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TiTS Content Submission: OPEN

I’m opening up content submission for TiTS again. This time, there are no restrictions based on type or location. Feel free to throw it in the bin.

I will close them in a week’s time or once I have 30+ pieces backlogged to sort through.

Please remember that the content submission form is for COMPLETELY WRITTEN content submissions only – not ideas.

Thank you!

[Public | TiTS] Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Eve in my part of the world, but even if you don’t decorate tree corpses in your living room, I’d like to extend a hearty “Happy Holidays” to all of you and yours.

2020 has been a heckofa year. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, and general Covid-19 precautions have really put a damper on the ol’ holiday spirit in my neck of the woods, and doubtless on most of the world as well. We’ve seen health and family emergencies within our little “studio”. Flash died. You know, flash, the plugin our games have run on for near a decade! It’s kicking the dust, forcing us to rebuild and reorganize a lot.

But we’re still here moving forward. The JS build looks fucking slick. Geddy’s been logging a ton of hours whipping Tavros into shape but also reworking how the game’s data is held and managed in memory, something that is more necessary as it grows in size (over 500MB with embedded images!) In the meantime, we’re still working on the expanded tutorial dungeon. You can get a taste of what it will feel like with the new salvager enemies included in this public patch. I think they came out pretty great for “getting started” encounters. There will also be environmental challenges, tutorials for using a tent (and leveling up), a boss fight penned by William, and more.

I think you’re all going to love what we bring you in the new year, but for now, enjoy this arrangement of Christmas cheer and a small public update (and another one~)!

Azra putting on her Christmas finest to celebrate by Morgore!

Cait snuggling up with a big ol’ bear by CheshireCatSmile37!

0.8.130 Changelog:

  • Vark got a pretty sizeable expansion thanks to Damiekinz’s writing and Gena138’s coding. It’s now possible to fight him, defeat him, and even make him your pet if you like. Merry Christmas!

0.8.129 Changelog:

  • Embedded some CGs by Doxy into Rat’s VR content (accessible via ‘test’ cheat in the image-embedded version of the game.)
  • Fixed a few small typos.
  • (And another patch may follow~!)

THICC Images Version available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.)

[Backers | TiTS] The Night Before the Night Before…

(Original Cyber-fen by Jojocite, Santa hat added by Bullifrawg on discord.)

If you were waiting for the TiTS public patch, hang in there – it will drop tomorrow. Right now Fennyboi has a steaming hot cup of content for the loyal TiTS backers that have supported us through this shit-hell of a year. Be sure to drop any major issues with the new stuff in the bug reports so I can make sure tomorrow’s holiday patch is as jolly as possible!

0.8.128 Changelog:

  • New cheat: “test” for allowing you guys to experience WIP content that doesn’t slide neatly into the game yet.
  • New encounter: Tiger/Lion salvagers. This is an encounter meant for the expanded intro we’re putting together, but you can fight him now. They’re tuned to be fought by newly created characters with no upgrades, so your current PC will likely shred them. Includes three loss scenes and four victory scenes. (Encountered via new “test” cheat.)
  • New VR event: Rat from Sexena: Arena Tales. As part of a crossover promotion with that game, I had them add Tamani to their game and added a VR encounter with Rat to TiTS. This will eventually find its way into the Mindwash Visor and the like, but for now it is encountered via the “test” cheat.
  • Fixed a crash with post-sparring Paige oral that would crash in certain circumstances.
  • Bimbo Kiro should now have a small blurb on the “crew” menu (instead of nothing but a button.)
  • Sweet Soup’s button should no longer disappear from cooking menus.
  • Lots of typo fixes in the Love Starrz and Bhakar.
  • Fixed an issue with the LGBT where it would heal itself instead of just the pilots.
  • Numerous other smaller fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Misc Funzies

My interest in Bhakar has increased by 200%.

Did you guys see CoC2 put out their public patch?

And it’s time for a TiTS backer patch! Don’t worry, public – we’ll have something public-facing with Christmas, probably with some extra bug fixes and a poke a the tiger/lion combo I’ve been writing.

0.8.127 Changelog:

  • New expansion: Carrie and Cora got some love from Nonesuch (with coding from Lighterfluid.)
  • New scene: male raskvel group, victory sex cunnilingus (includes special “in heat” followup!) By William.
  • New scene: Kelly “Hyper Catch”. Written by William, coded by Gena138.
  • New bust: Bhakar
  • Siegwulfe-related pregnancy should properly account for multiple wombs.
  • A small pile of bug fixes.

