Trials in Tardy Space

This week, we’ve got a lovely pile of improvements along with some new content by other authors for you all to enjoy, and next week’s patch should drop a little closer to the mid-week point we try to aim for these days – with some tasty surprises we have loaded up for yall – like this goblin pirate I’ve been noodling over. Sadly she wasn’t ready to deploy this weekend, but keep your eyes peeled next week!

0.9.083 Changelog:

  • [Backers] An item to allow you to pick scale color has been added to Doctor Lessau’s inventory. (Written by SeriousBlueJewel)
  • [Backers] Selene & Neil received an expansion pack! (Written by Magenta Needle)
  • “Extra Ardor” now increases maximum lust by 10 and reduces the energy lost during orgasms from -5 to -3. When sexual content required minimum lust to engage with, this perk had more of a purpose. Since removing that requirement, giving it a little boost seemed warranted.
  • The Implantation Station on Dhaal now has the option to ask about the various implants when inspected – bringing back scenes that were cut in the transition from old Flash jankiness to new JavaScript hotness.
  • Riya’s party should have an improper movement trigger fixed.
  • Cum bubbles should now track the fluid type as well as who created it. Only matching cum bubbles can stack.
  • Cybernetic tails can no longer be installed while wearing a hardlight suit.
  • Combat tails should place nicer with the effects of flight.
  • Charge Weapon should no longer affect drone attacks.
  • Ships can now have their equipment inspected.
  • Fixed ship equipment can no longer be removed.
  • Clothing menus for crew members were improved – locked items should now display reasons why, and “Get Naked” was placed in a less confusing spot.
  • Improved Bess’s tooltips & purchasing menus.
  • Myrellion land mines should be a little less aggressive.
  • Perk & Status Effect titles will now expand when you mouse over them (if they’re too long to display normally).
  • Emails also got the “too long titles will expand when moused over” treatment.
  • Improvements to the “Level Up” interface.
  • The drunk status effects should be color coded based on severity.
  • The newer parser technology was eating some indents. These should be corrected.
  • Read mail can be toggled to be hidden in the mail interface.
  • Jacques00 really went ham with cleaning up and polishing the UI across the game, to be honest.
  • A butt-load of bug fixes. Literally. The “Buttslutinator” even got one.


[TiTS] Hardlight Nagas And Booty Bots

Now available in-game!

Temporary lower bodies made of hardlight seem to be the order of the day!

…and my buddy Anonymous Man (of “Cursed” fame) is still making games too! He’s been quietly building up his current project: the Guide to Being Assertive ( & SubscribeStar), and I really enjoyed what I had played of it a few months back. I’m gonna enjoy sinking my teeth into new stuff when I get time. Needless to say, I’m only mentioning it because I think it’s developing nicely.

0.9.079 Changelog:
  • Hotfix #1: Corrected crashes caused by incorrectly addressing the character’s inventory.
  • [Backer Content] A hardlight naga suit has been added to the same location where the hardlight taursuit can be found in the Tarkus wastes, after taking the taursuit. Coded by Fenoxo and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
  • [Backer Content] Terrence the booty bot was added to Canadia Station over Vesperia. Coded by Leek and written by Yobo Dicky.
  • [Now Public] The “Misc Items” from a few weeks back are now accessible to all. (Cow Print Ball Bra, Thraggen Harness, Xenogen Slimesuit, etc.) Release post here.
  • [Now Public] The “Erika Caged” expansion is now publicly accessible. Release post here.
  • Rohezk’s lovely art was added to Kaska’s bad-end for those with the artpack enabled who are undergoing the vaginal or anal forks. (Coded by Fenoxo)
  • Improvements to Blackjack’s betting systems were added by Jacques00.
  • Rat’s Raiders’ grapple attacks were apparently broken, so lowercase donkey gave them a fixing up.
  • A few other small fixes.

Trials in Tainted Space *77

Coming soon(tm) to Phaedra…

We had a big wait for this one, but there’s a nice 150 or so pages of new content written by B in this patch to help make up for it. I won’t lie to ya’ll, I’ve been trying to write some stuff to get a new ship encounter and getting to the sex scenes was like a brick wall for my brain. I’m gonna keep slamming my forehead into it though. I know I still got some more smuts in me – the Fenbrain hasn’t been wrung dry… yet. (But first I’m gonna code a bit!)

