[Backers | TiTS] Sorry For BUwUgs

Sorry for the bugs in the brothel. Somehow the character I used to test it with a hardlight never ran afoul of any of the crashes. Hardlight-enabled scenes are always rough to handle, especially when they try to do multiple dicks and the number of variations that are common in William’s work on my own. I ran through everything with some bug-reporting save files a few times. If any crashes are left in the brothel, I’ll be sure to tear out what remains of my hair.

0.8.110 Changelog:

  • Fixed an inverted check causing crashes and/or displaying the incorrect version of a three paragraph chunk mid-scene.
  • Fixed a crash when getting thrown out of the bar for getting too drunk.
  • Fixed some variations that were left in raw text without being wrapped in appropriate logic.
  • Fixed a brothel crash related to a dumping a load into a creature object with no vagina instantiated.
  • Turning on your synthwomb’s birth control no longer makes your dong fire blanks.
  • The chemist pregnancy event now properly newlines below the room description.
  • Shekka’s follower sex scenes should all properly count for giving her an orgasm. Now if you kick her off your crew and play her sexbot game, she won’t lose instantly from being turbopentup… as long as you were banging her.
  • New antigrav jocks should now expose your ass.
  • You can no longer go jogging or swimming at the gym on New Texas while immobilzed by your giant package.
  • Fixed an issue where crewmate Shekka could be glitched into always being disabled. The erroneous status causing the bug should reset the next time you enter the crew menu, freeing her up to work properly after you back out and re-enter the crew menu.

[Backers | TiTS] Brotheliciousness

Octomush’s rendering is so lovely.

As usual, when I’m actually focusing on writing things, I can’t push as much content. I’ve been working on laying the groundwork for Feruze’s Dhaal encounter. That means setup for a fight, setup for a friendly encounter, a fun little HJ in a taxi, and trying to write a new victory 69 scene for defeating the angel-winged, sharky mercenary in a fight – for a start.

Of course, this being 2020, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. As someone married to an LGBT person, the loss of RBG and the naked hypocrisy I’ve witnessed in the senate in regards to stuffing the courts has been especially crushing. So I burned out some of that negativity by writing a scene for crew Dane throwing you on the bed and assertively buttfucking you. Then I did some coding of the brothel Will has had mostly ready for Dhaal for ages. I hope you enjoy it!

0.8.109 Changelog:

  • Dhaal has a new Brothel: Paragon Playground! Visit for some lovely group sex with twins or a bit of harem play centering around a lovely MILF. The choice is yours! (Written by William, coded by me.) More will be on the way.
  • New image pack images: Anno & Shekka cum kiss by Octomush and Anno petplay by Neocllex.
  • Velta bust asset updated.
  • The Gabilani chemist can be impregnated now, though she has her own way of dealing with the burdens of motherhood. Written by me, coded by resident pregmaster DrunkZombie).

[Backers | TiTS] Extrameet and Motherly MILF

Queen Anura on twitter finished up a lovely picture of Bianca recently…

Battling a headache today, but I got some stuff done anyway!

0.8.108 Changelog:

  • As requested during the “RPG4TG” fundraiser event that I participated in, Azra now has a mom-dom scene. I hope it satisfies. That THICC scene clocks in around 14 pages in raw length with all the variations, but the version you’ll see in game still packs plenty of heft. Thanks to William for giving it some proof-reading!
  • Dhaal now has Extrameet events, written by Fr0sty and coded by DrunkZombie!
  • Syri’s bionahole should now exist as an item you can carry and use during Syriquest (and after, if you don’t give it back to her).
  • A number of small typos in various scenes have been fixed between Gena, DrunkZombie, and myself.


[Backers | TiTS] The Cow’s Spooge & Goblins Cum Due

I’d love to tell you that I absolutely destroyed that Azra scene I was working on, but I fell into a pretty funky headspace last night that has persisted through today. Quite simply: I can’t mentally summon the degree of sweetness and care I would need to approximate Azra’s voice in the scenes right now. Instead I spent the afternoon chunking in a simple expansion for Brandy, a new scene from William, and cleaned up some bugs.

(Edit: Like the fucking CLOD that I am… I forgot to mention that Dreghan is in the game now too. Patch notes should be correct now.)

0.8.107 Changelog:

  • Brandy can now be given dicksprout! You’ll need to be at the “Lovers” stage with her to do it, which means having received her letter and spoken to her about it (with the appropriate reaction chosen.) Afterward she will have two new sex scenes (one of which replaces the current exhibitionism scene) and a number of edits to other scenes to make mention of her new endowment. Written by HugsAlright, coded by me.
  • The gabilani chemist got ANOTHER scene from William. This time, you can slap some grav-cuffs on her and take her to pound town – with an optional walk through the streets while you do it. That SHOULD complete her full load of scenes. The WIP/debug message when encountering her has been removed.
  • Dreghan the big bad Korgonne can now be found, written by Freed85 and coded by Whimsalot.
  • Fixed an incorrect dick error in a Tuuva scene.
  • Lorelei fanart by Jinsan on the discord!

    The gabilani cyborg no longer pretends that she won if you defeated her and then walked away.

  • Added trip chance and stagger chance to the combat item stat list in the Codex.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of typos.
  • The Zaika Hydra no longer has 1 leg in the code.
  • It should now be impossible to get both the “Black Latex” and “Wooly” perks at the same time.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s “Yellow Sticky!” status and two-part epoxy attack can now properly be wiped away.
  • One of the Gabilani Cyborg’s busts should no longer be improperly sized.
  • Various Crash Landing fixes courtesy of Gena and bug reporting players like you!

