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[TiTS] Stealin’ Ships and Datin’ Daughters

Another week hard at work for everybody; a lot of energy sunk into cleaning up more and more of the dangling threads left by overhauling systems.

I’ve spent most of my time delving into the back of the inventory code to clean up how we handled all the special casing required for a handful of complex items. I was hoping to get all of the inventory work I had to do finished with this week, but unpicking the weirdness that the OmniSuit and GooArmor are behind the scenes ate up a lot more hours than I thought it would – but they should now work much better with our new inventory layout. Piercings is gonna be up next.

TiTS 0.9.002:

  • [Backers] Salvaging the Mastodon. Get real friendly with all the people populating the Crash Landing bar, and two weeks after your most recent visit you’ll be getting a message requesting help…. (Slab, Leek & Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] Dating Teyaal’s daughter. Take her out on the town! (Savin & Leek)
  • A bunch of work has gone into tweaking the Inventory screen. There’s now a few extra buttons available in the layout, and many of the Hot Topic interactable items that we were having issues with can now be directly interacted with through the Inventory screen. (Gedan)
  • The OmniSuit and GooArmor had a lot of tweaking behind the scenes so there may be issues lurking; these two items need a lot of unique special cases in the code behind inventory handling, so there may be weirdness and issues lurking anew. (Gedan)
  • The Crash Landing entry door is now properly locked, requiring a scene action to enter the place proper, forcing all of the state tracking to happen. (Gedan)
  • Mid-combat scenes for the Raskvel should work properly again. (DrunkZombie)
  • Salvager Brute pregnancy should no longer crash. (DrunkZombie)
  • Ballistic Breast Liners should be in Sabrae’s store again. (DrunkZombie)
  • Chance’s offspring should be listed correctly. (DrunkZombie)
  • Naming the Sidewinder should be more resilient. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Many bust fixes spread around the code. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Onboard-ship event chances have been reduced. (DrunkZombie)

[Backers | CoC2] A Horse, Of Course

0.4.46 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new NPC in the baths, Klemaia: a marefolk dickgirl with a fat cock and a lovely harem of elves. (by Wsan)
  • Said marefolk can impregnate the PC.
  • New CGs: Tui in her fishnets and Aileh taking a bath by Akira, Daliza showing off her muff before you scissor by Morrya.

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WIP of Klemaia’s bust by Moira~

[TiTS] Hotfix 3: Hotfix with a vengence

Sneaking out some bigly fixes just for the weekend. There’s a bunch more stuff that still needs some testing before we drop that HOT BACKER CONTENT action soon. Have a little mayternity art goodness for these trying hotfix times!

TiTS 0.9.001, Builds 2057 and up:

  • Internally cleaned up how we make the game show the shop interface. This came with a lot of tweaks to ensure Supply And Demand is working as it should, and rig up a few more specific bits and pieces in a more general fashion so they should work globally for all shops. (Gedan)
  • The Synthwomb implant should now totally avoid impacting virility. (DrunkZombie)
  • The First-14 conduit repair process should now happen correctly for repeat visits, as should the flying-to event text. (Gedan)
  • Sylvie now has some better indication as to the status of her pregnancy. (DrunkZombie)
  • Further work toward the genitalia routers that was started in the previous hotfix. This should clean up a lot of the invalid indexes and the occasional crash that was happening. (Gedan)
  • Teyall’s MSXI now has the proper stats, and so should be a much more formiddable challenge. Like actually shooting back after the first couple of rounds. (Gedan)
  • Teyall should also not show up on ZS until all three of her ship combat encounters have happened. (Gedan)
  • Azariah’s repeat approaches should show the proper first-time event for the first time only. (Gedan)
  • Syri and Penny’s smut mails have been tweaked. (DrunkZombie)
  • The Star Viper that can be rescued post-combat should now be able to leave your ship in some more appropriate places, and not leave in places where it makes little sense. (Gedan)
  • The Anno & Shekka sleep-with waking up scene should work properly. (DrunkZombie)
  • Milkbags should work properly now; various inventory handling systems should no longer make them overwrite each other in strange ways. There might be a few more lingering places where this can happen, but some extensive fiddling happened and it seems solid now. (Gedan)

TiTS 0.9.001, Builds 2068 and up:

