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[Public] Bwoosh.

Shekka going to town on herself by Mr. Pink!

I know public patches usually drop a few days from now, but I’m going to go ahead and push this one out now since any other additions are going to be gated behind me actually writing something. Of course, that’s easier said than done. I have no writing projects near completion, and I’ve been dealing with a moderate depressive episode on and off for the last month or two that makes it hard to slip into the right head-space for churning out arousing words (at least, as reliably as Fen of old).

I’m going to step away from trying to make myself write and code things for the next couple weeks and just try to relax and sort out the entire, massive backlog of user submissions, maybe do a bit of coordination with my employees and community writers to line up a patch in the meantime (or add to a bigger patch when I’m back at this full on).

Might even stop looking at porn for a bit. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit too desensitized at this point.

0.7.218 Changelog:

  • Olympia’s missing talk screen and appearance have been added.
  • Assorted typo and bug fixes.

What’s New Since Last Public Patch?

  • New Zheng Shi NPCs: Cyber Punk Security Operatives (Male & Female), Olympia, and Dr. Teyaal.
  • Large amount of Zheng Shi rooms added and described (though not all).
  • New encounter in Zheng Shi’s mines: Rodenian Mechanic. You can get an RFID badge from her that will prevent the mining robots from attacking you.
  • New Follower: Dryad (by Wsan)
  • New Follower: Ramis (by Nonesuch)
  • Jacques00 has implemented Preacher’s “Butt Bugs”. They come with a toggle that should let you avoid them before you encounter them if they aren’t your cup of tea.
  • Mitzi can be kicked off your ship and picked back up again.
  • New Urbolg Scene for those who like to call him ‘Daddy’.
  • New item: augment-weave armor. Rarely dropped from Cyber Punk security operatives.
  • New item: SnakeByte. This item allows you to deepthroat things without being a bimbo.
  • New Item: Ass Slap Patch. Basically a butt-focused version of boobswell pads.
  • Paige can now help you break into Zheng Shi.
  • New JayEcho Busts: Tetra and Mica
  • New Adjatha Busts: Naleen Hermaphrodite and Tessa
  • A PC bust placeholder has been added to the game. For those who like to use the custom bust override system, they can put in their own custom art. “Bust_PC” should be the file name you’re looking for.
  • Our appearance screen code now supports describing NPCs. A select few NPCs have had appearance screens added in combat via a “Look Closer” button.

[Backers] Olympia and Dr. Teyaal

Shou recently did a redux on Aina. It might find its way into the game soon!

More chunks of Zheng Shi are dropping in like it’s hot! This time we have two NPCs in a lab positioned off Zheng Shi’s catwalks, one of which is a miniboss required to access the special ship the pirates are building.

0.7.217 Changelog:

  • Olympia the sexbot is now in the game. Written by Savin, she’s a companion droid like Gianna but in a Gryvain-like skin. She’s still missing a talk conversation and her proper appearance screen, but hopefully we can get that dropped in before too long.
  • Dr. Teyaal has been added to the game. You’ll need to defeat her in order to get the keycard that lets you access the ship (in a future patch). She comes with a new bad end and a number of victory scenes! Also written by Savin.
  • Mitzi can now be removed from your ship or picked up again. The content was written and coded but inactive. Whoops!
  • The Gryvain agent’s femininity is no longer set to 5.
  • Some fixes for multi-knot display.
  • Jacques00 has implemented Preacher’s “Butt Bugs”. They come with a toggle that should let you avoid them before you encounter them if they aren’t your cup of tea.

[Backers] Buff Catgrills and Personal Deertaurs (Deercrew!)

Alright, so I’m going to be quick since it’s going to be late, and I don’t have much smut-time on Saturdays. It doesn’t help that I struggled with some potential food poisoning that put me down for about 4 hours Friday. I wanted to have a nicer blog post up that afternoon with this patch.

I reviewed about 20,000 words of submitted content this eve – including some absolutely ripe stuff involving Kiro requesting you to give her some big zaps from any ‘Slut Ray’ you might have (by QuestyRobo) and the first 10,000 words of post-recruitment Penny stuff from B. Both have come along swimmingly.

0.7.216 Changelog:

  • Astute observers will notice that Urbolg now has a pile of spare ‘taur equipment. Pick it up, and maybe you can convince Mhen’ga’s Dryad to bang out her frustrations onboard. (By Wsan, coded by DrunkZombie).
  • Ramis in Anon’s bar got an expansion pack. (By Nonesuch and coded by Lighterfluid.) I didn’t get time to properly test this one, so bugs beware!
  • New Busts: Tetra and Mica, by JayEcho.
  • (in Zheng Shi) The forge deck’s first floor is now fully described. Ladders up the second floor scaffold have been added, as well as a few descriptions. Much of the scaffold has been mapped as well.
  • New scene for riding Urbolg, by Wsan. Requires him to have ridden you enough times for you to call him “Daddy.”

