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[Backers] 0.7.64

0.7.64 Changelog:

  • Added some Terensha/Reaha threesomes. Due to the way the introduction is presently written, it’s only there if Reaha hasn’t been freed yet. Accessible from Terensha’s menu.
  • New busts: Saec and Belle.

Probably going to be it from me today! D&D later on Savin’s channel. He’ll probably have a tweet about it show up in the sidebar.

As per the usual…

You guys only ever seem to hear from me when I’m sick. Cause that’s what happened, woohoo! FenCo once again known for employing only sick people (Except Gedan & Adj).

I’d been sick for a few days, and at the ass crack of dawn on Monday morning, the pain crested and I gave in and spent the whole day in the ER. Ultimately, I knew what was wrong, the doctors confirmed and I was laid up in bed on painkillers. The culprit? Kidney Stones. Yuck.

I’ve spent the last three days high as a kite and sleeping the effects of everything off. I hope to be returning to livestreaming tomorrow, or the day after – but we’ll see how my recovery continues.

On that note, I’m sure he’s been up here before – but I like him so you get to see him again…

<- Shean, the Dracotaur taxi bro.

[Backers] Gianna x Anno – 0.7.63

0.7.63 Changelog:

  • New story from HugsAlright: Stolen Goods (posted one post below & linked in the fiction section!) It can drop on Tarkus or Myrellion.
  • New story from QuestyRobo: Tentacle Trouble for Turned-on Tanukis. It can drop on Myrellion.
  • New threesome encounter with crew Anno & Gianna in the barn on New Texas. For male & hermaphrodite PCs. It was the lovely little confluence of being something I wanted to write and a belated birthday gift for Savin.
  • Some fixes for bimbo tech specialists not properly using the calculated “bimbo intelligence” on all skills.
  • Goo Armor exposure settings have been added.
  • Dumbfuck & Sneezing tits should now synergize.
  • Various other small tweaks and fixes.

Art of Gianna and Anno grabbed from one of BarretXIII‘s stream commissions last night. Such great timing!

Stolen Goods

By: HugsAlright
Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Monstergirl (Jackal), Monsterboy (Harpy), Non-Consensual

Feren moved cautiously from market stall to market stall, continuously adjusting his cloak to keep the hot desert sun off his skin and the gentle curves of his face. He looked for loose pouches and purses, small trinkets and goods no one would see him take, never staying in one place for long. It would have been another day for the nomadic harpy, but something felt off today, a familiar figure showing up one-too-many times in the vast crowd of the Sa’sesh marketplace.

Cities like Sa’sesh were easy pickings for thieves like Feren: big communities hardly regulated who came or went, and with the war going on, there weren’t many guards to keep watch over the markets or wealthy homes. Sure, he may not have blended in well with the jackal-like suubi that inhabited Sa’sesh, but his svelte frame and wings would always make for easy getaways.

The feather-armed boy had planned on leaving the market soon, and hoped to shake that all-too-familiar feeling of being followed when he left, only to be interrupted by a pull of his cloak.

“Hey!” was the only word Feren could muster as his own purse was torn from his pockets. He quickly twisted around, only to see a suubi girl with her claws around the small burlap sack.

Full Time Jacques00

Jacques00 is officially on the payroll now.  I’m going to be steering him toward VN work in the short term, but he should find his way over to TiTS again before long.

I also finished an Anno x Gianna scene that should roll into the game shortly.


[Backers] 0.7.62 – Azra Preview + Chrissy Busts

I wrote about 2,000 words of Azra stuff this morning for her first expedition and set up. It’s going to involve fighting a naleen pair in a group fight with her, then fighting a nine cunt-tailed zil while she harvests some flowers. I got about 1/2 of the combat texts for the naleen pair done. I also got some coding done on her, putting her and her talk scenes into the game.

0.7.62 Changelog:

  • A preview of Azra is in game. She’s very limited and only really good for talking at the moment. Let me know what you think about how I have her rigged up!
  • Chrissy has busts from Shou & Adjatha now! Perks of having a submitted character added to the game right around your birthday. Congrats, HugsAlright!

(Chrissy’s Shou bust pictured at right!)

[Backers] I Herd U Liek Content

…Mostly done by other people, because I write slow and basically lost a week of my life.

0.7.61 Changelog:

  • New character on Tavros Station: Fisianna the very shy nekomata.
  • New character on Uveto: Chrissy. Both coded by the lovely UpcastDrake and written by two of our lovely writers.
  • New bad end for chain losing to Milodans.
  • Added Ovalasting implants for the Egg Trainer (weekly egg incubation after implant is jizzed on)
  • Added Sneezing Tits SSTD (week-long infection that cause boob growth when sneezing; can be contracted from an infected voluntarily during combat by waiting, or having sex)
  • Implemented Anti-Gravity item flag (for anti-grav clothing that bypass immobilzation), and enabled tiny restoring of HP and energy when waiting for long periods of time.
  • New bust: Fisianna.

I’ve got all the non-sex talky bits for Azra done now. I think I’ll start rolling her into the game, then work on her first expedition – a miniquest combat gauntlet to secure a fuckable plant sample, which will then likely unlock some of the plant texts from CoC so as to not drive me mad. The idea is to give her little quests on each planet to discover some weird (and exciting) bit of flora you can later interact with on the ship – then after a few, romance her.

(Wired up a bit if anyone wants to peek at an early appearance screen for next patch.)

Blurpin’ an Derpin’

About 2,000 words got written today for Azra. Also a submitted kui-tan project and cat-girl project got coded by a fan-coder and merged by Gedan.

Expect a patch for those two tomorrow if nothing else!


Not dead, just haven’t had a good night’s sleep all week – a consequence of watching my kid during the week for my ex since her usual sitter was on vacation. 6am is too early for a Fenoxo to be awake, apparently. It definitely made concentrating on writing or working during the free time I did have really hard, and I mostly just wound up fucking around in videogames in the evenings. One small upside is that I did some twitch streaming for once.

Anyhow, I got my first eight hours of sleep in a while, and I’ll be jumping back into it with a vengeance. TO THE AZRA MINES! (Who is Azra? A harpy/shark xenobiologist specializing in exotic flora.)

Today’s Work

I’m pulling half-days this week due for reasons, but I still managed to churn out about 2,000 words of a Azra, covering her introduction, appearance, and accepting her onto your crew. She’s one of those rare NPCs who gets onto your ship BEFORE any hanky panky happens. I’ll get into other stuff when I get more into writing her.

I also reviewed and approved a submitted SSTD – the Sneezing Tits. It probably helps that it was written in response to an idea I had.


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