There will be at least one more patch before Halloween with some more themed goodies for you all to enjoy – so keep your eyes peeled.

0.9.077 Hotfixed (two deployed):

  • Fixed combat getting stuck with a “Next” prompt.
  • The werewolf costume should be properly enabled on Poe A. (By Doots)
  • Added an option to hunt for space encounters. (This was a scrap of code on my laptop from last week, so ymmv.)
  • Fixed a Mia softlock for no genital PCs. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Changed how game over scenes move the PC to an empty room (for the map.) (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several masturbation scenes had changes made relating to how they signal back to the masturbation menu systems, as well as some tweaks to the system itself. If forced fap/suck/milk scenes are bugging out or no longer occurring, PLEASE scream about it. We all scream for October-ween. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Several Phaedra II bust files have been slotted into the game. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of other small bugs tooooooo~ (lowercase-donkey)

0.9.077 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Flurry (written by B, coded by Leek) is now available on Uveto. To get the ball rolling, you’ll need at least 3 kips with “Frosty” or whatever you have personally named her. You should get an email when taking the Uveto space elevator if conditions are right…
  • [Backers] Werewolf Costume (written by Doots, coded by Leek). It’s a new costume for Poe A, everybody’s favorite Halloween-themed transformative rave event!
  • [Public] The Hydra “Firehose” mini-expansion is now available for everyone. It adds a new attack scene for bimbos & similarly semen-addicted characters. She also got a new victory scene for players carrying some White Suma Cream to enjoy “firehose” mode.
  • [Public] Everyone can now wait for Anyxine’s kiss during her date, instead of just our lovely supporters!
  • Fixed a crash after exiting a Sera sex scene. (Jacques00)
  • Improvements to clean up invalid gamestate issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed sidebar visual inconsistencies. (Jacques00)
  • The character mannequin can now refresh and render during combat to reflect mid-combat TFs and appearance changes. (Jacques00)
  • Spooky loading screen color for October added. (Jacques00)
  • Several adjustments were made to item stats to bring them to their intended values or otherwise improve them: SteeleTech Laser Sentry, Business Clothes, Shibari Bottoms, Shibari Top, Behemoth Scale, XIMK5 Second Skin, Cryo Fang, Ice Lance, Volcano Cannon, Acid Lash, Blaze Whip, Frozen Spire, Shock Gear, Zil Spear, Dumbfuck (new icon), and Arctic Warfare Belt. (Jacques00)
  • Replaced a bust image for Tika that was accidentally low resolution. (Jacques00)
  • Corrected several incorrect dimensions for images in the bust manifest that could lead to some looking slightly stretched. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Removed a coder note in a Feruze scene. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrect combat pronoun. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restrict Shekka’s feather unlock to only occur if she is a crew member. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Corrected the item tags on Cow Print Stockings to properly expose places. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed a crash in the hardlight taursuit. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a check in the Amber Cure event being reversed. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Fixed Nykke crashing you when you moved rooms during one of her events. (lowercase-donkey)
  • Restored cover notices for the robot you fight during the Fungal Queen miniquest on Myrellion. (lowercase-donkey)

Build Server MIA, TiTS Patch Delayed

It’s a big week for the TiTS team! Our lead coder’s moving houses, and that means unplugging our build/deployment server, loading it in the ol’ backpack, and carrying it cross-country to a new dwelling that needs internet hookups hand-laid by the local craft-ents. (You can’t rush ’em.)

Patches will resume next week at the usual time.

We’ve got Leek cranking on B’s 150-pages of giga-dragon-expansion, Will churning out three new scenes for Phaedra II’s plot-based encounters, Adjatha continuing to stream progress on awesome art and greenlight new community projects for inclusion, donkey finding new bugs to crush underhoof, and a dribble of new content already pre-locked and loaded. I’ll see you all next week <3


[TiTS] Cybertiddies: the Cream of the Crop (Top)

I’m told cybernetic punks are all over the gaming news this week, so this week we’re chipping in with new cyberware. Phaedra II’s plot & dungeon content continue to cook in the ol’ Savin/William oven in the background, gestating toward coding readiness. I’m going to be starting to put fingers to code on the start of it very, very soon ™.