[TiTS] Update

No backer patch today, but soon. Whimsalot informed me that Dreg is coded and ready to go, and once I finish this promised Azra mom-dom scene (which is blowing up with variations because sometimes I do that, apparently), I’ll get a patch together including it. We’ve rocked past the 4000 words point on it. Only ~10 variations for different vagina configurations remain, then I can race into the part where Azra’s boner thumps into your cheek and she asks for you to help by sucking it.

I’m gonna go ahead and estimate we’re looking at around 6-7000 words by the time all is said and done.

[Public | TiTS] Crash Landing!

Art by: Adjatha

New month, new content ahoy! Now that the content engines are churning once more, we can plunge forward into really digging into the meat of Dhaal… and some shark-girls (soon…)

Since B’s Frostwrym & Nykke expansion is one of the highlights of this month’s public patch, it’s a good time to mention that he has his own game as well: Equivalent Exchange. Asset Theft is a core gameplay component that I don’t usually go for, but it’s really, really well done. New additions apparently include adaptive bust art, an improved character creator, and a new oral-centric futanari character.

TiTS 0.8.106 Changelog (Image Pack – Requires Stand-Alone Flash Player):

  • A new location has been added to Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Run by a group of somewhat stranded pirates, you can wet your whistle and more besides. Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • There is a mechanic where the staff will warm up to you over time as you become a regular. The game tracks this by measuring visits across a protracted timespan  (~day).
    • This is a huge project (three digit pagecount), so it may come with a pile of bugs to sort out. Slap ’em on the bug report forums, and we’ll get them handled for the next patch.
  • Bug fixes follow: Sabrae actually charges you for implants now.
  • The “safe” square at the entrance to gabtown can no longer proc hostile encounters.
  • Amazona can no longer award you a perk you don’t qualify for (and immediately lose after gaining.)
  • You can no longer visit Thare plantation before unlocking the Zil Codex entry.
  • A number of enemies had attacks adjusted to account for airtight armors.
  • The combat tail now displays on the appearance screen.
  • Prostitute Pro should now properly award the energy gains it displays.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller fixes like properly counting one of Anno’s scenes as a sexual encounter.

New This Month: 

  • New Dhaal NPCs: Rivet, Gwon.
  • A Nykke & Frosty expansion where they can move in together for maximal Frostwyrm fun, including some fun new savicite toy scenes.
  • A Kimber expansion featuring four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest.
  • New threesomes for sleeping with Anno & Shekka.
  • Five new Gabilani Chemist scenes, some with branching endings.
  • Liliana panty gifting event.
  • New Shekka blowjob scene.
  • New busts: Huskar Erra, Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian Cboy, Focalor.

[Backers | TiTS] Oral Offerings and Threesomes

I will probably drop the public patch tomorrow, assuming no game-breaking bugs, so be sure to pound the hell out of the game tonight and line up any bugs for me tag tomorrow, ‘kay?

Also coming soon: writing time on Azra mom-dom stuff (as part of a reward for the RPG4TG fundraiser), and writing time for Feruze’s contribution to Dhaal’s main questline.

0.8.105 Changelog:

  • The gabilani chemist’s oral path now has options for vagina-toting PCs and rimming. (William wrote them, Fen coded.)
  • If it is possible to sleep with Anno & Shekka, you can now choose “Both” from Anno’s sleep with option. (Previously it was only available in Shekka’s menu.) Additionally, if you are sleeping with Shekka and Anno and tell Anno not to sleep with you, it should preserve Shekka as your bed partner.
  • There is now an Anno & Shekka threesome event that can proc in the mornings. Calling it a threesome really does not do it enough credit. The dom path scene is basically a whole pile of scenes, and there’s a lovely option for getting pounded by a penis-equipped Shekka as well. (Written by William, coded by Fen.)
  • The lovely picture I got from Sulcate (at right) is finally in game in the art pack as part of the L.H.D. loss scene.
  • Fixed an issue where older saves could have Loreleis with incorrectly set sexual preferences that displayed as errors when using the “Sense” action.
  • A few other small fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Mating Presses and Mating Pressers

Yesterday basically imploded into itself, but today is all about slutty clothing and some new scenes for the chemist. Enjoy!

0.8.104 Changelog:

  • Two new victory scenes for the gabilani chemist are available: oral (get BJ), and mating press. Both authored by William, then coded by yours truly before Will had time to give them an edit pass. I’m fairly certain he’s poring through it now, but I feel bad enough about not patching yesterday already. Soon!
  • New clothes at GabMart Threadz: Assless “Butt Boy” Boxers, Ephemerobe, Glossy Zebra Print Panties, Hexweave Dress, Latex Egg Panties, Lumisuit, Lycra Briefs, Mating Pressers, Purple Cow Nursing Bra, and X-Strap.

[Backers | TiTS] Gabbin’ & Gobbin’

Focalor will sell you new content for the low low price of half of your Steeletech shares. It’s a Steele!

I’m back from backlog hell, and here with a new patch featuring some new scenes and items I wrote myself!

0.8.102 Changelog:

  • Three new win scenes for the gabilani chemist: tail docking (with 3 sub-variants), over-endowed “hyper” fun (with a possible extra ending), and some good ol’ fashioned face riding for the lady-types. (More on the way, including some sex scenes for PC’s with normal sized male endowments. Don’t worry!)
  • A new NPC shopkeeper is available on Dhaal to sell you some fun outfits. Currently she only has six items available, but I have plans for some more on the way, including some fashionable party wear in case you need to attend a shindig with Dhaal’s upper crust…
  • New busts: Huskar Erra (+Big Boobs), Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian cuntboy, and of course, the one and only Focalor.

There’s some bigger submitted works coming from community coders to look forward to as well. I’ll also be re-opening event submissions in a limited way this coming week too. Progress ahoy!



Soon, Fenny will be a free elf rutting minotaur.

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