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[Updated] FoE – 0.4n2

Hello all, Alder here with the rest of the promised Halloween content, just in time! Various bugfixes, new scenes for cats, and player masturbation are other things included in the update. Happy holidays!

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

Full changelog below.

Update: 0.4n2 uploaded.

Public Hallowieners!

With the coming of the spoopiest of holidays, Holidays happy Halloween store is open for business! It always has happy endings… or does it?

Update: I’m going to sleep. If any more major issues come up, I’ll have to handle them in approx 24 hours.

Backers: I’ll have some more content just for you soon. There’s some stuff from Nonesuch just needing tested and approved that’ll let you work at Beth’s. Expect it early in the coming week.

0.6.13 Changelog:

  • You can load now.

0.6.12 Changelog:

  • Some fixes and tweaks to Holidays transformational costumes have been applied.
  • Lots of other misc fixes thanks to Jacques00

New Stuff Since Last Public Release:

  • 50+ pages of special Halloween content! Even after the holiday, there’ll be a low chance of unlocking it on new characters. Enjoy!
  • ManUp, a masculinizing item.
  • A sextoy shop and a bunch of items for it (with a lot of new and exciting scenes)!
  • A bigger Tavros merchant deck.
  • A ton of fixes, tweaks, and adjustments.

I find it amusing that we still don’t have any goddamned decent dildos in the sex shop. This is what happens when Fen tries to write – the changelogs look unimpressive! A lot of content is piling up behind my need to write more. Expect this next month to be a good one!

Horse wieners. Trap?


Backerween! 0.6.11!

Happy Backerween! Before you gripe – Publicween will happen on the 31st (assuming everything is well on my end)!

Holiday0.6.11 Changelog:

  • There’s a chance of getting a misaddressed message that unlocks the coordinates for a special, one-time planet visit. Go party, but be wary, there may be… unexpected results. You only get once scene per character, so either make friends with save/load or make different choices on different PCs! There’s at least 50 pages of new stuff.
  • Another BionaHole is available at Inessa’s, complete with new Holodisc video.
  • References to the Biothroc have been pruned.
  • Lucanis references have been pruned.
  • When saving, the gender/sex markers on the Save/Load screen should be a little more accurate.
  • A pile of fixes from Jacques00.

The lovely bust art is done by Jacques00 & Damnit, who spearheaded this whole thing and got me and Adjatha off our butts. Then I in turned got Savin going. It was a bit of a butt kicking circlejerk.

Known issues: I forgot to disable the horsebody costume for PC’s who are already tauric. Sorry if you use it as a taur and it doesn’t make sense.


AM NOT DEAD and A Contender Emerges

ScalebuttsI’m not dead, honest. Bess didn’t get the better of me, although it was touch and go for a while.

Straight off the back of Bess, one of the single biggest additions of content to TiTS to date, I started working on Savin’s latest dungeon-creation. UNFORTUNATELY FOR MY SANITY, said content makes heavy usage of something we’d discussed doing months ago, and provisionally scheduled for post-Myrellion-story-completion.

We are now post-Myrellion-story-completion. Which means I’ve (already) spent the last week or so refactoring combat entirely, from the ground up. ‘WHY?’ I hear you ask? To add proper support for group combat to the game, both for groups of enemies and NPCs to support the player in combat. The former will probably start to show up in a lot of places. Savin already has a fair few dungeon encounters in the game that technically should have been implemented as proper group fights, but a lot of the code lacked support and testing for it. The latter though is going to be pretty much exclusively reserved for special story arcs along the way; we’re not intending on allowing the player to slum around with their waifus in combat full-time or anything like that.

