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[Backers] 0.7.112

0.7.112 Changelog:

  • A Korgonne “Princess” can be encountered in the caves of Uveto. It’s a one time encounter that will later provide access to a small town.
  • Fixed the order damage is applied in to prevent a few attacks from getting Sneak Attack/Aimed Shot bonuses off themselves.
  • More fixes logged by Jacques00 than I care to enumerate.

In addition, please consider calling your congressional representatives and senators concerning the upcoming repeal of Net Neutrality. Without it, the internet as we know it could cease to exist.

Art at right is a personal commission from JamesAB. I’ve got another TiTS-related one on the way!

[Backers] Dryad Stuff! & MOAR

0.7.110 Changelog:

  • The Dryad has received three new scenes, courtesy of her author, Wsan. Enjoy!
  • Some fixes for Paige first-time sex and Halloween event routing.
  • New Busts: Ciaran, Sydian Queen, and Futa Dream Angel
  • Laquine Ears Priapism properly implemented.

0.7.111 Changelog:

  • New costume added to Poe A: Knotty Nurse. Culminates in four possible outcomes!
  • New busts: Chupacabro, Dane Nude, Mirrin Nude, Aurora, Korgonne Female
  • [Update] Apparently Erika slipped into the game at some point! Fancy that!

Female Korg by Shou!

[PUBLIC] More Halloweeners!

Whole new Paiges of it! Bwahahaha! 0.7.107 Changelog:

  • Paige’s magical halloweener has been added to the game. Just like all Paige’s other content, it’s massive, clocking in at over 1,200 lines of code with a branching sex scene. It’s also repeatable after the season is over, so long as you hit that stuff up while it’s active.
  • I’ve broadened what the game considers as “Halloweenish” so you guys can enjoy this content a bit longer.
  • UpcastDrake knocked out Night Trap’s Succucow Halloween event! Ciaran should be able to get it started.
  • You can now carve pumpkins with your kids during Halloween at the Nursery, assuming kids of appropriate ages exist. Written by Bumbling Bee.
  • Many fixes and tweaks Courtesy of Jacques00 and UpcastDrake.

Interestingly, there’s still several top submissions that haven’t even hit code yet. I got done with my grading, and I’m just waiting on Savin to grade the Paige stuff I just coded and choose his top 3 out of the entries he gave perfect scores to. Ciao! SheepPun’s render of Aina is lovely. P.S. I’m going to look into giving everybody who entered free backer access for a few months so that everybody gets SOMETHING.

[Backers] 0.7.101 & 0.7.102 – 101 Gunimations

Hey guys, sorry for the brief changelog last night. I wound up taking a pretty long gaming break in between some work, so by the time I finished for the day, the wife was asleep (my keyboard is loud enough to wake the damned). One thing I did want to clarify is how to find Kattom Osgood. He basically shows up in your location about 35 hours after you first step into the wilderness, but he only appears in wilderness squares. This version makes some slight changes to that to make him slightly more random and also easier to find. Hope it helps!

0.7.101 Changelog:

  • Kattom’s Uveto stocks have been loaded. Chainlasers! More bioweapons! A cold weapon that’s pretty awesome so long as you use it anywhere that isn’t Uveto!
  • Kattom no longer appears in the first hazard square after 35 hours. Instead there’s a 1/10 chance of him appearing at that point.
  • Once Kattom appears, he stays in a location for 35 hours. New to this patch is that a commerce marker will appear in the square he is in.
  • The function that tracks Kattom’s appearance has been reworked so that he remains accessible even after backing out of your inventory, without having to leave and re-enter the room.
  • Spunkshrooms have been added to the rare drops on Tarkus. Both spunkshrooms and slutshrooms now only drop if you have the appropriate genitalia to reduce inventory crowding.

0.7.102 Changelog:

  • Motherhusks have been added into Azra’s plants menu as promised! All that remains are some tweaks and adjustments to her dialogue scenes, and I’ll have everything from her Tarkus Expedition all cleaned up!
  • Motherhusks can raise your pregnancyIncubation multiplier up to a maximum of x7!
  • Fenoxo’s cumMultiplier was increased by 0.5.

Raskvel/Sheep Steele by SheepPun!

[Backers] 0.7.100 – Breaking Brains

0.7.100 Changelog:

  • A new roaming shop has been added to the game. It has a semi-random inventory of exotic weapons for sale that vary in power based on the planet you encounter Kattom on.
  • 19 new weapons have been added to the game, largely cribbed from the weapon overhaul group that had been fed my way, with some tweaks and adjustments by yours truly.
  • Kattom’s Uveto inventory is not in yet. I burned out after getting that far. It has Myrellion’s a placeholder, or Savicite if I bungled the planet name check.
  • Jacques00 fixed a few things and fiddled with some save code. Hopefully nothing breaks!

