[TiTS] Dracows, Goblins, and Being the Best Toy You Can Be

Ahsha encourages you to do Tessa’s quest.

Fen here, reporting in to report that the train dungeon still needs to cook some more. Additional bad-ends are being slotted in, and playtests and tuning of the combat encounters are ongoing. In the meantime, Leek and Adjatha have been absolute heroes at working through community submissions and adding them to the game – and Tessa’s Quest is now publicly accessible as of this patch!

0.9.098 Changelog:

  • [Backers] A new New Texan encounter! Are you a horny enough dude(tte) to please a family of sexually ravenous dragon-cow hybrids? Written by Sil the Dragon Lover and coded by Leek. It should start out as a random encounter while exploring New Texas. It requires the player character to have a penis.
  • [Backers] Thanks to Sil the Dragon Lover (writer) and Leek (coder), it’s now possible to flag yourself as your crew’s toy, and get used sexually by a wide swatch of potential crewmates. Note, not every crew member has interactions.
  • [Backers] A gabilani has been added to the extrameet encounters on Tarkus. She’s looking for someone to clean up all her creampies…Written by HatTrick3010 and coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Tessa’s Quest is now live for the general public!
  • The Uveto elevator should work more consistently.
  • Fix: The Shalin Shaman can no longer get shot out of the air, land on you, shoot you with her crossbow, and then trample you in one round of combat.
  • Quest log fixes.
  • Lights Out puzzles with limited failures should now function correctly.
  • Various other small fixes, particularly typos.

0.9.098 Hotfix #1:

  • Added busts: Ahsha, Chiaki, Security Guard (from Tessa’s quest), and Naomi. (Note: Tessa quest appears to be missing comprehensive bust calls, so it’s likely that NPCs are not showing up in all the events they are supposed to.) (Fenoxo)

0.9.098 Hotfix #2:

  • Kimber’s item list should display correctly. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Areolove should now address all rows of breasts when making changes to specific nipple traits.(lowercase_donkey)
  • Cleaned up a duplicate button of Urbolg’s.(lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a crash Fen introduced to the Shalin Shaman encounter. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Added busts & art: Flurry, Orroah, Celise Panty Email. (Fenoxo)
  • Birth gender should now be tracked in case we ever want to reference it in the future. (Fenoxo)

Trials In Edan Space

Coming soon…

While this week’s update doesn’t come with Phaedra II’s fabled “train dungeon,” it does deliver a smorgasbord of delicious content for some of our lovely side characters. Edan in particular makes out like a fat rat, significantly increasing the size of his coded content. (Seriously it’s like +2000 lines of coded new stuff.)

To my knowledge the train is still on track to arrive for the start of next month as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

0.9.097 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Edan seemed a little bit lonely sitting around in the Mess all by himself, so he got an expansion to broaden his choices and give the boys some love too! When on the Rush, it’s never too late to explore something new – even your sexuality! (Written by Skom, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Velta has a new workout option… an anal workout option. (Written by melonear, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Tessa acquired more post-quest sex-scenes! These will go public simultaneously with the rest of the quest, so non-backers won’t have to wait quite as long as usual! (Written by Fr0sty, coded by Leek)
  • [Public] The new Techie scenes on FIRST-14 and the Gabilani Pirate’s panty content are both now available to the general public.
  • Fixes for Sophora’s ability to subdue the PC in combat. (Jacques00)
  • Emblems for the Black Void, Stormguard, and Joint Ausar Federation were added to the game. (Jacques00)
  • Under the hood improvements for doing melee or ranged disarms independently and correctly. (Jacques00)
  • Assorted typo fixes.

[TITS] Party Party Party!

This patch is a little more middling in size than the Tessa-pocalypse we unleashed last time – but it still comes with some nice chunky scenes by fan favorite writers Adjatha & Savin – some of which are even delightfully repeatable!

I’m also happy to report that the next plot dungeon is chugging along pretty well in the background. Gedan has been going ham ripping through enemy combats and coming up with fun mechanics to polish them up with. Some members of the team have played through what’s there and gushed about how good it’s coming together. Hopefully I can share more specifics soon!

