So we’ve had some bugs with the UI and Lyric lately; hopefully those are all fixed up now! If you continue to experience issues, please tell us about them on our bug report forum! And hey, have a big swathe of new scenes for our favorite shrine maidens to make up for lost time!

0.3.32 Patch Notes:

  • Miko & Mai have a new suite of sex scenes (incl. Arona 4some) (Written by TheObserver)
  • Lyric has had some bug fixes and adjustments (preg should work properly, cooldown and damage reduced and can’t crit, electrum should max out and reduce over time correctly)
  • The messed up status icon/inventory/equipment UIs on certain screen resolutions should be fixed
  • New talk scene with Kiyoko/Kinu once they’ve been freed (Written by TheObserver)
  • Lusamine/Cait have a new scene (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Squishy)
  • You can return Elthara’s scythe to her
  • We’ve started an effort to make Kiyoko/Kinu respect your spousal/parental pronouns, please report any incorrect ones that you still encounter!
  • New Codex: Dryad
  • New Hime Kinu CG that can show up sometimes when you interact with her
  • New Busts: Ogrish, Synneva (Friendly), and Meira (Cocked)
  • Fixed Syrish bust (she has spots on her clothed now too)

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