[Backers | TiTS] More Shipping… the Raskvel Dockmaster with Captain Steele!

I’ve got a small patch for you guys this afternoon that I hope you all enjoy!

0.7.287 Changelog:

  • The raskvel dockmaster can now be flirted with and taken to bed. Note for those packing phalli: if you see her 5-10 days after knocking her up, you can collect her panties (after she tells you how nice the eggs you gave her felt). Written by SomeKindofWizard.
  • You can now rename your ship at Vahn for 300 credits.
  • The [pc.ship] parser should now output the correct ship name (and italicize it).
  • The “getCombatName()” function should now italicize all ship names as well.
  • A failsafe check has been added to the game’s main function to properly tag ships as belonging to the PC. Some ships weren’t being initialized properly and wound up producing bugs where tamwolf and other drones would help out in space combat… somehow.
  • Various fixes and tweaks courtesy of Jacques00.

Barring any major game breakers, this will probably be the last TiTS patch for a few days. Enjoy!

[Backers | TiTS] MORE SHIP!

Jacques00’s Raskvel Dockmaster is quite pretty.


0.7.286 Changelog:

  • New NPC on Tarkus: Raskvel Dockmaster, written by SKoW. She doesn’t have any sex scenes (yet).
  • New vessel available for purchase from the dockmaster: Moondast Gruss.
  • New ship upgrades for purchase from the dockmaster: Capacitor Bank (full energy recharge), Missile Bay (quad-shot kinetic/thermal damage), and Coil Cannon (top-end damage and energy cost, but kinetic damage).
  • New Cheat Code: “clowncar”. Allows you to fly when over the crew limit.
  • New Busts: Raskvel Dockmaster, Moondast Gruss.
  • Various tweaks and adjustments to ship shop code to support multiple vendors.

Tomorrow: more ship stuff, and perhaps some scenes for the beauty on the right. However, the hour grows late, and this whiskey insists that I stop being a productive coder ASAP.

[Backers | TiTS] Test My Ships

CoC2 got a public patch yesterday. Check it out.

Alright folks, it’s time. I’m reasonably confident (as well as I can be) that the ship systems I’ve been working on functional and bug free (as well as I can tell). It’s funny, really. I told myself this would be a quick and easy ship system, and it still wound up being far more complicated than I expected. Because there’s so much going on, I’m going to have two changelogs: one for normal content, and one detailing spaceships. EDIT: Another patch with a cheat for infinite crew usage is coming later tonight along with another ship and modules, most likely.

Amber by Jojocite.

0.7.285 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to find Shekka’s old extrameet profile and confront her about it. Written by Gardeford, coded by DrunkZombie.
  • Dr. Badger’s lab’s silicone equipment got an expansion courtesy of Natetheman223 and Kirorororo.
    • The Doll Maker can now be fixed up (once) with a similar miniquest to
    • Play with individual Doll Maker arms or Fight it if non-Bimbo.
    • Strange Ball (brainwashing ball) can be used from the Badger’s lab.
      Basically resets intelligence and some proportions.
    • Buy a silicone tank from Badger for the ship. Costs a lotta credits or
      decide to carry silicone for a week.
    • Combination of “Black Latex” and “Implant-tastic” perks will create
      the “True Doll” perk.
    • “True Doll” perk speeds up tightening of stretched orifices but can
      completely ignore stretching if elasticity is high enough.
    • “True Doll” increases sexiness by 5 and mentions the body being
      “plastic” in the appearance screen.
  • Fadil can now be encountered in the newly added back of Anon’s Bar and Grill. Written by Doots and coded by Lighterflud.
  • Kaede now has an extrameet profile and dating scene.
  • Mirrin’s pregnancy expansion (by SoAndSo) is now live (coded by Lighterflud).
  • Tessa got an expansion pack where you can attend a wedding with her, written by Fr0sty and coded by Lighterflud.
  • Shop vendors should now have their name and bust persist inside their shop menus.

0.7.285 Ship Stuff Changelog:

  • Pyrite Colt XLR by Jass Befrold.

    Your ship now has a full suite of stats and a system for engaging in ship combat.

