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Coding Progress

Today I polished up the first fight in Pexiga-quest, then roughed out most of the stuff for the second fight and several bad-ends. There’s still a lot more to do, however. I’ll try and squeeze some work in on it over the weekend so that I can maybe push out the “normal” variant by Monday (fingers crossed).

There’s also a variation for a bimbofied Doc Badger and one where she’s arrested (I’m pretty sure, anyway). Getting it all together should take some time, but I think I’m wrapping up the hardest parts.

Also of note: Silicone will be obtainable from one of the fights.

Also also of note: Both Hacksaw Ridge and Dr. Strange were fantastic films. I’d recommend seeing the former if you have a chance to. I doubt it’ll be in theaters much longer, and bizarrely, it was a great pick-me-up after the election.


fubmistress_rahn_maleI’m still working on the Pexiga uplift quest… It’s a bit of a behemoth. Not only does it have two fights, but they come with convoluted-as-hell mechanics like the ability to have the NPC pump you up with silicone in one of four different places, then suck it out afterwards.

And there’s still another NPC fight to set up, but I’m going to get the first half all linked up and working properly before I dive into the back half. …Then there’s still two massive variations left. It’s probably not going to drop until next week. Tuesday at the earliest, I think.

This is what happens when Fen tries to churn through 100+ pages of complicated content.

FubMistress over on the forums did some AMAZING concepts of Rahn that have chosen to take on masculine appearances. There’s a few variants in the thread to check out!

Dedpoast, Dedgame, Dedfen

I coded a big chunk of Pexigaquest today. I didn’t get as much as I wanted to done though. Ugh.

End of Weekend Weirdness

So an artist I like, Snao, likes to do transformation sequences. I’ve taken to slapping them together into little flash apps. They’re definitely a little extreme, but here’s some of the latest ones I turned out that I might not have shared. Make sure to hit up his Patreon tipjar if you really like his stuff.


New Serverino

If you’re seeing this, then you’re viewing the blog on the new server. There’s probably still some flakey and/or broken shit around that I’ll need to fix tomorrow. Nothing is probably sending out emails for a start, so don’t expect password loss/password resets/new user reg to work right now.

Also I used this as an opportunity to fuck IPB off finally. The forums have been moved over to XenForo, but I’ve not had a chance to do much of anything past “make it installed” thus far.

rip me

[Backers] 0.6.94 Glorious!


Adjatha did some good work!

0.6.94 Changelog:

  • Virection added to Busky’s inventory. It’s an item that grows your penis, or grows you another one. LashCharge wrote it. Enjoy it before I fix the price back up to 6,000 credits or so! (I think it’s at 10 right now…)
  • Added some hidden developer stuff to directly modify flags for testing purposes.
  • You can now “work” the gloryhole in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge when it is empty. Two scenes, one working a dude and another for a futa!
  • Dreams (of which only 1 exists in the game at present) now only occur once every 20 days at most.
  • Item tooltip can display “Quantity” now (mostly for if they are cropped off from the button label).
  • Fix button menu for combat items that require targeting.
  • Clothing should now actually display resistance comparison values. (They were hidden before, causing confusion with cold resistance on Uveto).
  • Possible fixes for egg laying scenes.
  • Kally’s Picardine mini-quest should actually end for refusing to tell Kally or Kiro.
  • Potential fix for Let’s Fap!’s first unlock (Ausar) to actually unlock when flag is undefined.

B-d-b-d-b-d-b-d, that’s all folks!

The Objective Is Mine! Join Me In Glory!

4,100 words of glory, to be exact. I just finished up a scene where an (Ovir/Gryvain/Zil/Mystery Plantgirl) takes throb midway through a blowjob in the gloryhole. I seemed to like it while I was writing it, even if it’s a little silly in places. I also wrote up a bit where a big-dicked space-trucker can get blown. I’m probably going to transition away from generics and into Kiro/Kally next, but I think a new build with the new stuff will be on the menu for tomorrow first.

There’s also some stuff sitting in the backlog and event submission forums I might take a poke at soon. I’ve been monopolizing my time when I should be sharing it with more projects that need to be coded. I know there’s two items sitting in a github pull request that need some Fenoxo TLC as well. Not sure which will get the loving tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the title reference.

[Backers] Progress Rolling Onward

jayecho_rodenian_mouse_2I almost sound like a normal human again. Beep boop. I am not a robot.

0.6.93 Changelog:

  • New “Brute” scene for Kally. It’s probably one of the favorites I wrote lately.
  • You can now learn that Kiro sent Kally the Picardine gem that helped her open her bar – and tell Kally about it.
  • Added gloryholes to the Kui Country Bar and Lodge’s bathroom. Two new scenes are in. The option to work them will come later.
  • An assortment of fixes, tweaks, and adjustments, mostly typos and stuff for the nursery.

Mouse-girl is a sketch JayEcho did for me of a potential (and very weird) mouse race.

Glorypowers Activate. (And Public Bugfixes)

I wrote another 2k+ tonight, but I still sound like a man who had his voice-box replaced with a sandpaper-scrubbed asshole. You can’t win ’em all, I guess?

I’m going to merge in some more bugfix patching Jacques00 did. Expect another pubbie bugpatch, then the backer content will flow.

Here’s some ideas I had that’ll probably never happen unless someone writes them:

  • A Mister/Miss Morph competition. Think beauty pageant, but the PC gets to interview the judges a week before the contest to try and suss out their likes/dislikes. Then, he or she can transform him/herself appropriately in an attempt to win. Maybe even have ten different judges that it randomly picks five from?
  • A Treated Ausar (aka “Hellhound”) who loves to ask people, “Could you even knot, bro?”

Edit: Surprise 0.6.92 Changelog (PUBLIC) – Thanks, Jacques00:

  • adjatha_red_heavyVarious typo fixes.
  • Fix trigger flags of Penny’s turn-tables note on Dr. Badger quest.
  • Fix Sera “Play” with baby scene and adjust Sera’s nursery appearance chance.
  • Fix Firefox TF trigger calculation.
  • Fix ‘Nuki Nuts triggers when cum produced over 100% capacity.
  • Re-insert milk gain notes for PCs.
  • Add floor button menu for the Tavros elevator.
  • More nursery adjustments.
  • Nursery stuff updated to account for non-roaming children.
  • Add facility and blurb for tentacle beast children.

Hopefully the worst of the bugs are swept under the rug, because I’m dropping a new backer build sometime in the next 24 hours :3

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