0.9.096 Changelog:

  • In order to improve the flow of Dhaal’s Party event, the player will now be invited to a party after the party where they can spend 36 hours fucking around with Elyrrin (the Gryvain) or Mz. Taldri (the snake). In order to encounter Elyrrin, you will need to have flirted with her during the party itself. (Elyrrin by Savin, Taldri by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
    • Added a new “Backrooms” button to Paragon Playground. There, you can encounter Mz. Taldri again, assuming you have completed the party event. (Written by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
    • Because the above encounter changes the party event flow, I am releasing this simultaneously for all instead of doing additional scripting to maintain the “old” outro.
  • [Backer Hotfix]: Added another option to the post-party party: Party Girls! Pal around with four Zaika Peers out on the town. (Written by Adjatha, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Public] A Gabilani Pirate loss scene has gone from backers-only to publicly available.
  • Blind Immunity will now work vs the Milodan Infiltrator’s Flashbangs. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added simple preg logic to Milodan Temptress (ends rut and added number of pregnancies counter in codex) (Drunk Zombie)
  • The button to start Tessa’s quest should now function properly. (lowercase donkey)
  • Reaha’s nude bust should no longer disappear in some instances. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for broken italics. (lowercase donkey)
  • Improvements to the save/load menu. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for the Heavy Munitions Bot encounter text. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for how Bianca’s thigh sex scene is gated. (Jacques00)
  • Improved collar detection for shock hoppers, bored jumpers, and ardia. (They now detect more than just Maike’s). (lowercase donkey)
  • Updated the minigame UI to make the toggle settings persistent. For the Lights Out minigame, there is now a toggle to hide/show the hint markers (appears on hovering over switches or when using keybind controls). (Jacques00)
  • Changed the Achievement control feature to now be available to the public. Users should now be able to toggle whether or not they want to track achievements or re-lock any or all (native-side) achievements. (Jacques00)
  • The Plasma Torch key item from the Hazard Suit Trooper should now be obtainable from repeat Hazard Suit Trooper encounters. The first Hazard Suit Trooper encounter should now be flee-disabled. For the key item, it will only be obtainable if the character doesn’t already have it and the safe has yet to be opened (however this condition can be changed if we want other uses for the torch). (Jacques00)
  • Typo fixes. (Jacques00, lowercase donkey, Drunk Zombie)

[TiTS] An Eternal Tessaning

I emerge from the tax-man paperwork pile to deliver you this patch in your time of need. The notes are short, but the content (for Tessa) is quite chunky! (And there’s more in the pipe – Geddy reports good progress on coding Phaedra’s next plot encounter…)

0.9.095 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Tessa has received an expansion that is literally hundreds of pages long, written by Fr0sty. To get started, you’ll need Tessa’s panties and to have Zheng Shi’s probe coordinates, after which you can encounter Tessa on Zheng Shi’s recreational deck for a business proposition. (Coded by Leek)
  • [Public] Anyxine Milking
  • [Public] Thraggen Gardeners
  • [Public] Gabilani Pirate Cowgirl
  • The Zaika milk thief’s leap will now occur less often if she is tripped, and properly remove the tripped status when used.
  • Reaha’s bust should display correctly again.
  • Fixed isolated rooms not displaying features correctly.
  • Fixes for Saendra having some duplicate buttons.
  • Various under the hood tweaks to items to chase down a crash.

Tainted Space Gabilani Pantilani & Gryvain Squeezy Breezy

Goblins & Dragons – is there a better combination for a patch to feature?

I’m not sure…

This patch comes comes with two new scenes for the gryvain techie and some new panty-obtaining fun for the gabilani pirate encounter as well as the usual raft of bug fixes and tweaks. We’ve also got some bigger projects being rammed into the hopper for future weeks: Gedan on the next plotty adventure on Phaedra II (+keeping up on image pack issues!) and Leek on a large character expansion that should be ready very soon.

Hotfix, builds 4783 up:

  • Fixed broken imagepack paths for public electron builds.
  • Fixed a crash with some bothrioc combat scenes.

0.9.094 Changelog:

  • [Backers] The Gryvain Techie in FIRST-14 got two new scenes – a victorious facefuck and a defeated dick-teasing for player characters with penises under six inches long. (Written by TheIrishOtaku, coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] It is now possible to acquire the gabilani pirate’s panties from two of her victory sex scenes, and then use them as a masturbation aid in the future. They come with a unique scene for penis-toting players written by yours truly with accompanying art by Adjatha. The new scene is approximately ~4000 words of possible text variants but likely displays less than 1000 for a single character’s run through – and I still want to bolt some more options in for the future. (Written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, endorsed by five out of five goblins.)
  • [Public] The new throbbed cheetah pirate scene is now publicly available.
  • [Public] William’s “Titfuck the Goblin Pirate” scene is now publicly available.
  • Some downloadable image pack bug fixes. (By Gedan)
  • The Gabilani Pirate is now only able to be bribed if you can afford to bribe her. (Jacques00)
  • Dropships are no longer able to be tripped. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a crash in the Rat’s Raiders encounter. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Added Amazon Reaha busts.  (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a crash for the “unlock all decorations” cheat. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed text issue for a Mitch scene when the player has multiple cocks. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed taint check in a Milodan scene that was comparing functions instead of what they returned. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed a reversed dick size check in a Molli scene. (By Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixed text issue in a Bothrioc scene caused by a reversed race check (By Lowercase Donkey)

[TiTS] Wake Up!


