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Maybe No Patch Tonight

Halloween things, needing to be up at 6am tomorrow, and the final grading of Halloween things are going to be keeping me from coding much today. On the upside, I only have one 66 page entry left to review for the contest, then a bit of extra scrutiny for the winning lineup!

Tomorrow I have a few good ones I’ll jump on (if I don’t tonight).

[Public Halloween Extravaganza!] Patch 0.7.106

I’m still judging things (and still coding things semi at random)! Please enjoy the additional content for Poe A, the bugfixes, and the submitted content UpcastDrake was lovely enough to code. (THE PREGGENING IS UPON US!) I’m going to back to reviewing after this, assuming I don’t jump back on writing my “knotty nurse” costume idea.

0.7.106 Changelog:

  • The Hero’s Garb is now available from Holiday, penned by Fenrirskoll
  • The Bondage Kitty costume is now available, written by our very own Adjatha!
  • Fixed the lack of author credit for the Saurmorian costume.
  • Some bugs with costumes have been corrected.
  • A new Halloween event has been added, written by HugsAlright: The Chupacabro.
  • Ellie Pregnancy has been added to the game.
  • Pregnancy for folks in Gastigoth should be up and running.
  • Ilaria pregnancy has been added!
  • Fixed Azra being able to have an expedition on an exploded Tarkus.

Thanks for your support as always, and look forward to more spooky content throughout the weekend, real life permitting! (The big public patch summary will hit once I’m done pushing public stuff)

At right: BustedRadio’s Ausar, Rufus.



[Public] Halloween Fun!

So I only managed to get through around 40 of the entries thus far, but I refuse to have NOTHING for Halloween. I grabbed two of the first entries that I considered acceptable and jumped into coding them despite it being Sunday, the day I’m most sleep deprived most weeks.


0.7.105 Changelog:

  • Added a new costume to Holiday’s inventory: Saurmorian, by Aullama. It occurs to me that I missed the author tags. That’ll be fixed next patch.
  • Added a new costume to Holiday’s inventory: Female Spider costume, by Magikarpfever.
  • Added a few bits to the appearance and parsers for saurmorians and spiderbros.
  • Fixed a spacing bug for those with a vagina, balls, and nothing else.

Keep in mind that me using these does not mean they have won or lost, merely that a man who woke up approximately every four hours thought they would be good and easy-ish to code. This won’t be the last public Halloween build. This is merely the beginning…

I’m going to try to push out at least one thing from the contest every day all the way into early November, life permitting.


The Halloween contest is over! Thanks for your entries! I’ll work out a grading methodology with Savin tomorrow afternoon and dig in soon!

Halloween Contest Almost Over!

So make sure you get your stuff in the door ASAP.

I’ve been busy rounding out some unfinished stuff from the Laquine Ears item. Mostly I’ve been working on a Priapism status effect that forces you to go around in crotch-exposing equipment (and also has a TON of small bonus texts I’ve whipped up for various situations). They range from hot to flavorful to cringeworthy (You do not want to think about what would happen if you fell naked into rusty metal on Tarkus).

I also want to spend some time paging through enemy sex scenes to add more support for the pc.isErect() function so I can have scenes actually support you being good to go from the get-go. Right now, some just always assume you’re flaccid while others have a basic lust/libido check. Unifying things should help.

The other “Major” class TFs for the item I intend to do are all more bog-standard transformations – leg changes, quad balls, maybe a second boob row, and the like. As you might guess, these are meant to be the “critical hit” type transformations that rarely occur but with big consequences. I’d also like to have priapism get inflicted from certain aphrodisiac-heavy encounters. Maybe even some enemies that inflict it as a way to force the PC out of heavy armors.

Anyhow, weekend is here! Regularly scheduled updates will resume Monday. Ciao bras!


[Backers] 0.7.103 & 0.7.104

0.7.103 Changelog:

  • I’ve finally added some sprite art for the planets that Crossman did for the various planetary landings.
  • Added a new bust by BustedRadio for Liamme.
  • New busts for Luca and Kase by Adjatha.
  • Azra’s dialogue now has some edits for once you’re in a relationship with her. She’s a cutie.

0.7.104 Changelog:

  • Added two new scenes by Nonesuch to the possible resolution to the Sydian Queen & Rask Traps encounter of Azra’s Tarkus Expedition.

Base Touching!

Hey guys, I basically took most of yesterday off and am taking a half day today. Why am I telling you this? Because I’d rather post something, even if it’s just fuel for the “Fen never does anything” guys, than post nothing.

I did manage to finish going over Azra’s dialogue to account for the status of your relationship and add in busts for three characters along with five pieces of spritework for the planets. Whether or not I have something to show, expect to see a patch with that if nothing else tomorrow!

Spooky Contest Reminder! (Click 4 Rules!) [IT’S OVER!]


[Backers] 0.7.101 & 0.7.102 – 101 Gunimations

Hey guys, sorry for the brief changelog last night. I wound up taking a pretty long gaming break in between some work, so by the time I finished for the day, the wife was asleep (my keyboard is loud enough to wake the damned). One thing I did want to clarify is how to find Kattom Osgood. He basically shows up in your location about 35 hours after you first step into the wilderness, but he only appears in wilderness squares. This version makes some slight changes to that to make him slightly more random and also easier to find. Hope it helps!

0.7.101 Changelog:

  • Kattom’s Uveto stocks have been loaded. Chainlasers! More bioweapons! A cold weapon that’s pretty awesome so long as you use it anywhere that isn’t Uveto!
  • Kattom no longer appears in the first hazard square after 35 hours. Instead there’s a 1/10 chance of him appearing at that point.
  • Once Kattom appears, he stays in a location for 35 hours. New to this patch is that a commerce marker will appear in the square he is in.
  • The function that tracks Kattom’s appearance has been reworked so that he remains accessible even after backing out of your inventory, without having to leave and re-enter the room.
  • Spunkshrooms have been added to the rare drops on Tarkus. Both spunkshrooms and slutshrooms now only drop if you have the appropriate genitalia to reduce inventory crowding.

0.7.102 Changelog:

  • Motherhusks have been added into Azra’s plants menu as promised! All that remains are some tweaks and adjustments to her dialogue scenes, and I’ll have everything from her Tarkus Expedition all cleaned up!
  • Motherhusks can raise your pregnancyIncubation multiplier up to a maximum of x7!
  • Fenoxo’s cumMultiplier was increased by 0.5.

Raskvel/Sheep Steele by SheepPun!

[Backers] 0.7.100 – Breaking Brains

0.7.100 Changelog:

  • A new roaming shop has been added to the game. It has a semi-random inventory of exotic weapons for sale that vary in power based on the planet you encounter Kattom on.
  • 19 new weapons have been added to the game, largely cribbed from the weapon overhaul group that had been fed my way, with some tweaks and adjustments by yours truly.
  • Kattom’s Uveto inventory is not in yet. I burned out after getting that far. It has Myrellion’s a placeholder, or Savicite if I bungled the planet name check.
  • Jacques00 fixed a few things and fiddled with some save code. Hopefully nothing breaks!

I’d write more but my wife is asleep. Nite!

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