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[Backers | CoC2] Sowing Your Seeds

Rejoice: player pregnancies are now enabled! The first two have already been implemented, and no doubt more will come as we get more enemies.

Have a happy new year!

0.1.2 Patch Notes:

  • If you get your vagina fucked by the Alraune or her Effigies, you’ll potentially become pregnant. If the seeds are fertilized, you’ll be able to take them for later after birth.
  • Kasyrra herself can knock you up in her second encounter, as well. Her pregnancy path is very quick, but much more involved. Big ups to Wsan for writing it!
  • Milking wyverns of their venom now rewards you with a Libido-boosting item, Wyvern Venom. It’s basically lust drafts, and can be thrown at people in combat. Speaking of which…
  • New feature: combat consumables! You can use fertilized Alraune Seeds and Wyvern Venom during combat, and you can switch weapons as well. Wyvern venom acts as a lust grenade, while Alraune Seeds summon effigies. Note that you only have one summon slot, so if you have the Summon Fire Spirit power, you can only use one at a time.
  • Kiyoko can also be summoned via her amulet, after some relationship growth. Wearing her amulet grants access to a special Encounter power that allows you to conjure up your faithful fox — you need to wear it to both gain and use the power.

Jen, an officer of the Marked Merks, drawn by RattlePool.

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Merry New Years

Doots got me a lovely Christmas Kiro from Son237. Maybe next year we can open the box, if we’re good boys and girls!

So uh… this is turning into a real bear of a month for me. I’m basically going to AWOL this week due to having houseguests for the next five days or so, after which I have some headaches to deal with in regards to immigration. Hopefully by the 10th things will settle down, and I can get back to the grind.

I did some work for the Invasion of Korg’ii Hold quest that I’ve had planned forever – mostly the introduction event and framing for the first optional combat encounter as well as the start of the hold’s siege proper. Since a fair amount of the content is written already, I hope to be fairly nimble in its development and have the whole event finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

0.7.251 Changelog:

  • A new scene for Krissy, written by Thirdgames, is available.
  • It should no longer be possible to proc combat encounters when loading a save.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Jacques00 made the SynthSheath limit apply to the one available from Riya’s Christmas party event… I’m probably going to remove this in a future build. A Christmas event totally shouldn’t be limited in such a way. It’s a present!

There’s at least one decent-sized chunk of submitted code in the pull requests. Hopefully I can slide that through within the next week.

[Public | TiTS] Merry Christmas!

0.7.250 Changelog:

  • A new holiday encounter has been added! Encounter Krissy the reindeer girl, stuck away from her home after a Christmas Party. Are you a bad enough dude to give her a ride home? (I wrote this one!)
  • Various typo fixes and such.

What’s New This Month:

  • The final boss encounter of Zheng Shi is now live. You can face off with the Shock Hopper and L.D.C.!
  • New holiday events: Gwen Christmas (#2), Rat’s Raidersmas, Riya’s Holiday Party, Holidays at Embrys, Femdom Goblin Dream
  • New Busts: Dr. Teyaal, Olympia, and all six Rat’s Raiders,
  • New Event(s): Cow-girl femdom dreams on New Texas.
  • New Event: Showering with Paige.
  • New Expansion: Pregnancy for Quaelle.
  • New Option: Naming pet varmints.
  • New Option: Penny bimbofication and turning in Dr. Badger
  • New Transformation Item: Mousearella Cheese.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot!

Thank you to all of you: our staff, our supporters, our community writers/coders, and all of you who have had kind words to share about the things we’ve done. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you guys on the other side!

[Backers | CoC2] Crack a Few Eggs…

We’ve got some new TFs for you guys. Big shout out to Questy for helping out with some of the text you’ll be seeing in these items.

You can get backer access here. Just link your Patreon account with your blog account and you’ll get access to backer builds. Public builds will come out around the middle of each month!

0.1.1 Patch Notes:

  • Five new transformation items have been added: eggs! The new eggs will allow you to become a futa, get quad nipples, plump up your balls and invert your nipples, and much more — everything you could ever want from a breakfast food. Golden eggs will even turn you into a harpy. Bawk! All the eggs can be found in the Foothills.
  • New sexual perk (bubble butts) and balls flag (trap pouch). Both obtainable from eggs.
  • The Wyvern girl has gotten a buff, giving her the same multiple actions/round as the Alraune. This should make it so solo enemies like her can actually put up a fight!
  • Many fixes as usual. Most importantly, a bug regarding Kiyoko’s amulet acquisition was cleared up for people who chose “Neutral” responses to the temple mural.

[Backers] Carbonado Christmas

Gwen enjoying some off planet nightlife by JuicyDemon.

Before I get into the changelog, I want to give a quick shout-out to Carol J’s Patreon. I didn’t get a proper plug in the changelog for his Christmas entry, so I’m doing it now. Lovely stuff from that corner if you like femdom.

Now onto the patch notes!

0.7.249 Changelog:

  • The Christmas content for Gwen and Eimear is now live, courtesy of Gardeford. Just like last years it is procced by approaching them shortly after closing time (assuming you’ve already hung out with them once). If you’ve done neither event yet, you can do both – simply wait three or so days after the first one before trying again.
  • For those at “Good CEO” rank with Rats Raiders, there has been a new option added to the encounter with your rival and Feruze. Click ??? to find out what happens next!
  • Fixed a few typos I encountered while doing a playthrough yesterday.

