Caption Contest Last Call!

Last call! The caption contest ends Saturday night! I’ve seen some great entries thus far and will definitely be putting one of my own together to sling up on the site with the winners announcement!


  • All entries must be Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space themed.
  • All entries must have at least 100 words of text, minimum.
  • All entries must be submitted in this thread.
  • Judging will be done by Fenoxo.
  • The contest will close this Saturday the 18th.
  • Maximum five submissions per author.


  • First prize will receive $100.
  • Fenoxo will also select additional “Honorable Mentions” which will receive $50 apiece.
  • All payments will be done via paypal.

[Backers] Piercings, Stories, and a Bit More Room

MrPink might have misunderstood my request for a slyveren dick growth scene, but I like how it came out, even if it doesn’t match the ingame scenes.

0.7.205 Changelog:

  • Added twelve new room descriptions (and some new rooms to hold them) on the Forge deck of Zheng Shi. Included is a room with a “Dong Designer” that has some upgrades your ship one doesn’t. Soon I’ll be adding the option to copy its firmware to your own shipbound one. (But not yet.)
  • Two new stories have been added as rare drops in Zheng Shi. Cow Stuff by Abe E Seedy and The Tower of Trials by Carol J. Links to their websites are included with the stories.
  • It is now possible to go back to Maike’s location after defeating her and choose to free the slaves.
  • A new rare drop has been added to Zheng Shi: an Urtanium Ring Piercing. While equipped, it makes your tease attacks more powerful against furry enemies but also makes you more susceptible to theirs.
  • Dialogue for Extrameet dates should be properly italicized.
  • Mhenga and Tarkus will now start dropping a small collection of generic piercings after all their rare drop stories have been found. These will probably move to a more liberal drop scheme or shop in the future, but I wanted to get some more options in fast.

0.7.206 Changelog:

  • Rare loot procs no longer occur 100% of the time. Whoops.

D-D-Double Post

Both CoC2 and TiTS got an update at about the same time! Be sure to check out both posts!

And there is a Caption-Writing Contest going on right now!

[Backers] Floppin’ Content On Your Face~!

Slyveren blowjob courtesy of MrPink.

Here’s a surprise for you guys – two new NPCs, a new scene for an existing enemy, and a fairly massive chunk of random one-night stands to sort through!

0.7.204 Changelog:

  • New scene for the Slyverens: Hyper Training! The normal sucking loss scene should no longer occur for players with phalli above 35 inches.
  • A dating app has been added to the game, written by Fr0sty and coded by DrunkZombie! Once you get the email, it is added to the “Smut” submenu in the “Masturbation” menu on your ship. You can swipe left or right on various aliens and engage in meaningless one night stands!
  • Vark the Milodan has been added to Uveto… if you can find his cave. Written by Damiekinz and coded by LighterFluid.
  • Willow the waitress can now be encountered in Uveto’s bar. Written by Archangel99 and coded by Maye88!
  • New busts for Fei An by FubMistress!
  • New busts for Urbolg by Shou!
  • New busts for Fetch & Carry by Adjatha!

I bet you guys thought I’d be busy playing WoW!

[Backers] Fun On A Bun

Expect to see this bust in the NEXT patch.

There is a Caption-Writing Contest going on right now!

0.7.203 Changelog:

  • Mining Robots now have a much lower encounter rate after the slave rebellion. Additionally, Jumpers will be encountered less often than slavebreakers – at least in combat stance.
  • The Jumper & Slave Orgy has the rest of its options filled out and activated. I’m going to apologize in advance if there’s any wonkiness in the “Take Over” sections. Juggling multiple insertions with the possibility of hardlight strap-ons does not make for easy scene routing.

That’s it for today’s patch. There’s a lot of stuff backing up in the Pull Requests, so expect some community coded submissions to flow in later this week!

[Backers] Orgies!

There is a Caption-Writing Contest going on right now!

I worked through the first parts of William’s enormous orgy work. Like the Slavebreaker, this content is meant for after the slave’s collars have been released. I still haven’t gotten back to an option to release the slaves after you’ve already defeated Maike, but I intend to come back to it.

0.7.202 Changelog:

  • You may now encounter freed slaves having their way with bored Jumpers once the rebellion has been started. Expect lots of NPCs with lots of options
  • The slavebreakers can now drop a rare weapon – a heavy slut ray.
  • The slavebreakers can now drop a rare armor – Star Viper slutwear.
  • The slavebreaker bad-end now procs after approximately 4 losses.
  • New Bust: Biothroc Quaddie by FubMistress.
  • You should get your equipment back from slavebreakers when you lose the fight now.
  • Items which only stack to 1 no longer display a quantity on the button.

