Today I polished up the first fight in Pexiga-quest, then roughed out most of the stuff for the second fight and several bad-ends. There’s still a lot more to do, however. I’ll try and squeeze some work in on it over the weekend so that I can maybe push out the “normal” variant by Monday (fingers crossed).

There’s also a variation for a bimbofied Doc Badger and one where she’s arrested (I’m pretty sure, anyway). Getting it all together should take some time, but I think I’m wrapping up the hardest parts.

Also of note: Silicone will be obtainable from one of the fights.

Also also of note: Both Hacksaw Ridge and Dr. Strange were fantastic films. I’d recommend seeing the former if you have a chance to. I doubt it’ll be in theaters much longer, and bizarrely, it was a great pick-me-up after the election.