I intend to slide a public patch out on Christmas day, but until then, I have an idea for a reindeer cutie I’d like to write. It’s been a long time since I wrote a holiday NPC myself.

[Backers] Ratty Christmas!

The other bunch of raiders, not yet picture on the blog. Art by Adjatha.

Only one winning scene left to add to the game! With any luck, I’ll have that in by tomorrow evening, and perhaps make a holiday contribution of my own before returning to regularly scheduled content.

0.7.247 Changelog:

  • Riya’s event now properly makes sure you’ve met Riya. A check was inverted. My bad!
  • If you’re a non-taur on good(ish) terms with Rat’s Raiders and have a vagina (or penis that fits inside) AND have read the Rodenian Codex entry AND it’s Christmas AND you’re on Zheng Shi AND you’re entering your ship… there’s a 25% chance the raiders will show up for a bit of holiday cheer, and even introduce themselves. Golly, that’s a lot of names! (Good work, William!)

0.7.248 Changelog:

  • I unfucked a value I had forced to be “true” for the purposes of testing. Nothing to see here, folks!

[Backers] Christmasween 2018: Part Uno

Doctor Teyaal is apparently not a big fan of clothing!

0.7.246 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Doctor Teyaal & Olympia (by Adjatha)
  • New Holiday Content: Christmas with Embry, by Frogapus. Requires Embry to have undergone all her procedures and you to have genitals.
  • New Holiday Content: UGC Garrison Party, by Franks. Requires you to have met Riya.
  • New Christmas Dream: “Nice” femdom elves, by Carol J.
  • Futa Sylvie can now access the “Taur Mounting” scene once more.
  • Several fixes for bugged content or typos.

More to come in the days to come!


Down goes the Christmas banner ad (at least once this post is replaced with a new patch!) I’ve completed my review of this year’s crop of Christmas entries, and I’ve got a tasty cup full of winners and hot cocoa for you all. Unfortunately, the authorities behind the internet have yet to figure out a protocol for the electronic transmission of holiday drinks, so you’ll have to make do with just the winners. Drats.

Contest Winners (in no particular order after the Grand Prize(s)):

  • [$100 prize] Grand Prize: Christmas with Embry (by Frogapus) AND the Tavros Garrison’s Christmas Party (by Franks). It’s a tie!
  • [$75 prize] “Nice”-themed Femdom (by Carol J)
  • [$75 prize] Unwrapping Gwen (by Gardeford)
  • [$75 prize] A Very Mice Zheng Shi Christmas (by William)

Expect these to trickle into the game soon!

And for everyone who didn’t win anything: I hope you still had fun with the process, and I hope you come back in the future a little older, wiser, and with even better smut for me to read over.

Happy Holidays, guys!

[CoC2 | Public] Encounters of the Demonic Kind

New patch means more hot demonic action! This is Patch 0.1 — our first public build post-alpha. Now that we’ve arrived here, we’re going to be focusing on padding out content for the Old Forest and Foothills for a bit, as well as things like new TFs and player pregnancy in the near(ish) future.

Support the game HERE | Play Here

0.1.0 Patch Notes:

  • The Alraune can be approached again after you defeat her (and choose not to kill her), offering her body up to her new master (or mistress). Her repeat scenes were written by SomeKindofWizard.
  • The Alraune can also be impregnated once a day to produce a seed. They don’t do anything *yet* but soon…
  • You can journey beyond the bridge in the Corrupted Garden to explore a ruined wayfort on the river, and beyond it, encounter a familiar demonic foe. This encounter was written by myself, and I hope you enjoy your horsecocks 🙂
  • You can also meet, though not presently recruit (or meat), the boreal elf ranger Etheryn — our next companion.
  • Flight is now a Stance-type ability, meaning that prones and stuns interrupt it.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Kiyoko the pregophile fox-wife was added. So much Kiyoko, y’all.
  • The Corrupted Garden and its Alraune/Herald bosses was added to the northern Old Forest.
  • Cait’s sexual healing scene with her lovers.
  • Catfolk and Human TFs.
  • Countless minor mechanical changes and bugfixes.


Shou came up with a new charity. I love it.

What’s new today? A new transformation item, restructuring Jade’s buy menus, and an absolutely enormous five-part dream sequence by Carol J for straight femdom lovers.

0.7.244 & 245 Changelog:

  • Higuera’s “Mousearella Cheese” transformation item has been added to the game. Jade sells it in her shop (and the raiders should be able to drop it as well).
  • Jade’s shop has been split into three menus: one for very erotic, involved transformations, one for standard transformations, and one for very targeted transformations. Hopefully this’ll make sorting her stuff out easier in the future.
  • A new series of dreams that culminate in a possible bad-end have been added to the game, written by Carol J. You can begin to get them after hitting level 7. Note that you must: use masculine pronouns, have a penis, have balls, and have been to New Texas.
    • Update: 0.7.245: Fixed an issue with dream routing, made it so they only occur while sleeping on New Texas, and turning down Alexandra’s dreams twice in a row should disable them. Thanks for all your feedback!
  • If you have a basic tongue, the appearance won’t bother talking about it.
  • Leveling above level 5 has been slowed down a bit. Hopefully not too much!

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