    • Be aware that many ships and items may have their stats buffed/nerfed in the days to come as we get more time spent actually playing with it.
  • The first time you fly to Tarkus, you’ll stumble into a low ranking Corona Lord in orbit that you’ll need to defeat in an epic space battle! (Really it’s a simple space battle that exists to introduce the system.)
    • After encountering the Corona Lord ship battle, it can randomly occur while traveling to rush worlds.
  • You can no longer fly if you have more crewmembers than your ship can carry or more stored items than your storage can hold. (Celise does not count toward this limit since she does not require much space.)
  • Vahn has a whole suite of new functions: Selling ships, storing ships, upgrading ships, and repairing damage to your ship’s armor over time whenever it is parked in Tavros.
  • Shekka now repairs ship armor over time, though at a slower rate than Vahn.
  • New Ship Items: Machine Gun, Laser Cannon, EM Cannon, Thermal Projector, Shield Disruptor, Shield Booster, Repair Module.
  • New Ships: Casstech Z7 (enemy only), Spearhead SS, Ova’LEK, Colt XLR.
  • Many more followers can be removed from the ship now that crew count matters.
  • Please don’t fret if you can’t carry as much crew as you’d like this patch. More, higher level ships will appear on Tarkus and Uveto soonish.

“Wow, that’s a lot of shit!” you might be saying, but don’t worry, there’s more. One of the community’s writers, QuestyRobo, has a pretty engaging bimbofication & muscle gain story titled Brain Buster that you might find enjoyable.

Another Day, Another Ship Report

Spearhead SS by JassBefrold.

This morning I slogged through establishing four types of AI routines for enemy ships: Aggressive, Tactical, Defensive, and Random. Right now the differences are fairly subtle, owing to the limited moveset and lack of implemented gadgets, but they are discernible. The advantage of this is that most ship battles should be able to bank on these AI routines without having to have wholly new ones written. Any tweaks that need to be introduced for specific fights can benefit all encounters in the game (hopefully).

Then I turned my focus to coding the first ship fight into the game – a lone, low-ranking Corona Lord that’ll ambush you on your way to Tarkus in an older, smaller, Casstech Z7. Did I make it that so that I could re-use the same art as the Casstech Z14 and just scale it down? Definitely not. Perish the thought.

The fight works great and isn’t too difficult. I was able to defeat her using a stock Casstech Z14 without dipping into my armor, which is the desired outcome for making the right moves in the introductory battle. And did you know that she has sex scenes too? There’s four different loss scenes: two scenes for any genital configuration, one for male centaurs, and one for those with particularly cumbersome male endowments. (And yes, you will be able to encounter her again. Wsan made some small variations to her repeat texts that are pretty choice.)

You’d think I stopped there, but you’re wrong! After that I went to work on the user interface for buying a ship from Vahn, including a rather detailed stat comparison breakdown. Then I made it so you had five ship storage slots in the hangar for your extra ships. Then I coded another ship into the game, the Spearhead SS. Give her a gander!

Tomorrow, the plan is get the “Trade In” option working, roll out a few more ships, and make all the ship buy/sell shop stuff actually workable with other NPCs besides Vahn.

Shield Boosters & Repair Bots, Oh My!

Today has been pretty good for progress. I spent 30 minutes or so putting together some commission prompts for art to get from artists like Bashko – just like the Syri pictured at right! Yes, that Syri picture will be sliding its way into the artpack soon.

My next task was to burrow back into the ship combat systems and continue to flesh them out. Today’s project was the “Gadgets” menu, where various upgrades can be used like a PC’s special abilities. I loosely based the structure on the current combat item use, since they function in similar ways, but I had to chase down some interesting new bugs in target selection that cropped up. For example, shield boosters would continually refuse to activate, citing shields being at maximum no matter what your ship’s shields were actually at, because it was incorrectly assigning the item’s target to the PC him(her?)self.

With those smashed out, I’m pleased to report that shield boosters (1/fight shield healing), repair modules (1/fight armor healing), and shield disruptors (1/fight chance to deal 50% shield damage to enemy, based on the ship’s system stats). Note that all numbers, values, and abilities are subject to change.

The remaining things I need to tackle, in no particular order:

  • Putting together some proper AI routines with various personality “types” that can be assigned to enemy ships to control them in a fight.
  • Make sure enemy ships actually fire the full volley from their guns. (Right now only PC ships will fire their machine gun all four times.)
  • Create a new ship type for our first foe, outfit it, and implement Wsan’s finished scenes.
  • Put together the UI for comparing your current ship to a new one.
  • UI for choosing to move all upgrades to your new ship
  • UI for choosing to store or sell the ship you are replacing. (And figure out how ships will be stored/retrieved.)
  • Determine how to deal with onboard storage – all items will always be stored on your “current” ship, which means I may have to prevent liftoff if you swap from a cargo ship back to the z14 and don’t have room for you 60 guns.
  • Actually buying the new ship.