Wake up babe, the new TiTS patch just dropped!


  • Scenes with multiple busts displayed should no longer crash.
  • Snakebyte should now show up as a perk instead of a hidden flag. If you have the flag version, it will still work, but it will convert to a perk when viewing your perks menu.
  • Some item prices should now display in tooltip footers.
  • To prevent confusion with clickable buttons, the flat buttons (usually reserved for labeling) will be a slightly different color (semi-transparent shadow color).
  • Fixed gallery typos.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed infinite piercings.
  • Fixed a  potential GaloMax softlock.
  • Various other under the hood changes and improvements.
  • Potentially a fix for recruiting Amber.

0.9.092 Changelog:

  • [Backers] New encounter: Thraggen Gardeners. This orcy pair can be encountered in central Irestead in the new tile. (Written by Sil the Dragon Lover & coded by Leek.)
  • [Backers] New scene: cow-girl with the pirate gabilani. This can occur when losing to her if the player character has a penis, has had sex with her before, and loses her space battle. (Written by William and edited/coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] New scene: Anyxine milkies. To encounter it, you’ll need to enter her office with full, lactating breasts – and have done the “Suck & Stroke” scene during a date with her. (Written by Savin and coded by Fenoxo)
  • [Now Public] Nimue!
  • Reaha’s appearance has tweaks to reference potential variants. (Jacques00)
  • Many small UI updates. (Jacques00)
  • Third Eye Aim now works for the Nastizia invasion contest. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Improvements for how Mimbranes interact with the “lipMod” variable. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements for the Nuka Psyker’s interactions with airtight equipment.
  • Add toggle option for the Match Bust To Artist feature. (Jacques00)
  • Added Bust Controls Opacity option to adjust the visibility of the bust corner buttons. (Jacques00)
  • Unused or unneeded entries have been removed from the gallery. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a Paige-related crash. (Lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a Seer-related crash. (Lowercase_donkey)

Big Beautiful Vanae

Coming soon: this art for the SteeleTech K7 Clydesdale. Drawn & colored by Lionpaws. Additional shading by Jacques00.

The universe could always use another vanae…

0.9.090 Changelog:

  • [Backers] New NPC: Nimue the plush vanae (by Magenta Needle). Players of level 10 or greater can encounter her on Myrellion after having Dhaal’s travel coordinates unlocked. (Coded by Leek)
  • [Public] Relly the Mad Scientist has been made public (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Public] Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz).
  • The Sledgehammer has had descriptions appear on its interior rooms. (Fenoxo)
  • Ship items should now show “shipPowerCost”. (Jacques00)
  • Deployed a fix for selling negative credit amounts (Jacques00)
  • The Codex should now be able to display an author header. (Jacques00)
  • Frostwyrm and Frosty should be renamable if their names didn’t properly carry over from an older save. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to the “Dumb4Cum” perk’s time passage procs triggering. (Jacques00)
  • Lots of fixes in Reaha’s content. (Jacques00)
  • Added a toggle in the options for the prompt alerting the player of overwriting a current game’s progress on loading a save slot. (Jacques00)
  • Moved “Ship Stats” button on ship to a common location (button slot 13). (Jacques00)
  • Items should now have “combatUsable” and “requiresTarget” display in the special flags list, where applicable. (Jacques00)
  • Kally’s quest will no longer start if Kiro is already a bimbo or of her rescue quest has been started and not yet completed. (Jacques00)
  • Kiro’s rescue quest’s distress call will be prevented from triggering if Kally’s Picardine quest has been started and not yet completed. (Jacques00)
  • The nipple parser was not being used properly in the Sam birth scene and if the pc was lactating and had inverted nipples it would cause a crash. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed parser code for Sam’s kids to use the right pronouns. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a Sam-related crash. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Numerous other small fixes. (Various)

Reaha Strong!

Reaha strong!

