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[Backers | CoC2] What’s the Buzz?

We’ve got our first new year’s patch for you with a goodly new chunk of content!

0.1.3 Patch Notes:

  • New enemy in the Old Forest: bimbofied hornet-girls looking for somewhere to lay their eggs.
  • New character content for Leorah, the survival shop owner. Bring her some wyvern venom and you’ll get to see her wild side… Both Leorah and the Hornets are courtesy of the The Observer.
  • Leorah can teach you new archery-themed powers.
  • Weapon restrictions have also been implemented properly now: certain powers demand melee or ranged weapons, though thrown weapons like the dagger or francesca work for either.
  • New NPC: the sleepy snake, by Wsan. She’s meant for a further-in zone, but she’s currently accessible from the space where you trigger Kasyrra’s second encounter. She’s repeatable and has a chunk of unique content with your companions.
  • There’s a new Kiyoko scene if you’ve had 4+ kids wth her, she’s pretty preggo, and you ask her for a massage!

Remember that our public patches come out at the middle of the month (ish~). In the meantime, you can always get backer access here!

I’m going to be writing the actual egg-pregnancy for the hornets next week. Hopefully it will be implemented in time for said public patch. Speaking of upcoming content, art is a commission Gardeford got for a centaur NPC he’s writing for our next zone, done by Jackle0rgy.

[Backers | CoC2] Sowing Your Seeds

Rejoice: player pregnancies are now enabled! The first two have already been implemented, and no doubt more will come as we get more enemies.

Have a happy new year!

0.1.2 Patch Notes:

  • If you get your vagina fucked by the Alraune or her Effigies, you’ll potentially become pregnant. If the seeds are fertilized, you’ll be able to take them for later after birth.
  • Kasyrra herself can knock you up in her second encounter, as well. Her pregnancy path is very quick, but much more involved. Big ups to Wsan for writing it!
  • Milking wyverns of their venom now rewards you with a Libido-boosting item, Wyvern Venom. It’s basically lust drafts, and can be thrown at people in combat. Speaking of which…
  • New feature: combat consumables! You can use fertilized Alraune Seeds and Wyvern Venom during combat, and you can switch weapons as well. Wyvern venom acts as a lust grenade, while Alraune Seeds summon effigies. Note that you only have one summon slot, so if you have the Summon Fire Spirit power, you can only use one at a time.
  • Kiyoko can also be summoned via her amulet, after some relationship growth. Wearing her amulet grants access to a special Encounter power that allows you to conjure up your faithful fox — you need to wear it to both gain and use the power.

Jen, an officer of the Marked Merks, drawn by RattlePool.

[Backers | CoC2] Crack a Few Eggs…

We’ve got some new TFs for you guys. Big shout out to Questy for helping out with some of the text you’ll be seeing in these items.

You can get backer access here. Just link your Patreon account with your blog account and you’ll get access to backer builds. Public builds will come out around the middle of each month!

0.1.1 Patch Notes:

  • Five new transformation items have been added: eggs! The new eggs will allow you to become a futa, get quad nipples, plump up your balls and invert your nipples, and much more — everything you could ever want from a breakfast food. Golden eggs will even turn you into a harpy. Bawk! All the eggs can be found in the Foothills.
  • New sexual perk (bubble butts) and balls flag (trap pouch). Both obtainable from eggs.
  • The Wyvern girl has gotten a buff, giving her the same multiple actions/round as the Alraune. This should make it so solo enemies like her can actually put up a fight!
  • Many fixes as usual. Most importantly, a bug regarding Kiyoko’s amulet acquisition was cleared up for people who chose “Neutral” responses to the temple mural.

[CoC2 | Public] Encounters of the Demonic Kind

New patch means more hot demonic action! This is Patch 0.1 — our first public build post-alpha. Now that we’ve arrived here, we’re going to be focusing on padding out content for the Old Forest and Foothills for a bit, as well as things like new TFs and player pregnancy in the near(ish) future.