I’ve made good progress on it, but I’m still probably something like a week or so away from getting it out of the door. There’s a LOT of little bits and pieces all over the game that has to be touched up to support this, not least actually fixing up the combat encounters themselves once the underlying system is in place. The time I spent fiddling with Silence is coming into its own here, as I’ve already solved a lot of the non-obvious problems and made a small scale version of the system there- a lot of changes to make to how its being presented need to get done, but most of the work itself is simply converting the existing combat attacks to the correct format and adding in support for various things (like actual AoE damage to attacks that should have it) along the way. That said, I have KaraQuest 2.0 already rough-coded, pretty much the only thing it is missing are the fight implementations, so expect a big fat update soon™.


Nearly a year ago now, a fantastic artist (and now friend), BNG, started to piece together his own game. Born of the desire to do something similar to CoC but with a far more artistically focused design, he’s been chipping away for months and months, slowly learning and piecing together ideas and designs to build his own game- something similar to what Fenoxo and the rest of us have been building here, but with a unique spice and different direction taken. The game design is starting to come together….

What Time Is It? Taur Time!

More work got done writing the centaur encounter. Another 2,800 words or so were jammed out, completing the male path. I’m probably going to wind up cutting the herm version so that I can get this out in time for Halloween. I just gotta jam out some girly funtimes, then let hermtaurs choose which breeding urge they’d like to focus on for the event.

Savin jumped in with a costume of his own, and bodyslammed my meager wordcount into the ground with 6,000ish words of amazonian Master Chief knockoff or something. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to coding it.

Now to play a level of Halo 5 before bed as a reward~


I resumed work on my centaur stuff today. It’s a bit late in coming because nothing got done over the weekend. Sunday I still had a headache that started mid Saturday, and it only got progressively worse as the night went on. Needless to say, all I wound up doing is playing some videogames and watching loads of youtube videos.

But that can’t keep a good Skellinoxo down. Afflictions of the flesh are to be shed as I embrace my true, skeletal form! My only concern today was to write 2,500ish words of content for my centaur transformation halloween event. It’s mostly getting so long because I decided it would be a good idea to allow the player to decide what gender of centaur-creature they become with this event.

The transformation is all written up, as is being overwhelmed by “breeding urges,” but they all cut off when the PC wanders into a bar (where all kinds of partying and crazy sex acts are happening as part of this libidinous celebration). If you guys want to leave suggestions for what Male/Female/Herm taur-PC’s could do in the bar, my ears are open. I’ve already come up with some fun ideas:

  • Lining girls up underneath herm PC’s and seeing how many you can bathe in cum while being taken from behind (Herm).
  • Bending girls over tables or chairs for mating (Male).
  • Pinning a swollen kui-tan under your massive ‘taur hips and fucking him senseless (Fem).

I think there’s probably some better ideas for the last two, though.

[Story] Bull’s Strength

Here’s a short little scene I wrote after a particularly unexpected moment in the ongoing Corruption of Champions D&D game Adjatha’s been running, between a character run by myself and Fenoxo. Poor Gnoll Princess just can’t catch a break!
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, F/M, Lust, Minotaurs, Cowgirls, Milk/Lactation, Hyper, TF

“I want you to help me fulfil a fantasy of mine.”

Hyra had known the svelte, almost effete mini-minotaur in front of her for maybe a month. They’d adventured together, braved the corrupted wastes of Mareth, and found a few intimate moments together too. When they’d returned to the Bizarre Bazaar, Hyra had expected what any good gnollish warrior would after a victorious campaign: good drink, rowdy song, and the company of a submissive little fuck-slut of a male to while away the nights.

