I spent a big chunk of today catching up on email and other business related work, built a lego AT-ST, then jumped back into pounding through this goo menu stuff.

I’ve got the following options up and running and somewhat tested:

  • Growing another goo dick.
  • Removing an individual goo dick.
  • Removing all goo dicks.
  • Lengthening or shortening a dick.

And I’ve got the following roughed out and probably close to being good for testing:

  • Growing a vagina
  • Removing a vagina
  • Removing all vaginas
  • Growing an additional clit on a vagina.

Still pending are:

  • Removing a clit (minimum 1)
  • Lengthening your clits.
  • Shortening your clits.
  • Literally all ball options.
  • A proper Zo’dee scene for getting the second GaloMax.
  • A proper scene for getting the third GaloMax.

I got my work cut out for me! I hope everybody had a swell Thanksgiving this year. I’ll keep pecking at this for a little while, then probably take a break after stage 3 is fully completed to work on Emmy some more or clear the Bounty Board backlog.