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0.1.0 Patch Notes:

  • The Alraune can be approached again after you defeat her (and choose not to kill her), offering her body up to her new master (or mistress). Her repeat scenes were written by SomeKindofWizard.
  • The Alraune can also be impregnated once a day to produce a seed. They don’t do anything *yet* but soon…
  • You can journey beyond the bridge in the Corrupted Garden to explore a ruined wayfort on the river, and beyond it, encounter a familiar demonic foe. This encounter was written by myself, and I hope you enjoy your horsecocks šŸ™‚
  • You can also meet, though not presently recruit (or meat), the boreal elf ranger Etheryn — our next companion.
  • Flight is now a Stance-type ability, meaning that prones and stuns interrupt it.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Kiyoko the pregophile fox-wife was added. So much Kiyoko, y’all.
  • The Corrupted Garden and its Alraune/Herald bosses was added to the northern Old Forest.
  • Cait’s sexual healing scene with her lovers.
  • Catfolk and Human TFs.
  • Countless minor mechanical changes and bugfixes.

[Backers | CoC2] Pregnant Foxes

Holy mother of god Drake coded a LOT this weekend. How much? Well, Kiyoko’s base content is now entirely implemented… all 164,000+ words of it. That’s more than three novels’ worth according to NaNoWriMo. I’m pretty sure the total content of the game just doubled, so uh, enjoy a whole hell of a lot of foxy momma.

Remember you can get backer access HERE and access the builds right here on the blog!

0.0.31 Patch Notes:

  • Kiyoko. SO MUCH KIYOKO. She can be fucked, knocked up, visited, the whole nine yards.
  • You can meet your eldest kit, Kinu, as well. She’ll have a lot more content later on, but is fairly limited right now.
  • Edit: Hotfix is now live with several bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who’s been reporting them!

I can’t brag on Drake and The Observer enough for this — Drake for making an incredible new parser that’s streamlined the coding process by miles, and Tobs for actually using it to its fullest effect.

Art of your eldest fox-spawn by Alder. He’s still alive we promise.

[Backers | CoC2] Reap the Whirlwind

The first section of the Alraune’s content is ready for release already! At the far north side of the forest, you can find an enterable map where in Effigy Herald and then the Alraune herself can be fought. Victory scenes and a bad end are included for the Alraune, though none of her repeat-content is quite ready. She’s a handful of a boss, so make sure you’re level 3 and fully rested before trying to invade the Corrupted Garden…

Note that this is one of the fancy new backer patches. You can get backer access HERE, and then link up a Patreon account with the blog (you are here) to get access.

0.0.30 Patch Notes:

  • The Corrupted Garden has been added to the northern forest. When you enter it, you’ll be confronted by the Effigy Herald and then the Alraune. The Alraune’s bad end was written by Wsan. Victory scenes by SomeKindofWizard.

More Kiyoko and Alraune content are coming down the pipe next!

Personally, I’m working on a quick quest to help a minotaur (not Brint) find his wayward harem before I turn my writing attention back towards the big stuff like companions and questlines. Also working on some more Olympia in TiTS, for those interested in synthetic dragon-butts.

[Backers | CoC2] Foxy Momma

We’re back, now with 100% more fluffy tails. And to go along with our first backer build is Kiyoko, the game’s foremost baby-making factory and ethereal waifu.Ā You can find backer builds in the Backers tab here on the blog, same as with TiTS.

Please note: You need to link your Patreon and accounts (again) to get this all working. As Gedan said in the last post, we just updated the site and it purged the existing links between accounts. You need to link your TiTS and CoC2 accounts seperately, if you have both; there should be two Patreon buttons here on the blog for that.

You can get backer status here

0.0.29 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new dungeon in the eastern reach of the Old Forest, and within it is a strange amulet protected by several puzzles.
  • If you sleep with that amulet on, you might meet a foxy new friend. Note that her actual sex content isn’t in quite yet, but you can certainly get to know your future fox-wife.
  • Cloud based saving is working as intended. Save on one device, pick up on another. This is all tied to your backer account and will remain a backers-only feature.
  • Cait has a new scene for her lovers wherein you get some real sexual healing.
  • The Catfolk TF itemĀ and the Human TF item are both in now.
  • You can now drop items from your inventory.
  • You can now drop your minotaur friend off at the tavern and re-recruit him.
  • So many bugfixes and refactors. Lots of code under the hood has been changed. Please report all bugs on the forum <3

Next Up:
While we were waiting for the Patreon/Blog updates, Drake’s started working on the Alraune, the first boss in the game. Her documentation is available for $15+ backers to read now; she’s a fairly meaty encounter followed by the return of everyone’s favorite bedicked demon-cow for some more intimate encounters.

Edit: Don’t forget, there’s a TiTS Christmas Contest courtesy of Fenoxo!

[CoC2]Next Update ETA: A couple of days

Hi guys! It’s been a bit since our last patch so I wanted to touch base and let y’all know what’s about to drop.