[Public | CoC2] Happy Holidays!

SavCo is about to take off for the holidays, but we couldn’t leave you without a public patch to keep your cockles warm through the cold of winter.

0.3.27 Patch Notes:

  • Valencia, a manticore, can be found in need of help in Frostwood, then Old Forest, then South Harvest Valley, then as a persistent character outside Marefolk Village. (Written by Strawberry Tea)
  • You can [Explore] in Hawkethorne now. Includes a new CG featuring Evelyn, done by AnonArts. Written by several of us!
  • You can now find a mind-altering honey-mead on imps, Rift Cultists, or the painted demon (or just buy it from Farrah). Be warned: drink it more than once in quick succession and its effects will be permanent!
  • New Codex Entry: Currency (Written by Alypia)
  • New Seasonal event with the Leothran Twins if you’ve fucked them before. It wasn’t tracked before this patch, so you’ll need to fuck them again if you did already! Triggers in the Frost Hound of all places! (Written by SomeKindofWizard)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • The level cap has been raised to 6!
  • You can now snag an invite to the seasonal winter ball in the Palace of Ice, after clearing it of its ghost problems.
  • New Companion: Azyrran the Hive Knight!
  • Once a week, a confident Ryn will give you a smooch when you enter the Frost Hound!
  • You can now drag the Centaur Behemoth back to the Wayfort to keep him around for yourself.
  • There’s a chance that, while exploring the Foothills, you’ll run into a centaur cavalier! It’s only an introduction for now; you’ll see more of this martial mare later on in the story!
  • If Berwyn is your dom and you have 95+ Libido, you can now trigger a bad end via his cock worship scene.
  • Serious rework to the Resolve combat system.
  • Reworks to Atugia’s powers.
  • New Busts: Alante, Atani’s Guards, Sorra.

We hope you all have a happy and safe holidays!

As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…
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… or SubscribeStar!

Cyberpunk Review: Flawed Beauty

(TiTS Update: A WIP document for an enemy from the next tutorial dungeon is posted on Patreon. Wrote ~2000 words to finish a tit-fuck scene and some combat texts.)

Last week, I spoke about taking a week off to play Cyberpunk, intending to get some work done on the side. Typically, after four or five hours of a game, I’ll need a break. Instead, I played over 70 hours of Cyberpunk in a week. The game hooked me and hooked me hard, sequestering my brain inside my monitor for the duration. I don’t think I truly came up for air until after rushing for the ending over the last two days, but I’m coming back on the clock as I write this.

Now I can talk about it. I know the rest of the internet has been slinging their two cents every which way since before the game’s official release – metastasizing into a ball of virulent hate as gamers across the world dogpiled on to add their own particularly brands of grievance to the mass. I have a more positive take. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of legitimate issues that are worth complaining about: PS4/Xbone performance and review scummery in particular, but the game’s qualities are hardly all negative.

[Backers | CoC2] Invitation to the Winter Ball!

It’s time for the winter ball, everyone! 😀

0.3.26 Patch Notes:

  • Etheryn and Elthara will invite you to the annual winter ball from the palace’s throne room. Enjoy a truly enormous holiday event! Primarily written by TheObserver and Alypia, with contributions from several others!
  • You can now get a new lust-based set for Azzy, which (temporarily) gives her a bit of a personality shift! After purifying the hive, take her to Ogrish to start setting her up.
  • You can now stop the Azzy/Brienne double milkings, and re-enable them from Brienne’s milking.
  • Oh yeah, and you can hit Level 6 now, too!

As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…
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A bit of Ryn/Champ dancing, by bk!


I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but I’m ludicrously hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 and fully intending to immerse myself in the game as much as possible over the next week. Between reading Neuromancer and Snow Crash (okay, this one was an audiobook, tbh) over the past couple years and absolutely loving media like Cowboy Bebop in my early adulthood, I am literally abuzz. I am so infected with Cyberpunk fever that my minotaur OC has literally been infected by it (as drawn by Jojocite).

That doesn’t mean backers are going to get shafted. I crossed the 20 page threshold on the enemy I’ve been working on this week, and as we all know from my last “vacation”, I’m terrible at it. I expect to finish his last scene and share the raw text for his encounter via .pdf within the next week sometime, both on Patreon & SubscriberStar.

