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[Backers] PexigaQuest Upgrade & Upgraded Hardlight Fun

trump_reaha_treatedPublic Build Release Date: This Friday!

0.7.01 Changelog:

  • Staying to help Bimbo Badger with Pexiga uplifting now has a more involved, fun little scene that Adjatha did up, rather than the old two-paragraph blurb.
  • Wrote up a scene for playing with the upgraded hardlight. It has a few variations slipped in there for some oddball scenarios (~2400 words total), but I want to add some more tomorrow for breast-play and maybe a crewmember randomly joining in. Not gonna 100% promise that last one though, as that could spiral out of control pretty fast.
  • Zheniya pregnancy fixes courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Cumflation notices should be less… voluminous.
  • Milodans can be disarmed, and the frostwyrm is now stun immune.
  • Other assorted fixes and typo tweaks.

In other news, we had to make the github repository private. It was being used to generate backer builds for non-backers. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was just skilled individuals putting their knowledge to work for their own benefit, but when automated builds reflecting every code commit we do are floating around in a bookmarkable archive, I guess I have to do something about it. If you’ve committed code to them in the past and would like to regain access to it, please feel free to post about it on the forums with pertinent details.

Art is a fan-commissioned piece of Amazon-Treated Reaha by an artist who goes by TRUMP.


[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.00 – Not That Impressive

fenoxoI arbitrarily decided to bump us up to 0.7.00. It doesn’t mean anything special. It just means I don’t have to do it again when we get ’round to having ship fitting and combat in.

0.7.00 Changelog:

  • Two new upgraded hardlight scenes by Zeikfried. One for Matron Oserre and one for Lilliana.
  • Some fixes for log events that proc over time and pregnancy fixes.
  • Added FubMistress’s Briget bust.
  • Other assorted fixes and whatnot. Lots of whatnot. Oh my yes.

We’re back on the clock and back to work. More stuff to come! (Crazy Fennec DJ mask by Jacques00)

No Turkey Day Surprises, I’m Afraid!

You’ll have to content yourself with Gobbles, or her TiTS-quivalent, Canada. For the record, I still hate that name, Savin.

I didn’t get as much done today as I would’ve liked, so I might slip out a small patch later on in Thanksgiving. Or I might just eat a million cookies and sit around streaming videogames. It’s a holiday, right?

In any event, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (or region-appropriate family & friends holiday). I for one am immensely grateful for the kind support you all have given me, whether it was in the form of simple encouragement in my early days, amazing fanart, interesting characters, superlative employees, or monetary contributions. I can’t accurately put to words how positively you’ll all impacted my life – how much better you’ve made my experience on this Earth. If I was into the whole organized religion thing, I’d consider myself truly blessed. Thank you all. Thank you all so much.

Have a wonderful holiday season bras!

[Backers] You’re My Dumpling

xiokir_jade_1New night, new build, right? This one is smaller than what I hoped, but two new scenes is still cool, right?

0.6.99 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug with Milodan Males that could make everything bolded.
  • New Jade scene, courtesy of Altair Hayes. It’s a little strange. It gets sort of food-ey.
  • New Korgonne scene by Zeikfried. It involves the hardlight strap-on, but since it requires the PC to change the size of the hardlight projection mid-way through the scene, I’ve gated it behind an upgrade for now. At least two more scenes requiring the upgrade are coming in the future.
  • Added a new item that automatically upgrades any hardlight-equipped underthings you may wear. It is currently a rare drop from the Korgonne (1 in 10). In a future patch it will likely move to a more appropriate vendor/location.
  • [SURPRISE LAST MINUTE ADDITION] You can now knock up the zil call-girl. And get her a job at the nursery? And potentially get her an apartment? Enjoy!

For the Jade scene – you’ve got to do “intimate” things with her four or five times, then pass time somewhere outside of Tavros. You should get an email to trigger it. If you turn it down the first time, it’ll disable forever. If you go through with it, there’s a random chance after seven days or so that the scene will happen again.

Jade fanart by Xiokir!


[Backers] Taurpocalypse

jayecho_slut_rat_concept_17_dicks_we_counted_mqToday I reached back into the backlog a bit for something that was thrown at me several times already – Taurico Venidae. Unfortunately, the name’s a bit long to fit on the inventory menu buttons, so I added the slang name “Deerium” to it. Hopefully Wsan won’t kill me for butchering his writing. I also slapped in a new variant for the penis expansion scene and overall retooled bits to actually work.

So there you go, you can be a deertaur if you want. Males get horse wieners because that’s how it was written, and I’m not gonna argue with that. Lady-types get deerginas of course.

