Coming soon…

While this week’s update doesn’t come with Phaedra II’s fabled “train dungeon,” it does deliver a smorgasbord of delicious content for some of our lovely side characters. Edan in particular makes out like a fat rat, significantly increasing the size of his coded content. (Seriously it’s like +2000 lines of coded new stuff.)

To my knowledge the train is still on track to arrive for the start of next month as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

0.9.097 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Edan seemed a little bit lonely sitting around in the Mess all by himself, so he got an expansion to broaden his choices and give the boys some love too! When on the Rush, it’s never too late to explore something new – even your sexuality! (Written by Skom, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Velta has a new workout option… an anal workout option. (Written by melonear, coded by Leek)
  • [Backers] Tessa acquired more post-quest sex-scenes! These will go public simultaneously with the rest of the quest, so non-backers won’t have to wait quite as long as usual! (Written by Fr0sty, coded by Leek)
  • [Public] The new Techie scenes on FIRST-14 and the Gabilani Pirate’s panty content are both now available to the general public.
  • Fixes for Sophora’s ability to subdue the PC in combat. (Jacques00)
  • Emblems for the Black Void, Stormguard, and Joint Ausar Federation were added to the game. (Jacques00)
  • Under the hood improvements for doing melee or ranged disarms independently and correctly. (Jacques00)
  • Assorted typo fixes.