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I tried doing some streaming this afternoon with middling success. Watching me plink out a few thousand words isn’t quite as entertaining without Shou there drawing boobs to the side. I did finish up the Minotaur King bad-end and start setting up the combat text for the third phase of Lethice’s fight, even though my flaky internet did its darnedest to put the kibosh on the whole thing.

The goal for tomorrow is going to be to finish stage three and write up the crazy parasite bad-end I had an idea for. Savin is still plinking at a rather involved victory choice, one that should make a few players smile. That should put us pretty close to done with the fight content. There may be a few odds and ends I need to dig into before we can pass the mess off to Gedan to code, though – placeholder ending dialogue and maybe some more win scenes for Lethice.

As always, I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Misc Updates

dsan_kiro_annoCoC week 2 has started for those that are unaware. We’re hoping we can have all the writing we need to have Lethice fightable and beatable done by the end of the week, along with a simplified ending. Something along that leaves you with an extremely broad sense of victory. Later on, I want to spend some time bashing out a literal fuckton of epilogue forks based on the major events of the game (like if Marae is corrupted or not), but that’ll come later.

The Minotaur King fight has all the combat text and win scenes completed. I’ve got to polish off a bad-end or two for him, then he’ll be complete. Likely it’ll just be a single bad-end that involves forceful oral & cum addiction followed by being worn on his cock like an article of clothing.

Savin’s been chipping away at victory scenes for Lethice (and one loss). I did a little bit of work on her combat text for the first phase. At the moment, it looks like it’s going to be a three phase fight. I’ve got a crazy idea for a parasitic creature bad end vaguely reminiscent of the Omnibus bad ends from the factory. Hopefully it’ll come out pretty well.

In other news, Gedan worked on the website quite a bit today, making a bunch of tweaks and changes under the hood in order to supercharge the site’s performance. The downside of this is that we broke a couple of things. More than a couple things, actually. Fenchat looks like it’s gone screwy, and the embedded pop-ups on the play page died as a consequence. Most of the other issues have already been cleaned up.

Geddy hated those embedded pop-ups, so we’ll probably have to swap back to just feeding your browser the pure .swf and hoping it’s smart enough to open it instead of auto-downloading it. But, we did discuss a potential way to bake a preloader into the game that will give you something better to look at than a white screen while the game loads. I’ll keep you posted if we can get that up and going.

Lastly, we’ve made ourselves and official Picarto channel. Livestream is kind of a shit, and since Picarto is apparently okay with game development streams, we’re going to make use of that. The multistreaming functionality is pretty great as well. With that, we can show Shou’s art streaming while Savin or I try to hammer out some text.

Kiro & Anno being adorable drawn by Dsan. I swear, Kiro gets bigger every time she’s drawn.

[Story] Bull’s Strength

Here’s a short little scene I wrote after a particularly unexpected moment in the ongoing Corruption of Champions D&D game Adjatha’s been running, between a character run by myself and Fenoxo. Poor Gnoll Princess just can’t catch a break!
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, F/M, Lust, Minotaurs, Cowgirls, Milk/Lactation, Hyper, TF

“I want you to help me fulfil a fantasy of mine.”

Hyra had known the svelte, almost effete mini-minotaur in front of her for maybe a month. They’d adventured together, braved the corrupted wastes of Mareth, and found a few intimate moments together too. When they’d returned to the Bizarre Bazaar, Hyra had expected what any good gnollish warrior would after a victorious campaign: good drink, rowdy song, and the company of a submissive little fuck-slut of a male to while away the nights.

Instead, she’d seen her party’s minitaur, Kell, flaunting his wares in the parlour of the Bazaar’s high-class bordello. She only saw him for a moment before a rich-looking woman led him off for the night, but that was enough to put an idea in her mind. An idea that had her running around the Bazaar for the better part of an hour, searching out what she needed to make a reality of the fantasies that had been dominating her mind more and more since she first took up with Kell and his company…

Hyra Nude (Adjatha)It had started with Urta. That damned she-fox had turned the tables when the proud gnoll princess had jumped her on the plains, and force-fed her a vial of Succubus Milk Hyra had been saving for a special femboy back at camp. Her tits had grown as large as melons in the blink of an eye: long enough for Urta to whip out a massive cock from under her uniform and take advantage of the burgeoning new flesh. Hyra had lost her pride, her fur, and her face to the vixen’s punishment. Now she looked like little more than any other dog-girl in the streets, with a smooth human face and a whorish bust that strained her clothes… and they’d become so sensitive that just feeling her black nipples rubbing against the fabric of her clothing was an eternal agony, always keeping her on the unbearable edge of climax.

Then came the traps. Her first day in Kell’s company, she’d been on the run from her gnollish heritage and desperate for a way to make ends meet without the luxury and service of her people. For once, she was outside of her queenly mother’s watchful eye. Hearing the call for mercenaries, she’d joined up without a second thought. But their first foray out had been riddled with traps from a bygone age that changed their bodies the deeper they went into the dungeon. Now, Hyra could barely recognize herself in the mirror: her tits had grown again, now bovine-like H-cups constantly swelling with an unnatural bounty of sweet milk. The throbbing black clit between her legs, the hallmark of a gnoll alpha female, was gone. In its place, a huge and constantly-hard canid cock with a knot as big around as her fist. There was barely anything left of the shapely gnoll princess that had set out for an afternoon’s hunt. In her place was something that, in Hyra’s eyes, looked more like a vagabond cow come down from the mountains.

