[Backers] Canine Poppers

How has TiTS gone this long without a proper canine transformation? I blame the ausar, but then again, that’s my go-to for blaming. Darned pupper-sloots!

0.7.14 Changelog:

  • New Items in Jade’s inventory, written by Lash Charge: Canine Poppers and Pupper Poppers. The latter adds multiple tails and various other oddities.
  • Pandaneen got slightly more expensive.
  • The Kashima Incident, like Poe A, can now rarely unlock away from the Halloween season.
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes courtesy of Jacques00.

Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your support, bras!

[Backers] 0.7.13 – Erra

goo_knight_blue0.7.13 Changelog:

  • Erra has been added to the game. She’s an ausar that’s down for a bit of fun in any of the game’s bars. Written by HugsAlright.
  • The ability to drop items is now in the game. Credit to Jacques00.
  • Lots of typo fixes and bugs.
  • Omega oil had a perk added.

Sorry I didn’t get this stuff out sooner. Goo Knight bust by JayEcho (Goo knights are in the deep caves with silly mode).

Fenoxo Is A Butt

Still chugging through Sylvie’s drunk stories. Only modest progress to report today. Gedan has been busy writing some stuff for Uveto where a different character can rescue you. I hear it’s massively bloated in scope and may wind up having a bad-end for those who click their way into it.

As ever, Savin doesn’t really tell the rest of us what he’s doing on a given day for whatever reason. Adjatha has been working on a rocket pod bust, and Shou has been doing… Shou things, I guess.

I’ll try to slip in an update by the end of the weekend for you lovely backers. Thanks, bras! <3

Work Continues

What’s new? Not a ton. We had a meeting yesterday to have our various team members touch bases (particularly in regards to merchandise for eventual sale at cons and online). I’ve gotten the first WIP of Hizzacked’s work for the VN. It’s about as good as I expected, even if it’s fairly tame.

Sylvie (Moosetaur) work continues:

[*] Room Description Texts
[*] First Time Meeting for Sober/Buzzed/Drunk Sylvie.
[*] Repeat Approach texts
[*] “Chill” Intro
[*] Sober Stories (Mostly done anyway)
[*] Buy Drink Intro
[x] Buzzed Stories
[  ] Buzzed Hug
[  ] Drunk Hug
[x] Sexy Times (Taur dickings done)

[Backers] TiTS 0.7.12 – More Work

Hey guys. Over the weekend I jammed out something like 1,000 more words to finish off Sylvie’s sober stories. I also coded a variant of the Pexiga blowjob scene Adjatha had written for the very well endowed – and set up the scene with a little pre-cursor that lets you select which penis you’d like to use for those with multiples.

Don’t expect much from me tonight, as I’m going to start working through stuff for taxes, I think

0.7.12 Changelog:

  • New Pexiga BJ alternate scene.
  • Omega Oil effects rejiggered to be more random, for some reason.
  • Various other fixes.


[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.11


e: The android builds should be available now.

0.7.11 Changelog:

  • A new shark transformation item, written by JohanLitvisk. You can buy it in Jade’s store.
  • New busts: Briget, Ehstraffe, Kirila
  • Various fixes.

Hotfixes (Not Sure If These Will Deploy Properly With Our Code Distribution System, So Might Not Go Live Till Next “Proper” Patch:

  • Fixed a crash in Shark Bites.
  • You can now turn in the Damaged VI Chip for 5 grand with Vi or VKO.
  • Added a bunch of new Lipple Descriptions and adjusted the size descriptions for them to be more appropriate.
  • Omega Oil Price nerfed.
  • Fixed Gills. We have the best Gills. Everyone says so.
  • Some stuff for Vanae/Shark markings to make it easier for coders.
  • “Various Fixes for New Content”

Enjoy! Now to cook some steak and work on a moose… (Also, DCL did up this incredible Kiro/Kally fanart.) Update: The steak was great. The moose didn’t happen due to digging into bugs and stuff. I’ll try to get through more event submissions next week. I’m still not through all the messages I got this week >.>

Next Backer Patch… Soonish?

We’re aware of issues with the Android build and are investigating.

Not sure when I’ll be able to drop it. I’ve been chipping away at Sylvie and her pre-drunk interactions, filling in little stories she can tell the PC while they’re hanging out at the bar… and 3,000 words later I still have three more to do… and then the variants for them where she’s buzzed. Wsan tackled a sex scene already, because I’m a boss, but I won’t be going back and tweaking into those until I have all the setup worked out.

Sylvie progress:

[*] Room Description Texts
[*] First Time Meeting for Sober/Buzzed/Drunk Sylvie.
[  ] Repeat Approach texts
[*] “Chill” Intro
[x] Sober Stories (Mostly done anyway)
[  ] Buy Drink Intro
[  ] Buzzed Stories
[  ] Buzzed Hug
[  ] Drunk Hug
[x] Sexy Times (Taur dickings done)

Repeat Approaches should be small, 1-2 paragraph affairs. Same for the drink buying introduction. The hugs shouldn’t be too big either, but the buzzed stories could easily eat another entire writing day. Tomorrow I’ll probably try to grab another small submission to see if I can wrangle it into the game to give you backers something nice to chew on.

[Public] Tainted Space 0.7.09

adjatha_doll_maker_saendraWhat’s New This Month:

  • Riya, a racist policewoman added to Tavros.
  • Biothrocs were added to the game on Myrellion, complete with Biothroc egg pregnancy.
  • Ambassador Ara Kei is in the bothrioc embassy, close to the ship hangar on Myrellion.
  • Omega Oil added (“heat”-inducing item, presently dropped by Milodan).
  • New shop on Uveto: Carbonado
  • Kiro & Kally threesome content has been added. Presently two repeatable scenes and some one-time content along the way.
  • Bad End for New Texan male milker.
  • New Item: Skin Clear. Does what it says on the tin.
  • A Haley+Ellie threesome. I vaguely recall this requiring your PC be packin’ serious heat or somethin.
  • Milodan pregnancy was added.
  • Probably a few other odds and ends I missed!

More to come tomorrow for backer-types! (Saendra + Dollmaker by Adjatha)

e: Public code is here.

ee: All of the Patreon binding keys have been cleared, so anybody who had previously had their blog account tied to Patreon will have to redo the connection.

[Backers] One Last Backer Build…

vn_proto_screenWhassat? Rushing some new shit out right before the pubbie build? Why not!

0.7.09 Changelog:

  • Adding the missing “Leave” button to Riya’s menu.
  • New Item: Omega Oil – induces a sort of anal heat. Presently dropped by male Milodans until Uveto gets a shop to sell sexytimes items.
  • New Uveto Shop: Carbonado
  • Assorted Biothroc fixes and other fixes.

I’m feeling a good bit better now, so I’m going to try and go do my cardio for the day, then write some moosetaur mountie. The bits Wsan has shared of the scenes he’s doing look groovy.

Oh, and Jacques00 did some amazing mockups for the VN UI. WOOO!


Woke up today with massive intestinal upset. Hopefully I can still get some stuff done in a bit.

I also noticed a lot of people don’t like Riya.

I understand. Abusively dommy characters tend to be popular with a smaller subset of people. I’m sure someone will come up with a bimbofication or sluttification or general mindbreak path for her before long. It’s the one time of event submission I can wager on for sure most of the time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if I can go eat something.

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