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[Backers] Kiro and Paige Get Down Harder

Hey guys, I’ve just been grinding out the rest of these threesomes. I haven’t had much chance to dig into potential bug reports for the first branch yet, so any issues there likely remain unfixed. I’ll chase them down later tonight (or Friday, considering I’m seeing Avengers tonight. Hype!)

0.7.163 Changelog:

  • The Paige-focused threesome path has been added to the Kiro & Paige threesome.
  • The Kiro-focused threesome path has been added to the Kiro & Paige threesome.
  • A lund typo got fixed.

This old but nice Kiro pic is by Peekay. Not sure where he hangs out nowadays though!

[Backers] Kiro & Paige Get Down

There’s still a million things to get through, but at least I’m chipping through the pile of things I’ve commissioned from others. Follower Shekka and Kiro x Paige were two big lumps on that pile. Sadly there’s a LOT more Kiro x Paige to go… or is that a good thing?

0.7.162 Changelog:

  • The first path of the Kiro x Paige threesome has been slotted into the game. Presently it requires knowing Paige pretty well and banging her at least once. If she isn’t on your crew, you’ll need to meet Kiro at the bar during the hours Paige is off work.
  • Shekka’s addiction to aphrodisiac spit has been reworked to actually build from swapping spit with her, culminating in her informing you of it (instead of not really starting until you talked to her about it). Having her set to sleep with you will keep her addiction from ever falling.
  • A post-follower talk topic regarding Shekka’s infertility has been added.
  • Giving Lund too many PB cookies now ends the game.

Art: Shortstack versions of Kiro and Penny going to town on QuestyRobo’s OC? I’m down with that! Drawn by Dsan.

[Backer] Corruption of VR (TiTS)

You thought it was CoC2, but it was I, TiTS!

0.7.160 Changelog:

  • New Item: Mindwash Visor! Sold from Doctor Badger (or dropped from one of her robots during PexigaQuest). Plays one of 9 random scenes, penned by Adjatha. The scenes are also viewable from a broken VR booth in Luca’s parlor on Canadia Station. More scenes are going to be added (along with some CoC classics).
  • New busts: Jesse, Verusha (alternate), Myrna the X-Mas Korg, Jejune Vending Machines, Kiro & Kally (alternates).
  • Some fixes for Shekka’s impregnation stuff.
  • A variety of other fixes, typo or otherwise.

0.7.161 Changelog:

  • The mindwash visor got a menu to select which gender’s scenes you’d like to play.
  • A new option was added to the gender select: “Game: CoC”. Approximately 25 CoC scenes have been jammed into this heading (100+ pages of text in google docs). Be warned, viewing this will increase your taint by 2!


New Kiro & Kally busts commissioned from the fantastic Tsuda!

[CoC2 | Public] Little Bit of Bugfixing

Some bugs got fixed. Thanks to everyone who’s been visiting the Bug Reports forum lately!

Play Here | Support Here, enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

0.0.09a Patch Notes

  • The last line of text is no longer blocked on some devices.
  • Certain Wyld Marks no longer cause crashes.
  • Dickless PCs can’t fuck Cait’s boobs anymore.
  • Other assorted fixes!

Little bitty enemy bust art for a little bitty post. Done by DCL.

[CoC2 | Public] Adopt a Catgirl Today

Hey guys, new CoC2 build is out now. The biggest addition is our first companion, Caitriss the catgirl priestess. You should be able to talk, recruit, and play with (sexually and otherwise) the Priestess of Mallach, god of passion and lust. She’s got one fairly beefy sex scene accessible right now; more of her sex content is gated behind lactation — both hers and the PCs — which isn’t really accessible until TFs and pregnancy start rolling in. For now, enjoy a kitty.

Please note that you still can’t leave Hawkethorne. That’s up next on the agenda. You may also want to replay the tutorial, as you now get EXP and Loot/Money from the fights therein.

Play the Game Here | Support Development Here

Cait will have a lot more content in the near future, but right now, I wanted to get her core content in so you can recruit and get to know her. The next thing we’re working on is the first combat zone and enemies, so you’ll be glad you have your perky healer along next time.

0.0.09 Patch Notes

  • A new pre-loader has been added, which should smooth out the UI and busts loading in. Enjoy our sexy (temporary) logo.
  • Loot and Experience mechanics have been added.
  • Defeating each of the three encounters in the tutorial grants a piece of equipment in addition to money and Experience.
  • Wyld Elven PCs can now choose a “Mark of the Wyld” during character creation. This is a free transformation including things like ears, horns, and tails.
  • Cait can now be recruited. She’s found at the Frost Hound Tavern at any time after the tutorial. Cait’s current content includes talk scenes, hugs, kisses, gropes, and a sex scene focused on Cait’s breasts. You can boot her out of the party and re-recruit her at your leisure.
  • Many, many bugs have been fixes. Still more to cum. If you find a bug in the new release, please report it on the forum!

