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[Backers | CoC2] BriHaus 1: Cassia

Hey guys, Wsan here. I initially wanted to release this all in one go for smoothness reasons but it’s *over 600 pages* at this point and therefore that’s simply an impossible goal – so it’s going to be piecemeal. There will definitely be some weirdness in the initial patches, like Rina not being interactable despite her presence in scenes and Brint/Brienne not having their house content initially. Don’t worry – they’re already written and being coded as we speak! We just can’t implement everything at once. It will feel a little bare and weird for a while, but we’ll get everything out as soon as we can! It’ll take some time to get there, so bear with us. In the meantime, enjoy all the new stuff with the family.



  • Cassia! Brint/Brienne’s voluptuous mother, with a full array of seven sex scenes. Three of them also branch off into their own additional sex scenes! There are multiple branches to choose from at night (between 9pm-10pm and 10pm-6am), too. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, the lovely moo-mom *can* and *will* sit on your face.
  • New busts! There is a whole cornucopia of busts for the girls at the house (17, actually) but some are unlocked by pregnancy/marriage. Luckily for you, we get some of them even before that!


  • Brint/Brienne companion scenes at the house! Eight of their current sex scenes have been redone for the house, and each of them have one new sex scene apiece! On top of this, they have new conversations and a couple of all-new interaction options. Ever wanted to get your hands on those fuzzy cow ears or brush Brienne/Brint’s hair? Now you can.
  • Rina! She has a WHOLE character arc I won’t spoil ahead of time, but you can look forward to that. She has eight sex scenes herself in her regular form and *every single one of them* has support for a Brienne threesome! Lesdomme Rina gets four exclusive sex scenes involving you and Brienne. Very saucy.
  • Even more sex scenes with the girls! There is a quickie sex scene for Brint, Brienne, Rina, and Cassia each. You can fuck the whole household as they go about their days – try not to tire yourself out too much, they’re relatively renowned for their stamina…
  • The milking shed (moo)! You can take any of the family (even Brint) to their shed for a milking session. You can even ask Brienne/Brint to milk *you*! Make sure to clean up after yourself, the whole house uses that shed.
  • Cooking! Yes, slice-of-life scenes! You can cook for the whole family to ensure everyone gets a good meal. There are other, smaller daily-life scenes in the companion content you’ll find soon enough, as well as some random events scattered throughout.
  • And last but *definitely* not least, MARRIAGE AND PREGNANCY! There are three marriage options: you can marry your companion Brint or Brienne individually, and each of them will have an option for a small ceremony (cathedral, family, friends) or a large one (pantheon, basically a festival celebrating the two of you). There is also a Brienne-exclusive Triple Marriage option in which you can marry Brienne, Rina, and Cassia all at once! Ever fancied a big-titted cowgirl household harem? Make sure to hydrate yourself, taking on three cowgirls at once is an ambitious task for even the most hardened of adventurers…

Regardless of which companion you have, both Rina and Cassia can be made pregnant and have full expansions for doing so.

All of the content currently being implemented already has variants written for marriage/pregnancy, so when those expansions are implemented you can enjoy the changing talks and sex. I’ve tried to make the household feel alive when you enact change upon it, so there you go. There’s a whole arc from start to finish. Enjoy!

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[TiTS] Throbb The Cat-girl

Look at the legs on this one!

The rest of the world may be playing Baldur’s Gate and Armored Core, but don’t worry! Y’all got Uncle Fennykins here hammering out a new smut scene (and more) to keep ya’ll warm while Phaedra’s next dungeon is marinating in the kitchen. Sure, I had a gout flare-up so bad I could only sleep half the night on Wed/Thurs, but bacon is delicious (and so is this scene). It felt good to shake some of the scales off and write the kind of thing I love to write: people gettin’ big slutty.

Some new fun equipment for kineticists is in here too, though in my fatigue (and with this house-melting heat) I’ve failed to restrict anything to backer’s-only. Now I’m gonna have to write a whole new thing to make it up to you guys! …Maybe a sequel to this one.