Instead, she’d seen her party’s minitaur, Kell, flaunting his wares in the parlour of the Bazaar’s high-class bordello. She only saw him for a moment before a rich-looking woman led him off for the night, but that was enough to put an idea in her mind. An idea that had her running around the Bazaar for the better part of an hour, searching out what she needed to make a reality of the fantasies that had been dominating her mind more and more since she first took up with Kell and his company…

Hyra Nude (Adjatha)It had started with Urta. That damned she-fox had turned the tables when the proud gnoll princess had jumped her on the plains, and force-fed her a vial of Succubus Milk Hyra had been saving for a special femboy back at camp. Her tits had grown as large as melons in the blink of an eye: long enough for Urta to whip out a massive cock from under her uniform and take advantage of the burgeoning new flesh. Hyra had lost her pride, her fur, and her face to the vixen’s punishment. Now she looked like little more than any other dog-girl in the streets, with a smooth human face and a whorish bust that strained her clothes… and they’d become so sensitive that just feeling her black nipples rubbing against the fabric of her clothing was an eternal agony, always keeping her on the unbearable edge of climax.

Then came the traps. Her first day in Kell’s company, she’d been on the run from her gnollish heritage and desperate for a way to make ends meet without the luxury and service of her people. For once, she was outside of her queenly mother’s watchful eye. Hearing the call for mercenaries, she’d joined up without a second thought. But their first foray out had been riddled with traps from a bygone age that changed their bodies the deeper they went into the dungeon. Now, Hyra could barely recognize herself in the mirror: her tits had grown again, now bovine-like H-cups constantly swelling with an unnatural bounty of sweet milk. The throbbing black clit between her legs, the hallmark of a gnoll alpha female, was gone. In its place, a huge and constantly-hard canid cock with a knot as big around as her fist. There was barely anything left of the shapely gnoll princess that had set out for an afternoon’s hunt. In her place was something that, in Hyra’s eyes, looked more like a vagabond cow come down from the mountains.

She should have hated it. Should have rebelled against what her body was becoming against her will.


fungal_myr_sporesWith the coming of the spoopiest of holidays, I’m slipping fully into Halloween mode. Enter Skellinoxo! I reviewed a 15 page or so Halloween submission from some old friends I’ve known since the CoC days, and I have to say, one of the scenes is friggin’ amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve been submitted something of that caliber. Fuck Halloween tricks – I got a treat!

I also started jumping in to write a bit for the encounter. A bit where you put on a “centaur costume” that actually turns you into a centaur. Whoooooo! Spooky! I’m only 600 words in. I haven’t gotten to the part about tentacles slithering into nethers in to link nervous systems or the irrepressible breeding drives of such a creature, but that can come soon.

It wasn’t all ghouls and goblins for me today. I put the final touches on another BionaHole for Inessa to sell and coded it into the game. We should have that for the next patch drop. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get much out this week, but there will definitely be something next week. Maybe not Savin’s promised dungeon, but I can confirm a transformative bodysuit that’ll let you party as a CoC-style goblin. People like that stuff, right?

This lovely fungal myr bust was done by our own talented Shou!


Shou_JadeI finally got a BionaHole thrown together for Tamani. The instructional holovid is up for editing in the TiTS forums, if anyone wants to chip some comments and corrections in. I also finished writing up an email from Emmy and started in on a pretty challenging omni-gendered 69 scene for Emmy – where the PC can pick which parts of her they’ll please, and she’ll randomly pick a part of you to pleasure back.

Pic is an old (but great) piece by Shou of Jade.

Fiction Section

Renvra Clothed (Shou)Hey guys! There’s a new Fiction section of the blog here, accessible from the top menu. This will be a place to catalog the various erotic stories and non-game scenes that show up on the blog. One of which is JimThermic’s Dreams of Flight, which I’ve just reuploaded in the post below this one. Check it out, Vanae lovers. There will also be a new short scene by myself up at the end of the week (or you could scope it out on my Patreon~ #Shameless).

There was also a Fall of Eden update which I’ve bumped down a bunch. Sorry, Alder ^_^;

Oh, and for those wondering: I’m still working away at TiTS Spoopy Adventures. Hopefully it’ll be done before Halloween, but the sudden release of Vermintide and Sword Coast Legends has been somewhat distracting…

Absolutely bitchin’ new art of Renvra provided by Shoupup. New favorite bust, 10/10.

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