  • Fixed a bunch of shop and inventory errors relating to canMergeWith(). I completely underestimated how many items were lying around that needed specific handling when I implemented this last night, and I’ve spent a couple of hours now tracking down as many as I can – there may still be a few left, but all of the reported ones should be fixed. (Gedan)

TiTS 0.9.001, Builds 2089 and up:

  • A lot more investigating has been done to dig out various item issues surfacing with canMergeWith() errors. ShockBlade, StrangeEgg, Slavesuit, Tents, and all of the Hardlight Equipped items should now no longer crash. (Gedan)
  • Hardlight equipped underwear should also import properly from Flash saves. (Gedan)
  • Olympia’s tailcock shifting has been cleaned up further. (Gedan)
  • Zaalt no longer drops his shockblade. This was an oversight from converting the Flash mechanics, and the ultimate source of the ShockBlade crashing in the players inventory. (Gedan)
  • It should no longer be possible for time passage to result in fractional minutes. (DrunkZombie)
  • A variety of shops should no longer inappropriately clear out scene text. (Jacques)
  • Some multi-hit combat attacks should be better about presenting their output. (Fenoxo)
  • The probe event on Mhen’ga should pass less time, enabling Conensol to be utilized for the potential scenes involved. (DrunkZombie)

[Backers | CoC2] Laying the Dragon Has Adorable Consequences…

A hotfix has been released for saves created on 0.4.44 not being able to do Aileh Preg.

Mayternity continues for those of you with the courage to lay the fiercest dragon in Savarra…

0.4.45 Patch Notes:

  • Aileh has a gravid new expansion courtesy of her author, Skow, if you’ve become her lover and fully upgraded the Wayfort. including:
    • A roughly 100 page long pregnancy path for her — certainly the most in-depth parenting sim we’ve had since Kinu thanks to Marethian breeding rules. There’s loads of interactions with you, Aileh, and the scaly potato you’ve made (typically on a 6 day cooldown, eventually progressing to 1.5 days as she grows). Most events proc when approaching Aileh on her tile.
    • Four new Aileh sex scenes (some of which require knocking her up).
    • Sleeping with Aileh at the Wayfort, via her map tile.
    • A full new set of Kasyrra busts, including a clothed version; new pregnant Aileh busts & preg variants.
    • New CG: Aileh presenting her egg.

There’s a bunch of variation in there for your relationship with Kasyrra, too.

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[TiTS] Insert Funny Post Name Update

Cheeky late Sunday update!

Ardia expansion is going live for Backers with this – keep in mind that it is designed for ardia domlevels lower than 6. Once you’ve visited her folks at least once, the next time you’re warming Ardia’s bed Ardia is warming your bed, you’ll get a little treat and an offer to visit her home again.

TiTS 0.9.001 Release Notes:

  • Backers: Ardia’s low-dom expansion is now available.
  • Haleypreg should be more resilient. (DrunkZombie)
  • Various mimbrane tweaks. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Tail Genitals have been cleaned up. Much of the data relating to tail genitals was reworked right on the cusp of us moving over to the JS port, and there was a lot of things that needed tweaking to fully account for their new structure. (Gedan)
  • A variety of scenes written by Will and scattered around the game. (William & Leek)
  • Slightly improved cache-control headers, hopefully better avoiding issues where peoples browsers refused to see a new version of the game. (Gedan)
  • Random ship fights have been re-enabled. (Gedan)
  • Evenings talk menu should work properly. (Gedan)
  • The Great Majin should work properly. (Gedan)
  • AoE attacks should no longer cause a crash in combat. (Gedan)
  • A second means of getting duplicate Siegwulfes should no longer occur. (Gedan)
  • Riley should no longer trigger too often. (Gedan)
  • The ship installables menu should now be in the installables-tagged room and not storage. (Gedan)
  • Results of Event Whorizon should be more verbosely inspected to drive access to Syri Hellhound. (Gedan)
  • The pool in Ten Ton Gym should no longer leave you with the Temporary Nudity Cheat, nor should it allow you to leave the pool room in this state. (Gedan)
  • Anno’s bust should properly update depending on her clothing state. (Gedan)

Shoved some hotfixes out of the door too. Version numbers the same but with a higher build number

TiTS 0.9.001, Builds 2018 and up:

