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By: William
Tags: Femdom, F/F, Cunnilingus, Aphrodisiac, Dom/Sub, Furry, Ausar, Milodan
Art: Adjatha

“An outsider, in my home…?” the husky voice of an unseen occupant filled the decorated space of this large tent, its lofty tone as strong as the blustery wind screaming through the arctic wastes beyond its firm walls.

Numerous and pristine ornaments lined the spacious interior. Tribal rugs and furs of reassuring color were packed heavily against the taut flap of the not-so primitive home, absorbing what snow and ice made it through the entrance before filling out the floor as far as one could see. It gave a fuzzy, hospitable, lived-in feeling…
…A feeling meant to disarm and tranquilize.

“Mmm,” the feminine source moans, “…how very mysterious. Your scent is that of a capable warrior’s, and yet you seem so… harmless.” Riley strained her eyes against the dimly warm interior, both blue gems glowing against the darkness. She could not find the breathy, sultry voice. “All the more reason you should be showing a bit more respect when you wander into other’s abodes. Why don’t you start by apologizing?”

The woman’s voice was laced with absolute authority given gravity by a bottomless pit of self-confidence. It was no surprise that Riley felt a little turned on and embarrassed by the idea of being told what to do at random. She was a sub at heart, and a very secure one. Wherever the lady of the house must’ve been, she could surely see the black tail wagging behind her generous butt in shameful compliance.

The freckled ausar’s peach lips spread: “I’m sorry, ma’am.” She lowered her head, standing stock still. “One of the priestesses allowed me passage to your village. I’m just an explorer.”

“So polite! I quite enjoy satisfying curiosities.” The harpsichord voice paused. There was a shuffle in the recesses, in the darkest area of the tent, and a tall, voluptuous milodan encased in a rubber zipsuit stepped forward. “Especially my own.”

Her long red hair was tied into a pretty bun at the back and the front bangs hung down one side, leaving the other clear. Multiple piercings adorned her, some topped with savicite. The largest was an ornament pierced through the bundle. This leopardess had the same argent-pale fur patterns as the others of her tribe, and a curvaceousness to rival the fertility priestesses.

It was abundantly clear, however, that this woman possessed a different set of goals than the more numinous of her people. Her very presence exuded an aura of control. Some kind of severity formed in the room, one that strengthened the longer Riley gazed at that magnanimous furry icon to all things hyper-feminine, losing her thoughts in the plumpness of her body.

She was the kind of woman a primitive male would fight and kill for, and the kind of woman who’d have them all eating out of her hand like docious dogs.

The towering alien approached — no hesitation, no yieldingness in her fecund figure and prestigious posture. Her swaying hips captivated the smaller girl, making Riley think that she herself was everything not to look for in a partner, and that this milodan was.

Suddenly the only thought she was capable of was that she was inferior to her. It and others faded away in the moment that luscious dominatrix inspected her up close and personal. Enormous boobs, wrapped up tight, hovered inches away from the wolf’s flickering ears. Tiny noises – faint creaks – tickled her ear drums, likely her erect nipples. A lump formed in her throat, her voice broke and seized up.

it was something brought on by that innate and barely inhibited desire to reach out, to grasp… to touch something greater than yourself.

“You’re not just an outsider, but a starwalker at that.” The bosomy matriarch’s face twisted subtly, her gleaming blue eyes scrutinizing the wolf-eared guest. “And yet, for all your greatnesses, your technologies… look at you.” She smirked. “You come from the skies with weapons that could destroy all before you. And yet, and yet, and yet…”

Her juicy black lips opened; the temptress’ thick paw reached out fluidly, stroking the smaller girl’s cheek smoothly, needle-tipped digits tousling her midnight locks. The ausar couldn’t be blamed for cooing happily. The gesture was friendly, but there was some kind of tension vibrating there, like this could escalate into violence. No… dominion.

She wasn’t imagining that at all, because she was supremely conscientious of her submissive glories.

“Tell me, girl-dog,” the woman raises her chin with one clawed finger, “…what are your curiosities, really? It would be dishonest of me to assume!”

