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Ship Ship Ship Ship

Figured I’d give everybody an update with what I’m up to and a breakdown on what to expect for SPACE SHIPS, considering I’ve had my head into this for at least two weeks now without really surfacing much.

I’ve got the basics of the ship system itself all functional. This might not sound like too much until the scope of what you’re gonna be able to do with them becomes clear, but it made for a lot of fiddly organising to make sure it could do everything I wanted it to, and now I’m starting to flesh out the first of the core parts that need to be built on top of it- the combat.

More deets after the break if you care to peep the future of ship on ship violencing! And if you don’t care? Then I leave you with a very cool thing done by MadamSquiggles that has also pushed me toward wanting to make sure we get some more pregnancy content as soon as I crawl out from under SHIPS4EVER.

More Plantation Stuff

Today I had a four hour stream and roughed out most of the Plantation Quest’s fights and followup scenes. Tonight I did some work wiring them up, but there’s still a lot to do. There’s three main end states and a variety of ways to reach some of them. The place I’ve paused at is wiring up a diplomacy interaction similar to the one with Queen Taivra on Myrellion.

If I can get the main stuff going tomorrow I might have something in the early afternoon or late evening to share – likely the quest stuff without any of the stuff for revisiting locales. If not, Monday should house a pretty decent-sized backer patch. Till then, stay cool duders!

Plantation Work

Two quick notes: We added the ability for certain bimbos and people with kui-tan nut-perks to drink bubble-buddied cum. Thanks to SomeKindofWizard for chipping in quick stuff for that on a whim.

Still working on the plantation quest. Thus far three of the fights are in and working. I’ve wasted entirely too much time scratching my head and trying to figure out how to do the mechanics Nonesuch wanted in some places (and in others I’ve come at them with a hacksaw). For instance there’s a climbing challenge with every movement taking energy, and you fall if you hit zero energy. Fun stuff.

There’s a fight with a naleen orgy ball to do as well as a boss battle left still, but I was up early this morning for legal stuff, and there’s lots of gaming to do. I haven’t even begun to laugh at Mass Effect’s facial animations, and Overwatch has a new hero too. Decisions, decisions…

Plantation Quest Coding

Just wrapped up a 4+ hour stream this afternoon where I worked on Nonesuch’s Plantation Quest. Despite my complaints, it was actually very well laid out and Nonesuch was around to answer any questions I had (and make a few tweaks here and there). Thus far I’ve got the intro stuff straightened out, 12 new rooms, and a the first fight’s mechanics all going.

More work tomorrow! (And later tonight!)

(Oh, and Geddy streamed ship customization coding stuff with me too!)

Update: I’m dumb and coded in a small thing from the backlog for a break. Coming soon: people with ‘nuki nuts and certain bimbo-ey perks can voluntarily drink stuff packaged up by their bubble buddy. Maybe I’ll even add some bubbles to the drop table for people who are in need of that sort of thing.

[Backers] Better Laquine Ears

0.7.30 Changelog:

  • Laquine Ears proc priorities have changed so that they provide more major transformations early on. The more laquine you are, the less you’ll see big body part changes and the more likely you are for the hallucination encounters and other similar effects.
  • Laquine Ears can now give quad rabbit ears after the seventh use.
  • Laquine Ears can now change the user’s vagina type.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Tomorrow: Plantation Quest coding, finally.

[Backers] Laquine Ears Early Preview & MORE!

0.7.29 Changelog:

  • Jade sells an early, unfinished, discounted version of Laquine Ears, a horse-bunny transformation item. Lots of cool stuff in it that isn’t quite polished up to snuff yet, but enjoy it.
  • Heat & Rut status effects have been added in an unpolished state.
  • New Item: Sweet Treat
  • Key Item filtering is in.
  • An expansion for Traps working in Beth’s is in, written by Nonesuch!
  • New Busts: Beth Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, Pippa.
  • Many fixes and other such miscellany.

I’m not sure if Kat or Carver are visible in game at the moment, but you can see the lovely Kat at right. Adjatha does good work.

Preview Laquine Ears: Coming Soon

I got most of the stuff for the “moderate” and “minor” branches in the game. 20 possible events in the moderate group and 12 in the minor, a few of which are complete scenes in their own right.

I need to do the following: proper heat/rut removal with appropriate pregnancy or impregnation, an alternate fork for the laquine male hallucination, and some appearance screen cleanup  before it will be ready for prime time. Expect to see SOMETHING tonight, even if it is the unfinished preview.

After that, I still have the major branch to write, but I’ll be doing the plantation quest before that.

Announcing Furry Weekend Atlanta

Well, well, well – What have we here? News! That’s what.

You folks ever heard of Furry Weekend Atlanta? Yes? No? Well buckle up sweet cheeks, cause I’ma tell you all about it! As you can guess, it’s a convention that’s being held in Atlanta during April 6-9th this year. The theme? Game on.

Shou? What’s that mean for us? What’re you telling us this useless information for?” EASY PEASY!

FenCo is going to be there as a Dealer, and doing a Panel! Or at least, Fenoxo and I (the every lovely Shouyousei) will be there this year.

We’ll have merchandise for you guys to purchase; Buttons, Bookmarks, Flash drives loaded with art and stories, stickers and game codes! (And maybe if you guys are super interested, badges). So if you live in Atlanta, or are going to be in the area, come stop by! When I have our Dealer Den map position, I’ll be sure to post that up for you guys. You can download the FWA app and see our profile, and info there.

Our panel will be an After Dark Meet and Greet panel. I look forward to getting to see people, and to actually talk to some fans!

Picture : Pippa Pig done by yours truly!


UPDATE : Since people are curious about the merchandise… Yes, there might be a chance to purchase left over merchandise after the convention. We’ll see what we have left, and it’ll be put up on offer to buy. So do keep an eye out!

Everything Takes Too Long

I’m sorry I’m so behind. Bleh.

Update: So I got the first 1/3 of Laquine Ears mostly done. It’s still buggy and can apparently crash in a place or two. Also one of the TFs is coming up blank. Also I haven’t wired up the repeatable fap scenes yet… but I think I have “Heat” mostly functional, the various minor transformations working, and the bigger scenes working.

It’s over 1000 lines of code in the Laquine Ears file, not counting all the crap I’ve had to toss around elsewhere. Tomorrow I want to polish the parts I have done and put it in backer hands, because it has been TOO DAMNED LONG since the last backer patch.

Transformation stuff always takes too long >.>

New Week, New Treats

Hey guys! Just wanted to touch base about progress on my end. I have ten or eleven more transformation bits to write for Laquine Ears, then I’ll have the core stuff done – what I’ve classified as minor and moderate transformations. There’s also a “Major” transformation category with another 13 or so transformations to do, but I’m going to leave that off until after I get through with Nonesuch’s plantation quest.

So tonight I’m going to push as much Laquine Ears as possible, potentially get a 2/3 complete version of it in game tonight or tomorrow, then roll into Nonesuch code-mode.

Gedan has been making rumblings about working on Ship Combat, then potentially porting the game out of flash (since Chrome is starting to run away from flash. CURSE YOU GOOGLE!). Savin has finished Del’s Canadia Station expansion, complete with horsecockification and non-girlification paths (I think). So that’ll be on the code docket too.

And then I also have like ten forum PMs backed up with project submissions to chew on. I’m only drowning a little bit.

Ta ta!

Update: Clocking out and treating myself to some booze. Finished all those TFs with 3,000 words of writing. Tomorrow: code-fu.

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