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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Extended Tutorial Dungeon, Take 1

Dare you enter the overqueen’s lair?

Alright guys, I coded most of the day to get this up and running, so I’m sure it’s littered with all kinds of bugs. Assuming it doesn’t break anything too hard, expect a public bug fix on Monday to clean it up some more. You can touch down in FIRST-14 by starting a new game OR flying there from the miscellaneous flight destinations.

0.8.133 Changelog:

  • New dungeon: when starting a game, crash land on FIRST-14 and repair your ship before joining the Rush for real! You can return later, if you wish.
  • New enemy written by Savin: Gryvain Techie. I recommend downing them via lust.
  • New enemy written by William: the Overqueen! Look out for this sneaky snake!
  • New items: Hardlight Thong (this time not antigravity!), virgin-slayer sweater.
  • Feline salvage bros are now encounterable.
  • A week after completing Syriquest, Schora can now appear on Extrameet for those who treated her “right” (fucked her like she’s a toy) and parted on good terms. Hope you didn’t piss her off!
  • New PC pregnancies: kaithrit and gryvain.
  • New Busts: T1-K4, Gryvain Techie, Feline Salvagebros, the Overqueen, and Rogue Bot (part of Fungus Quest on Myrellion)
  • Two new lootable posters (with image pack image embeds).
  • New image pack embedded art: Princess Nasti (five new pieces of art scattered amongst her scenes).
  • New image pack embed for the gryvain techies.

Dev Notes:

  • You can go to FIRST-14 at any time after completing it, though if you’ve never completed it, you will be stuck there until you do.
  • After the defeating the boss, random encounters will be disabled for a few days. You can still explore later to play with the various mooks.
  • Image pack version of the game available! Requires a stand-alone flash player to play. (Some scenes include illustrations, and NPC busts can be expanded to see more of them.)

TiTS Pupdate

As noted on my twitter, I’ve been cranking on getting the expanded tutorial dungeon loaded into the Flash version of the game (due to longer than expected dev-time on the JS port – I have a small update on it later.)

Both “generic” enemies are implemented along with all the rooms and most of the supporting logic – except for one of the puzzles that’s supposed to be a bit harder. The local medical robot is in as well along with her inventory and full kaithrit pregnancy for the player character. Today I’m going to be coding William’s boss encounter.

After that, I still have that puzzle to sort, gryvain pregnancy for the player, additional loot for the enemies, and the dungeon’s outro. I’ll have it in your hands by the end of Saturday, life-willing.

In the meantime, there was one event submission I rather enjoyed reading even if I didn’t think it was properly set up for use in game, and with the author’s permission, I’m happy to share it with you all – if you’re interested in a bit of a Cyberpunk detective noir adventure.

Javascript update:
I didn’t run a work meeting this week because of other commitments, but Gedan has been working on getting saving and loading working for quicker testing without having to go through the entire character creation process – something I experienced myself when testing the the expanded introduction sequence in flash! The current WIP save interface looks amazing.

[Backers | CoC2] Cuddlebugs!

Lusina’s found herself a forever home with some big, equally topless mares, and Kinu’s going on a new adventure with her plucky sidekick Kohaku!

0.3.35 Patch Notes:

  • Lusina can now be found at the Marefolk Village after you’ve met her in her camp and cleared out the centaur dungeon. Her original meeting where she mentions moving to Hawkethorne instead has been amended to account for this. No more room at the inn!
  • Kinu has another quest with her in the starring role! Trigger it by completing her first quest and finishing both the den’s other two sidequests. (Written by TheObserver)
  • If you bring Etheryn to Gianna’s caravan, there’s a cute new scene with her and the crew. (By Alypia)
  • New Codex: Ghosts. After meeting the Hellhound, there’s a new section of the Lupine Codex.
  • Viviane can be found during the daylight hours now, too.
  • Many other fixes and tweaks.
  • New busts: Flame Dancer and Flame Knight!

Arona treating Ryn like the queen she is by BK! She’s done loads of fanart and comms for us and now has her very own patreon! Show her some love 😀

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[Public | CoC2] Flame, Dear Flame

It’s time to open the door and see what this hellish hound’s been hoarding in there… and maybe stop by the Foothills for some fun with a manticore if you want~


  • Fixed Arona never showing up again if you didn’t interrogate her.
  • Fixed Ahmri walks softlocking the game if you did them all too fast.
  • Fixed Lyric engaging in immaculate conception (again).
  • Fixed combat crashing after using Horney Honey and then fighting an enemy with Control Pheromones.

0.3.34 Patch Notes:

  • You can now open the inner sanctum of the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, and gain the treasures therein. Having the Summon Flame Spirit power in your spellbook is a good idea~
  • Brienne’s pyro set is now looted from inside the ToTF rather than mysteriously arriving at the Frost Hound. If you already have the set, you can’t get it again.
  • New scenes and an eventual bad end for losing combat to the manticore girl enemy in the Foothills (Written by Strawberry Tea)
  • Arona’s combat text now has better, bolded hints about her stages of Dom/Sub.
  • Sanders can give some sage life advice like the surrogate dad he is. (Written by TheObserver)
  • New threesome with Maid Jael’yn and Etheryn. (Written by Alypia, Coded by Squishy)
  • New bust: Lyla. Lucia’s bust has been tweaked slightly.
  • Plenty of bug and text fixes.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • The Temple of Terrestrial Fire has been added, along with a recurring miniboss that you can waifu.
  • You can find a frozen kobold named Lyric in the Rift. S/he just needs to be warmed up a little.
  • Ahmri has a bunch of new interactions after she’s been mare-ried, and her village now has a Waystone in it.
  • Miko & Mai now have a bunch of new scenes, including an Arona 4some.
  • New Kiyo/Kinu talks once they’ve been freed. Their dialogue is also more gender-friendly 😀
  • Lusameme and Cait have a new scene together.
  • You can return Elthara’s scythe if you want to be a nice dude.
  • Tweaks to Sexiness and lust combat damage. It’s probably not enough but we’ll see.
  • The save screen now remembers which slot you used last.
  • New fancy time display. Can turn it off in Options if you don’t like it.
  • New Codex: Dryads!