Riley flushed with arousal, watching the milodan woman act wounded in a playful manner. “But I think you would be… mmh, lying to yourself, shall we say… if you said to me that you came here for any other reason than to learn more about yourself.”

A dot of sweat formed on the puppy girl’s brow, the tribal woman wiped her furry finger over the spot, mopping it away. Her betusked smile widened, sensing that tiny little flutter in her visitor’s beating heart. Riley was certain this woman would eat her up on the spot if given the chance.

“I think…” Riley started, trying to not stutter in front of the woman, but her voice trailed off. She smiled shyly, shaking her head. The grin above was predatory, but it was also one that promised security. Wherever it was didn’t matter. If she accepted her place below the imposing feline, then she’d be cared for…

…The sweet, shameful, all-consuming simplicity of obedience was something she’d always relish. “You’re right,” Riley said flatly. She meant it, too. She had read in-depth the culture of the milodans, and she showed her ardent desire to reciprocate that expectation of subservience. “You are right.”

“I know, pet.” The woman’s nails lavished the vulnerable skin behind her ears with attention, a blissfully brief reward. She leaned down and planted a woefully short yet sinfully soft kiss on the smaller girl’s lips. It lasted only a few seconds, but Riley felt like she could remember those silky pillows for the rest of her life.


As bidden, Riley sank to her knees, keen to make a good impression on her newfound superior. “Ah, you’re well-trained… perhaps you’ve been under the heels of others? I wonder what I could tell you that you’d do. Do you have any limits at all?” She chuckled, though t’was more like a rumbly purr. “You may answer.”

“It’s nothing as important as you are right now.” Riley smiled, tanned skin turned red by innate compliance. “Mistress.”

Thick, furry thighs squirmed together squeakily. A pleasant-sounding murmur slipped from her mouth as she took on a more dominant pose, inched her imperious frame closer. Her body language shifted into gradual expressions of physical excitement. The sizable milodomme visibly shuddered at the thoughts running through her head. “Were you someone’s spoils of war, you’d be the finest prize of all. You would fetch the highest price in any auction. I would know – I’ve officiated more than can be reasonably counted.”

Riley tittered. The thought that this woman could enslave her had crossed her mind. Her commanding presence eliminated any doubt that she could break someone into being property, or a bed warmer. Even a piece of furniture.

“But you are a peculiar guest. I think I shall enjoy your company for a spell. Perhaps you might learn something new to please your betters among your starlit realms? A pet like you, so eager to obey…” she leans insistently into the dominated pup, growling passionately,” …you hunger for this. You desire subjugation. I can smell it on you. I could taste it on your lips.

She stood again, looming high above the submissive slut-puppy. “You’ve come to me at an opportune time: I require relief. And perhaps I might learn something, too.” She runs a hand down her chest, and that sublime cleavage ripples epically under the tightness of her outfit. “Yes, I think there was wisdom in allowing you passage. I think I’ll give you your first reward: my name is Maire.” There was a furrowed look in her eyes for a microsecond; she patted her thigh twice in rapid succession. “Hands here, and let out your tongue.”

Questioning her betters or delaying their orders was never an option, especially when given a direct command. Riley sat up on her knees and placed her palms to her fluffy Mistress’ latex-girded thighs. Staring upwards, she opened her mouth wide and rolled her long tongue out, presenting the nine-inch muscle. It sagged under its own fleshy weight, dripping with an attractive, steaming sheen of spit.

There was no greater pleasure for the ausar than that which came from being used, knowing that she was an exotic and unusual plaything for this woman was a unique realization, one that never failed to bring a rush of joy.

“Oh… my, my, my…” Maire marveled, a gentle finger stroking downwards to grip that pale-yellow flesh. Soft moans fanned through Riley’s tongue at the stimulation, the sexy tribal woman undoubtedly enjoying the squishy texture of that modded organ. “Yours is longer than any I’ve seen. I take it this is the magic of your peoples, pet?” The ausar girl nodded lightly. “I like it.” She let go, and scritched behind her ears again, this time for one second longer.

