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[Backers | CoC2] Touch Fluffy Tail on the Go

Alright, as promised, it’s time to finally bring Kiyoko on the team as a full-time companion! Enjoy!

0.2.41 Patch Notes:

  • You can recruit Kiyoko as a companion and take her with you on your adventures! 😀 (Written by TheObserver)
  • Kiyoko also has sets you can equip on her to change power sets! There’ll be an actual tutorial on this when CaitQuest gets done but TL;DR you can swap them out from the journal — they are NOT inventory items!
  • New Kiyoko scenes, a new seasonal event, and actual marriage to your foxslut.
  • We’ve got the first CGs in our in-built imagepack: Kiyoko Wedding and Kiyoko’s seasonal event.

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Art of kitsune matrimony by Ehrr!

CoC2: Winter City Update

Hey folks,

Wanted to post a quick update on the Winter City, the big CoC2 dungeon coming up. I just passed 30,000 words on the core dungeon, plus another 25,000 words between Skow and Wsan’s bosses, and another boss from Will that’s still to-be-written. I’m writing the final confrontation of the dungeon now, and then it’s just wrap up and padding out some optional stuff like loot and puzzles. Everything’s on track to enter the editing/coding phase by the beginning of April, and DCL and Moira have both started working on the busts to go along with it. DCL’s interpretation of Queen Alissa is smoking hot.

Hopefully you’ve all built up poor Etheryn’s confidence (and maybe her libido…) so she’s ready to face down the queen!

Art of Etheryn geared up and ready to confront Alissa, by bk!

Thankfully the CoC team has been largely unaffected by plague so far. Stay safe, wash your hands, wash your friends’ hands. We’ll see you soon for our next patch, and a fresh Companion Kiyoko!

Coronavirus Update

I won’t be able to work on TiTS as much as I normally do. I don’t talk about it much here, but I am a parent, and with my daughter being off school for the foreseeable future, I’ll be spending more of my weekday time in SFW-mode to help out my ex (who still has to work for the time being).

Stay safe out there.

[Backers | TiTS] Milking Bars

Beware the futazon scourge.

The milk bar is done! That means I have to try to do some writing tomorrow!

0.8.067 Changelog:

  • The milk bar is finished! That means the VIP lounge should be working properly, with more interactions with Iyla, the “wall cow”, summoning a cream cow, having threesomes, etc. There’s a lot there, so enjoy it!
  • Have you ever considered vaginally worshiping a milodan fertility priestess? No? William has, and so did DrunkZombie when he coded the scene.
  • New Busts: Vulriks, Nude Reaha, Milodan Futazon, Milodan Futazon Brute, and Thyvara.
  • Vahn actually discounts the SteeleTech suits he sells slightly now.
  • The stellar tether’s missing room descriptions should be filled in.
  • Fixed a bug where you could “skip” a tier of Prai’s emails by encountering them twice before they could send the first one.
  • The Milk Thief’s blinding attack now checks if you are immune to blind attacks.
  • Fixed numerous bleeding italic/bold tags that often resulted in the entire game text being stuck as bolded.
  • Laquine ears will no longer give the text for PC’s with the “Mini” perk when expanding a phallus. (Happened 1/6th of the time)
  • Fixed an issue with encounter procs at Iced Teats.
  • The capsule hotel’s services now check penis size for the tail service.
  • The capsule hotel checks for credits for the best services.
  • Fixed the ability to have Ardia escape before defeating the LDC.
  • Numerous other fixes, especially for typos.

[Public | CoC2] Spidermonkey!

Three new NPCs hitting the patch all at once — hopefully that makes up for us missing a couple weeks. Stay safe from Corona everyone <3

Kiyoko companion is coming up soon, and we’re getting close to done with principle writing for the Winter City. It’s a big one!

0.2.40 Patch Notes:

  • Spiderfolk TF has been expanded, and Spiderfolk is now recognized as a race.
  • A Monk-ey was added to the Hawkethorne Gym. (By HugsAlright, coded by Leek)
  • There is a new and very wide orc boy at the Orc Camp, post AronaQuest. (By SomeKindofWizard, coded by Squishy)
  • A new kitsune with a penchant for liquor was added to the Kitsune Den post-quest. (By BubbleLord, coded by Leek)
  • Nakano now gives a quest wherein you seek our fancy metal relics. (By TheObserver)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Meira Evergreen can be encountered in the nuki manor after finishing KitsuneQuest.
  • Viv has a new Services menu and new items to sell.
  • Quin has a bunch more companion content.

