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[Public | CoC2] Stylin!

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0.0.20 Patch Notes:

  • Shop UI has been upgraded with finished assets and misc. tweaks.
  • The new Questlog is partially implemented, though some assets are still placeholders. Note that you need to use the sidebar Journal button, not the old placeholder on the button row.

Drake asked I mention that the 15 main buttons on the bottom are bound to 1-5, q-t, and a-g. A lot of the new UI has mouse integration, so you can click around right on the screen if you prefer that as well, including double and right clicking in the shops.

Art of Sugo, an upcoming centaur fuckboi, by DCL.

CoC/TiTS Caption Contest!

So a long time ago, when CoC goblins were basically a twinkle in my eye, I got PZero to do me some art of a goblin… and was inspired to do a caption of it myself. Tamani was birthed from this little exercise, creating one of the game’s more infamous and beloved characters.

I’m quite fond of captions. I used to lurk in the caption threads on then ‘chan’s /d/ board back in the day and prowl around for them. To me, a picture with a story is a thousand times more enticing and more interesting than bare art alone. It’s one of the things about Dmitrys’s work that I’ve always loved. I’m not sure who did the writing that accompanied his pictures, but I enjoyed it.

Now I’ve bumbled into some goblin-themed captions over on a certain booru that I really enjoyed, and I thought, why not incentivize our lovely community to produce some of our own? There’s certainly enough art!


  • All entries must be Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space themed.
  • All entries must have at least 100 words of text, minimum.
  • All entries must be submitted in this thread.
  • Judging will be done by Fenoxo.
  • The contest will close in one week, Saturday the 18th.
  • Maximum five submissions per author.


  • First prize will receive $100.
  • Fenoxo will also select additional “Honorable Mentions” which will receive $50 apiece.
  • All payments will be done via paypal.

[Public | CoC2] Balancing the Scales

No new content but rather some continued tweaks behind the scenes. There is a much improved shopping UI now, as well as balance changes for combat. Some of my thoughts on this below:

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0.0.19 Patch Notes:

  • All shops have been converted to a new UI.
  • Combat has received sweeping balance changes. TL;DR: Attack Power has been reduced for many powers and monsters.
  • Shields now grant immunity to Critical Hits from weapon attacks. Note that abilities that target Physical Resistance rather than Evasion circumvent this!

A lot of you have (correctly) been saying that combat was overly punishing. That’s partly because the Foothills were designed for levels 2-4, rather than 1-3 (they’re meant to be the second area, but the first area in the plot needed more work first), and partly inherent to the way I had balanced Attack Power. Attack Power is, basically, a percentage scaling on your weapon’s base damage that an attack applies, so something like the Thief’s “Dirty Trick” power that grants +50 Attack Power really means your hitting for 150% of your basic attack’s damage. The numbers we had were probably okay if the powers they were applied to were only used by the PC… but enemies also have access to several player powers, and of course, their powers were balanced based on what the player had.

Making powers universal, so that friend or foe or player could use them is still a great idea, but it was clearly overwhelming when the enemy usually has the numerical advantage. We were getting a lot of reports of players being dumpstered in the first turn or two of combat, before kitty RNG would decide to heal — if she even had the chance. So the Attack Power numbers have been scaled back for everybody, player and enemy alike; this should result in slightly longer combats, but ones that avoid one side or the other immediately being overwhelmed. Let us know how the balance changes strike you either in the comments below or on the forum.

Also speaking of things to do, make sure if you’re supporting either CoC2 or TiTS, you take a look and make sure Patreon’s charged you this month! They moved their banking to the UK which triggered a lot of fraud stoppages, and they also appear to have stopped taking pre-paid cards as well. I’m sure glad they didn’t let us know in advance about these changes; what a great service.

Patreon’s Elfucko’d

Hey guys, Savin here!

You may have noticed that something fuckey went down over on Patreon at the start of this month. I don’t know exactly what happened but there appears to have been a rash of declined cards and such across the entire site. If you pledged to CoC2 or to TiTS, Fenoxo and I would both appreciate it very much if you went and checked the page to make sure you didn’t get declined. Several hundred of you appear to have been affected by whatever bug hit Patreon and, especially in TiTS’ case, I don’t want people to get screwed out of their backer builds.

Thanks bras <3

Edit: It appears that, without telling anybody, Patreon switched from an American bank to a British one. That’s why a lot of banks are flagging your activity as fraudulent. GfuckingG Patreon.
Edit2: Everything should be fine for subscriptions going forward; only this month was affected. Just be sure to check your account and make sure you haven’t been auto-removed from any of your Patreon subs and everything should go back to normal if you need to re-up.

[Public | CoC2] Amazonian Pelvis-Crushing

Sorry we’ve been away for a little bit, but CoC2 is back with some more content this weekend! We’ve got our next mob in the game: Arona the orc futazon, accompanied by a gang of her tribeswomen all looking for some booty to pillage. Along with them, you’ll be able to fight alongside a preview version of the next companion, Brint.