“Now, open my zipper,” she rubbed toward her crotch, “…use your tongue. If you find it… difficult…” Maire said that word a little too sharply, “you may use your teeth.”

The sudden hollowness in her voice proposed disappointment.

“But you will keep your hands still.”

Riley looked down to the chubby outline in the fangcat’s crotch. Pussylips engorged with lust could be smelled this close, though the latex scent strangled the pheromones. The zipper looked to be glued on with how tight it sealed in her vaginal cleft.

The thought of what was behind it, the color of this powerful matron’s pussy, the taste of her Mistress, that’s what gave her hope and strength. She exhaled as she moved closer, testing the zipper with the tip of her tongue. The hand at her head remained, locking the girlpup to her rightful place.

“Impress me.” Her words were deep; they were as rigid as the large, marble-sized clit bulging against the material. Riley pushed her nose into the fastener, scooping it out of the domme’s plush body. She grunted when it snapped against her nose – fucking thing’s so stiff! Maire moaned when the outsider’s sensitive nose brushed against her lust-infused button; the hasp finally shifted to a proper position.

“Mmm, that’s a good girl,” the milodan cooed, “you show more initiative than the funny-talking dogs, and you’re twice as sumptuous.” The ausar worked her well-endowed tongue now, though the tip deflected too many times off the cold metal, ending up close to the one on Mistress’ butt.

Riley began to realize that the more she wriggled in, the more that Maire took hold of her, wedging her sluttily suckling face deeper into her thigh gap, deeper into an immaculately soaked field of sensuality.

But she wasn’t going to let her down. Winning the praise of your owner mattered more than anything else. When she looked up, enchanted eyes stared down; Maire’s muzzle wore an expectant and hypnotic smile. “Don’t bore me now,” she said in her smoky tone, grinning, “…or should I help you?”

Adrenaline rushed instantly at those words, and Riley started licking faster at the rubber layer, trying to cram the tip of her tongue into the fastener to push it back. The first two teeth split, and the puppy-girl was filled with joy. Her Mistress was about to be pleased! She was obeying her command!

Lips pressed to leopardess cunt, the tail-wagging dog grunted in pain when she stuffed her oral flesh into the split and pushed down against the hard metal. Mistress’ moist mound of gushing femininity was revealed, releasing all of her potent ladymusk in one quick, decisive action, earning Riley a warm caress from scalp to neck.

“Well done,” she congratulated, cupping her pet’s cheek into her furred palm. “If you had used your teeth, I would not have let you stay on your knees. You’ve earned the privilege of pleasuring me.” The greater woman shivered, and the darker skinned girl noticed a small splash of clear milo-goo oozing from her dominant’s parted lips. “…I’d like to tell you a secret, but kiss me first.”

Riley nodded happily, her freckled face pushing onto her Mistress’ pussy, moistening her lips with a stimulating kiss to that horny honeypot. She smooched her pronounced bud too, swirling her tongue around it, coaxing the plumpening ball of hypersensitive nerves from its hiding place amongst onyx-colored folds.

“Very good girl,” the milo huffed. The red-faced pup could’ve looked up again, but she was too enamored with that drenched womanhood, lapping around its gentle, dewy slopes, drinking in all of its sapphic surface.

The fanged cat humped at her pet’s face and pulled back on the inertia, inviting the horny sub to encase herself in that swollen, sensual slit. The next time Riley nestled into the warm cradle of her matriarch’s cushiony legs, she firmed her mouth to blessedly wide, ebony cunt, sucking out the beginnings of feral excitement with the force of hollowed cheeks and frenzied undulations.

Unnatural warmth began to seep through her the more she licked, too. It wasn’t her mounting arousal, it was something else…

“Every male in this village is as capable as they are because of me. We do not have strict leaders like your peoples, we are much too independent,” Maire started, hooking a leg around her pet’s back. “I’ve trained a few of the underperformers.” Riley tilted her head, shoving her tongue all the way through the crevasse to lap at her domme’s ass-fur. “I’ve handled all sizes; I could even choose one perfect for a little thing like you. But your tongue…”

She groaned a trembly, pleased groan, twirling locks of black ausar hair around her large finger. “I admit, I feel some motivation because of it. I’ve seen and done everything possible among my people, but I’m always excited to meet someone new, see what they’re capable of. Will you be teaching me, or will I be training you?” Another step forward, and Riley was scissored between both of her huggable thighs. In that position, she was almost completely smothered.

