We’ve got some new TFs for you guys. Big shout out to Questy for helping out with some of the text you’ll be seeing in these items.

You can get backer access here. Just link your Patreon account with your blog account and you’ll get access to backer builds. Public builds will come out around the middle of each month!

0.1.1 Patch Notes:

  • Five new transformation items have been added: eggs! The new eggs will allow you to become a futa, get quad nipples, plump up your balls and invert your nipples, and much more — everything you could ever want from a breakfast food. Golden eggs will even turn you into a harpy. Bawk! All the eggs can be found in the Foothills.
  • New sexual perk (bubble butts) and balls flag (trap pouch). Both obtainable from eggs.
  • The Wyvern girl has gotten a buff, giving her the same multiple actions/round as the Alraune. This should make it so solo enemies like her can actually put up a fight!
  • Many fixes as usual. Most importantly, a bug regarding Kiyoko’s amulet acquisition was cleared up for people who chose “Neutral” responses to the temple mural.