I’m going to try to have all the other options for the orgy put in tomorrow before the new WoW expansion launches. I might do a little streaming of it, brain permitting!

CoC/TiTS Caption Contest!

So a long time ago, when CoC goblins were basically a twinkle in my eye, I got PZero to do me some art of a goblin… and was inspired to do a caption of it myself. Tamani was birthed from this little exercise, creating one of the game’s more infamous and beloved characters.

I’m quite fond of captions. I used to lurk in the caption threads on then ‘chan’s /d/ board back in the day and prowl around for them. To me, a picture with a story is a thousand times more enticing and more interesting than bare art alone. It’s one of the things about Dmitrys’s work that I’ve always loved. I’m not sure who did the writing that accompanied his pictures, but I enjoyed it.

Now I’ve bumbled into some goblin-themed captions over on a certain booru that I really enjoyed, and I thought, why not incentivize our lovely community to produce some of our own? There’s certainly enough art!


  • All entries must be Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space themed.
  • All entries must have at least 100 words of text, minimum.
  • All entries must be submitted in this thread.
  • Judging will be done by Fenoxo.
  • The contest will close in one week, Saturday the 18th.
  • Maximum five submissions per author.


  • First prize will receive $100.
  • Fenoxo will also select additional “Honorable Mentions” which will receive $50 apiece.
  • All payments will be done via paypal.


I seriously love these WIPs. Great work, Adjatha!

It’s always cool when something you expect to take three hours takes closer to five. Regardless, I’ve updated the public patch with… BUGFIXES!

[PUBLIC] 0.7.200 Changelog:

  • A metric butt-ton of bug fixes, courtesy of Jacques00’s busy little fingers. This should be the last public patch till next month, so enjoy!

[BACKER] 0.7.201 Changelog:

  • New Codex entry: Slyverens.
  • New enemy: Slyveren Slavebreaker. Includes four win scenes, four losses, and a bad end. Big thanks to Wsan for chipping in and banging out half of this snake with me.
    • Slyveren Slavebreakers appear in the mines once you release the slaves after defeating Maike.
    • Right now, she steals your armor and/or panties if your crotch isn’t exposed when she grapples you, so you better not lose the fight after that, or you’ll be down some equipment! We will be looking into implimenting a secondary loot list that is gained on win OR loss in the future to better allow for “discarded” items being picked back up.
    • Note that some of her scenes have branching options – using her own throbb on her, for example, allows you to dose her with any additional throbb you might be carrying…
    • The bad end is currently activated by losing ten times without winning. I’m going to make this less forgiving in the future so that 3-4 consecutive losses should be enough. Winning slowly lowers the threshold for this.
    • The bust images coming down the pipe for these babes (and I say babes because they have two appearance variants) are incredible. I am in love.


The slavebreaker NPC document is now over 70 pages long, with four win scenes, four loss scenes, and a bad end. At least one of those has a big choice or two as well. I’m working on writing the texts for her combat abilities now, then I just need Wsan to finish the scene he’s polishing off and write up an alternate combat description for the variant he designed.

Backers can expect to see these beauties show up on Wednesday evening if all goes to plan.

Back to the smut-mine!

[PUBLIC] Makin’ Progress

A certain long-lost digi-ausar, by Adjatha.

Since I’m going to be travelling most of tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to jump this out now rather than later! Regrettably we didn’t get the Slyveren Slavebreaker ready in time for this patch, though Wsan and I are pushing her towards being content complete with at least 4 win scenes, 4 loss scenes, and a bad end in the books.

I’ll be attending Gencon this weekend, so updates from me will be scarce. It’ll be up to Gedan, Savin, Jacques00, and Shou to keep the smutty engines burning and the hearthfire lit. Oh, and UpcastDrake! Can’t forget our friendly CoC2 guys! <3

0.7.199 Changelog:

  • A few fixes, most notably a crash in the Pollen Dance. Sorry!

0.7.198 Changelog:

  • Plenty of new content for Kane got put in, including wrestling for him and a bad-end Nonesuch (his author) has described as “juicy”.
  • Shekka can now remove the PC’s slave collars, if you want a free alternative to Urbolg.
  • Kattom no longer shows up on places he shouldn’t (Zheng Shi & the fields of New Texas).
  • Lots of fixes for Zephyr’s pregnancy content.
  • Fixed a bug with pierced tongue descriptions.
  • Fixed the crash everybody was talking about in one of Ardia’s scenes. Yay!
  • Agrosh’s bust should actually show up now.

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