0.9.076 Changelog:

  • [Now Public] Amber’s Cure expansion.
  • [Backers] New item: Hardlight Taur Suit. By donning this lower undergarment, you can sprout a fully realized, fully sensitized taur body to experience how things are on the other side of the pasture. When you take it off, things should go back to normal.
    • Introduced new item flags to prevent ‘taurs, goos, and nagas from equipping certain items – like the above.
    • Restricted hard TFs that ignore the part locking system from interacting with you while using this item: no Poe A, no cockvines, cuntsnakes, or galomax with the hardlight taursuit. You’ll need to take it off for those things, because they would not play nice with it.
  • [Backers] New cybernetic implant available at the Implantation Station with Sabrae: Medical Milkers. These breast implants increase bust size, induce (and preserve) lactation, increase maximum health, and allow a once-per-combat heal for the expense of a reduced maximum stat and lust damage for using the heal…
  • [Backers] New cybernetic implant available Medical Implant. This combat implant has no real downside, but does allow you to customize what % of maximum HP it will distribute an automatic 40% heal at.
  • [Backers] New item available at the TamaniCorp shop on Tavros Station, run by Lerris: Kreamy Froot. I personally don’t grasp the appeal, but if you ever wanted to cum the equivalent of a banana smoothie, you’ll be all set!
  • Fixed a softlock with Illumorphine.


TiTS: Hydra Stuffins, Item Endowments, and Erika Gettin’ Cagey

I'll see myself out.

This patch is Twi-Lit!

Brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and Patrons like you. Remember ‘O,’ for all your oral o-rings and orgasms.

0.9.075 Changelog:

  • [Public] Twilit is now accessible to the general public. Enjoy bein’ a purple space elf with titty-based cum-tanks.
  • [Backers] New Character Expansion: Erika Caged, by Doots. This expansion allows you to put Erika in a cage supplied by Inessa. You’ll need to have some sexual interactions with her first, of course. Approximately six new scenes are on the table with this one, two of which involve Syri.
  • [Backers] The Zaika Hydra got a small expansion with a new attack scene for bimbos similarly semen-addicted characters. She also got a new victory scene for players carrying some White Suma Cream to enjoy “firehose” mode. (Leek & Fenoxo)
  • The Zaika Hydra was overperforming in combat against a level 12 test character and caught a few nerfs to make her a little easier to handle. Most notably she will start with more lust to make an initial tease to maximum easier. IMO, the easiest way to defeat them is to tease to max lust once, then slug down their HP twice. (Fenoxo)
  • [Backers] A user-submitted item pack was added to the game. (Initial coding by Leek, balance and tweak pass by Fenoxo)
    • [Backers] New Item: Cow Print Ball Bra. This item is sold by Ellie on New Texas, and reduces the calculated weight of testes by 50% when equipped.
    • [Backers] New Item: Thraggen Harness. This item is sold by Inessa on Tavros Station. It reduces the calculated weight of a character’s belly when equipped by 50%.
    • [Backers] New Item: TamaniCorp PregSuit. This item is sold by Lerris on Tavros Station. Its provides significant electrical resistance, a small shield bonus, and some bonus shields if you have the preg-style belly to give its space-age electric-generating fibers a stretch.
    • [Backers] New Item: Xenogen Biosuit. This item is sold by Nerassa on Uveto. It is rare quality armor and provides a once-per-battle healing event that consumes a skin-covering fluid as fuel. It also provides significant evasion and fortification bonuses.
    • [Backers] New Item: Xenogen Slimesuit. This item is sold by Nerassa on Uveto. It is rare quality armor and provides a bonus to grapple escape attempts. It also provides significant evasion and some resistance to burning attacks.
    • [Backers] New Item: Silent Shrimp. This item is sold by Kattom Osgood when found on Dhaal. It is a rare quality ranged weapon with split burning/electric damage and a complete inability to be used with multi-attack talents; it will only ever attack once when used as a basic ranged attack, no matter your feats.
    • [Backers] New Item: Deconstructor Gauntlets. This item is found by defeating the Ancient Warbot on Phaedra II. These rare grade melee fist weapons deal high corrosive damage and boost flurry attacks as well as evasion.
    • [Backers] New Item: NeverfapCockSock. This item is sold by Busky on New Texas. While worn (and with full balls), physique gains are increased by 50%, with a small accompanying taint gain.
    • [Backers] New Item: Sterilex Band. This item is sold by Doctor Lash on Tarkus. While worn, it reduces your “cum quality” to 0, effectively preventing you from knocking someone up. It does nothing to prevent “received” pregnancies.
  • Added text to Siegwulfe preg egglaying scenes to make auto pregnancy obvious. Over the years there are periodically bug reports about unending siegwulfe pregs, however it is by design that the pregnancy restarts three extra times. I have added some bold text to the end of the egglaying scenes to make this more clear. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Added some logic to the gate for the Spend Time button for Amber to make sure it only shows while she is pregnant. (Drunk Zombie)
  • We ran down some issues with lower level utility functions crashing (or otherwise bugging out) when they did not used to. Turns out someone had been casually refactoring some pretty core things without doing a ton of testing to ensure they’d still work as intended. Gedan & I got some of the worst ones, like Second Shot / Second Striker not functioning properly, or holeChange causes crashes, or puffiestVaginaIndexes causing crashes.


