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Gooey Shenanigans

I spent a big chunk of today catching up on email and other business related work, built a lego AT-ST, then jumped back into pounding through this goo menu stuff.

I’ve got the following options up and running and somewhat tested:

  • Growing another goo dick.
  • Removing an individual goo dick.
  • Removing all goo dicks.
  • Lengthening or shortening a dick.

And I’ve got the following roughed out and probably close to being good for testing:

  • Growing a vagina
  • Removing a vagina
  • Removing all vaginas
  • Growing an additional clit on a vagina.

Still pending are:

  • Removing a clit (minimum 1)
  • Lengthening your clits.
  • Shortening your clits.
  • Literally all ball options.
  • A proper Zo’dee scene for getting the second GaloMax.
  • A proper scene for getting the third GaloMax.

I got my work cut out for me! I hope everybody had a swell Thanksgiving this year. I’ll keep pecking at this for a little while, then probably take a break after stage 3 is fully completed to work on Emmy some more or clear the Bounty Board backlog.


FoE – 0.4o2

Alder here. Thought I’d drop the accumulated bugfixes etc for Fall of Eden. It’ll still be some time before a real update comes around. Enjoy.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

Full changelog below.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.18

Public build will be early December.

0.6.18 Changelog:

  • Vagina and Penis descriptions have been torn down and rebuilt.
  • Finding GaloMax is now available as a random event. You can only find it twice atm.
  • GaloMax afflicted players can now manipulate their hair and biomass settings.
  • Probably a bunch of other junk I’m too sick/tired to think of. Mostly fixes, though.

Pre-emptive happy Turkey Day from us here. Don’t expect any special event for the holiday, but be sure to visit Canada (the Turkey-girl) in New Texas!

I Got The Plague


Still gonna try and work on stuff tonight, but I just spent the last four hours laying in bed.

Update: Put in some solid code time anyway. Got the first drop for the item rigged up and the first three transformations coded/tested. However, the customization stuff for the third tier is not yet in. This update is gonna generate a lot of bug reports, I think. It makes it really easy to tell when proper checks aren’t being made to feed the player fluid quantities.

Whatever the case, I’ll post something tomorrow night even if nothing else gets done. Ciao.

Taking a break

Alder here. I’ll be taking some time off working on Fall of Eden in order to get my regular job sorted (I’m in the middle of changing to a new one, and I need some time adjusting). In the meantime, I’ve put the Patreon page to per-update mode, meaning I won’t be draining cash while producing nothing. I can’t really say when I’ll be back full time again, but expect a release before the end of the year.


Well, I gutted and rebuild the cockNoun function. There’s technical reasons why I did so, but all you really need to know is that I did it to work with how I’m building the goo-TF stuff. Originally the game was build for goo dicks to be a discrete “type,” not a flag, and the noun function didn’t check for flags.

I’ve rectified this. I should do the same thing for the vaginaNoun function too, honestly. I’ve got a bit of a band-aid hackk in place for the moment.

Whatever. I need to sleep.


Goo stuff isn’t ready for release by a long shot. I’ve got do some serious rejiggering of the description functions to make this all work, namely because of how a few functions are handled. I got the gruntwork of the first three transformations in for the item, which is all well and good. The trouble is piecing everything together so that it works well, reads nice, and we don’t end up with things like “your slimy, slime-cunt” or worse. And then I have to actually build up the customization system.

That part is way lighter on the writing, but is going to be a real bear. I’ll keep poking at it, but my eyes are hurting and I should head toward bed.


So I had wrongly assumed that the crystal goo came with a goo transformation item. Instead it was an item to change the hair color of gooey players on the cheap. I had forgotten discussing it with him and deciding that becoming a proper ganrael would probably be a no-go. All those crystal powers would be a tad too awesome. I’m trying to avoid forcing players into transforming into a certain race for pure combat advantage.

BUT(TS), we’re long overdue for an option to get kind of gooey yourself. There’s already a ton of goo girls to interact with, and no option to make yourself more like them. I’m working up an item that will allow players to become progressively more gooey. Rather than needing to feast on sexual fluids to stay healthy (ala CoC), ingested sexual fluids will be put into a “Stored Biomass” stat that the player can use to reshape gooey body parts.

There’ll be one dose per planet, with five needed to become fully Celise-like. I’m gonna finish up the stage two transformations (goo sexjuices + ability to add stored biomass to orgasm volume) in a little bit. The effects will be irreversible (or should be – there’ll probably be some items that aren’t checking the prevention flags). You’ll have to use this stuff at your own risk.

I’m not gonna get into Bess-tier customization, but players who like to reshape themselves on a whim should get a kick out of it once they get to three or four doses. The first dose just lets you remold your hair, but those later ones should feature adding or removing genitalia, nipplecunts, and the more wild stuff.

Anyhow, that’s a pretty tall order to write and code. I doubt I’ll have it done before this weekend, but I might push a partial patch to get some testing in on it before the weekend.

(Oh, and Jacques00 coded some Quinton scenes for the next build too. Yay!)

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.17 – CARNAGE!

maniacpaint_lieve_MDWhy carnage? Because we added red venom! Dohohohoh!

0.6.17 Changelog:

  • The “Red Myr Venom” item has been added to the game. It drops from certain Myrellion encounters.
  • Orryx’s “black market” is now open for biz. As you can imagine, he sells red venom!
  • All interactions with said venom should now properly apply the correct status effect.
  • It is now possible to become a venom addict. Venom addiction decreases over time, so stay away from it if you want to avoid the negative effects.
  • It is now possible to become a venom slut, rendering you permanently addicted to red myr venom. Note that doing so will increase your maximum lust while under its effects.
  • Venom withdrawal has been added to the game. While in withdrawal in a place with access to Red Myr, certain urges may overcome you, resulting in a new scene.
  • Honey Wine has been added to the game. Asennia sells it for 1000 credits, and you get a free bottle for touring the city with a certain NPC.
  • Gardeford’s Crystal Goo vendor now sells “goo balls”. Sadly they’re just hair transformations. Looks like I’ll need to see about writing us up a proper goo transformation soonish.
  • Some fixes to the spam mail system JCup slipped into the last build.
  • Some other misc fixes!

Onward and upward, friends! (Lieve art by ManiacPaint)

Fallout 4 Fallout

tenfenny_towerAbout in the same boat as Savin, only I’ve logged something like 60 hours in the game. I actually kind of felt the writing in the game got significantly weaker around the big twist, and I kept myself from progressing much past that point because the plot seems geared to forcing you to lock yourself out of some of the factions. I’d rather keep playing and get all the content I can out of the way first.

But honestly, mostly I’m just too obsessed with the base building mechanic. When you mod all your armor to have deep pockets (to carry more junk), then climb into power armor with every mod toward strength (to carry yet more junk), just to carry more desk fans and telephones back from your adventures, you might have a problem.

That said, it looks like the most recent android build of TiTS came out malformed. I just finished catching up on emails and need to catch up on blog comments, then I’ll review some merged code and get a new build out that I’m sure will work on android. Thanks! Done!

Picture is an early version of Tenfenny Tower, before I decked it out in lights and shit. I wanted to go back in and get a better one, but I dare not trust the game not to eat another 5 hours of my life.

0.6.16 Changelog:

  • Recompiled the android/iOS version and tested it on my Nexus7 to make sure it actually works this time. Sorry about that, folks!
  • Merged in a pretty big pull request from Jacques00 that has a raft of bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Looks like some button placements have moved too. I might revert some of the in-ship ones. RIP, my muscle memory.
  • Lots of under the hood changes and tweaks, again from Jacques00. Thanks, good buddy!

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