She should have hated it. Should have rebelled against what her body was becoming against her will.

Back to TiTSwerk a While

Master_oki_Akai_Excellia_minotaurThe Minotaur King needs a total of three more scenes to be ready to go, but I’d like to write something else for a while, so I’m going to stick back to TiTS for a while. Them interactive jubblies need love too!

Still, I just wrapped up a 1,700 word scene for lady PC’s to ride their defeated enemy. Of course, it doesn’t completely empty the lust bar and leaves them slightly more lust-vulnerable for the confrontation with Lethice, but honestly, taking a gigantic load of royal minotaur spunk probably could’ve been a bad-end.

The scene is basically what’s happening on the right, only the brute is on his back being ridden cow-girl. Art source over here?

Edit: Holy fuck, what does every NPC everyone else writes have to have known the PC’s dad, fucked the PC’s dad, or instantly know who the PC is like they’re fucking Paris Hilton? Damnit, Savin (this is your fault)!

CoC Week: Days 4-5

1352421368018Just keepin’ on trucking. Working on a pet-play focused bad-end for Lethice today, where the defeated Champion gets to become the Demon Queen’s favorite new slut-puppy. Meanwhile, for a dude who’s been sick, Fen churned out a shitload of minotaur writes in like, one sitting. A+ work Bronoxo.

Art of waifuest of dragons by Jass. Below, Shoupup’s been churning out the busts since coming aboard. Connie, a potential character in the upcoming KaraQuest Geddy’s working on coding, has probably my new favorite Shou-bust. <3

Connie Clothed (Shou)

CoC Week, Day 3

LeiraMore Lethice victory scenes for me! There may be dicknipples. And breast expansion. And stuff. Gotta keep myself interested! Otherwise not overmuch to report, though I see Fen’s been designing some combat stuff to go along with the Minoboss.

Weds/Thurs are my half-days now (because fuck having normal weekends, I guess??), but I’ll still hopefully be cracking through a pet-play focused bad end by end of day Thursday. Either way, half days now mean full day Saturday to make up for ’em, as usual.

Art: Minerva’s shark-girl daughter, Leira, from Corruption of Champions&D done by Madame Squiggles. Not pictured: being made of Latex. Yay, zany kink-traps in long-forgotten (sex) dungeons!

CoC Week: Day 2

Gargoyle -AlderOff to a bit slower of a start than I’d like — hard to find legs to stand on, so to speak, on something I haven’t touched in like a year. Still, got a chunk of one of Lethice’s victory scenes done yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have that finished off then move onto one of her bad ends today. Meanwhile, Fen’s starting in on a Minotaur boss fight — the middle dude in a 3-boss rush to the end, following a corrupted drider and his pet goblin.


Also another excuse to dump old CoC art! Gargoyle sitting on something big and hard, by Alder.


Celebrate Monstergirls - AdjYeah, that’s right.

Some of you have been waiting for it. Some of you don’t care. Some of you want me to shut up. Doesn’t matter. This week, Fenoxo and myself are gonna throw all our write-energy at finally finishing off CORRUPTION OF CHAMPIONS. Maybe we’ll actually get to the end this week, maybe we won’t. But we’re damned sure gonna try. Personally, I think I’m gonna end up spending most of the time cranking out Lethice’s victory scenes. Maybe a bad end or two, maybe help with the epilogues or whatever follows.

Keep in mind this is not “When u write more [waifu here].” This is not “add more/new features” week. 100% Dungeon 3, 100% of the time until our eyes bleed.

I’m gonna be in #FenChat pretty much every waking hour until we’re done. Swing by, hang out, give us some moral support. We’ll probably need it.

(Oh, and sate your hype with more of the awesome CoC&D game Adjatha’s been running for us. #ShamelessSelfPlug. CoC monstergrill pregophile art also by Adjatha!)

CoC, FoE, & TiTS Status: Back Up For Play and Download

urta_avatarIt is as the title says. They’ll open up in a new tab for play. I’ll have links to the android/iOS versions up shortly.

We’ll probably be sticking with this theme for a while, and we already know about the bug with the chat/wiki links not working. It’s an issue I’ll need Geddy to help me solve.

Big thanks to Geddy for logging a huge amount of time getting the server up and running (and configing software, and dealing with my clueless ass).

What’s Goin’ On Here?


It really did. Some of you may have noticed the website looks a little different… and is missing all the content. Well, there’s a reason for that. Let me break it down:

  • Fen purchased dedicated server hosting from a company his friend recommended.
  • A new company bought out that company after a while, and Fen kept using them.
  • The new company decided to go out of business, and for whatever reason, the notification email got eaten by gmail’s spam filters. I don’t know why. I got invoice emails from them just fine.
  • Thus, when the servers were turned off and plugs pulled, I lost access to that server and everything on it.

So what’s the plan going forward, and why does this site look so ugly now?

  • We got a newer, better, stronger server. It should take a lot more to overload the site, and I have a gigantic data cap.
  • We’re going to rebuild We can make it better, stronger, faster, and with just as many onahole advertisements as before.
  • Note that the current wordpress theme is probably going to be changed. This is basically a quick placeholder while we get all the back-end pieces in place.
  • We’re upgrading to some better forum software. Word on the street is that they’re more or less up and running, but there is a ton of administration stuff to do to get them up to spec.

Maybe this time I’ll remember to backup the server more than once every two years. TL;DR: Old server got eaten by forces of Chaos. Building up a new one, powered by the forces of Slaanesh.

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