Captains Hog: Stardate 0.9.073

I hope you guys like curing Amber, because I picked up the tab on somebody else’s commission to get it done. Treat your ‘taurs well!

0.9.073 Hotfix:
  • Fixed an error in wettestVaginalWetness that would make the game self-destruct on Mhen’ga if you didn’t have a vajayjay.
0.9.073 Changelog:
  • [Backers] You can now cure Amber! Talk to her about [Cure] to start it. The quest is only half of the new content – there’s lots of post-cure content as well! Once cured, she has [Sleep With] and [Shower] options, as well as a new heat mechanic that will alter her behavior. She also will have hobbies as well! Written by Skom/AveryBirb/Moonkitten and coded by DrunkZombie.
    • Addendum: The codex questlog should have data for this, if you’re wanting to track your progress.
  • Jacques00 cleaned up the image manifest, hunting down typos and incorrectly labelled NPCs.
  • Ship fights should now occur at more planets. (Newer ones weren’t all set up to proc them!)
  • Radglow’s defeat-suck scene should restore HP properly. (Gedan)
  • Fixed inability to select “Auto” in the gender settings menu. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed appearance typos. (Jacques00)
  • Jacques00 applied lowercase-donkey’s fix for the wetness crash/bug in the creature object.
  • The ship purchasing menu has some bugs crushed, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • “Causes gravity over to become…” typo is all over now.
  • Fixed a crash in the Zaika Gunner’s AI when disarmed.
  • Gedan made some under the hood changes to improve auto-selected masturbation event handling.
  • Some Siegewulfe crashiness has been handled (Gedan)
  • Sleet Shaft got a staff icon. (Gedan)
  • You can no longer get infinite Sleet Shafts. (Gedan)
  • Fixed combat inventory not properly returning to combat. (Gedan)
  • Improved crash messages to track down some troublesome crash bugs. (Gedan)

[TiTS] Throbb The Cat-girl

Look at the legs on this one!

The rest of the world may be playing Baldur’s Gate and Armored Core, but don’t worry! Y’all got Uncle Fennykins here hammering out a new smut scene (and more) to keep ya’ll warm while Phaedra’s next dungeon is marinating in the kitchen. Sure, I had a gout flare-up so bad I could only sleep half the night on Wed/Thurs, but bacon is delicious (and so is this scene). It felt good to shake some of the scales off and write the kind of thing I love to write: people gettin’ big slutty.

Some new fun equipment for kineticists is in here too, though in my fatigue (and with this house-melting heat) I’ve failed to restrict anything to backer’s-only. Now I’m gonna have to write a whole new thing to make it up to you guys! …Maybe a sequel to this one.

0.9.072 Changelog Hotfix #2:

  • Rolled in some corrections for the damage scalers on the height-dependent kineticist attacks.

