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[Backers] Jumpers Jumpin’

All the Jumpers were drawn by Adjatha!

0.7.210 Changelog:

  • Courtesy of William, the Jumpers got a significant injection of new content: a new victory scene (blow her), two new loss scenes, and four bad ends. On your third & fourth consecutive losses (the short “she takes your cash and leaves” one doesn’t count), you’ll get two warning scenes. Losing again afterward will seal your fate, dependent upon which Bored Jumper you lose to. The gray-furred one is my favorite. The document I coded these from was 60+ pages, so it’s a pretty significant chunk of content.
  • Cleaned up another old color reference on one slyveren to better match the bust.

It’s my weekend now, so next time I see you, it’ll be Monday or Tuesday with a new public patch!


[Backers] Naleen Futas

Things are coming along with the Punk SecOp I’ve been writing. I finished up the vagina-having victory scene the other day, and I’m partway into the penis-having one. Additionally, William is chipping in a victory scene for taking the female Punk SecOp (they come in male & female varieties) to pound town. And of course, I streamed and coded for a solid chunk of hours this afternoon. You can view the results of that effort below.

Art of Syri and Anno in a 3-way by Dsan, and commissioned by QuestyRobo.

0.7.209 Changelog:

  • A naleen huntress who got throbbed up and otherwise abused by Rushers has been let loose in Mhen’ga’s deep jungle. She’s a rare encounter for levels 3 and up with her own cadre of scenes by our own Doots. Check her out!
  • A number of the rooms on the Forge Deck of Zheng Shi have been added with full descriptions.
  • Missing encounter chances have been filled on for all current rooms on Zheng Shi’s forge deck.
  • The purple slyveren slavebreaker has had its texts adjusted to match the new bust.
  • Kui-Tan “cum cascades” have been adjusted and split into a separate perk aside from the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. Some groundwork has also been laid for an item that might temporarily suppress that affect for Kui-Tan characters. We all know immobilization isn’t always fun. Just sometimes.
  • Fen lost his fedora.

[Public | CoC2] More Character Sheet Updates!

We’ve got a micro patch for you with some updates to the journal and character sheet!

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.22a Patch Notes:

  • The game should work better in Firefox!
  • Proper gender selection icons are available in Appearance.
  • More stats added to the Character Sheet.
  • Various text fixes.

Fan art of Cait by Moira!

[Backers] Wsan Grab Bag

Flahne by ToonNik!

Lately I’ve been putting effort into preparing a few different things. The most-developed of these projects is what I’m tentatively calling the “Punk SecOp” – essentially a self-appointed security-oriented pirate who will be roaming the foundry area as a generic encounter with male and female options. Of course they’ll also be a kaithrit, so tits either way. I’ve got two rather long (~3,000 word) loss scenes tossed together that involve a holo-visor and neuron stimulation to force the PC to experience some slutty punishment while their body is moved back to the elevator, and last night I got their combat appearance descriptions done. Once I have at least two win scenes and their combat routines sketched, I’ll move them into code.

Additionally, I finally put some work into drafting up Penny’s follower recruitment. The OG plan was for you to pay off her debts in order to recruit “pure” Penny, but that’s been done to death between Shekka and Paige. Instead I’m going to have the PC help her score a dangerous Oxonium deposit she knows about to clear most of her debt (and prove to her that being a Rusher with you will be a reliable source of income). It’ll take the form of a small microdungeon with two enemy encounters, one of which will introduce a new type of sexy plant-girl to Mhen’ga.

B is probably going to help me with adding some new post-recruitment content for her. Maybe even a threesome with Paige. I haven’t finalized this with him, but he seemed quite pleased with the suggestion.

Bimbo Penny and Cumslut Penny will be handled later – Cumslut Penny via an introduction to cam-whoring and Bimbo Penny by simply asking. Both of those I’d like to do myself and/or with Wsan’s help, since I really enjoy how he writes cum-thirsty sluts. Stella was phenomenal.

0.7.208 Changelog:

  • It’s now possible for Lund to go “missing” rarely for about 30 minutes, once he’s domming you (or you’re domming him). You can go track him down for a new scene. This is a fairly rare occurrence which can only happen once every 24 hours, but walking back and forth for a little bit triggered it fine during my testing. By Wsan.
  • Added some new parsers – “crotchCoverUnder,” “chestCoverUnder,” and “assCoverUnder” – used for outputting the garment closest to the character’s skin. Useful for better reporting when things are leaking out into clothing!
  • A new scene with Ilaria was added, also by Wsan. This one’s a bit of an oddball and involves a urethra and a straw.