It was certainly the warmest place for miles. “Show me everything.”

Riley was all too happy to work her magic. That rumbly feline voice drove her to do more than impress.

Of the many Masters and Mistresses the pussy-licking pup had serviced, none of them had ever been her true owner. Of course, she thought of each one as her owner, and she’d learned how to answer any queries before they’d even inquired. There was an intense thrill she delighted in, seeing those composed peoples enjoying her slavering behaviors, seeing her shudder in ecstasy just for them.

Just like with Maire. Sure, Riley’s face was stuffed deep in her sinfully hot tunnel, gathering her freshest juices, bathing her palate in that rich, ripe flavor of fertile cat-woman, but she enjoyed more than simply being a relief pup. No, she knew how to answer the questions even as she asked them. A few taps to that spot in Mistress’ depths, a tiny little body-quivering question, with only a moment of mutual agreement, (yes, I wanted you to do that, I loved that you knew!), drumming it until her beautiful host was arching needfully, smearing her face with head-spinning slime.

Maire’s ovaltine eyes narrowed as she looked down in ravenous enjoyment, slightly leaned. Those sapphires shut, her body closing one sense off to strengthen the others.

“I…” She breathily moaned. “I wonder… oh yes, there too…” She thrust forward again, curtaining her pet’s face with sweet-smelling slickness. “Is this how you persuaded one of our own to allow you in? I don’t think even I could resist…”

The infinite delight Riley took in pleasuring her betters always manifested on their faces. Those sequential simpers of succulent euphoria on Mistress’ face were, in one word, lovely. The diligent ausar slicked her tongue along every inch of that simmering canal, staring upwards through the light-fur cleavage now unzipped and bouncing freely, so happy to provide her with the affection she deserved. She often uttered mental reminders of guilty pleasure to herself, thinking about how she was little more than a cunt-kissing captive, that she could be enslaved and love every fucking second of it.

She came up with a lot of reasons over the years to explain, understand, and embrace her obeisant nature. Each thought floated through her head on butterfly’s wings, bringing her nearer to an empathic orgasm. Wet spots formed on her pants, and behind those her wholly drenched underwear sloughed with increasing amounts of girlcum, sponging up so much that her vulva felt as if it was submerged in water. If not for Maire’s previous command, she would have let one hand fall to satisfy her own needs, to add her smell to the air.

But, part of her believed that Mistress knew, could appreciate it even if it wasn’t readily available.

Torrents of pearlescent cream poured down Riley’s throat, that unnatural warmth returning. Was there something different about this pussy? It was strange, but not at all unpleasant. It made her feel more sensitive, it made her want to touch her face, explore how numb her lips were. Now when she delivered her smooches, a whiplash of electrical lust struck her brain. Aphrodisiac juices?

It was wonderful.

“Your star-walker tendencies are splendid… I feel like I made a mistake not traveling there when I had the chance.” Maire’s grip tightened, and another mini-orgasm curled around her dominant presence, wringing out more of that fresh, tasty reward. “To experience this level of desire… oh I would make so many like you, if only I had known…”

Riley nodded graciously, hissing through her teeth, tugging Mistress’ clit with her lips while her tail wagged happily. Short, sharp spikes of pleasure fed back into the ausar’s nervous system, breaking her voice into a series of faint squeaks indicating imminent panty-ruining turmoil. Maire was getting everything she wanted, but so too was her pussy-drunk pup.

Audible gulps reached the milodan’s ears, and she let slip a shrill little squeal, the only fracture in her eminent facade. A beatific smile lit up her face, feeling that tongue crammed into her candied depths as large as any cock. Unable to seed life, but able to react, to reach areas a simple dick wouldn’t when she wanted. And the reverent mind behind that puss-pleasing muscle knew what silky spots to hit before she even thought to direct it.

