probably do a version for jamming it in your vagina as well, but after three major variations with three variations for cum quantity each, I needed a break.

After that I laid into her combat routine. If you mind combat spoilers, check out now, but I’ve written a few interesting abilities. Most notably, she can launch herself into the air via her cybernetic heels and “fly” for a few rounds to avoid melee attacks. She also has a once per combat healing move, special moves for being disarmed, and something to deal with pesky PCs in airtight suits.

I’ll probably wind up chunking parts of her in for you guys to test before we have all of her scenes finished, but what we have is promising. My next one is probably going to be focused on milking you, since that’s kind of her whole thing.


[Backers | TiTS] Futazon Scourge

Celise is too goo-d not to post!

We have a small patch today with a new enemy, some fixes, and some lovely new scenes! I’m going to dive into the Milk-Thief that William and I are collaborating on now. Wish me luck.


  • New encounter: Milodan Futazon scourge, by QuestyRobo. Coded by a new volunteer – gena138. Be gentle when reporting any bugs. I spent a few hours paging through it myself to knock the worst edges off, but I did not get much playtime with it. Let us know what you think, and if we need to tweak the balance at all.
    • Be level 8+ when landing on Uveto, and you should get an email notice that the encounters are active.
  • New Slavebreaker scene “Rut Fuck” that the PC can encounter, by William & coded by DrunkZombie.
  • New Female Zil scene “Facefuck”, by William & coded by DrunkZombie.
  • Updated one of the female raskvel scenes with a tweak for knotting. (watchDatRaskvelEggLayyyy – our function names are AMAZING!)
  • Roz now goes on cooldown for 5 hours after you defeat her power armor, in order to properly repair it.
  • A bunch of bug fixes by Jacques00.

Also! Our very own B, writer of such characters as Paige and Lorelei, has finished making up his own Twine game with lots of asset theft and fetish content. You can check out a smaller public build at his forum post or subscribe to his Patreon for the whole 120,000 word shebang!

[FOE] 0.5.6

Hi, Alder here!

Here comes a new update to Fall of Eden, expanding on the farm and adding the shy equine farmhand, Adrian.

I held a content poll with my Patreon supporters before christmas, deciding on the next area of work. The Burrows eked out a very narrow victory against the farm, but this will come with a slight caveat: Because so much of the content added lately is gated behind the E+ event in the farm, I figure I will at least write and code that before moving onto bunnies full time.

Content warning: Since it’s a touchy subject in some circles, Adrian’s content has some stuff that some would consider fringe. Specifically, pushing Adrian’s content forward will at some point (currently not in the game) lead to Gwendy and Adrian being fuck buddies and sharing an open relationship. One optional path leading up to it will include Netori style scenes (with the PC as the bull). Exactly how this plays out in the end will depend on the outcome of the E+ event (not yet in). If this isn’t for you, sorry, hopefully you can find something else in the game to enjoy.

Play the update online here.

Download the offline version here (open foe.html in your browser).

If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.

FoE has returned to the Play page!

Full changelog after the break.

[Backers] Bit of Everything

Giga celise is looking… squiggly!

0.8.050 Changelog:

  • Those of you who wound up with the bimbofied version of Kiro can now interact with her on the ship in limited fashion. She currently ships with two sex scenes, one for each of the main genital types. I will be restricting one of them to certain sizes of anatomy once I have scenes for “bigger” PCs ready. I really enjoyed writing both of these, and I hope you guys enjoy them as well.
  • Kattom’s inventory for Dhaal has been plugged in. Enjoy luxurious item descriptions, written by our own Adjatha!
  • New busts! Celise has a new bust for each of her forms and Lumi (the rare gabilani encounter on Tarkus) got her busts as well.

Going forward: my Dhaal milk thief and patching in Kiro options a scene at a time.

Fenoxo Fenport: Riding Cowgirl

I just finished writing some stuff for riding the bimbo version of Kiro cow-girl style. Much like the titfuck scene I was doing yesterday, I wove what I consider to be some primo variations into it. This time you have the choice of pinching her nipples till milk squirts out or choking her (after she suggests it). It clocks in just over 3,000 words and includes a variation at the end (like yesterday’s) that allows for you to tell her if she’s been a good girl or just go on your way.

I’m pretty sure everyone is gonna tell her she’s a good girl, but having it as an actual option is gonna make it feel better to play, IMO.

I still need to go back and add a variation to the tit-fuck from yesterday (and add a tit-fuck variation for herm PC’s in this scene with sufficient long dicks). Trying to hit every variation on the first pass is exhaustingI’ll probably post an update tomorrow, even if it winds up only having two sex scenes to play with bimbo Kiro in.

Update: Lotta stuff going on, and if I do get a patch, it’s gonna be so late it’s the next day.

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