[Public | CoC2] Character Sheet

Here by popular demand, a character sheet!

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.22 Patch Notes:

  • The Journal is more implemented: you can see quests, appearance, and most of a character sheet!
  • More merc busts are in.
  • Plenty of bug/typo fixes!


[Backers] Tarkus Duet & Slyveren Suckles

The Gabilani vacationers took me a little more code work than I expected, but I also found some shortcuts that saved me some time here and there. Now to go back to the write-mines. Wish me luck!

0.7.207 Changelog:

  • A new enemy has appeared on Tarkus! The gabilani vacationers (by Nonesuch) can be encountered along the oil sea by players level 5 and up. The damage numbers are a bit arbitrary at the moment, so be sure to give plenty of feedback on if you think it’s too easy or hard for a level 5. Thanks!
  • If you’ve completed Azra’s Tarkus expedition, you can now bump into the self-styled Sydian “Queen” and her band of trappy rasks once more (by Nonesuch)! There’s only four or five squares she shows up in near the center of the wastes, but I’m sure you’ll track her down. Big thanks to Maye for doing the heavy lifting on coding this one!
  • New Busts: Slyveren Slavebreakers (x2) by Adjatha! They came out gorgeous.
  • New scene for the hyper-endowed PCs losing to the purple Slavebreaker (by Wsan). Note the old hyper scene will only occur for the black and gold one now.

Tomorrow: Nonesuch’s Tarkus Subprojects

Tomorrow night we should see a new patch with two new encounters for Tarkus. One will be a pair of Gabilani vacationers and their party mech. I’m coding that one myself. All the scenes are roughed out. I just have to put together the combat mechanics tomorrow – something that will be a bit trickier than a single enemy fight, since it’ll require 2-3 active enemies that influence each other’s behavior. It’ll be a fun little challenge.

The other  is a repeatable encounter with Tarkus’s self-styled “Sydian Queen”. A volunteer coder has it sitting in the review pile, so I’ll be pulling it to go do some checking on to include as well.

Now to call it quits for the night and wait for this headache to go away.


Caption Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted a caption to the contest! We had so many amazing entries that I actually had trouble deciding on a winner. In the end, I gathered together the ten that I felt were absolutely molten hot and rolled a d10 to decide which one would wind up with the grand prize cash.

Our Winner is… LeviLoveHeart with this beautiful piece of smuttery:

Our Honorable Mention Prizewinners were:  Based_Doggo, Megatokyoguy, Eternallyended, Jay123Desk, Felix_Faust, B, Obee, Wsan, and William.

Winners can claim their prizes by sending me a PM on the forum with their paypal address.

More images are available below, but even more can be found in the submission thread!

[Public | CoC2] Marked For Fun

A new combat encounter has been added to the foothills, along with some additional balance tweaks!

0.0.21 Patch Notes:

  • A group of mercenaries-turned-bandits have been added to the Foothills, courtesy of BubbleLord.
  • Two-handed Weapons and Bows have had their damage increased across the board.
  • Enemy critical hits deal reduced damage (+30 AP, compared to PC crits adding 50 Attack Power).
  • The way turns in combat are arranged have been revised, staggering actions from one side and then the other. We’ll see how this makes combat feel!
  • Author credits have now been added, just below Day/Time!

And we’re gonna go back to focusing on UI still for a bit, including the character sheet and all those glorious numbers to marvel at! While Drake and DCL are doing that, I’m writing some ~sexual healing~ for Cait. I’m also looking forward to our next encounter area and the Level 1-balanced enemies therein that need editing up to snuff!

Till next time!

Caption Contest IS OVER

Last call! The caption contest ends Saturday night! I’ve seen some great entries thus far and will definitely be putting one of my own together to sling up on the site with the winners announcement!


  • All entries must be Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space themed.
  • All entries must have at least 100 words of text, minimum.
  • All entries must be submitted in this thread.
  • Judging will be done by Fenoxo.
  • The contest will close this Saturday the 18th.
  • Maximum five submissions per author.


  • First prize will receive $100.
  • Fenoxo will also select additional “Honorable Mentions” which will receive $50 apiece.
  • All payments will be done via paypal.

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