0.9.072 Changelog Hotfix #2:

  • Rolled in some corrections for the damage scalers on the height-dependent kineticist attacks.

0.9.072 Changelog Hotfix #1:

  • Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim unlock events have better pre-requisites: you must be a kineticist, the stat the perk replaces must be low (below 50%) and the stat that is used in its place must be high (libido/phys/aim).
  • Made some textual tweaks to the sub-scenes for the cheetah pirate.
  • Gedan had flipped a switch to make some UI things related to mainGameMenu() calls hard crash instead of silently fail, getting us a lot of good data on UI-related misdeeds in the code. A bunch of them have been patched up as a result – some good examples being the decorate and masturbation menus.
  • Gedan added a hard crash to some of the code dealing with sensor scans/sense in combat, to try and track down a problem with some damage types failing to look up their extended data properly on occasion.

0.9.072 Changelog:

  • New scene: use Throbb on the cheetah pirate you rarely encounter in space – comes with two tiny sub-scenes depending what you want to do with her. I wrote this one myself, but I’m sure I’m gonna be hot-fixing the errors in the text tomorrow. Obviously it requires you to have Throbb in your inventory and defeat her in a space battle. (Written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, proofread by nobody yet – please forgive my sins.)
  • New Kineticist Perks: Instinctive Psyfocus, Bodily Psi Aim, and Dexterous Psi Aim. Captain Steeles with their willpower and intelligence abraded by bimbo/bro transformations will unlock these via dream-sequences during sleeps. They will allow other stats to determine the strength and accuracy of your psionics. As I write this, I’m realizing that it may be too broadly proccing – I will deploy a hot-fix tomorrow to tweak the conditions to ensure that unusually smart and focused bimbos don’t have their stats switcharooed. (Fenoxo)
  • An old Penny scene that was disconnected has been re-linked, and the accompanying CheshireCatSmile37 art was added to the scene to go with it. (Fenoxo)
  • New NPC Bust: the Silicone Eater (Jacques00 drawn & coded)
  • New Rare Item on Uveto: The Sleet Staff. This level 8 rare quarterstaff is buried deep in the wilds of Uveto and can inflict both trip and freeze on its own, but beware: something about it does not feel right. Maybe it’s the -5 accuracy. (Fenoxo)
    • This was a good opportunity to clean up an abandoned segment of the Uvetan wilds that was meant for a now-abandoned community project. I adjusted a handful of descriptions to account for it. (Fenoxo)
  • New Rare Staff on Myrellion: The Xukwood Staff. This lovely crit stick lives near a certain brawler’s place of residence, if you can get past him and his dog… (Fenoxo)
  • New Common Staff in Nerassa’s Shop: the Hookstaff. This evasive little number can sometimes trip your foes. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Tripped status. (Jacques00)
  • You should no longer be able to open your personal inventory in ship battles with the “C” hotkey when the button is grayed out. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a UI crash related to pressing the back button in the rest menu while in your ship’s cabin. (Gedan)
  • Freedom Beef now has a cooldown in silly mode. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a post-combat issue with Radglow. (Jacques00)
  • Added Opaque toggling for the scanline backdrop effect and the mannequin color fill. (Jacques00)
    • This should hopefully help in reducing instances of alpha render processing.
    • Combined “bg” and “bg-filter” class definitions that use the scanline effect into one universal function for convenience.
  • Gedan has been ripping through the auto-reported crash bugs something fierce.

[Public | CoC2] Milk & Honey

We’re running a little threadbare this week while Brint/Brienne’s long-awaited homestead expansion is taking up the coders’ time pretty heavily. It’s something like 600 pages of hardcore mino-fucking, and probably gonna occupy a couple patches all its own just trying to contain the sheer girth Wsan’s fit into his magnum opus there.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of new sets for your companions and a little more love for Zhara and Cait.

