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[TiTS] Sweepin’ up after Big Rask

Jasvalla, Adjatha

Jasvalla, Adjatha

Bit of a weird week all around. Things have mostly been focused on cleaning up the new Dungeon and digging in to quality of life things around the game. We snuck out a good few hotfixes over the last week-and-a-bit to that end.

After the last couple weeks effort with new keybinds for some of the most used interface layouts, and then a bit more tweaking to better support tooltips for touch interfaces I wanted to spend some more time trying to improve mobile performance on lower-end devices. I have both a deece iPad and a cheap-as-possible Android tablet to test things on for really reals to get a handle on exactly how things are working. All I can say is the iPad mostly seems pretty dang good, but the Android is really struggling. I know there’s things I can fish out to improve things, but I think the biggest problem is simply the sheer size of the game and how much thicc code we’re asking the device to handle. We’ve made some non-optimial choices with how we’re abusing the UI to do the things we want it to do but I think I’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of easy performance wins there.

At any rate, I think my next challenge is going to be reworking the entire sidebar. It’s always been kinda placeholder whilst we built up all of the individual components that makes it up with a view to cycling back around once everything was working to redo its layout, taking into account the feedback we’ve seen and polishing off a few of the things that we’ve tested over time, like the ability to move via the minimap directly.

As for the rest of the team…

DZ has spotted something that interests him in the code-queue.
Will has parked some extra juice for Extrameet in the backlog.
Jacques is still living in card art hell.
Slabin is returning to slab and working on his next big character quest.
Adj continues delivering sick bust art.
Donkey is giving me too many commits to review, as is the style.
Fen is working on some shiny new items to plump up the rewards for the new Don Jon.

0.9.028 Changelog:

  • Backer: Malai is now available to backers. A big boy rask with a weapons shop at the south-end of Gabtown. (Doots & Leek)
  • Fixed a few crashes with new keybinds. (Gedan)
  • Jasvalla art has arrived and been implemented! (Adjatha)
  • Fixed issues with a Stormguard scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed issues with a Pippa scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an errant empty combat text container involving stuns. (lowercase_donkey)
  • The usual assortment of bust fixes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Tweaks have been made to Bess/Bens menus in various places. (lowercase_donkey)
  • A bunch of cleanup has been done for the new Dhaal dungeon – too many little things to exhaustively list.
  • Attempts have been made to recover frosty’s custom name from older saves. (lowercase_donkey)
  • The ability to refund perk selections has been enabled as a cheat. (I think Leek originally made the UI, donkey wired it up as a cheat)
  • Final cleanup of Sophora issues; a few combat tweaks, a bad end properly implemented. (Gedan)

Come Play With My Dhaal!

(The downloadable builds should be working as expected now!)

Dhaal’s Corporate Dungeon is live! This is a big one – I expect I’ll be pushing a hotfix or two tomorrow to clean up rough edges as they’re revealed. Make sure to slap bug reports in the appropriate forum so that we have a unified way to try and communicate with you about them!

Poor Adjatha had to draw so many pointy-eared, dark-skinned aliens… the inhumanity!

Hotfixes Deployed:

  • Some of the new keybinding system for the inventory has been fixed up and crashes handled.
  • The Farrow facility’s back door now actually opens once hacked, courtesy of lowercase-donkey.
  • The Peer & Doll fight is now winnable as intended. When a doll goes down, the peer that owns her will lose interest in the fight. I also fixed an issue in the victory menu (lack of a non-sex leave button.)
  • The dolls had the amount of lust damage that needs done lowered.
  • Fixed crashing when opening the executive safe. (Thanks, lowercase-donkey)
  • Slightly nerfed the rioter fight – reduced accuracy by 5% for most enemies, reduced HPs somewhat, etc.
  • Fixed “Still in combat, you ninny!” after losing at the gates.
  • Lowercase-Donkey fixed an issue with blueballed PCs who decline Kiro’s help.
  • Some button tooltip functionality fixes by Jacques00.
  • Fixed “showAuthor” crashes, thanks lowercase-donkey.
  • Fixed being able to re-enter the dungeon after claiming the probe. (Thanks, Leek!)