Sorry about the lack of art, but I’m doing all this from my laptop. Don’t wanna wake the wife! Have a great weekend~

P.S. I’ve been poking about at a blowjob-giving minigame. I’m not sure how deep I’ll go with it, but the start feels promising.

[Backers] More Security Kitties. More Rooms. More Art.

Mitzi worshipping a very, very, very big dick drawn by MrPink and colored by our own lovely Shou!

0.7.215 Changelog:

  • Fixed some big bugs in the appearance screen that cause significant amounts of genital descriptions to go MIA.
  • New bust: Naleen Hermaprhrodite
  • New scenes: Hyper tit-fuck for the female security operative and tail-milking for the male. Both written by yours truly!
  • New encounter in the mines: Rodenian Mechanic. You can get an RFID badge from her that will prevent the mining robots from attacking you.
  • Laid out an absolute mountain of new rooms on the forge deck. A few of them have descriptions. Most of them don’t. Most also don’t have encounters enabled, yet.
  • Jacques00 made some PC bust placeholders that could potentially be overridden by custom bust images.
  • Willow has been removed from the game for now due to some widely reported quality issues.
  • Paige can now help you get the password for Zheng Shi.
  • You can now get a Fedora.
  • A bunch of bug fixes and tweaks.

[Backers] Security Cats, DEPLOY!

New patch, new enemy, new items, and lots of fun!

0.7.213 Changelog:

  • The forge deck of Zheng Shi now has some security operatives from the Cyber Punks gang prowling around. These technology-augmented cat-girls (and boys) will give you a real run for your money if you let them! Their loss scenes all involve being put in a sort of VR visor smut experience while you’re dragged back to the 2F elevator, and I’m pretty proud of how the ones I wrote turned out. Wsan also chipped in a ‘taur-filled addition, and William helped out with the “Fuck Her” scene.
  • Forgehounds are now a rare encounter. I still plan to do some updating and/or reworking to make this enemy either a miniboss or function better as a repeat encounter.
  • New item: augment-weave armor. Rarely dropped from Cyber Punk security operatives.
  • New item: SnakeByte. This item allows you to deepthroat things without being a bimbo.
  • New Item: Ass Slap Patch. Basically a butt-focused version of boobswell pads.
  • New Bust: Tessa
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks.
  • Some enemies now have proper appearance screens available via the “Look Closer” button.

0.7.214 Changelog:

  • Male SecOps should no longer get female pronouns.
  • Male SecOps should properly have A-cup breasts.
  • Fixed a scene crash in a SecOp scene.


[Public] How Can You Kill That Which Has No Life?

Art of Servik’s captain Steele getting a quick drink between adventures.

…or in layman’s terms: Fenoxo ain’t dead yet. I might be phlegmy and crusty, but I’m still kicking. Not 100% good-to-go yet, but being clearheaded for once is a welcome change. I spent the afternoon sorting through a number of code submissions that had backed up while I was out (and a bit before). Most are for fixes. One is a decent chunk of new content.

So long as there aren’t any game-breaking bugs, this will be the last public patch for a while.

0.7.211 & 212 Changelog:

  • New NPC – Nykke, your eldest Frostwyrm daughter. Written by B.
  • New Bust: Nykke
  • If you have more than 14 special attacks, the “Back” button no longer overrides one. It should now properly overflow onto a second pane.
  • If you got a Siegewulf datacore from doing Syri’s quest, you can now plug it into a new one when you get it.
  • A ton of other bug fixes and tweaks.

New Since Last Month:

  • A significant amount of Zheng Shi’s Foundry Level has had the rooms filled in. Of course, the actual foundry portion and catwalks still aren’t in yet…
  • New Zheng Shi NPC: Slyveren Slavebreaker, by Fenoxo & Wsan.
  • New jumper content, courtesy of William: A blowjob and a series of events culminating in one of four bad-ends.
  • New Zheng Shi content: slave revolt orgy by William.
  • New rare Mhen’gan NPC: Futanari Naleen by Doots.
  • New Lund content: Lund goes “missing!” by Wsan.
  • New Ilaria scene – special cum sucking, by Wsan.
  • New Tarkus enemy: Gabilani vacationers, by Nonesuch.
  • New Tarkus encounter: Sydian “Queen” by Nonesuch.
  • New Busts: Biothroc Quaddie, Fei An, Fetch & Carry, Slyveren Slavebreakers, Urbolg
  • Many new rare drops in Zheng Shi and elsewhere.
  • New Dating App – “Extrameet” by Fr0sty.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Vark by Damiekinz.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Willow the waitress by Archangel99.

[Backers] Jumpers Jumpin’

All the Jumpers were drawn by Adjatha!

0.7.210 Changelog:

  • Courtesy of William, the Jumpers got a significant injection of new content: a new victory scene (blow her), two new loss scenes, and four bad ends. On your third & fourth consecutive losses (the short “she takes your cash and leaves” one doesn’t count), you’ll get two warning scenes. Losing again afterward will seal your fate, dependent upon which Bored Jumper you lose to. The gray-furred one is my favorite. The document I coded these from was 60+ pages, so it’s a pretty significant chunk of content.
  • Cleaned up another old color reference on one slyveren to better match the bust.