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[Backers | TiTS] Getting Bizzy Doing Shady Events

Ain’t they cute? Fanart by Moe!

The new patch can be described as: Bizzy Expansion, Shade/Amara scene, and lots and lots of fixes.

I also reviewed an expansion for Lumi, the tainted Gabilani Tech on Tarkus by Skom. It’s pretty good, IMO, and clocks in around 10,000 words of new content for her. Hopefully somebody codes it soon, but I gotta dig back into the milk bar!

0.8.066 Changelog:

  • A new event with Shade has been added, coded by LoriJ! If you’ve fought Amara and are lovers with Shade, you can get an email when exploring the Uvetan wilds than leads to some new fun, written by Savin!
    • Note: requires you to fight Amara and be lovers with Shade.
  • Bizzy got an expansion! Includes lots of fun options, like interactions with Mitzi or Sera! Written by Nonesuch, coded by Somebody-Else-Entirely.
  • Lots and lots of small fixes. Someday I’ll make enough headway on bug reports to spend some time working on new content. Today is not that day. There’s still plenty of backlogged reports from February.
  • Milodan Omega Oil submission/bad end SHOULD have the bugs excised… I hope… for what… the third time?
  • Year tracking for Xmas events (Krissy & Randy Claws in particular) has been improved. Previously, if you encountered the event at the start of January, you’d be locked out of the event in the following December since the year is still the same. It should now track and compare against the year it would be during December, though saves with a January year value stored will still face a year of screwiness.
  • Fixed “short” travel events having incorrect transport times. (Really just from Gastigoth space into Gastigoth and one other oddball, but they’re fixed regardless.)
  • Fixed a bug in the logic for penisRouter’s “infinite” max volume option.
  • Fights with a cover mechanic should now display the cover % again. I also attempted to unify the few cover-based fight displays.
  • Fixed some ship gadget use texts referencing incorrect ships.
  • Ardia’s “Escape” option now requires the slaves be set free.
  • Ship HP no longer increases with player statistics in any fashion. Previously a stat change would adjust the maximum value, sometime leading to a message about your ship being damaged slightly despite sustaining no damage. Now neither of us have to deal with that.
  • Fixed Shou’s female rask bust not having a higher resolution variant for the image pack.
  • Fixed some broken buttons in one of Paige’s sex options.
  • You can now donate more than an integer’s worth of credits to Fadil.
  • The Omnisuit shouldn’t spam you with updates about changing at middling libido.
  • The Omnisuit’s maximum sexiness has been adjusted to 11, since it effectively occupies both underwear slots in addition to the armor slot.
  • Goo Armor’s stats have been updated with its shifting effects to stay where they ought to.
  • The Sexy Thinking perk now gives at least 1 sexiness no matter what.
  • The Bounty Bra and Honeypot Bra have had their sexiness/resolve values corrected.

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[Public | TiTS] Fixes in MOO Space

Roxy getting it doggy style by Masamaki!