Changelog 0.9.025, 0.9.026 & 0.9.027:

  • [Backers] Dhaal’s final dungeon is complete and accessible in game. To get to it, you’ll have to complete the existing party and Feruze ambush events, then wait for an email from the scary shark-girl. You can meet her at the brothel afterward, track down Jack/Jill’s contact, and score the details on where they disappeared to. Then it’s just a matter of hitting up your local Taxi and visiting the new stop!
    • Make a save before starting the dungeon: This is one of the more ambitious final dungeons we’ve ever designed. From the get-go, you’re presented with a choice of fights, and that’s thread that follows through the entire experience, all the way to the final boss. There’s an entire floor you can skip depending on your choices – and all these variances are fertile breeding ground for bugs. There may be softlocks. There may be spots that should track an event but don’t. We may change or add to the rewards at the end as we continue to iterate and polish. For that reason, a save-to-file before the dungeon can be a lifesaver – and a quick way to get back in and try an alternate path.
    • At least nine new fights added, by my quick reckoning, many of which feature multiple foes.
    • Multiple new bad-ends, and plenty of win options as well as a chance to get up-close-and-personal with Feruze in a freight container.
    • Fight with Feruze by your side for the entire dungeon.
  • Inventory UI controls have been updated! Basic hotkeys for the bottom buttons are present now, and there is a highlighted option you can move up & down with W and S. Moving an item to another column (for dropping – or undropping) can be accomplished with the Q & E keys. Changing the column you have highlighted (for drop and shop UIs) is done with the tab key.
    • This is a first, rough pass on this. We will continue to iterate, refine, and improve this system – though I suspect Gedan may need a break from UI hell soon :3
    • I don’t fully understand the where, whys, and hows of it, but we had to drop the “double-click to buy” functionality to get the hotkeys going. Hopefully we can bring it back later, but who knows with the hell that is Javascrypt.
  • Touch tooltip support should be vastly improved; there’s a new option under gameplay called “Tooltip On Tap”; the first tap of a button that has a tooltip will display the tooltip, the second tap will activate the button. Buttons without a tooltip will immediately activate. This system should have no effect when using mouse input. This should also work with Status Effects. There’s probably more places this can be rolled out to, but I want to make sure it works exactly as intended first; this was kinda tricky to figure out a good way to handle!
  • Feruze’s child has a small post-dungeon bit of content, implemented by DrunkZombie.
  • Lowercase-Donkey did a lot of the usual under the hood cleaning and rearranging. :donkPog:
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks…


[Public | CoC2] NinaQuest!

There’s a new quest out for the local drunk-bird. Check it out!

0.5.23 Patch Notes:

  • Nina has a quest! (By TheObserver)
  • Zo has new preg busts. (By DCL)
  • Seeing any of the Berwyn/Matiha CG variants will now unlock all of them in the gallery.
  • Hotfix: An issue with flying companions has been resolved.

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New Since Last Public Update:

  • Viv can be recruited, with a bunch of new scenes!
  • Arona has several new romantically-oriented scenes.
  • Infrith also has a new scene for milking her deep into her pregnancy. Hretha can join in too if similarly gravid.
  • After doing GweyrQuest 3 and Calise’s first quest, Sanders will give you a breadcrumb leading to the Glacial Rift and onto the trail of the Valkyries.
  • New Busts: Jotun Giant-Father and his Cheerleaders. Annika the Valkyrie. Ice Trolls.
  • New CG: Annika’s introduction.

[TiTS] Dungeon Hotkeys – Coming ASAP

Hey all, Fen here with a report on our progress. TL;DR: Dhaal’s dungeon has all the pieces loaded in, coded in, and getting polished, but we’re halfway through adding inventory hotkeys for the inventory & shop UIs, and I dare not push a patch until that effort is finished. Hopefully I can patch in a day or two. Details lie below.

Ahhh the classic “snooty aristocrats and their sex-dolls” fight. Note: screenshot was taken during my work yesterday, before final stat values were set for the NPCs.