0.9.072 Changelog Hotfix #1:

  • Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim unlock events have better pre-requisites: you must be a kineticist, the stat the perk replaces must be low (below 50%) and the stat that is used in its place must be high (libido/phys/aim).
  • Made some textual tweaks to the sub-scenes for the cheetah pirate.
  • Gedan had flipped a switch to make some UI things related to mainGameMenu() calls hard crash instead of silently fail, getting us a lot of good data on UI-related misdeeds in the code. A bunch of them have been patched up as a result – some good examples being the decorate and masturbation menus.
  • Gedan added a hard crash to some of the code dealing with sensor scans/sense in combat, to try and track down a problem with some damage types failing to look up their extended data properly on occasion.

0.9.072 Changelog:

  • New scene: use Throbb on the cheetah pirate you rarely encounter in space – comes with two tiny sub-scenes depending what you want to do with her. I wrote this one myself, but I’m sure I’m gonna be hot-fixing the errors in the text tomorrow. Obviously it requires you to have Throbb in your inventory and defeat her in a space battle. (Written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, proofread by nobody yet – please forgive my sins.)
  • New Kineticist Perks: Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim. Captain Steeles with their willpower and intelligence abraded by bimbo/bro transformations will unlock these via dream-sequences during sleeps. They will allow other stats to determine the strength and accuracy of your psionics. As I write this, I’m realizing that it may be too broadly proccing – I will deploy a hot-fix tomorrow to tweak the conditions to ensure that unusually smart and focused bimbos don’t have their stats switcharooed. (Fenoxo)
  • An old Penny scene that was disconnected has been re-linked, and the accompanying CheshireCatSmile37 art was added to the scene to go with it. (Fenoxo)
  • New NPC Bust: the Silicone Eater (Jacques00 drawn & coded)
  • New Rare Item on Uveto: The Sleet Staff. This level 8 rare quarterstaff is buried deep in the wilds of Uveto and can inflict both trip and freeze on its own, but beware: something about it does not feel right. Maybe it’s the -5 accuracy. (Fenoxo)
    • This was a good opportunity to clean up an abandoned segment of the Uvetan wilds that was meant for a now-abandoned community project. I adjusted a handful of descriptions to account for it. (Fenoxo)
  • New Rare Staff on Myrellion: The Xukwood Staff. This lovely crit stick lives near a certain brawler’s place of residence, if you can get past him and his dog… (Fenoxo)
  • New Common Staff in Nerassa’s Shop: the Hookstaff. This evasive little number can sometimes trip your foes. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Tripped status. (Jacques00)
  • You should no longer be able to open your personal inventory in ship battles with the “C” hotkey when the button is grayed out. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a UI crash related to pressing the back button in the rest menu while in your ship’s cabin. (Gedan)
  • Freedom Beef now has a cooldown in silly mode. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a post-combat issue with Radglow. (Jacques00)
  • Added Opaque toggling for the scanline backdrop effect and the mannequin color fill. (Jacques00)
    • This should hopefully help in reducing instances of alpha render processing.
    • Combined “bg” and “bg-filter” class definitions that use the scanline effect into one universal function for convenience.
  • Gedan has been ripping through the auto-reported crash bugs something fierce.

[TiTS] The Tail of Twilit

These are your tits.
These are your tits on lust.
Any questions?

Hello all! After a number of setbacks, I’m happy to present our first crack at Twilit. This was lowercase donkey’s first time tackling a transformation item, so I had a lot of feedback and back-and-forth with him further complicated by my own lack of familiarity with github’s code review system and my own family event. Once we got that sorted, things picked up, and I spent a goodly portion of yesterday whipping some final fen-polish onto the transformation events to make sure they were up to snuff.

And Adjatha wrote the text, so you know it’s killer.

0.9.071 Hotfix:

  • Twilit’s breast-swelling perk is now properly gainable.
  • Twilit’s swelling code was overhauled to work a little more like the in-game zaika, and have a higher swelling limit than originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Twilit’s swelling mechanic that could have resulted into orphaned breastMod values permanently offsetting your cup size.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s weapon damage bonus from 35 to 15.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s spray attacks to be tagged as flurry attacks with higher miss rates.

0.9.071 Changelog:

  • [Backers] New transformation item: Twilit! This tasty Dhaalian beverage will do its damnedest to turn you into one of the locals – complete with combination genital-tail and a perk that allows your chest to rise and fall in accordance with your lusts. I suspect there could be some sketchy edge-cases with the breast expansion stuff, so be sure to let us know if you bump into any janky issues in the bug report forum! (Coded by lowercase-donkey, written by Adjatha, and polished by Fenoxo)
    • You can purchase Twilit from Harru after completing Dhaal’s main plot.
  • Inspecting rocks should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Some minor edits and fixes to backend things that aren’t easily explained in patchnotes. (Thanks team!)