It’s my weekend now, so next time I see you, it’ll be Monday or Tuesday with a new public patch!


[Backers] Naleen Futas

Things are coming along with the Punk SecOp I’ve been writing. I finished up the vagina-having victory scene the other day, and I’m partway into the penis-having one. Additionally, William is chipping in a victory scene for taking the female Punk SecOp (they come in male & female varieties) to pound town. And of course, I streamed and coded for a solid chunk of hours this afternoon. You can view the results of that effort below.

Art of Syri and Anno in a 3-way by Dsan, and commissioned by QuestyRobo.

0.7.209 Changelog:

  • A naleen huntress who got throbbed up and otherwise abused by Rushers has been let loose in Mhen’ga’s deep jungle. She’s a rare encounter for levels 3 and up with her own cadre of scenes by our own Doots. Check her out!
  • A number of the rooms on the Forge Deck of Zheng Shi have been added with full descriptions.
  • Missing encounter chances have been filled on for all current rooms on Zheng Shi’s forge deck.
  • The purple slyveren slavebreaker has had its texts adjusted to match the new bust.
  • Kui-Tan “cum cascades” have been adjusted and split into a separate perk aside from the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. Some groundwork has also been laid for an item that might temporarily suppress that affect for Kui-Tan characters. We all know immobilization isn’t always fun. Just sometimes.
  • Fen lost his fedora.

[Backers] Wsan Grab Bag

Flahne by ToonNik!

Lately I’ve been putting effort into preparing a few different things. The most-developed of these projects is what I’m tentatively calling the “Punk SecOp” – essentially a self-appointed security-oriented pirate who will be roaming the foundry area as a generic encounter with male and female options. Of course they’ll also be a kaithrit, so tits either way. I’ve got two rather long (~3,000 word) loss scenes tossed together that involve a holo-visor and neuron stimulation to force the PC to experience some slutty punishment while their body is moved back to the elevator, and last night I got their combat appearance descriptions done. Once I have at least two win scenes and their combat routines sketched, I’ll move them into code.

Additionally, I finally put some work into drafting up Penny’s follower recruitment. The OG plan was for you to pay off her debts in order to recruit “pure” Penny, but that’s been done to death between Shekka and Paige. Instead I’m going to have the PC help her score a dangerous Oxonium deposit she knows about to clear most of her debt (and prove to her that being a Rusher with you will be a reliable source of income). It’ll take the form of a small microdungeon with two enemy encounters, one of which will introduce a new type of sexy plant-girl to Mhen’ga.

B is probably going to help me with adding some new post-recruitment content for her. Maybe even a threesome with Paige. I haven’t finalized this with him, but he seemed quite pleased with the suggestion.

Bimbo Penny and Cumslut Penny will be handled later – Cumslut Penny via an introduction to cam-whoring and Bimbo Penny by simply asking. Both of those I’d like to do myself and/or with Wsan’s help, since I really enjoy how he writes cum-thirsty sluts. Stella was phenomenal.

0.7.208 Changelog:

  • It’s now possible for Lund to go “missing” rarely for about 30 minutes, once he’s domming you (or you’re domming him). You can go track him down for a new scene. This is a fairly rare occurrence which can only happen once every 24 hours, but walking back and forth for a little bit triggered it fine during my testing. By Wsan.
  • Added some new parsers – “crotchCoverUnder,” “chestCoverUnder,” and “assCoverUnder” – used for outputting the garment closest to the character’s skin. Useful for better reporting when things are leaking out into clothing!
  • A new scene with Ilaria was added, also by Wsan. This one’s a bit of an oddball and involves a urethra and a straw.

[Backers] Tarkus Duet & Slyveren Suckles

The Gabilani vacationers took me a little more code work than I expected, but I also found some shortcuts that saved me some time here and there. Now to go back to the write-mines. Wish me luck!

0.7.207 Changelog:

  • A new enemy has appeared on Tarkus! The gabilani vacationers (by Nonesuch) can be encountered along the oil sea by players level 5 and up. The damage numbers are a bit arbitrary at the moment, so be sure to give plenty of feedback on if you think it’s too easy or hard for a level 5. Thanks!
  • If you’ve completed Azra’s Tarkus expedition, you can now bump into the self-styled Sydian “Queen” and her band of trappy rasks once more (by Nonesuch)! There’s only four or five squares she shows up in near the center of the wastes, but I’m sure you’ll track her down. Big thanks to Maye for doing the heavy lifting on coding this one!
  • New Busts: Slyveren Slavebreakers (x2) by Adjatha! They came out gorgeous.
  • New scene for the hyper-endowed PCs losing to the purple Slavebreaker (by Wsan). Note the old hyper scene will only occur for the black and gold one now.

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