Yeah, the dungeon is basically there. This week I filled in two more combat encounters (one with four foes, the other with two), polished some of the interaction UIs and buttons, and added new support functions for a generically applicable “restrained” status effect to reduce evasion. Leek whipped up some “Lights Out” puzzles to crack into a safe, coded some bad-ends that Adj wrote last week, and helped me with snapping more of the pieces into place. They’re all there now, save for two enemy descriptions with placeholders and a player-obtainable weapon that needs its final stats set. There’s a lot to this dungeon: more rooms to explore than most, puzzles, optional fights, and a final boss that can be one of three different bosses – some of which have their fights come in multiple formats.


A preview from today’s team meeting of the current inventory state. (Thanks, Gedan!)

As you can see above, Gedan has spent the week iterating on hotkeys for the inventory, shop, and drop user interfaces. You’ll be able to navigate the highlighted section around, tab back and forth between shopkeeper inventories and your own, and even jump between categories in UIs that support it with the function keys. It might seem simple at a glance, but there is a LOT to do in order to make sure it feels good to use – like remembering what you have highlighted when you add something to a cart or droplist so that it doesn’t reset when the entire UI redraws. As a keyboard player: I am so fucking jazzed about this. Soon I’ll be able to do inventory stuff left-handed once more!

Thank you for your patience. The content pipe is about to burst just like Kiro poppin’ a nut.


[TiTS] A New Seat at the Table

Adjatha, Lureling WIP

Adjatha, Lureling WIP

I spent a bunch of time getting down and dirty with the race-determination code that I overhauled a couple of weeks back. It should be working far better now and a bunch of the edge-cases and wrong-results have been fired out of a cannon and into the nearest sun. I wanna see where this lands before I implement the next stage of things, by allowing you to pick a “sticky” race from the top of the list of potential scores, allowing you to somewhat bypass hyper-specific scoring scenarios to get the race you want and leave room for flexibility to turn your Steele into exactly what you envision for them.

This week meeting was good all around; we’ve got a lot of fresh content lined up to be completed over the next couple of weeks, so expect a return to form for backer content over the next couple of patches. Somewhere in the next couple of weeks you should expect the next dungeon to drop, now that Fen and Leek have gotten together and made lots of code babies over their two halves of the implementation process. Fen just has a couple of final touches to rope together and it’ll be DONE. SOON™.

Now I must go and clamber back into the codemine.

0.9.024 Changelog:

    • [BACKER] Una has a new series of facesitting scenes, along with a potential bad-end for good boys who prove they know their place under her booty. (William, Nonesuch & Gedan)
    • Bakhar’s menu being funky has been fixed. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Fixed a handful of character names not being consistently displayed in the UI. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Fixed a couple of oversights with parser tags in lovestarz content. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Fixed where the displayability of the update notification message is determined which should ensure it can be consistently displayed across different build types. (Gedan)
    • Fixed milk thief crashes. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Fixed Credits always being listed as the currency during a shop checkout process, even when another currency is being used. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Improved the parser to support literal arguments. (leek)
    • Tweaked all of the current race scoring parameters to more closely align with expected results under the old system. All of the starting race options should now properly result in half-race outputs as expected. Where possible, the new system avoids using specific genitalia as a scoring element and instead relies purely on other appearance factors but there are a handful of cases where this is impossible or clearly does not make sense to avoid. (Gedan)
    • Tweaked all of the different ways the player can acquire Kiro’s ship for themselves, hopefully resulting in a more consistent experience. (Gedan)
    • Deduplicated a bunch of old content as well as cleaning up the scope of a lot of functions across the codebase. (lowercase_donkey)
    • Undo states should be properly created in more instances when the parser has been provided temporary parser tags. (Gedan)
    • A variety of scene and tag fixes, along with the usual assortment of bust tweaks have been performed. (lowercase_donkey)

[Backers | CoC2] Bewitching Orcs

More Viv content, and the last of the new Arona fun I couldn’t quite squeeze into October!

0.5.22 Patch Notes:

  • Viv has a new scene for dicking you down. (by Alypia)
  • Viv also has a new titfuck 3some with Cait. (by Balak)
  • Viv has new special interactions: introducing her to Evergreen and talking about Zuzaan. (Also by Balak)
  • Arona has a new scene for femme PCs doing some gentle femdomme to Subrona (by Alypia)
  • Domrona also has a new scene in her general scene pool where you suck her off real, real good.
  • New Busts: Jotun Giant-father and his cheerleaders (by Moira)

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