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[Backers] 0.7.27 – Taxi Time

0.7.27 Changelog

  • Jerynn makes an appearance in The Freezer.
  • Jerynn now also rescues you from the far reaches of Uveto if you fall without protection from the cold. Meet up with her in the bar first for more options :^)
  • Bunch of typo fixes and some better bounds for a handful of busts that are used in group combat.
  • There’s now the start of a system in place to manage collars under the players appearance section. Jerynn will make the addition clear :^)

The desktop builds are up already; the mobile build links will appear as they complete.

Fen note: Sorry I didn’t post last night! I wrote like 2.6k words of stuff for laquine TF including a fantasy of a dashing laquine male. This morning I’ve put out probably 2.3k words for penis transformation and expansion and other odds and ends. I’m productive, wheeeee! (Update: Slapped out another 500 or so + did some gaming with backers to fulfill Patreon obligations. See you cool cats tomorrow!)


I just wrote 2,400 more words for a hallucination when using “Laquine Ears”. It was a lot of fun, but I need to go ahead and clock out for my usual weekend duties. There’s an absolutely mammoth amount to do for this item (because I don’t half-ass transformation items). I might have laid groundwork for a cock-painting shop and the hallucination bunny becoming a hallucinogenic follower accidentally already. I still have to write stuff for a female hallucination too.

Next week I’ll be bouncing between this and catching up on the endless tide of submissions. The public build will fall in the first week of next month, like usual. Probably on the 3rd. After that, I want to make sure Nonesuch’s plantation quest gets in the game – a bit of optional quest for Mhen’ga that is up to his usual high standards.

Shou had to rebuild her computer after a motherboard failure, but she’s been a busy little pupper putting together stuff for our eventual trip to Furry Weekend Atlanta. We’ll be selling some simple merch – mostly USB sticks loaded with art and story packs along with a couple of other goodies. I’m sure we’ll talk more about that as the dates close in. I’m also planning to attend PAX East in a personal capacity for the first time. I really look forward to it!

We’ve got stuff set up for selling one-time use, 3 month backer codes now too (or giving them to authors who contribute to the game). Geddy has also been working on some of her writing stuff as well, so look forward to it.

My personal goal for the weekend is going to be to find some time to refine some missing bits in the ship combat planning and work on Laquine stuff when I have the privacy to do it.

Issues Opening TiTS/CoC

If you’re using Chrome and having issues opening my games, consider switching to a standalone flash player. Alternatively, you may do the following, but be aware it may leave you vulnerable to flash exploits on other websites in the future.

You need to go to your address bar and type in ” chrome://plugins ” without the quotes. Tell chrome to always allow Adobe Flash Player to run.

Chrome seems to be slowly phasing back their internal flash plugin, resulting in the browser behaving as if it cannot open some flash files. I hope this helps!

Note: This leaves open to any flash-based browser exploits that may surface in the future.

Oh, and I wrote like 4,000+ 5000+ words of stuff today. Woo.

[Backers] 0.7.26 Sylvie Status: 99% Complete

Sylvie’s pretty much all done. She has one scene that isn’t really trigger-able at all just yet – the game needs a “Rut” status effect first!

0.7.26 Changelog:

  • Sylvie should be complete with all her interactions, including the lewder ones now! There’s five basic scenes, one that can randomly happen when backing on bedroom-times, and one that can’t be triggered just yet, as mentioned above. (Big thanks to everyone who chipped in scenes for her!)
  • Various bug and typo fixes.

B-d-b-d-b-d-b-That’s all folks! (Art commissioned from Dsan!)

[Backers] 0.7.25, the Least Impressive Patch

Another small one tonight. Some of Sylvie is in, but not the parts you guys are going to be after…

0.7.25 Changelog:

  • Sylvie can now show up in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge. She has plenty of stories, but alas, she’s not quite up for sex just yet. She’s available from 4pm till 3am.
  • DrLessau has a new item, Pleasure Palette, written by Lodestar and coded by Jacques00.
  • Various fixes and tweaks, as usual!