0.6.18 Patch Notes:

  • Cait has a new set: the Vestal’s Raiment, making her a self-healing tank that can stand on the frontlines with aplomb. Check in with Ogrish after completing Cait’s quest and either refusing the temple or building it to acquire her new set and a thank-you treat from the smith and Ivris.
  • Azzy has a new set: the Lightbearer, giving Azzy some healing power while keeping her knightly personality. Acquired by talking to Cait at the Frost Hound after completing both her quest AND Azzy’s recruitment quest.
  • You can now hook Zhara up to the milking machine from last patch as well! (By Tobs)
  • The Corrupted Lupines have a new loss scene if Cait’s in your party and you lose/surrender. Has a 1/3 chance of playing. (By JStar)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Gianna’s ratfolk buddy Svern now has a milking machine he can let you and your friends use. Accessing it requires the Wayfort first be fully upgraded. The PC, Cait, and Brienne can use it right now! More to come! (By Tobs)
  • Imora & Seastone have new anal sex options: fuck Imora’s butt, fuck Seastone’s butt, or fuck Imora’s butt while Seastone fucks yours. (By Skow)
  • If Zhara’s moved into the Wayfort and you have Brint in your party, you can grab some of the random harpy thieves out of your rafters and use them to show Brint a good time (and double the local harpy population too)!
  • Sanders now has an early-game quest pointing you towards helping Eryka — you haven’t missed anything if you already got her, but it adds a little worldbuilding and bumps her encounter rate while active. Mostly it’s just there to put a big ! on Sanders at the start of the game so people don’t accidentally miss him, which seems to happen more often than you’d think!
  • Sanders also has a new talk about Eryka once she’s rescued.
  • You can now talk to Jael’yn about her sword, and find the missing charms. Each charm you find empowers the blade further. (By Skow)
  • There’s a new Shamanic-themed Wayfort furniture set for sale. (By Zavos)
  • The Effigies in the Old Forest have been revamped after you subdue their mom. If you killed her, they disappear. (By Tobs)
  • A whole host of balance adjustments and bugfixes!
  • New Busts: Kalysea, Xadaron, and the Fungal Amalgam (all by Moira)

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[TiTS] The Tail of Twilit

These are your tits.
These are your tits on lust.
Any questions?

Hello all! After a number of setbacks, I’m happy to present our first crack at Twilit. This was lowercase donkey’s first time tackling a transformation item, so I had a lot of feedback and back-and-forth with him further complicated by my own lack of familiarity with github’s code review system and my own family event. Once we got that sorted, things picked up, and I spent a goodly portion of yesterday whipping some final fen-polish onto the transformation events to make sure they were up to snuff.

And Adjatha wrote the text, so you know it’s killer.

0.9.071 Hotfix:

  • Twilit’s breast-swelling perk is now properly gainable.
  • Twilit’s swelling code was overhauled to work a little more like the in-game zaika, and have a higher swelling limit than originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Twilit’s swelling mechanic that could have resulted into orphaned breastMod values permanently offsetting your cup size.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s weapon damage bonus from 35 to 15.
  • Nerfed the black void juggernaut’s spray attacks to be tagged as flurry attacks with higher miss rates.

0.9.071 Changelog:

  • [Backers] New transformation item: Twilit! This tasty Dhaalian beverage will do its damnedest to turn you into one of the locals – complete with combination genital-tail and a perk that allows your chest to rise and fall in accordance with your lusts. I suspect there could be some sketchy edge-cases with the breast expansion stuff, so be sure to let us know if you bump into any janky issues in the bug report forum! (Coded by lowercase-donkey, written by Adjatha, and polished by Fenoxo)
    • You can purchase Twilit from Harru after completing Dhaal’s main plot.
  • Inspecting rocks should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Some minor edits and fixes to backend things that aren’t easily explained in patchnotes. (Thanks team!)

And that’s it! If the list seems small, that’s because I was ramming out some hotfixes the other day and this was meant to drop last week. There’s good odds you’ll see another one near the end of the week with some more items and kineticist work.

[TiTS] Taurific News Everyone!

Johana, Naked (Adjatha)

Johana, Naked (Adjatha)

Another week in the bug mines, chasing ghosts of stupid things that don’t make sense until I have a eureka moment of stringing along like 17 degrees of absurdity to produce some form of answer for what might be going on.