Enjoy the bugfixes. My brain feels like it’s starting to melt. Wheeee~

0.8.065 Changelog:

  • Image pack updated too. Note: requires standalone flash player to play.
  • Those of you stuck in loading loops because you have a Siegwulfe equipped should now be able to load in. Turns out that Siegwulfe had a looping dependency between bimboIntelligence, sexiness, and libido. Whoops!
  • Siegwulfes got buffs/nerfs. They no longer have bonuses to sexiness and evasion that scale with intelligence. Instead they provide 3-5 sexiness and 2-3 evasion. The bimbo is the less evasive but sexier of the two. Good luck!
  • Fortification has been renamed “Bonus HP” in tooltips.
  • Shields have been renamed “Shield Points” in tooltips.
  • The resolve stat actually appears in tooltips now.
  • Gabilani Panties and the Omnisuit have been updated to use the new sexiness/resolve system. The panties should also have better reporting for their stretching.
  • Lund’s doggystyle option should now only do the breeding cave once before returning to normal doggystyle – after which you can get back to the breeding event by letting him ride you the whole way all over again! Enjoy!
  • Dress Clothes are now the only armor in the game without sexiness or resolve – partly to avoid confusion from new players when they begin with 12+ willpower and partly to provide incentive to upgrade equipment quickly.
  • The Salamander Defense System and Bimboleum Defense system had the code for triggering them moved from applyDamage to calculateDamage – some abilities didn’t run through the former, but everything runs through the latter.
  • Fixed setting likes/dislikes for Illustria Po, Sexdolls, Sexdoll Miniboss, and the Zaika Milk Thief.
  • “Ice Cold” and “Warm Blooded” should properly change. No more infinite flip-flopping!
  • Fixed a crash in submitting to the milodan male while omega oiled outside of combat.
  • Having sex Myssah should now properly check if you have a penis.
  • Zheng Shi’s recreation deck is now tagged as “Public”.
  • A lot of typos and fixes fixed in the milodan futazon.
  • Vahn no longer points at your Casstech and comments on being unable to buy it when you aren’t flying it.
  • Paige’s sex scenes got a bunch of adjustments to better handle big dicks. No, they do not allow for routing for penises other than the primary. Trying to do that would probably eat multiple days and introduce new bugs.
  • Tweaked Nymfoe’s sex menu to better explain why you can’t have sex scenes with it.
  • Erika’s threesome with a Gryvain no longer penalizes you for being horny. All you need is will, baby.
  • Shekka should no longer immediately cure her addiction to your venom and regain it when your Myr Venom perk re-applies the tongue flag.
  • Fixed an issue with sackDescripts that could result in extra commas.
  • You can no longer get a duplicate nipple transformation using Nepata.
  • Typo fixes for Frostwyrm Ichor & appearance screen.
  • Skysap is now classified as a potion instead of food. (Which should make selling it to Kelly easier).
  • Fixed laquine ears rolling a major vagina transformation when you weren’t actually applicable one.
  • Frostwyrm scales should no longer give you a penalty against Uveto’s cold.
  • Lots of other small typo and bug fixes.

There’s still a lot of backlogged bugs that could use eyeballing. I may hold off on hitting new content for a bit so that I can clean up more of the old jank. Either way, barring any major game-breakers, the next patch should be for backers eyes only!


Enjoy your weekends guys & gals!

[Public | TiTS] Trials in MOO Space

First off, let me apologize for the state of this build. I was halfway through doing a Tease System rework when I left for PAX, and the milk bar VIP area is quite… content dense, to put it lightly. I have a lot more to do, some of which could slip into the next public patch.

Since I’ve been focusing on improving gameplay systems, I’ve piped less racy content into the game than I otherwise would, but don’t worry – it’s still coming!

Big moo(d)!

0.8.064 Changelog:

  • New Image Pack build available. Note: requires standalone flash player to play.
  • Dhaal’s Milk Bar VIP lounge has been added, though it is still very incomplete with lots more options to come as I put Wsan’s words to text. They’re pretty good scenes!
  • Sexiness is no longer a stat that weighs into an item’s stat budget. Instead, every piece of “armor” has 5 points to put into Resolve (bonus willpower and lust defense) or sexiness (bonus tease attack). Every piece of underwear has a 3 point budget. Needless to say, I had to edit every single wearable in the game and adjust itemization budgets as appropriate. Several sexy/evasion items actually got more non-sex combat stats as a result.
  • Tease Skill ranks have been replaced. Your libido is now your tease skill rank! This gives libido a positive role to play in the game’s combat balance.
  • The “Ice Cold” starter perk now causes your tease skill ranks to invert – 0 libido for 100% tease skill. Once your libido rises to 50 or above, the perk becomes “Warm Blooded” and does nothing until it is reduced back down.
  • Sexiness now increases libido (and max libido by 1/2).
  • Resolve now increases willpower (and max willpower by 1/2).
  • Like and dislike scaling in tease attacks is now less extreme. The highest multipliers have been reduced from x2 to x1.5, the lowest from 0.5x to 0.6666(repeating)x.
  • Vulnerability to tease damage from furry foes due to Furpies should now work. Previously, it was checked in the function for the player dealing tease damage, which no enemies used. It has been moved to the appropriate function.
  • “lustCombatMiss” has been added rolling hit/miss chances on tease attacks. This can be used by enemies too.
  • Starting libido has been raised to 5.
  • Bianca’s Valentines Day event got some updates and fixes that should let it happen at any hour. The bugged out appearance on Mhen’ga has also been addressed.
  • Numerous updates to the deep sea quest for balance, by DrunkZombie.
  • New Image Pack scenes: Roxy Doggstyle by Masamaki, and the Slyveren Slavebreaker vaginal sex by MrPink and colored by Waru-Geli.
  • New Busts: Cream Cows #1-3, Wall Cow (Adj & Shou variants), and Iyla.

What’s new since last month’s public patch?

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