I’d write more but my wife is asleep. Nite!

[Backers] 0.7.97 – Tune Those Subs

Because the last thing you want is the wrong pitch coming from your enslaved choir…

0.7.97 Changelog:

  • HugsAlright’s SubTuner expansion should be fully implemented, including a decent swath of new content detailed below.
  • New minor location added to Uveto: The Racetrack. Feel free to bet on races there and lose your money more often than not!
  • Three “Date” scenes added at accupitch lab, featuring Saec and Belle.
  • Added the “Hypnosis” experiment to the subtuner.
  • Added new busts: Brandt (by Adjatha), and Chaurmine (by Shou).

[Backers] Sub-Tuna Expansion

Seems a little fishy to me…

0.7.96 Changelog:

  • Accupitch Lab & the SubTuner have received a rework including some new options involving a psychic tentacle creature and the ability to go out and meet some familiar faces while wearing the SubTuner. Writing by HugsAlright.
  • (Sekrit Hotfix added to 0.7.95) Prai Ellit has been added to the game. You can run into him in the woods of Mhenga!
  • Void Plate had its long name changed to be a bit less of a wall of text when stripping it off.
  • Syri’s bust now has her trademark coat.
  • Fenoxo’s D&D game got 1% closer to being campaign ready. (Haha yeah right)

Prai drawn by Shou!

[Public] Tainted Space 0.7.95 – Many Changes! Handle It!

0.7.95 Changelog:

  • Slutshroom harvesting and usage is live. Slutshrooms have also been added as a rare-ish drop chance for all enemies on Tarkus (presently ~15% drop chance). Includes approximately 3,000 words of sluttifying, moistening fun.
  • That’s it for now. Looks like Jacques00 hasn’t done any bug fixes or anything since my last stealth post.

Changes Since Last Public Release:

  • New Busts: Pregnant Rask, Syri
  • New NPC: Ciaran
  • New Scene: Milking Cameron
  • New Quest: Azra’s Tarkus Expedition! Includes two possible fights, a number of unique sex scenes, one new item (at present – should be three total eventually), and the ability to develop your relation with her to a more intimate stage (with five new sex scenes to support it)!
  • Updated a system for choosing a penis for a scene to better display why certain choices are unsuitable. Also updated it to allow for minimum requirements in the future.
  • Riya can now impregnate player characters.
  • Player characters can now impregnate submissive Sera.
  • Some fixes and tweaks to Sera’s content.
  • Nearly all items have been reworked to follow a point-buy system. Accessories are the only ones still remaining. Balance may be a bit wonky as things get easier or harder. Be sure to let me know if certain fights have swung too far in one direction or the other!
  • Blind miss checks have been consolidated down into one function.
  • A new item flag has been added that allows a weapon to ignore the effects of blind. Primarily intended for flamethrower-type weapons.
  • Laser weapons have received a slight buff to accuracy to account for their essentially instantaneous velocity (and the fact that mirrored armor completely invalidates them).
  • Melee weapons have been rebalanced and retuned using the new attribute weighting system.
  • Mirrored armors are now more vulnerable to bullets.
  • Two new shields added as rare drops from Sexbots and Beta Nyrea.
  • Uveto now has a weather system and Savicite drops.

Gardeford’s Gwen as drawn by Cutesexyrobutts

[Backers] Weekend Luv

Just a small one while I have a bit of time late at night. I meant to have this out Friday afternoon but lost 90+ minutes fighting with sublimeText script macros on my laptop, then wasn’t able to code Friday evening for personal reasons. Anyhoo, tonight I did get some code time. Enjoy the new scene.


  • Fixed a crash in the goo armor reference Jacques00 added to the double-goo scene during Azra’s Tarkus Expedition.
  • Added a new shower scene to Azra – Thighs&Frot. Needless to say, it’s for those too large to fit inside her.
  • Azra’s other shower options should now be appropriately size-limited.

Expect a public build to fall on Monday or Tuesday once I get at least one of Azra’s reward items added to the game. Afterward, I’ll take a small break to review more submissions and likely code the SubTuner expansion for backers… unless HugsAlright wrote something fucky in there…

[Backers] Small Azra Update

0.7.93 Changelog:

  • Azra has a new scene. If noone is sharing your bunk and you haven’t visited Azra in a week, she’ll crash your bed, spend the night, and bang you in the morning. Only for dick-toting PCs. Includes yet-unseen variants for once she okays condomless stuff (Date: TBD).
  • Those with a professional Azra should be able to get her to do the Tarkus expedition. That was a weird bug!
  • Added the option to go back into the shower with her after the first time.
  • The pregnant rask bust has been activated in game, along with Adjatha’s busts of Syri (pictured at right).

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