Fen has been spending a lot of time reviewing the work donkey has been doing on the Twilit TF item. I don’t know what state it’s currently in, but the two have been chopping the finer points of all of the mechanics that need to go on behind the scenes to make a TF work properly. I THINK it may be done right now, but I am in no presence of mind to try and exhaustively review TF code to checkbox it off and add it to the build until everybody is back from the weekend so we can go over it and give it the green light.

My brain is utter mush – I had the fun and enviable task of having to view five hundred pages of title deeds, property searches and purchase contracts this week and I’m only halfway through….

Back 2 da mines.

0.9.070 Hotfixes: Fen Monkeyin’ Around Edition:

  • The button to levitate should no longer be overwritten by other special attack buttons.
  • Fixed Debris Field having an incorrect tooltip.
  • Fixed Acid Cloud’s tooltip listing an incorrect damage type.
  • New Item: Sizzlepod Staff, a level 3 rare staff that deals corrosive damage and can be found in the deepest forests of Mhen’ga.
  • Improved text field input limitations for things like names and email addresses.
  • Fiddled with some kineticist damage calculations in an eternal quest for big round numbers that probably don’t change anything for you but give me more chances to accidentally introduce an error into the code…
  • “canFly” and “isFlying” are now tracked independently. Previously nearly everything flying-related was derived from the “canFly” check.
  • The levitation perk now makes “canFly” true, which should allow for all the flight-based transit events in the game world to work seamlessly with it.
  • “canFly” no longer matters for most combat events – isFlying is far more important.
  • Creatures that are flying are now immune to most traditional trip attacks. Sweeping the legs doesn’t do much to a flappin’ bird! Not all attacks that respect this have special text to notify you that it’s working, but it should be.
  • Added a “hasTripImmunity” function under the hood, and having the “Planted” feat or being tripped already both set it to true, as well as flying or the generic “trip immune” status many NPCs have. This should simplify checking if a creature can be tripped down to one value to check.
    • I touched a lot of combat encounters wiring this up, so I may have introduced a fat-finger bug somewhere along the line.
  • Added an argument to “hasTripImmunity” to ignore the flight-based immunity for flight-countering trip effects like the kineticist has.
  • The jetpack accessory and flight-capable wings now allow you to “lift off” in combat. The “lift off” option shares a button with levitate ability and its ilk, and I tried to be intelligent about how they all nest together so that natural wings don’t prevent you from using your levitate ability (since that grants +10 evasion and is the “better” choice) – but the wing option will appear when your energy is too low. I also made them respect flight-disabling effects like the web status.

0.9.070 Changelog:

  • [WHOOPS] Some wires were crossed, and an incomplete feature was accidentally included in the patchnotes. Amber’s cure quest is not yet ready. -Fen
    • Amber’s cure quest; simply talk to her about a cure whilst aboard your ship to get started. (Skom, AveryBirb and MoonKitten & DrunkZombie)
  • PUBLIC: Spacewizards. Sorry, I mean kineticists can now be created in the public build. (Fen, Fen, Fen, and some guy called Fen. Savin, whoever that guy is, also too)
  • Fixed Syri’s coat bust appearing when it should/shouldn’t be doing. (Jacques00)
  • Added orgasm calls to a soaked raskvel scene where they were previously missing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Syne showing the wrong bust in a scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed further potential crashing issues around the keybind implementation for hitting Accept and Cancel buttons on the UI, no matter where they appear. (Gedan)
  • Fixed more improper uses of inventory handling interfaces caused by Telekinetic Warrior – these were much easier to find and eradicate with proper error messages! (Gedan)
  • Fixed how the players last location is stored when boarding the Great Majin so that we can more safely return the player when they leave. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some unparsed content in some Anyxine content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential crashes caused by new parser tags dealing with cock size parsing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential crashes with the keyboard navigation controls for the inventory, where it was possible for them to execute mid-transition to another UI layout and then immediately blow up. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a stack state creation issue during the Ara diplomacy mission. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash on some platforms returning weird and improper messages when the OS rejects a users request to fullscreen the page content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a further potential crash on some platforms where not only do they not return messages when emitting an exception, they don’t provide the stack either. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by using the Undo system immediately after fighting the Overqueen during First 14. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash after ship combat against a Cyberpunk K7. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash when changing cocksocks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with the Ziltrap Vines when the player uses a deployable turret, and also possibly fixed some other issues with their AI not properly processing allied creature states. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with remove junk attempting to loot invalid piercings. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a bunch more typos. (Jacques00)