0.9.089 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Reaha’s Amazon expansion has been added. To engage it, Reaha must be crew, cured, and you must meet a Milodan futazon on Uveto. Written by Couch, coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Ship vendors (and part vendors) should now have a “Licensing” dialogue that allows you to gain access to their wares at home, with Vahn. (Fenoxo)
  • [Public] Eitan Sleep-with content is now available for everyone.
  • Sam can now be impregnated as crew. Pup visit events are also in (though they require her to be on crew and your ship docked at Tavros). Coded by DrunkZombie.
    • Sam’s trust level can now be checked in the codex.
    • Time now properly passes while sleeping with Sam.
    • Various other small fixes to her existing content.
  • The Sidewinder got room descriptions. Big thanks to Couch for writing what Fendon’t.
  • Added CG and video thumbnails for the gallery. (Jacques00)
  • Improved gallery scroll performance. (Jacques00)
  • Improved image rescaling settings. (Jacques00)
  • Improved keybindings across the game. It should be fully playable with keyboard now. (Jacques00)
  • Added indicators to the light’s out minigame to make it clearer what the effects of a click will be. (Jacques00)
  • Clicking on blackjack cards should make them viewable in the image viewer. (Jacques00)
  • Turrets should now escape grapples. (Jacques00)

[TiTS] Crawling Out From Under the Freeze

0.9.088 Changelog:

  • [Backers] [Imagepack Only] A character art gallery has been added to the game. It should track viewed busts & art as they are encountered and unlock them no matter which of your save files you are playing on. Because the intent of this is to show full resolution art, it’s only available once the full art pack has been downloaded. (By Gedan)
  • [Backers] Shierra can now be facefucked. Written by Savin, coded by Leek.
  • [Backers] Eloise got a Doll play expansion. Written by Magenta Needle, coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Sam’s crew expansion is now public!
  • [Public] Shierra and Farine are now publicly available!
  • [Accidentally Public] The Cheetah Pirate got a small expansion to her content – if you Throbb her, she keeps the dick now. This makes a lot of little tweaks to her texts and adds an entire to new “Fuck Her” scene written by William. I also modified the oral loss scene to make use of her new equipment once you give it to her. Coded by Fenoxo.
  • New Art: Cheetah Pirate, now with a dong.
  • Gwen & Eimeer can now call you up for some exhibitionism. It should then be added to your smut menu. (Written by Gardeford years ago, lost in the shuffle, and added now!) (Includes art by Fralea!)
  • Easy Mode should now reduce the amount of turns for recovering from stuns to 1 at the most, as well as add a +10 bonus chance for success when trying to break from a grapple. (Jacques00)
  • Drones can now toggle their attack type if they have multiple. Currently this is just Domwulfe. (Coded by Jacques00)
  • Fixed selene knowing your name when they shouldn’t and vice-versa. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Vanae now properly have their tail data set for auto-generated tail descriptions to generate properly. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Fixes for status effects with typos not working properly in the following content: Bothrioc’s, X-Zil-rate, Myr Venom, Gender overrides for Gan’rael, Syri, Jasvalla checking “stuck” instead of “stun”, several improper “NO AI” checks, pirate snake, narc myr venom fix, mega milk, and priapin. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Zaika Ganger heavy did not have the Juggernaut perk set correctly. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Sharp eyes now properly clear smoke grenades a turn early. (Lowercase Donkey)
  • Remove Sam from Gastigoth after being freed. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added logic to remove Sam from Gastigoth if she joins Steele’s crew. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added an animated T.S.C. emblem to the potential splash screens list that should appear for about a week around the time of Earth Day (~April 22nd). (Jacques00)
  • Made the TamaniCorp logo reappear in May for a couple weeks for Mayturnity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some minor issues with Dicksprout, and Dicksprout can now increase the length & thickness of tail cocks. (Jacques00)
  • NPC off-screen orgasms should no longer be tracked, unless it is during silly mode and the PC has sexed them before (affects Aliss, Malai and Rivet). (Jacques00)
  • Did some refinments to Geddy’s Image Gallery. The image viewer in that mode can be toggled to expand to fill the entire screen. There is also a toggle to hide the controls for better viewing. (Jacques00)

Trials in Tainted Hardlight

Good eve and good patch to you all!

It’s been frigid as frozen-over hell out here in the Midwest. Not even the licentious heat of a good smutty story can thaw the frost on my windows! At least we’ve got some new content to bring us joy on these dark nights, some new tweaks to the combat systems to distract us from the chill, and some nice UI changes and options to give us something nice to look at it besides frosty landscapes.