It was brought to my attention that when I said “bigger update” in my last note, some understood that to mean a game update instead of a verbal update on the work I was doing on the ship systems. Apologies for that.

Today was not the day I wanted it to be. I didn’t truly get committed to doing the codework that needed doing until this afternoon, which meant that I was burning hard on that until this late hour (approximately 2am). Needless to say, I don’t find myself with the time I intended to have to discuss ship systems with you all. I’ll still try to cover the big bullet points for you guys. Here:

  • This ship system is not the system we were talking about months back. That was more ambitious and, frankly, probably a dev-time sinkhole.
  • Ships come with some “fixed” attachments and some free slots that can be left open for more crew space or filled by more guns and upgrades.
  • Escape is accomplished by charging up your light drive – this takes one round to charge. Should you take any electrical damage to your armor/hull before escaping, the charge is lost.
  • Weapons can be toggled on and off individually. This may be an important part of combat if you rely on high energy weapons or have a ship with weaker energy generation capabilities.
  • Ship weapons can fire single shots or bursts of up to four shots.
  • I just updated storage capacity to pull storage size from your ship’s stats. It’s still 10s across the board for the Casstech.
  • You can choose not to fire any weapons to double your ship’s energy generation for that turn.
  • You can choose to evade (and not fire) to gain a 50% evasion boost.
  • Dodging/Evasion for ships works differently than for land combat. Evasion still functions as a % miss chance, but the attacking ship’s accuracy is effectively subtracted from it. For example, you could have a ship with 120% evasion, but a craft with +60% accuracy would still hit you 40% of the time.
  • Upgrade modules that provide large boosts to one ship attribute are planned, but not yet put together.
  • Special modules are planned but not yet put together – modules that allow a once per fight shield restoration or full charge of energy, for example.
  • I intend to add ship weapons with “Turret” flags that deal slightly more than double the damage of the normal version – to compensate for the fact that you must have a free crew member to staff them (making it effectively take 2 slots).

Of course, while doing this, a number of other things have gotten cleaned up. For example, shopkeeper busts should still display while you’re viewing their inventory. Penny, Amber, and a few other NPCs have been updated to allow them to be removed from your crew and re-hired. We can’t have you getting stuck on a backwater planet because you have too much crew to fly!

Again, sorry for any confusion (and dashed hopes)! I promise, this stuff is falling into place pretty quickly. Wsan is doing a hard burn to write the smutty parts of the first ship battle, and look forward to getting it in your hands to play with.

<3 Fen

[Public | TiTS] Cherry Pie

Milky Kiro drawn by Sulcate!

Public patch time! Cherry’s content is largely finished. Now I just need to badger Adjatha into finishing her galotian helper!

Edit: Pushed out a quick tweak that should fix Big Tiddy Goth GF. Will peep at the Cherry issues after jamming food in face.

0.7.282 Changelog:

  • You can now fuck Cherry in her room… assuming you’ve found a way to deal with her paralytic skin.  …or not.
  • You can now feed Cherry bubbles from your Bubble Buddy (a TamaniCorp (TM) product!)
  • You can now “Blow Bubbles” with Cherry – which means stuffing a sextoy into her throat and face-fucking that… with a decent variety of outcomes and choices depending on how voluminous your loving can be.
  • Bug & Typo Fixes!
  • (ImagePack Only – available here) Lorelei’s busts have been added to the game. Unfortunately I pushed the new patch to the blog before merging this code fork in, so she’s only visible if you grab the image pack version for right now. Never fear – she’ll be there in all future variants of all patches.
  • Known Bug: The check for being able to lift Cherry is backwards for the “lift&fuck” scene. Sorry!

This may seem like a light month for content… and that’s because it is! There’s good reasons for it, though – I swear. I struggled through reviewing something like seven months worth of backlogged submissions, many of them well over 100 pages. Less important intrusions were activities like finding a new place to live and going to Atlanta for a weekend to enjoy Furry Weekend Atlanta (and give a panel on our games)!

I like to think that once I’m securely in my dwelling productivity will increase owing the having a proper office space. Check back in 30 days, I guess!