Please be aware that the game is aimed at modern phones/OS and Chrome/Firefox. You may experience any number of miscellaneous and sundry issues, including the game just not working, on outdated hardware or non-supported browsers. If you’re on mobile and the game is being cut off, try adding it to your phone’s homescreen through your browser settings.

Art of Cait by Cheshire! You can check out her full clothed/nude versions on her FA page!

Also hey, a very good friend of mine published a book! It’s erotica that fits right in with the milieu of the FenCo games, so go give The Succubus Within a read.

MOAR PLUGS! & [Backers] MicroPatch

Because I’m a terrible shill! (Also there’s a decent content dump I pushed out last night.)

One of my long time friends (who you might know as Third, author of Ruby, Cotton, Nieve, and Aliss), frustrated with the lack of lesbian male-to-female erotica (and the preponderance of submissive male-to-female characters in the genre) decided to take the advice we give out so often: “If you want it, write it.” She’s just released it on Amazon with a lovely cover piece by Jacques00 for $2.99. Check out The Succubus Within!

0.7.159 Changelog:

  • For those with very large crews, the back button should no longer obliterate a crew-member’s spot. I didn’t have a save handy to test this one, so let me know if anything goes awry.

That’s it for me for the weekend, <3!

[Backers] Peanut Butter ‘Pocalypse

In which Lund has wayyy too much fun with the PC’s cookie stash.

0.7.157 Changelog:

  • The desk girl at Stella’s beach now sells some swimwear.
  • The PC can now feed Lund a peanut butter cookie. Sadly, he’ll only let you feed him more if he’s been domming you…
  • Shekka’s breeding scene shouldn’t crash anymore.
  • Penny’s RP scene should now properly take certain virginities.
  • Ula’s appearance screen has been written and put in the game. Sorry about that. If there’s still other old placeholder things lurking about, make sure to scream at me till I fix ’em!

[But Wait, There’s More!] 0.7.158 Changelog:

  • Hermaphrodite versions of Shekka can now impregnate the player character.
  • Male Raskvel can now impregnate the player character.
  • A new scene for characters with ovipositors has been added to Crew Shekka’s menu.
  • Annnnd I’m done for the night. <3

I also wrote some stuff for a raskvel pregnancy that the player can get. I’ll be trying to wire that up tonight along with a new Shekka scene Gardeford tossed my way. There’s also some bust art piling up I need to get in… (Update: I did not nooot.)

So much to do, so little time! (At right: ShadowFlareon’s rendition of everyone’s favorite cat-girl mechanic: Tam-Tam! Sadly I seem to be having trouble digging up the gallery.)

[Backers] The Stellar Stella

0.7.156 Changelog:

  • A new resort shop is open on Tavros, home to Stella, the ausar bimbo beach babe!
  • That’s pretty much it! She’s got a good chunk of content to run through, though. I’ll be adding an option to buy swimsuits from the shop-girl as well, I think.

Pictured at right: Stella, in all her Adjatha-drawn glory.

[Backers] Shhh, Tiny Update 4 Tiny Rask

0.7.155 Changelog:

  • Futa Shekka has a new scene where she can use her new addition on your vagina. Has lots of variations for being in heat as well. Probably going to have to rig her up with some basic pregnancy stuff.
  • Some fixes and junk.
  • Don’t forget to check out the CoC2 UI progress referenced in the post below (and all the cool project plugs in the post below that)!

[CoC2 | Public] U.I. Updates, Save in Browser

Hello Champions! Another build-in-progress patch for Corruption of Champions II is here. Drake’s implemented a bunch of UI fixes and improvements. Cliffnotes below. Note that there’s no new content in this patch, so you still can’t leave Hawkethorne after finishing the tutorial. Though there’s still some UI work to be done inside the journal and for merchants, we’re going to backburner that for a bit and start working on some new content for you guys to sink your teeth into. Cait’s recruitment, talks, and a meaty sex scenes focused on this big kitty titties will be first, followed by unlocking the Foothills region and the enemy mobs within.

Play the Game Here | Support Development Here

0.0.08 Patch Notes

  • The Data menu has been put on the right-hand sidebar, with a baller new U.I. setup for saving. The individual buttons on the left sidebar are gone.
  • Saving to browser and save-to-file are both supported now. Saving should be disabled in conversations and combat across the board.
  • You can upload your own icon for the PC by clicking on your portrait in the sidebar. I recommend a 100×100 pixels image; it needs to be under 30 kbs.
  • Coinage and Corruption are now tracked with their own displays on the main screen. Taking any of Kas’s boons or getting demonic sexual fluids inside you will raise Corruption.
  • There is a new (placeholder) main menu, so you can Load games right off again.
  • Also a bunch of bug fixes. As the new main menu says, if you find any bugs of your own, please report them in the CoC2 section of the forum!

Bust of one of the first enemies, a Harpy Wingleader, by our artsmith DCL.

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