[Backers | CoC2] The Captain’s Sword

Our coders have spent the last week and change trawling through the bug reports forum. The war against the bugs is never ending, but Drake and Leek and Zag did their part! Thanks to everyone who’s been reporting issues, as always!

0.6.17 Patch Notes:

  • You can now talk to Jael’yn about her sword, and find the missing charms. Each charm you find empowers the blade further. (By Skow)
  • There’s a new Shamanic-themed Wayfort furniture set for sale. (By Zavos)
  • The Effigies in the Old Forest have been revamped after you subdue their mom. If you killed her, they disappear. (By Tobs)
  • A whole wagonload of bug fixes, some courtesy of Zagzig, including but not limited to:
    • Hotaru’s talk option no longer blanks out.
    • The Brint/Cait BJ scene now requires having had sex with Brint before.
    • Pure Genova no longer shows up in the centaur village when it’s corrupted.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with re-caging Ryn.
    • Fixed Berwyn knocking you up pre-BQ2 and it acting like you already’d done so.
    • Fixed a lot of broken or missing text and tons of typo/grammar corrections.

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[TiTS] Updatin Time

Eloise (Adjatha)

Eloise (Adjatha)

Still been continuing to chop through Sentry issues that have been lingering; the pile isn’t getting larger, it’s mostly just the same things that have been wrong for a couple of weeks still happening – so it’s only a matter of time before I’ve managed to smash through all of them. Feelin’ good, just gotta keep at the grind to get everything silky smoove!

Back 2 da mines.

0.9.069 (nice) Changelog:

  • PUBLIC: Hazard Armor, Mome Codex, Anyxine Standing Bone and Mia.
  • BACKER: Elcine is available at Shineglass Station on Phaedra. (Savin & Leek)
  • BACKER: Additional punishment scenes for Cherry’s Wall are now available. (Redknight910 & Leek)
  • Added Phaedra, Jasvalla, Sophora and Ardia encounter details to the quest log. (Jacques00)
  • Added Dzan addicition details to the quest log. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash with staff weapons. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a softlock in Ramis content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed gravity rush persisting between fights. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a reversed Luca check that blocked her sub-switch option. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed how the status effect that controls Capraphorm is created and updated. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a temporary value set during trade that was breaking Undo state creation. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with certain Zaika combat encounters. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Telekenetic Warrior eating melee weapons when the player had no equipped ranged weapon. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more unessencery calls forcing the combat UI to be shown, this time in the mock-combat interface. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with the duel with Riya in some Nastizia content. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Ecstasy Enlargers expiry proc, allowing it to work properly with how time passage is actually implemented. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the cooldown handling for the Thirsting status effect. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed some error handling code to better handle certain mobile browsers not passing along an error object when an error happens. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some crashes with a handful of room configurations that were still referencing rooms that either didn’t exist, or have been moved in the new map structure. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash in some keybind-implementation code for finding “Accept” buttons, anywhere on the UI, and executing them. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with code that handles player children states and unique Zil children. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with a sexdoll in Kiroquest and a Sophora defeat scene where a scene may be entered without passing along the appropriate selected vagina index of the player to use. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential crash with the Gallery and Trade back buttons being double-activated. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash in some Paige content where the action history wasn’t being passed along properly. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some class combat perks being able to activate whilst in Ship combat, causing a crash when they try to apply an attack that doesn’t work against Ship objects. (Gedan)

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