New This Month:

  • New Treatment variant: Faux Cow with a new cheat code (“fauxcow”) to force you to get it on your next Treatment dose!
  • New Transformation Item: Reptilum
  • New NPCs: Velta, Big Tiddy Goth GF, and Lorelei
  • NPCs with new scenes: Ceria, Cherry, male SecOp, Paige, Dane
  • New Expansion: Breedwell received an expansion for premium breeders!

[Backers | TiTS] Trials in Tainted Coding

Not to toot my own horn, but the review backlog is done. Err… mostly, anyway. I may have farmed out a piece or two to Adjatha or Savin to handle so that I could get back to booking on the content train, but we don’t talk about that here. Not at all.

No, sir (or madam).

No, we talk about things like the long-promised Faux Cow finally making its way into the game… or the endless excuses for why these things took so long in the first place. We also talk about how absolutely banging this titty-fuck animation is, even if the artpack doesn’t play well with Gifs right now (Neither does the blog. You’ll have to view it on Furaffinity for now). Sometimes I talk about streaming, like I did this afternoon. There were lots of interruptions, but some solid progress on coding the 50+ pages of backlogged Cherry content was made.

Check it out. 0.7.281 Changelog:

  • Faux Cow has been written & coded by Skom (and they did a great job!) and presented for your inspection by yours truly. Note that it has not been extensively tested, so there may be save-crippling bugs present. Note the cheat “fauxcow” should force your next Treatment dose to make you a faux cow.
  • Reptilum (by Zavos) finally got a look-over by yours truly, had the text punched up here or there, and got added to Gene’s inventory. Wanna look like a lizard? Give it a go.
  • Velta (by Franks, coded by DrunkZombie) was added to the game. She’s related to Riya… and as you might expect from someone related to Riya, she is: A. human and B. quite a handful in the bedroom.
  • You can now meet a big tiddy goth GF on extrameet and have crazy, fucked up sex with her. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Gedan.
  • Paige got a new scene: body worship. Big thanks to B for writing another titanic sex scene and lighterfluid for coding it.
  • A new titfuck scene for the male SecOp in Zheng Shi exists. It also comes with the option to get some extra mass up top, if that’s your cup of tea. Written by Natetheman223 and coded by Jacques00.
  • Ceria got some new scenes by William. Check out the doggy-style on her! (Coded by DrunkZombie.)
  • Cherry (of Cherry’s Tap-Hall) can now be tipped with Bubble Buddy bubbles. She can also invite you back to her room for a bit of fun, but there’s a lot of placeholder stuff for the moment. I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting another minute more!
  • Lots of fixes for typos and bugs, including Lorelei’s capacity.

Ship work is going to be happening too, but I adore Cherry’s content too much to ignore. The more crimson rahn, the better.

Submissions Closed [Mostly]

Hey guys. Submissions are kicking my ass still. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been talking about them repeatedly on the blog posts. From the 14th of this month on, we’ve had at least one new submission get added to the pile on a daily basis, which is making it damn hard for me to get current. I’m almost caught up to the 6th of this month though, sooo… I would be damn close if it wasn’t for the big uptick in submissions.

Because of this, I am no longer accepting submissions for new characters. New items and expansions for existing characters are all I will accept for the time being.

We’ve been real thin on patches while I’ve been trying to dig us out of this quagmire, and I’m not comfortable with that continuing in the long term. Once I’ve had some chance to do some actual game development again, I’ll see about tweaking the floodgates back open… but for now, let’s slow it down a bit.

P.S. I’m also waiting on new glasses. Reading everything in giant fonts makes me feel old. :/

Fenoxo Update

A quick update on my work – firstly, reviewing has been slow because there’s a number of things I’ve come across that are soooo close to being up to par that I’ve been trying to self-edit them. Additionally, I’ve had some content slide into my box via side-channels to look over as well, forcing me to delegate some of it to Adjatha and review the rest myself. A bit of good news, though: an excellently written “Faux Cow” path for the treatment sailed right through my review with flying colors. I’m honestly not convinced I could do it better.

So look forward to that, I guess.

Also, since the ship code has been going so slowly, I’ve started laying out plans for building a simpler system in the interim. It won’t contain the same ambition as the other system (which is NOT abandoned or anything). I just want to have things laid out so we can finally steal the Sidewinder and finish Zheng Shi’s main arc.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are approximately 20 pages more of treated male zil for me to review~

Additionally, a fan reached out to me to let me know that they were making their own game (though I don’t think with blackjack and hookers quite yet). It looks like he’s got a public build up on his Patreon if you wanna give another game a try! Check out Rimhaven!

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