Real life is a bit of garbage fire for everyone right now, but stay safe out there until we see each other again! (I might even stream some on my twitch…)

[Public | TiTS] Mor(gore) Shekka

Shekka’s packing some heavy hardware! Thanks, Morgore!

UPDATE #2: 0.8.126 is properly deploy in the play tab. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I’m aware that it didn’t properly deploy to the “play” page. Waiting on code dragon to eyeball why not.

More bugs fixing! And some new busts that I forgot to cram in yesterday! Back to backer patches until… Christmas!

High rez image release available on Mega. (Requires stand-alone flash player.)

0.8.126 Changelog:

  • New busts by Morgore: Shekka (including new futa variants!)
  • More typos fixed.
  • Fixed some references to incorrect penises during an Anno scene or two.
  • Reporting Doctor Badger to Penny’s replacement no longer displays Penny’s bust.
  • Dom Siegwulfe can no longer be offered during the Valden discussions of Syriquest.
  • Lucifer can now remove non-demon horns.
  • Fixed some combat text for proper grammar with “plural” enemies.
  • Made some changes to the Gabilani pilots to keep them from being killed by normal weapons


[PUBLIC | TiTS] Bhakar’ing Up a Tree

Brandy and Reaha? Hell yeah (Source link)

New month! How are you all doing? I crawled out of the write-mines to clear up some of the bug reports and get you all out a public patch today. In that sense, I was successful. Bugs, of course, do what bugs do best and continued to outnumber me in spite of my attempts to squash them. Tomorrow I’ll be paging through some of the unsolved mysteries and cleaning up any new ones you all find tonight for a public patch update. Perhaps that will grant us all a measure of peace.

No? It worth a try…

After that, I’ll be back to working on writing content for an expanded introductory dungeon we’ve been putting together. It should help set the player up to hit the ground running on Mhen’ga while also providing a chance for players to experience most of the various systems the game has to offer – like teaching you how to use the survival tent.

Meanwhile the Javascript port is going ahead full steam. I shared a clip on twitter a couple days back showcasing what the intro segment looks like in the partially assembled engine, and it’s very, very pretty already. Like, good enough that I’m not going to cry too hard if it isn’t ready by the end of December. I hope to show off more as it develops.

Without further ado, PATCH! (Build with THICC images available. Requires stand-alone flash player.)

0.8.125 Changelog:

  • Bhakar, the anthro bear with multiple arms, has been added to the game. He was written by Frogapus and coded by Gena138. You can find him on the residential deck.
  • New character busts by Adjatha: Pink & Green (of the Love Starz!)
  • New planet busts by Crossman: Zheng Shi & Dhaal.
  • Cybernetic Exoskeletons should no longer require you to wear power armor to equip them. This was the dumbest bug. I’m sorry.
  • Krissy (a Christmas event) has had her encounter chances fixed. You should now be able to bump into her once it is the appropriate season.
  • Jerynn should now be able to give you a collar even if you already have one equipped. Hopefully I’ve managed it in a more sensible way than last time.
  • The Sydian Cuntboy’s combat busts should be working properly now.
  • The mad scientist Milodan from one of the Korg’ii Hold battle bad ends should now properly expand in the image pack.
  • Bimbofying a penny without a penis should now assign her the correct kind of penis (vulpine instead of canine), and on older saves, it should now use the vulpine-toting bust for canine situations.
  • Dom-mode Siegwulfe won’t act like a ditzy bimbo during Syri’s quest any longer.
  • Taking Nayna’s virginity should give some bolded notifications about it.
  • Lots of other typos and italic bleeds fixed.

What’s new this month?

  • A bunch more content for bimbofied/sluttified Kiro – particularly some good Anno threesomes, gifting her a bubble buddy (with her own bubble inventory), new talks, etc.
  • New event/quest involving royalty, competing with Riya, and more. To meet Princess Nasti, you’ll need to have a penis, not be sterile, and have 10k+ credits on hand, then head to Anon’s Bar.
  • New rare items: “Exgartuan” dildo and “Urta” dildo.
  • New Busts: Darius, Ambassador Elyrrin, Blue (of the Love Starz)
  • Paige can now grow a penis! (Note: requires the threesome event with a non-bimbo’d Kiro.)
  • New art in the imagepack by Strype for Nykke and Verusha.
  • New Sylvie Oral Worship scene.

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