And we’ve still got more cooking! I’ll go ahead and talk a little bit about it under this bolded label for clarity…
What isn’t in this patch (but sooonish):

  • An image gallery is under construction! Geddy has been pounding out the underpinnings of the system for the last week or so, and the preview images I’ve gotten to see (and share with our discord) have been absolutely primo. When it’s finished it’s going to be a lovely place to appreciate the art for all the characters you’ve met in your journeys.
  • A new scene for the cheetah (Cyber Punk) pirate. Will crafted a lovely new one that I have about 90% coded, but I need to finagle a proper intro to it and round out some of the her lead-up content to address a potential body-mod the PC gave her (that scene is still here though).
  • A voyeuristic email with image attachment for Gwen is sat in my personal hopper to get in after I finish up with the Cheetah.
  • Phaedra II’s “Train Dungeon” still needs some more time building.
  • And more~

0.9.087 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Relly the Mad Scientist has been added to the game (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backers] New Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz), coded by Leek.
  • [Public] The Gabilani Pirate can now be encountered by all.
  • [Public] Items available to all: Hardlight Bracelets, Vintage Zaika Purse, Lazy Ball Bra, Powerboner, Protein Power, Phoenix Shine, Easyslip Stud Piercing, Edging Ring, Hardlight Cockring, Hardlight Hoop Piercing, Rainbow Hoops Piercing, Vibroring.
  • Pheromone bonuses have been capped at 10, 15 with the new “Concentrated Pheromones” temporary buff. There’s no gain in becoming even more of a walking sexual biohazard past a certain point. (Fenoxo)
  • Airtight armor got a large amount of interactions with pheromones and other statuses. (Fenoxo)
    • Airtight armor now effectively sets your in-combat pheromone bonus to 0. Note that non-combat scenarios should still act as if you got the good smells.
    • Wearing airtight armor now creates the “concentrated pheromones” buff, which applies a temporary buff to your pheromone bonus.
    • Wearing airtight armor now passively causes the sweaty debuff to accumulate over time.
    • Added a new tease attack, “Waft Musk” that deals pure pheromone damage. This ability is only usable once per combat and comes with the downside of mitigating the effects of your airtight armor (but does allow your pheromone bonus to apply afterward. Comes with ~6 new texts depending on appropriate pheromone-generating perks.
    • Swapping armor sets reduces the magnitude of your concentrated pheromones bonus.
  • Tease attack reactions were moved into the same text bubble so that the entire tease & it’s results are cohesively attached, for better combat readability in busy encounters. (Fenoxo)
  • Lust weapons are allowed to crit again, but only for +50% damage. (Fenoxo)
  • Smugglers now have a base evasion cap of 60% (up from 50%). (Fenoxo)
  • Lowercase donkey pruned a number of references to an old miss calculation methodology from a ton of old NPC content.
    • I went through and added increased miss odds to the attacks that seemed to indicate they should have heightened miss chances in that junk data so that it wouldn’t be lost to time and space
  • A number of items had their icons updated to better match their descriptions. (Jacques00)
  • Added a “Legacy Sidebar Layout” that attempts to emulate something closer to the old flash style while adhering to our current design goals. See this image for more information! If this becomes a source of major issues, I’ll put my (Fenoxo’s) angry eyebrows on. Coded by Jacques00.
  • Improvements for how enemy counterattacks are tracked and displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Added visual cover strength bars for fights with cover mechanics. (Jacques00)
  • “Federation Quest” no longer uses the map for Tarkus’s cover-based fight for its cover-based fight. (Jacques00)
  • The sidebars can now scroll in group fights that are too large to display all at once (though we do not intend to make use of this in future content, there were a few places it could crop up.)
  • The “Undo” and “Redo” buttons can now be used in combat to scroll the combat text window to view previous turns quickly.
  • Added an “Extra Item Stat Detail” toggle as an Option under the Display category. Enabling it will allow the item tooltips and item preview card to display the full stats of an item, so they can be visible outside of the Inspect screen. So this makes it similar to how the old Flash TiTS had the item information displayed. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a “smallestVagina” crash. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed scales of color being limited only to full scalies. Should now work for full/partial, scale/chitin, as intended. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed some flags becoming NaN. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed Sidewinder name hardcoded in description. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed a softlock in Sera (Apparently nobody ever chose not to cuddle her when they had a chance). (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for some scenes that needed a double click to get through a choice to sleep. (lowercase donkey)
  • Spelling fixes. (lowercase donkey)

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