[Backers] 0.7.24 – Tentapalooza

Some of you may remember the lovely lass over at who made some neat audio hypnosis and general audio-porn files for Corruption of Champions, and it turns out she’s still doing it. The ones I tried were pretty rad, and while I’m not deep into that scene, it might make for some good auditory fun even if you’re not a trancing type. This isn’t a paid plug or anything – just one of those rad times where two people make things and are both fans of the other’s work.

0.7.24 Changelog:

  • New item graciously written and submitted by a generous benefactor as a pull request on the public repository – Tentacool. As the name would imply, it makes you grow tentacles. Lots of tentacles.
  • Matching the theme of the new item, we have a new bust for Jade, complete with special versions for once she’s acquired a pair of nipples. The work-safe version is posted at right. Boobs are work safe without nipples, right? Adj does good work.
  • Many typo fixes by Jacques00, of course.

In fen-news, I wrote another 3,000+ words for Sylvie, this time for a PC who is under a “rut” type effect. Nevermind that those aren’t game yet, I’ll have to make them in game. I also reviewed scenes Gardeford and Nonesuch wrote for her. They’re both fantastic, and I’m sure you guys will like them. Coding is likely to start tomorrow unless I get in a writey mood.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.23 – More Riya

I know Riya is a pretty divisive NPC, but I don’t think anyone can argue with the quality of her writing. In any event, we’ve got that and a few other things to give you guys before the weekend. I’ll see you all again Sunday/Monday!

0.7.23 Changelog:

  • Riya got two new scenes (three really – there’s a sub-scene for her taking virginity now) written by Franks. She chooses which scene she uses at random, and one of them can even reward you with a Terran Treat once a week, if you’re a filthy mutt.
  • Walking around with parts of you exposed can now slowly raise exhibition scores. Fully nude PCs can get up to 50 exhibitionism passively this way. Obviously having less parts exposed gives smaller returns.
  • Added a “canDeepthroat” function for PCs to allow for other things to allow the ability (besides being a bimbo).
  • Fixed a bug for some Treated PCs that could result in negative maximum intelligence.
  • New bust: Victoria and Betsy, courtesy of Adjatha.
  • Added a new dream for PC’s with male equipment and Reaha sleeping in their bed by Shadefalcon.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.22 – Playful Pets

Betcha all thought you’d have to wait for more new stuff? WRONG!

0.7.22 Changelog:

  • New scenes for upgraded hardlight panties for: Shelly and Sellesy.
  • Upgraded hardlight panties can now break, resulting in some fun when in public. Head to Aliss to get them fixed (or to break them again afterward if you’re a total slut).
  • Kui-Tan homeworld (that’s actually a moon) is no longer [REDACTED]. The name is Jitafore, pulled from our lovely Offbeatr backer’s custom planet names list :3
  • Character Mockups that Jacques00 did for the VN have been rolled over into TiTS proper. These new busts can appear for Saendra, Kaede, and Shekka.
  • Dr. Lash will now attack those who try to fap in his office.
  • Players with parasite phallus tails can now sneak the tail into the New Texas milker…
  • HugsAlright’s petplay for Anno has been put in game, accessible from her crew menu.
  • Other assorted fixes, mostly courtesy of Jacques00!

Thanks for your support guys. I’ve got some more sex scenes in the mail for Sylvie today. I can’t wait to get on that, but I think I’m looking at a dream sequence for Reaha next. Later, bras!

[Backers] Erra Expansion!

0.7.21 Changelog:

  • HugsAlright’s Erra has gotten an expansion pack with a few new scenes and the ability to eventually buy her a collar from Inessa.
  • New Kaede bust from an OLD Alder commission from Savin. Also, fuck you Savin. (<3)
  • Fix for missing vagina nouns.
  • Various other fixes and tweaks.
  • Some adjustments to the penis parser for a few more adjectives and so that you don’t see the length description quite so often at very moderate lengths.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee~ (Kaede bust by Alder from 2014. FUUUUUTUUUUUURE~)

My Brain Hurts

I just finished reviewing a 115 page TiTS submission for Nonesuch’s Plantation Quest on Mhen’ga. It’s pretty good. Not gonna start coding it yet though – it’s a huge project and I still have one more small project to review – and I want to get Sylvie out the door and do some more of my own stuff.

That’s it for me. Have a great day, bras.

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