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[Public | CoC2] Power Cards and Borkers

Check out Fenoxo’s post about a spoopyween contest below! He’s even been so kind as to allow CoC2 dreams to be submitted as well.

Also send some love to DCL who’s as sick as a dog (ha), hence the… interesting icons we used for the new fight until he’s back on his feet and arting.

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0.0.26 Patch Notes:

  • There is a new fight in the Old Forest: wolves! Actual, non-sexable wolves, not lupines. Don’t mind their icons — those are temporary. The wolves are level 1 mooks, and should be easy grinding if you’re having trouble with the Foothills. More level 1 content to come as we move our focus towards the Old Forest.
  • New power card assets are in place and lookin’ swank. The map “crosshair” has been updated with a new asset as well.
  • Each class now has an icon used on its cards, and used in place of your portrait if you don’t upload one of your own.
  • Brint (our new companion, found in old forest) from last patch forgot his pants on the way out the door. He has an armor set now.

Art: Cait is extraordinarily happy about having her own minotaur around, courtesy of DCL from a few weeks ago.

[Public | CoC2] Big Changes and Big Bros!

Hey there, it’s been a while. We’ve been working on a lot of technical stuff, but now we’ve got a big hunka burning love that wants to shove his way into your party — and your holes, too. His name is Brint, and he’s a big ol’ boy written by Wsan — so you know he’s some grade-A beefcake.

The next chunk of content should be some much-needed level 1 mobs in the Old Forest: wolves, some hornet-girls, and story-related plant babes lookin’ for some tentacle fun. See y’all soon.

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Update (10/12/18): Build with a bevy of bugfixes is out (including shop bugs, gender preference, and Brint no longer breaks your legs). Same version number.

0.0.25 Patch Notes:

  • The Old Forest has been added to the game, accessible via Hawkethorne’s north gate. It currently has no encounters, except…
  • Brint, a minotaur warrior, has been added to the game. You can find him just outside town in the Old Forest and ask him to join your party! He comes with the expected batch of new sex scenes, including something very special for traps looking to get plowed!
  • The way exploration works has been revamped: you now unlock paths between map locations by exploring, and travelling between them takes 30-45 minutes per space.
  • Several random, non-combat events have been added to the encounter tables when you don’t bump into enemies.
  • Harpies got nerfed; you should never face more than one Enforcer per encounter now.
  • Various and sundry bugfixes.

[Public | CoC2] Power Overwhelming

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0.0.24 Patch Notes:

  • You can now visit trainers to learn powers! All five classes’ powers are available no matter what your current class, you just need to be high enough level to learn it. Ivris (Black Mage, Charmer), Sanders (White Mage), and Garth (Warrior, Thief) are the trainers in town. You might want to pick up Heal if you’re having a tough time; having that extra bit of healing has helped me in playtesting.
  • You can change out your equipped powers in the Journal. You have one At-Will, two Recharge, and one Encounter slot to fill. You can also unequip powers and leave slots empty if you so desire.

The UI for the powers still needs a lot of assets added in, but for now, enjoy.

Summoner booty art provided by DCL.

[Public | CoC2] Alchemy and Transformations!

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0.0.23 Patch Notes:

  • There is a transformation item, added to test out the system behind TFing. You can buy Fox Berries from Ivris; they turn you into a fox.
  • There’s an alchemy system you can use to refine TF items. Mix an ingredient and a TF item together, and you can decide what part of your body it targets (if an applicable TF is part of the time). Ivris’s shop has an alchemy bench.
  • Some shop fixes for multistack items.
  • Many bugfixes and parser upgrades to make all that shit work.


I got locked out of my blog account for the weekend. Came back and there were like 50 messages backed up in the Need Approval queue. Sorry! I might as well make a blog post about this rather than just pinning an edit on Fen’s so it doesn’t look like we’re all dead here.

For once, I’m actually fine. I just don’t make blog posts much because I don’t have anything interesting to say.