First and foremost: TheObserver’s foxy momma Kiyoko hasbeen implemented and is in playtesting. Aside from the lady in question, there’s also a number of puzzles between you and her that required some code and art assets — I’m really happy with how those turned out.

We’ve also been revising a bunch of behind-the-scenes code for things like key items, status conditions, and dreams. Last night the writers and Drake engaged in a rather lengthy discussion about how we’re handling transformation items. The net effect is that there’s now (I think) three more TF items ready to go andĀ four or so more being revised up to the new standard (though, to quote Drake “man coding TFs sucks dicks”). Everything for them is written, now they’re just getting ready to be coded. Included are the core five starting races plus minotaurs and salamanders.

What, you thought there wouldn’t be ‘manders inĀ my game?

Speaking of whom, DCL’s finished some concept art forĀ what ourĀ northern saladmanders are going to look like, as well as the portraits for the Alraune and her sub-boss, the Effigy Herald. The Alraune event will be the next big chunk of contentĀ after Kiyoko; we’re juuuust finishing up on the writing end for her.

TL;DR for next release:

  • Next patch will come out whenever “Patreon migration is done.” I don’t know what that means but Drake says it’s important. If it takes more than a couple days we’ll probably release a smaller patch to tide you over.
  • Kiyoko is ready for next patch. She has an ungodly amount of content — I’m talking literal novels’ (yes plural) worth — so only some of her will be included in the initial release.
  • Cloud-based saving is also a thing now, done via the blog, and AFAIK that should mean that you can transfer saves between devices. Save on your PC, pick back up on your phone in the john 10 minutes later. Note that cloud saving is for backer accounts only. Big props to Gedan for helping us out with this! <3
  • Cait has a sexual healing scene that replaces her normal in-camp/tavern healing.
  • Catfolk TF will also be in. Meow!
  • There’s a new menu for dropping items that Drake worked very hard on. Please tell him he is a good boy if you see him.

[Public | CoC2] Sugo’s Wild Ride + Development Update

While wandering the Old Forest north of town, you can now encounter the effete centaur fuckboy Sugo. Let’s just say you won’t be riding on his back.

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.28 Patch Notes:

  • An equine boy-toy has been added to the forest. He gives free rides when you take him back to town! Written by BubbleLord.
  • The Obscured condition was broken. It’s fixed now: grants +10% Evasion and all powers that currently grant it reduce your current Threat by half.
  • The game can now display multiple busts in the pane at once, because…
  • If you’ve got Brint in the party, you’ve fucked him, and then you approach Sugo, you’re in for a special treat…
  • The usual bevy of bugfixes and typo corrections!

Internally, we’re talking about starting backer/public update segregation soon. What we consider the game’s vertical slice — having all major systems installed and two explorable areas — is pretty much done. This means that we’ll be able to open the game up to other coders to come in and implement content, and with the game’s core mechanics all set behind the scene, we can focus on churning out content. Speaking of which, there areĀ four fairly large chunks of content on the immediate horizon, in order of “done-ness:”

  • A side dungeon in the Old Forest wherein you can find Kiyoko, a kitsune spirit and summonable waifu (complete; written by TheObserver).
  • An quest given to you by Garth to go rescue his idiot son and some of the townsfolk who’ve gotten themselves captured by a sexy druid (complete; written by TheObserver).
  • The encounter with your first truly corrupted foe, the Alraune guarding the way past the forest and onto Kasyrra’s trail — plus the second encounter with the demoness and a new party member in the form of Etheryn the elven ranger (Nearly done; written by myself and SomeKindofWizard).
  • Arona’s recruitment quest, where you get to go beat up her family and friends and help her hijack herself an orc tribe (About 30% done, written by myself).

All plans of course subject to change as development progresses, but that’s a general idea of the big things coming your way in the next couple months!

[Public | CoC2] Pumpkin Patch

Not really anything particularly Halloween-flavored this time aside from a dream, but we do haveĀ a lot of main content progress instead!

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.27 Patch Notes:

  • Alraune Effigies can now be encountered in the Old Forest. They’re a low-level mob that should point you towards an upcoming boss…
  • If you go to sleep, there’s a chance you’ll trigger a bewitching dream (by Balak Knightfang)!
  • There’s an options menu now! You can turn on Silly Mode, adjust font size, and all sorts of fun stuff.
  • The save/load menu has been rebuilt to be less obtuse.
  • Planty of bugfixes and typo corrections. <3

Effigy bust by DCL.

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