It turns out that having a passion for writing smutty text games sometimes spills over into writing smutty… not-game text. Presented below are a choice collection of our best offerings, spanning original worlds, Corruption of Champions‘ Mareth, and the future Milky Way of Trials in Tainted Space. The stories below are divided into two categories: scenes, which are very short stories spanning one or two sex scenes and maybe a little backstory, and stories/novellas, which are longer form works with some serious mix of plot and porn like The Treatment or Talon Rogue.


Then That’s What That Means
Author: B
Tags: F/F, Cunnilingus, Tribbing, Power Bottoming, Mind Control, Hyper Breasts, Role Reversal
A jailor learns what it’s like to take charge of Slyveren prisoners.

The Temptress’ Home
Author: William
Tags: Femdom, F/F, Cunnilingus, Aphrodisiac, Dom/Sub, Furry, Ausar, Milodan
A submissive ausar finds herself in a milodan temptress’ abode.

Laying the Dragon
Author: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, M/F, Mind Control, Mental Programming, Hyper, Breeding, Dragon-girl, Minotaur, Cum Inflation, and More!
Fenoxo tracks down the hacker responsible for hacking his brain and dispenses justice… of a sort.

Mind-Altered Masturbation
Author: Fenoxo
Tags:  TiTS, Minotaur, Masturbation, Solo Male, Mind Control, Mild Body Modification, Exhibitionism, Big ol’ Horsecock, Fen’s OC
Fenoxo decides to load some questionable pornographic software into his cybernetics, gets hacked, and cums very hard. Preceded by “Drunk on Minotaur.”

Drunk on Minotaur
Author: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, Blowjob, Transformation, Lactation, Mind Control, M/F, Cock-Worship, Consent, Big ol’ Horsecock, Hard Fucking, Fen’s OC
Lyko the squirrel-girl has some fun with a psychic minotaur, culminating in a very milky evening. Preceded by “Feeding the Cat Some Cream.”

Feeding the Cat Some Cream
Author: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, Blowjob, Mind Control, Blowjob, M/F, Cock-Worship, Maledom, Fen’s OC
Fenoxo’s self-insert has his way with a cute cat in a catsuit named Derri. Lewdness and corruption ensues. The first story featuring Fen’s character.

The Minstrel Pair
Author: Savin
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, Futa, Shemale, Trap, Dom/Sub, Femdom, Futadom, Anal, Feminization
D&D-themed Smut set in my campaign setting, between a pair of background characters: a catboy bard and his (her?) mighty futa orc slave-cum-dominatrix. Written in one rather explosive sitting, good if you like Futadom and orcs.

The Merchant Princess
Author: Savin
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, M/F/H, Femdom, Feminization, Futa, Amazons/Strong Girls, Trap, Anal, Threesomes
A follow-up story to The Minstrel Pair from earlier this year. Also written in one explosive setting. Cass and Braela attempt to coax some information out of an amazonian trader, who adds another playfully dominant side to the pair’s sexy shenanigans. Double domination of a poor, gender-confused catboy/girl whose ass can’t get much more abused!

Bull’s Strength
Author: Savin
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, F/M, Lust, Minotaurs, Cowgirls, Milk/Lactation, Hyper, TF
Another D&D story, this time in Adjatha’s Corruption of Champions game. Hyra, the gnoll princess, fell into a cowgirl-ifying trap, and now can’t take her eyes off the party’s minitaur rogue. Maybe he can help her fulfil the new fantasies swirling around in her head…

Do You Want to See a Magic Trick?
Author: savin
Tags: D&D, Fantasy, Cowgirl, Ratfolk, Hypno/Mindcontrol, Lesbians, Threesome
D&D Smut written about Claire, a Good-aligned Cowgirl Fighter (played by me!) who is utterly devoted to her evil, mind-controlling ratfolk husband Rask (played by Fenoxo). This one takes place early in their relationship (Level 6~). This one’s coupled with a few other smaller, random stories that I didn’t feel deserved their own entries, too!

Hunter’s Quarry
Author: Savin
Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Amazon, Monsterboy (Catboy), Non-Consensual
A catboy hunter finds himself the quarry of an amazonian huntress who’s looking for a bit more than just pleasure…


The Treatment
Author: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, SciFi, Addiction, Bimbofication, Cow-girls, Pheromones, Lactation, Breast/Hip Growth, Futa x Female
Cass, a kaithrit captain who’s lead a rather plain life, comes to New Texas and finds herself contemplating the mysterious medipen said to give a lifetime of happiness…

Talon Rogue
Author: Savin
Tags: TiTS, SciFi, Shemale, Futa, Futa x Shemale, Horsecock, Anal
The first TiTS work published, this short story stars Captain Kaede Entara, a fledgling cargo pilot who gets herself caught up between the Black Void and legendary pirate Kiro Tamahime. Light on the smut at only one sex scene, this one’s more about world building and plot.

The Gene-Stealer
Author: Savin
Tags: TiTS, SciFi, Lust, Cockmilking, Shemale x Female, Shemale x Male, Non-consensual
A sequel to Talon Rogue and my second major TiTS short story. We rejoin Captain Kaede Entara as she journeys to Tarkus on a routine cargo run, only to run into an old flame. Hooking up with Anno Dorna, the pair head into the wastelands of Tarkus but end up embattled in the ruins of an ancient starship.

Author: Savin
Tags: TiTS, SciFi, Shemale Solo, Shemale x Futa, Lust/Rut, Masturbation (Anal, Penile), Footplay
More adventures for Kaede! Waking up after an unexpected, sexy encounter with her childhood best friend (see: The Treatment), Kaede tries to track Cass down, only to find herself succumbing to her growing libido — and face to face with Kiro again!

The Dragon’s Hoard
Author: Savin
Tags: FoE, Fantasy, Female x Female, Futa x Female, Dragons, Moth-Girls, Manticores, Preg/Egg-laying
Lusina from Fall of Eden goes on an adventure to slay a dragon for a king’s bounty… only to discover the mountains are a much more sensual place than she’d imagined, and the great red wyrm is a more elusive bounty than she was gunning for.

Once Upon a Horsecock
Author: Savin
Tags: Fantasy, Macro, Centaur, Threesome, Anthropomorphic Cocks, Cute
“Tell us a story, Uncle Savin,” they said. Boy, did they get what was coming to them! Written as a goofy request in FenChat. It was quite the epic night! Now with an Image Pack by alder (delightfully cartoony, just like a kid’s book!). External link to a Google Doc with all the images and such.

Dreams of Flight
Author: JimThermic
Tags: TiTs, SciFi, Female, Female x Female, Amazon, Vanae, Cunnilingus, Tribadism, Virgin, Milf.
Anye, a young vanae maiden, trains with her fellow clan sisters on Mhen’ga. However, the lesson becomes quite heated as she takes personal ‘instruction’ from a beautiful and buxom senior huntress.

Stolen Goods
Author: HugsAlright
Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Monstergirl (Jackal), Monsterboy (Harpy), Non-Consensual
A thief gets caught stealing from the wrong mark and scores an entirely different kind of treasure.

The Thiccness From Outer Space
Author: Savin
Tags: Female POV, Group Sex (F/F/H), Pregnancy, MILF, Breeding, Lactation, Creampies, Trials in Tainted Space (Milodan, Esyrra, Gryvain)
The daughter of a fertility priestess gets a lustful awakening thanks to an accidental alien invasion.

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