On the TiTS front: Fen’s still pretty sick. I think he’s been pecking at a cybernetic catgirl when not ejaculating from the nose. I’m writing about a science dragon dickgirl for Zheng Shi, along with her sexbot companion. Got like 5 scenes done, including a bad end, with one or two to go next week. I hope you guys like stacked, MILFy dickgirls cuz you’re getting a twofer on ’em here.

On the CoC2 front: Transformative items work now. Patch will be forthcoming when there’s a UI for actually using them. I think the first one coded in is gonna be a fox-folk TF, from the sound of things? Drake got his wisdom teeth pulled so he’s coding on a buncha drugs but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Rest in pupperonis, sick/post-surgery comrades. o7


Art of Nykke by Adjatha. I commissioned B! to write some more ~intimate~ scenes with the eldest frostwyrmling because I am a filthy degenerate. This is the adorable result.

[Public | CoC2] More Character Sheet Updates!

We’ve got a micro patch for you with some updates to the journal and character sheet!

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0.0.22a Patch Notes:

  • The game should work better in Firefox!
  • Proper gender selection icons are available in Appearance.
  • More stats added to the Character Sheet.
  • Various text fixes.

Fan art of Cait by Moira!

[Public | CoC2] Character Sheet

Here by popular demand, a character sheet!

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0.0.22 Patch Notes:

  • The Journal is more implemented: you can see quests, appearance, and most of a character sheet!
  • More merc busts are in.
  • Plenty of bug/typo fixes!


[Public | CoC2] Marked For Fun

A new combat encounter has been added to the foothills, along with some additional balance tweaks!

0.0.21 Patch Notes:

  • A group of mercenaries-turned-bandits have been added to the Foothills, courtesy of BubbleLord.
  • Two-handed Weapons and Bows have had their damage increased across the board.
  • Enemy critical hits deal reduced damage (+30 AP, compared to PC crits adding 50 Attack Power).
  • The way turns in combat are arranged have been revised, staggering actions from one side and then the other. We’ll see how this makes combat feel!
  • Author credits have now been added, just below Day/Time!

And we’re gonna go back to focusing on UI still for a bit, including the character sheet and all those glorious numbers to marvel at! While Drake and DCL are doing that, I’m writing some ~sexual healing~ for Cait. I’m also looking forward to our next encounter area and the Level 1-balanced enemies therein that need editing up to snuff!

Till next time!

[Public | CoC2] Stylin!

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0.0.20 Patch Notes:

  • Shop UI has been upgraded with finished assets and misc. tweaks.
  • The new Questlog is partially implemented, though some assets are still placeholders. Note that you need to use the sidebar Journal button, not the old placeholder on the button row.

Drake asked I mention that the 15 main buttons on the bottom are bound to 1-5, q-t, and a-g. A lot of the new UI has mouse integration, so you can click around right on the screen if you prefer that as well, including double and right clicking in the shops.

Art of Sugo, an upcoming centaur fuckboi, by DCL.

CoC/TiTS Caption Contest!

So a long time ago, when CoC goblins were basically a twinkle in my eye, I got PZero to do me some art of a goblin… and was inspired to do a caption of it myself. Tamani was birthed from this little exercise, creating one of the game’s more infamous and beloved characters.

I’m quite fond of captions. I used to lurk in the caption threads on then ‘chan’s /d/ board back in the day and prowl around for them. To me, a picture with a story is a thousand times more enticing and more interesting than bare art alone. It’s one of the things about Dmitrys’s work that I’ve always loved. I’m not sure who did the writing that accompanied his pictures, but I enjoyed it.

Now I’ve bumbled into some goblin-themed captions over on a certain booru that I really enjoyed, and I thought, why not incentivize our lovely community to produce some of our own? There’s certainly enough art!


  • All entries must be Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space themed.
  • All entries must have at least 100 words of text, minimum.
  • All entries must be submitted in this thread.
  • Judging will be done by Fenoxo.
  • The contest will close in one week, Saturday the 18th.
  • Maximum five submissions per author.


  • First prize will receive $100.
  • Fenoxo will also select additional “Honorable Mentions” which will receive $50 apiece.
  • All payments will be done via paypal.

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