Tomorrow I’m going to toss in a… different… Jade scene in that I had submitted, take a poke at some of Zeikfried’s work, and probably review some stuff on the event submissions board. Oh, and you guys ought to grab Titanfall 2. You can beat the campaign in a day, but I don’t think it had a single moment that I didn’t enjoy the absolute fuck out of. And it’s 33% off. And “Titan20” gets you another 20% off. Must be selling like shit.

Anyways, 0.6.98 Changelog:

  • New Item: Taurico Vanidae (Deerium) – transforms the user into a deerish centaur. Sold by Gene and the new vending machine.
  • New Vending Machine in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge, in the bathing area.
  • New scene in Dr. Lessau’s.
  • New busts: Nym-Foe, Yammi (Adjatha version)
  • Ceria and Cerespirin color library adjustments.
  • Adjustments to pregnancy stuff concerning children count calculation on knock-up.
  • Reverting some under the hood stuff you guys wouldn’t know about. SEKRITS! …that are completely unexciting. Sorry.
  • Fix item equipping loophole during combat to actually factor in “Quickdraw” perk requirements.
  • Fix ‘Nuki Nuts from retaining ballSizeMod with no testicles.
  • Fix possible Let’s Fapper timer and log display issue for episode unlocks.
  • Some other fixes and adjustments, maybe.

Slut rat concept by JayEcho!

[Backers] Saberfloofs, Released Into the Wild

jayecho_penny0.6.97 Changelog:

  • The Milodan barbarian (male) has been added to Uveto’s encounter table. Note they technically belong in the yet to be released “Glacial Rift” segment, and they use a place-holder bust with incorrect coloration. No biggie~! Once our artists get around to him, we’ll fix them right up.
  • Jacques00’s corporate logos have been added as potential busts for the game. Presently they’re only shown in the relevant Codex articles.
  • Many bug-fixes and adjustments.

Wsan did a great job writing these guys (outside of a few little tidbits I nagged him on). I hope you enjoy!

JayEcho’s buff Penny has approved this content for Terran consumption.

Thursday: New Male Enemy Encounter

I’m predicting I’ll have the Milodan Male encounter, written by Wsan, in a new release tomorrow night (well, tonight, I guess. I stay up too late). I BELIEVE.


Don’t stop being awesome, bras!

More Pexiga!

fubmistress_bridget0.6.96 Changelog:

  • The quest to make the pexiga sapient can now be completed for characters with Bimbo Dr. Badger or arrested Dr. Badger.
  • It looks like Gedan did some work cleaning up some potential bugs in the save code and whatnot.

I had to get up at 7am for the internet repair guy to come by my apartment. His work didn’t seem to fix anything, and the router he swapped my old one for was having the same problems as before… but worse. So after failing to stream for several hours, I gave up and went to buy a good router and modem.

It is with heavy eyelids that I go to play the new Overwatch patch (and maybe stream it on my twitch) to see if the problem was with garbage modems the whole time. I am cautiously optimistic. Nope. Still garbage. Trying the other cable hookup in my apartment now.

At right: FubMistress‘ rendition of Bridget the nursebot.

[Backers] Pexiga Prototype

adjatha_pexiga_bimboSo this is a pretty big chunk of interconnected content that could be broken in more than a few ways. Be sure to make an archival copy of your save before you dig into this content, as it might screw something up.

0.6.95 Changelog:

  • You can now ask Yammi stuff about her Pexiga, unlocking the ability to ask some scientists about it or whatever!
  • Most scientists now have events for asking them about the Pexiga.
  • Dr. Badger can volunteer out of the goodness of her heart. Currently only regular Dr. Badger’s path is done. Alternates are coming.
  • Two new enemy encounters secreted deep in Dr. Badger’s lab. And guess what? One can drop silicoooone~
  • New lust-damage weapon: Bimboleum ray.
  • New bad-ends: Several! Gotta catch ’em all!
  • New crew member: the Pexiga! Note that right now, her content doesn’t check to make sure Yammi is actually around for scenes that involve her. I want to take a crack at that tomorrow…
  • Etis’s “Amber Seed” is now in the game.
  • Many bugfixes courtesy of Jacques00 and Gedan!

Adjatha did a smashing job writing this quest (and doing the Pexiga busts)! And once I finish up the Pexiga, I’ll be moving right into dumping more content into your laps. It should be a good week for you guys!


New Patch: Soon

Hey guys, got the “main” branch of the Pexiga stuff more or less ready for a test build. I gotta polish up the follower content, then I’ll push a build later tonight (or more likely: early in tomorrow’s AM).

Bimbo Badger and Missing Badger variants will come a little later – probably 24ish hours, unless they have much different mechanics driving them.

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