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0.0.18 Patch Notes:

  • Arona and the Orc Warband have been added to the Foothills. You must be at least Level 3 to encounter them at the moment, and whenever you engage in a fight with them, you’ll be automatically joined by our next companion Brint the Minotaur (written by Wsan). Brint is a much-needed beefyboi for this encounter, and when he’s fully implemented, he should make low-level questing much easier. Note that there is a reverse-gangbang scene you can’t currently access until some TF effects are added in to increase Libido or cum volume.
  • A critical bug wherein Armor was rendered effectively useless has been squashed. Whoops.
  • You can flee from combat now!
  • Cleave has been changed to only do 100% damage/hit, rather than 130% with each hit. Arona and Brint both have Cleave and oh boy was that messy when they started using it against each other.
  • Mobile browsers should no longer cut off at the top (reminder that we only officially support Chrome and Firefox. Use other things at own risk.)

While you guys chew on this stuff, Drake and DCL are going back into the UI mines for the Journal (I think the questlog is the next thing, specifically) and I’m writing the orc dungeon that Arona will eventually lead off to before you can recruit her.

As a side note, for those of you struggling with the new fight (it’s a hard one!), keep an eye on the little colored gems in the top-right of each character’s card. That represents Threat, and the redder it is, the more likely a target is to be attacked. And that goes for your side and the enemy, so try and focus fire with your companions! Arona’s a tank, not a damage-dealer, so consider taking down her comrades before moving on to her. That’s worked for me, anyway!

Thicc amazon cock and balls courtesy of DCL.

[Public | CoC2] Feisty Kitty!

This week we have some new catgirl lewdness and a lot of tweaks under the hood to sate your corrupted desires! Feast your eyes on the patch notes before you dive in, though: the part about body ratings is important.

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0.0.17 Patch Notes:

  • Three new Cait sex scenes: Striptease, Footjob, and Tailjob. The latter has the usual branching paths for you to explore! Many thanks to TheObserver for pitching in the Striptease and Tailjob scenes. They’re good stuff <3
  • Most weapons and armors have had their stats rebalanced to bring them more in line with the combat system update we did post-launch.
  • Map icons have been updated.
  • Belly, Butt, and Hip ratings now properly are assigned at character generation. Note: you MUST remake your character for this change to take effect; old characters are still playable, but will effectively have minimum ratings in all three.
  • Various other bugfixing and typo killing.

Dual wielding was implemented LAST PATCH but now that the items have been rebalanced, I’d love if you guys could leave some feedback on the forums about how it feels! You can currently dual-wield any combination of two Light weapons (Daggers, Short Swords, and Francescas).

Art is a brand new portrait for Arona of the Kervus Tribe, an orc futa barbarian and our next enemy encounter — along with her gang of big ol’ amazon followers. My current CoC2 writing project is an orc-filled dungeon the new Champion will be crawling through to face down her older brother, the tribe’s warlord!

For those wondering about my TiTS writing, I’m currently working on a big bara Thraggen dude for Zheng Shi. He’s totally not a space orc, you guys. I definitely don’t have a thing for orcs. What? You can’t prove nuffin.

[Public | CoC2] Summoning Slutbois

Introducing the summoner, courtesy of HugsAlright. He’s a dogboi mage with a big… stick. You’re gonna be catching it if you let his elemental friends beat on you, don’t doubt it!

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0.0.16 Patch Notes:

  • The summoner has been added as a random encounter in the Foothills. He can only be encountered by PCs of level 2 or higher (remember to go sleep if you have enough EXP to level up)!
  • Dual wielding now works! Your off-hand weapon gives significantly reduced bonuses and it hits less often, but it does give you an extra attack every round.
  • Various fixes and tweaks w/rt the new inventory.

Art of Kasyrra getting worshipped by a couple of my friends’ OCs. Art by Barret XIII, commissioned by StrayParadox.

[Public | CoC2] Inventory Management Sim 2018

Inventory! Drake and DCL spent a good deal of time putting together CoC2’s actual inventory. Now you’ll be able to see the stats of all your gear. There will be a shop UI coming soon allowing you to view the stats of gear you’re potentially buying as well.

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0.0.15 Patch Notes:

  • Icons have been added to the map, showing what’s where.
  • The player’s inventory has been revamped with new assets and stat/tooltip views. You can use the mouse to click on items, and double click to equip or unequip as well.

Some delicious fanart of Cait by SheepPun! <3

Observer and I are working on some more Cait scenes as well in the background. See you soon!

[Public | CoC2] Camping!

Fen’s out of the office, which means… nothing, really, I’m just gonna get to leave a CoC2 blog post up on top for a couple of days.

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0.0.14 Patch Notes:

  • New Cait busts, courtesy of DCL
  • Camping! You can buy camping supplies from Leorah in Hawkethorne and set up camps in any wilderness space. Camps remain for a length of time based on the “threat level” of the region — for the foothills, they’re generally permanent. Camps create mini-locations you can enter to sleep and fuck companions. Eventually, you’ll be able to set up your alchemy kit and do other fun things in camp.

Next up, Drake and DCL are working on the inventory and character sheet UI stuff. There’s also a wizardy dogboy as our next piece of sexy content.

[Public | CoC2] Cait Needs Some Lovin’

More kitty fuckin’ for the kitty gods!

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0.0.13 Patch Notes

  • Cait has a new sex scene, focused on her pussy! Compatible with all sexes. Cumming inside her will net you a new talk option as well.
  • Many, many bugfixes and misc. tweaks. Thanks for pointing ’em out, y’all!

Meanwhile, Drake and DCL are hard at work on the UI for the character sheet and inventory. A camping system is also in the works!

Art of the next enemy we’re adding, Berwyn the trappy dog-boy summoner! Written by HugsAlright, and art’d by DCL. He really needs a hug, if you ask me.

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