  • Some parser tags used for Syri got cleaned up. There’s still some work to do on a few others. (Leek)
  • Leithacharm had some logic fixes. (Donkey)
  • Under some circumstances, when using implants with physique penalties, it was possible to get a double penalty. This should be resolved. (Fenoxo & Gedan)
  • The system used to handle NPC ships in hangars that the player can interact with has been overhauled. This should fix the remainder of issues with Great Majin, but it will require it’s location to cycle one more time for the data to fix itself. (Gedan)
  • Mitzi more aggressively filters the items she can wear. This fixes an instance where you could have given her the OmniSuit collar in the Flash version, but if she attempts to wear it in the JS version – via an imported save – causes a crash because it is no longer a valid armor slot item. If you had previously given her the collar you can still get it back from her, she just won’t randomly attempt to wear it nor can the player tell her to wear it. (Gedan)
  • More AoE explosion output fixes. (Gedan)
  • The level up UI now ignores fractional stat values when near the cap, allowing you to actually cap your stats up to the max. (Gedan)
  • Syri’s OmegaOil applications should now run as expected. Existing applications will take 7 and a half days, new applications will expire after 3. (Gedan)
  • A bunch of tweaks to fix bust presence through KiroQuest: Po Edition. The full fixes will require us to clear out our built image cache, which will happen on the next “full” build rather than a hotfix. (Gedan)
  • Many instances where you could repeatedly activate a button that used to disable itself after the first activation should now work as expected. The Extort button after random ship combat is a good example of this pattern. (Gedan)
  • More ship combat crashes should be fixed, specifically those relating to “statusEffectv1” and similar. (Gedan)

TiTS 0.9.001, Builds 2026 and up:

  • Removed some duplicated fixed tail genital stats output. (Gedan)
  • Cleaned up some parser stuff in Hellhound Syri content. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Wulfe scenes. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Dhaal Motoblitz scenes. (Gedan)
  • Minor fixes to some Aria scenes and her bust display. (Gedan)
  • Fixed non-text buttons being disabled. This fixes the storage menu for example. (Gedan)
  • Cache the default bust rather than attempting to pull it out of the image manifest every time we need it. (Gedan)
  • Hand-So console tweaking. (Fenoxo)
  • A bunch more rooms in Dhaal have real descriptions. (Fenoxo, Donkey & Jacques)
  • Reworked some internal functions that allow for genitalia selection. We had two versions of these for each type of menu we wanted to generate that had become somewhat out of sync, so this was an attempt to cut the least-functional version and convert calls from one to the other. There may be issues lurking in the wake of this. (Gedan)

[Public | CoC2] Musical Moo Times Two

(or maybe more!)

Mayternity continues, this time bringing a new relationship expansion to my cow-bard Livrea, and some hot new group action for the orc tribe if you’ve knocked all the girls up at once!

Edit: There’s a hotfix live now to fix a minor issue with Livrea’s romance requiring a dick, instead of just the breeding.

0.4.44 Patch Notes:

  • Livrea has a new relationship expansion. Unlock it by having sex with her, tipping her, or completing main story quests (any combination adds to her relationship tracker). Eventually she’ll ask you out, and you can decide how far you want to take your relationship from there~
  • If Arona, Hretha, Infrith, and Rags are all pregnant to the point of showing at once, bring Arona to the Warcamp in your party and then leave with her. Repeatable thereafter from Arona’s camp menu. Requires cock. (by Gardeford)
  • New Infrith titjob scene (by Funtastic)
  • New Marefolk Shaman loss scene for PCs with vaginas (also by Funtastic)
  • New Busts: Noire, Preggo Livrea
  • New CG: Orc Pregnant 5some.

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New Since Last Public Patch:

  • The Khor’minos baths are now open, with several substantial new NPCs to enjoy (Arille the femdom cow, Noire the breedable sheep, Taranda the buttslut elf, and Yonzan the hung lizard dude) as well as some cute masseuses.
  • A bunch of new random Wayfort scenes.
  • New Busts: KM Bath NPCs
  • New CGs: Arille Femdom

One of our most substantial pregnancy expansions yet is coming next patch. Stay tuned!

[TiTS] It’s a real human bean

A weekend and a bits worth of digging into some spicy bugs, along with an opportunity to test somethin’ else cooking in the background – this is the trial by fire release for a behind-the-scenes feature that we’ll be using in the future.