And that’s it! If the list seems small, that’s because I was ramming out some hotfixes the other day and this was meant to drop last week. There’s good odds you’ll see another one near the end of the week with some more items and kineticist work.

Trials in Tainted Staves

New weekend, new patch!

This chunky lil guy comes with a lot of changes resulting from climbing around the inside of the codebase like a monkey on a jungle gym. My personal high points were massively improving deep freeze procs, discovering 20+ misconfigured damage flags on various encounters and items throughout the game, dumping a fat sack of new Adjatha art in, and getting to add a lovely bit of lore to the description for one of the new staff items I added.

I’d like to extend a fond “Thank You” to everyone who posted feedback in the Kineticist feedback thread to help me file down the biggest rough spots.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed staves crashing for kineticists when swung. This one was due to me incorrectly trying to add damage to “kinetic” instead of “kinetic.damageValue” because apparently any time I touch damage values, there’s a 50% chance I mess it up the first time. (It’s me, Fen!)
  • Fix PsiNoiseGenerator not being collectible because the collection function wasn’t properly committed. It was in a file I had a half-written, WIP scene in that masked it when I was doing the commit, causing me to miss pushing that essential bit of code. (Goddamnit, Fen!)
  • Fixed tripped enemies targeting themselves while tripped. The combatAI function got some dyslexic arguments slipped into it.

Changelog 0.9.068:

  • [BACKER] Additional slavesuit anal scenes (Will & Leek)

  • [PUBLIC] Femmitch (Wifely & lowercase_donkey)

  • New bust by Jacques00: Slamwulfe.

  • New busts by Adjatha:  Eloise, Neil, Selene, Warboy’s Bike and the Warboy.

  • New common items: Staves! You can pick up a Quarterstaff at Carl’s on Mhen’ga, a “Steelestaff” from Anno on Tarkus (or in your hold if you’ve recruited the alabaster assistant), or a Shieldwall Staff from Emmy on Myrellion. They’re all tagged as psionically attuned – which will grant kineticists a little extra kinetic damage when striking with them. I’m not done yet either – expect more staves and some rare ones to slip in soon. -Fenoxo

  • New rare item: Psinoise Generator. This rare accessory can be found in Zheng Shi’s mines by kineticists. When equipped, it should increased energy recovery by 25%. This was actually in the last patch but unobtainable due to non-final, buggy coding. (Fenoxo)
  • Adjusted the dom siegewulfe collaring lead-up scenes to give hints as to the requirements required for the scene happen and added further details about them to the quest log. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted isHuman tests to better incorporate the reworked racial scoring system and its primary/secondary scoring to determine humanity-factor. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted Deep Freeze shatters to trigger with non-melee tagged crushing attacks. (Fenoxo)

  • Adjusted Terran Treats so that certain bodypart flags can be cleared even if you already have the human type-version of a bodypart those flags apply to. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Adjusted changeEnergy() to more accurately display energy change. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a crash with the Forgehound’s combat interception. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few more potential operation errors with the data menu after loading a save on a slower/touch device. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few potential pathways where some menu buttons might leak over into the game menu. (Gedan)

  • Fixed combat not being properly completed after the Hyrax Raider BDP scene. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed some missing instances of fluid-ingestion and taint in scenes that mention these things are happening. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed instances of Damage Flags not being properly configured on some combat enemies, or more accurately, not being properly configured on their equipment damage values. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the new Tripped/Get Up mechanics to apply to hostile NPCs as well as friendlies. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a handful of abilities requesting target selection even though they don’t actually require a target. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the Siegewolfe renaming button option from its quick little holiday out of the reworked siegewulfe menu. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed the reversed value reporting from some feminization changes. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some typos in Gianna bust names, effectively disabling them from being used. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues with parser tags and support functions used by frostwyrm content. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues in Overqueen content relating to how it was attempting to use changeEnergy() previous. (Leek)

  • Fixed typos. (Jacques00, lowercase_donkey, Fenoxo)

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