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[Backers | CoC2] The Temple of Terrestrial Fire

Time for a really hot musclemilf doggo and a whole lotta chunky pony lovin’!

0.3.33 Patch Notes:

  • You can now enter the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, located in the eastern Frostwood. A new recurring miniboss can be found inside. You CANNOT yet open the inner doors (see you next patch!)
  • Ahmri’s marriage intro has been reworked slightly. You can also smooch her, go on walks, and go to bed with Ahmri after you’re mare-ried. (Written by Gardeford)
  • Centaur village has a Waystone now.
  • The damage bonus from Sexiness has been reduced slightly. Probably not enough to stop Azzy, Destroyer of Worlds, from continuing to demolish anything that looks at her but we’ll try this for now. Let us know if it’s still OP AF.
  • The save screen now remembers what slot you used last.
  • New busts: Hellhound by DCL. Brienne now has a CG that displays in her appearance screen when equipping her pyro gear, by Moira.
  • Also, Witch Cait, Honey Maiden Azzy, and Pyro Brienne all have unique combat icons for their alternate sets. We’ll be doing this for other sets moving forward soon! Also also, Ahmri’s flower busts are hooked up for during/after marrying her.

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[Public | TiTS] TiTS Update Update

Update: Sorry about the deployment issue. The build server apparently ran out of memory, and I was out pretty shortly after the post thanks to back pain + meds. OG post below -v

Javascript rebuild/port report: It is now possible to move around on Tavros in our dev builds! Next: adding a more functional minimap/map. Great work, Gedan.

0.8.132 Changelog:

  • New art for the female sydian added with variations for armor being intact or broken.
  • New Image Pack image: Frosty presenting (visible in her vaginal scene).
  • VKo now sells EasyFit.
  • Ramis’s bust has been updated with a SteeleTech suit variant.
  • Image Pack updated (requires stand-alone flash player.)

No big “what’s new this month” addition because… GASP! …There’s not that much new. Soon though… soon…

TiTS Update


It’s been a while since the last blog post, so let me touch base with where we all are after the latest team meeting:

  • Fen: I hit a trouble spot with how I was approaching this Big T & Gianna event that blocked me from getting much down for a few days, but I seem to have gotten into a good rhythm over the past few, cranking out ~3,500 words Monday and ~2,000 yesterday. The document is currently ~23 pages long and growing with a late-dinner BJ offer that’s being crammed in under the tablecloth as we speak. I estimate that I should have it wrapped somewhere around 30 to 35 pages long, at which point I’m going to go full steam on ahead on converting Gianna’s vast swath of existing content to function on the ship.
  • Savin: He’s almost done with a hefty expansion for Anyxine (almost as hefty as the character we got a CG of from Morgore…)
  • Gedan: She took a week off after banging her head against the porting to javascript pretty much nonstop (and to keep up with some other commitments). She’s back now. Code go BRRR.
  • Adjatha: Art got finished for the other new enemy coming in the tutorial dungeon. Updated Rival art and art for the tutorial dungeon’s medical bot is on the table for the future. He did some more work on finishing up the writing for Molli, of Cherry’s Tap Hall.
  • William: Has 50+ pages of a thing he’s been working on, because you damn well know he does! He indicated he’ll be starting work on the tutorial dungeon’s boss this week if all holds to plan.
  • Jacques00: Jacques00 has been working on polishing up a bust for the female sydian that looks really, really good. The naked variants are done, but I’ve asked him to generate a fully armored overlay that we can use for the combat. I also saw a WIP sketch of a robotic foe that has some new art in the making as well.
  • Others: I don’t have much to report on this front, but DrunkZombie has spoken about tackling Kaithrit pregnancy earlier on, though I haven’t had an update in a little bit.

I apologize for the interruptions that have occurred to our regular content delivery with the death of flash, but we are a long way from done. Thank you for your patience, and your support. Expect a small update to the public version of the game soon too.

[Backers | CoC2] Maidens of Lust

So we’ve had some bugs with the UI and Lyric lately; hopefully those are all fixed up now! If you continue to experience issues, please tell us about them on our bug report forum! And hey, have a big swathe of new scenes for our favorite shrine maidens to make up for lost time!

0.3.32 Patch Notes:

  • Miko & Mai have a new suite of sex scenes (incl. Arona 4some) (Written by TheObserver)
  • Lyric has had some bug fixes and adjustments (preg should work properly, cooldown and damage reduced and can’t crit, electrum should max out and reduce over time correctly)
  • The messed up status icon/inventory/equipment UIs on certain screen resolutions should be fixed
  • New talk scene with Kiyoko/Kinu once they’ve been freed (Written by TheObserver)
  • Lusamine/Cait have a new scene (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Squishy)
  • You can return Elthara’s scythe to her
  • We’ve started an effort to make Kiyoko/Kinu respect your spousal/parental pronouns, please report any incorrect ones that you still encounter!
  • New Codex: Dryad
  • New Hime Kinu CG that can show up sometimes when you interact with her
  • New Busts: Ogrish, Synneva (Friendly), and Meira (Cocked)
  • Fixed Syrish bust (she has spots on her clothed now too)

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