In that way, the ausar’s goal was accomplished, and the milodan with the body of a goddess seized, stars shooting behind her eyelids, a stream of sugary succor flowing and breaking apart against Riley’s face, almost hard enough to squirt. Syrupy cream dribbled in long, sticky cords from her chin; still licking forcefully, making her nose into sort of a dildo, the little slut pushed her whole face into Mistress’ ambrosial folds, lurid squelches echoing through the room. She slobbered all over it, harvesting her for every shred of lust exiting her body in toe-curling rivers.

Their motions flagged; Maire held strong to her dog-slut’s head, petting so hard on that fem-slimed hair that a sort of infernal friction developed, and it was just as heavenly as marking a supposedly technologically and culturally superior individual in her long lasting fuckscent.

Riley, too, was cumming, and unlike Maire’s, her bucket-filling orgasms were the kind of obscenity one would pay good money to see on holovid. Her muscles vibrated, flexing out those exquisite, erotic missiles of delight, hitting her undergarments so hard and thoroughly plastering them that the side-ties unwound and a small forward-dent of girlmusk distended her lower clothing.

Streamers of orgasm rolled into Riley’s throat, distending her neck with that thick, sparkling heaviness. Her own eyes rolled back so hard that the throbs of her lube-lacquered gumball in the heat of submissive climax were so detailed she forgot that she was even a space-faring captain and not an unthinking fucktoy for native aliens. She was only capable of seeing in obscene images, all of them helping usher her through fragrant, creamy release.

Maire unsocketed the pup from between her legs, a great husky bellow thrumming across her lips. Her outcries ceased with the end of her passionate rain, having unloaded all her overwhelming, throat-bulging loads into the maw of one who wished with all their heart to be drowned in femspunk.

The milodomme couldn’t help but smile an ear-to-ear, spined tongue hanging lollard for a brief second of presence-ruining afterglow. For a selfish minute she rubbed her pet’s face against her nethers like a rag, relishing her ecstasy for a memorable period.

She allowed the pup to pull back, watching her absent-mindedly lick at all the pussy-juice on her face, totally conquered.

When her senses returned, Riley wiped the webbing goop from her eyes and and looked up, a rapturous smile of elation trembling ever so slightly under crimsoned cheeks. One shiver later, Maire regained her speech, still coping with the earth-shattering orgasm brought on by such a willing suckslut.

“More than mere congratulation is in order, my dear…” she giggled, stepping back, admiring the messy state of her raven-haired pet. “There truly was wisdom in permitting you here, and I think it would be deeply unwise to let you go so soon. I can see it all over you… you’re not satisfied.”

Riley started, an automatic response: “My pleasure is secon-“

“Ah!” Maire knelt, grabbing Riley’s head with both hands, a soothing and compassionate countenance writ upon her. “Say nothing…”

The servile pup could only blink once before having her lips drawn in by by the leopardess. The act was so gentle and kind, and it could only make her moan in delight — the lingering effects of that lustful payload still inflaming her nerves lent it a compelling sense of well-being. She kissed her for such a divine length that this could have been her best dream ever, tying her slathered tongue until it tingled in satisfaction.

As it was, it was her best orgasm in months, and with a Mistress she wanted to stay with for a lot longer.

“You have more than earned my favor. And my favor means more than any other here…” Maire whispered, pulling back, stroking one wolfish ear. “Come, and entertain me for a bit longer. I will keep you warm, provide you shelter. And I will show you pleasure worthy of that effort…”

Maire’s bushy tail wound around Riley, in its own way helping the smaller girl to her unsteady feet. The milodan led her to the deepest room, dark with an aroma of incense and spice. A saccharine atmosphere engloved the two as they took to the bed, the Milodan pushing her abashed pet down, disrobing, baring her mouthwatering fullness to the one who had more than earned it.

During that night of mutual comfort and white-hot sex, of profound, primal, energetic pursuits, the whole village heard what took place. The following hours were spent in vivid shakiness, both hungry women pawing feverishly at the other’s breasts, humping nervelessly against each other’s unfurled crotches, erupting in one inexorable, mind-bending orgasm after the other…