Whilst we’ve been porting everything over to Javascript, we’ve used the module layout that the code has taken as part of the re-organisation to turn whole chunks of content off on a planet-by-planet basis. It hasn’t been perfect and it’s raised a few issues here and there but those are basically all down to the fact we moved from “everything exists everywhere” to nice little seperable blocks of stuff that we can glue together when the game loads. This is how we’ve been disabling planets for public releases that the backer releases still have access to, but our ability to do this was one hundred percent down to the convenient nature of those modules.

With Dhaal now going public, we no longer had that power (at least not until we get to adding another new planet…) – but having the ability to do side-by-side releases whilst maintaining a difference in content has been nice. So now we have a system we can use to handle it in a more granular fashion.

To wit, I coded a relatively small Ardia expansion and used the system to only enable it in development builds (and in the process built a custom VS Code extension…). There should, in theory, be no trace of it in the public and backer builds – but me talking about it is an invitation to see if you can find any trace of it regardless.

TiTS 0.9.000 Release Notes:

  • The version number is now a real number to demark our shift from predominantly porting, to primarily expanding. The number was selected to make it clear that the JS builds are much more recent than the last Flash build.
  • Public releases now have access to Dhaal. There should not currently be a disparity in content between backer and public versions.
  • Achievements have had a few fixes, and the historical unlocking system has been enabled. Their unlock state should save and load properly. (Gedan)
  • A collection of issues relating to the drop list and “reverting inventory” should be fixed. I think I understand the root cause of how this was happening, but it’s possible that I missed some edge cases about when it can happen. (Gedan)
  • Vendors that use non-standard credits should display this more obviously. (Gedan)
  • All instances of fractional credit display in shops should be fixed. (Gedan)
  • The Blade should no longer cause crashes in combat. (Gedan)
  • The Moondast map should once again consist of euclidean space. (Gedan)
  • The mail system now supports buttons related to the displayed content. (DrunkZombie)
  • A variety of bust displays have been tweaked around the game, too numerous to properly detail. (Lowercase_donkey & Gedan)
  • In some circumstances the inventory buttons can disagree with the item actually selected; an attempt has been made to avoid crashes caused by this, but the underlying mismatch may still occur. This is the root cause of “useFunction must be overridden” crashes. (Gedan)
  • Internal Tooling: A custom VS Code extension to help speed up the process of scene coding and a baseline for generating useful metadata extracted from the build. (Gedan)

[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Begins!

Time for another month of breeding to begin. Our first two are quite large chunks of content compared to the average preg-expansion. Thanks for your patience while we get all this coded for you!

0.4.43 Patch Notes:

  • Two new NPCs for the Khor’minos bath house:
    • Yonzan, the friendly (and well-endowed) lizardfolk swimmer doing his laps in the pool. (By Wsan)
    • Noire, a shy sheepgirl with about 200 pages of content, including preg and a whole lot of variations in her scenes based around her state of bred-itude. (By Tobs)
  • New Bust: Yonzan. Noire’s coming soon!

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! In the meantime, a hint of Noire~

[TiTS] Achieve This

Chef Gedanne

Been a while since the last time I posted, but rest assured I have been busy in the kitchen cookin’ up some fresh code. Just a little itty bitty update to roll in some fixes and unveil the first pass on a new feature to get y’all started off with and set the tempo of the next couple of weeks whilst Fen is a little sidelined; I’m gonna take over chunking out the builds and we’ve got a couple of spicy meatballs lined up in the pipeline soon! Builds should be out and available within the hour after this post.

Now that the Achievement system is outta the door I’m going to take a look through the content backlog and work on actually sliding in something new for the first time in a long ass time for next week, so be prepared! The Javas Cryptening is upon us!

Small Hotfix Patch Changelog:

  • New Feature: Achievements. Bugs relating to the initial behind the scenes implementation have been fixed and the system is now enabled, along with a raft of an initial set of achievements. Unique icons will likely be forthcoming in a later patch, along with an ever growing list of achievements.
  • A few more hard crashes relating to invalid button configuration have been fixed across the codebase.
  • Roo’s blackjack handling should have had a few crashes handled. The real cause of this is still somewhat of a mystery, we’re just being more careful about the values being handled.
  • Fixed the enormous goof with save data that formatted the days and hours as a time, rather than the hours and minutes.

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