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[Backers] Overseer Maike

This one’s got a lot going on and ties into a lot of things that are unfinished. Do not throw away the spacesuit helmet. It’s key to progressing to the next level of Zheng Shi. I’d recommend keeping a save from BEFORE handling Maike just in case something screwy happens.

0.7.186 & 0.7.187 Changelog:

  • Overseer Maike has been added to Zheng Shi’s mines. She’s a pretty damned tough fight written by SoAndSo.
  • Overseer Maike drops a spacesuit helmet – a key item required to spacewalk in a future patch and restore the elevator’s power.
  • Overseer Maike also drops a keycard to allow you to open her office. I still intend to put an intelligence requirement on the hacking.
  • Wearing the new slave uniform to Maike and bluffing can result on you getting a shock collar put on you that prevents HP and energy recovery when resting. Urbolg can fix it for a price… or something else.
  • Stealth field now lasts 1 turn longer.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Art is a commission Savin snagged from Shou of my minotaur OC (of the same name) going to town on Kaede.

TiTS Update: Overseer Maike ETA is Tomorrow

As the post states, Overseer Maike should get put in the game tomorrow. I got her combat routines tested today to an acceptable level, but since she’s a boss in a dungeon level with multiple intended ways to progress there’s more things that need dealt with than a typical fight. I have to set up and handle bluffing with slave outfits, defeating her, bluffing and then stumbling back into her, enabling a slave rebellion (and disabling Tivf as he would escape in the confusion), setting up her key card to open her office door without doing a hacking puzzle (and probably gate the hack behind an intelligence requirement), dropping the spacesuit helmet and setting up how the spacesuit and spacesuit helmet combine.

I think I’ll have it all done tomorrow, but (It’s over!) for now I’m going to pop off to try out the new Symmetra in Overwatch, and probably drunkenly scream at my twitch channel, internet permitting.

At right: a design for a laquine pirate I ordered from Liliruru. It came in a bit after I finished the jumper, but hopefully we’ll find a use for that sexy bunny later on!

[Public | CoC2] Inventory Management Sim 2018

Inventory! Drake and DCL spent a good deal of time putting together CoC2’s actual inventory. Now you’ll be able to see the stats of all your gear. There will be a shop UI coming soon allowing you to view the stats of gear you’re potentially buying as well.

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0.0.15 Patch Notes:

  • Icons have been added to the map, showing what’s where.
  • The player’s inventory has been revamped with new assets and stat/tooltip views. You can use the mouse to click on items, and double click to equip or unequip as well.

Some delicious fanart of Cait by SheepPun! <3

Observer and I are working on some more Cait scenes as well in the background. See you soon!

[Backers] Camping? Pshhhh. We Got Double Dongos

Naw but seriously, there’s a new CoC2 patch that came out over the weekend. Give it an eyeful in the post below if it interests you. As for TiTS, pretty much all of this is fan content that our lovely volunteer coders have whipped up. It took me most of the day to file down some of the rough edges, but I’m comfortable sharing it with you guys at this point!

0.7.185 Changelog:

  • New Item: Dry Spell. Available at select vending machines & Dr. Lash. Written by ShadeFalcon and coded by TheRealDrunkZombie.
  • Tessa the female ovir can now be encountered in the Mess’s bar on Tarkus. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Maye.
  • Shizuya the “Meowmazon” was added. She can be encountered in space after finishing the Stellar Tether on Tarkus. Afterward, there’s a low chance of her ship showing up at your local space dock (it’s calculated at midnight). Written by QuestyRobo and coded by Lighterfluid.
  • The unlock path for Akane should be a bit more forgiving, and a cheat code was added to further facilitate it.
  • A solid chunk of Nonesuch’s expansion for the Plantation Quest on Mhenga has been thrown in, coded by Jacques00.
  • New Bust: Shizuya, by Ber00.
  • It also looks like another scene for Lund got rolled into the breaking him path. Rock on!

Art pictured at right is lovely person’s Steele getting the business from everyone’s favorite HoneyLaquine, Kelly! Picture drawn by Dsan.

[Public | CoC2] Camping!

Fen’s out of the office, which means… nothing, really, I’m just gonna get to leave a CoC2 blog post up on top for a couple of days.

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0.0.14 Patch Notes:

  • New Cait busts, courtesy of DCL
  • Camping! You can buy camping supplies from Leorah in Hawkethorne and set up camps in any wilderness space. Camps remain for a length of time based on the “threat level” of the region — for the foothills, they’re generally permanent. Camps create mini-locations you can enter to sleep and fuck companions. Eventually, you’ll be able to set up your alchemy kit and do other fun things in camp.

Next up, Drake and DCL are working on the inventory and character sheet UI stuff. There’s also a wizardy dogboy as our next piece of sexy content.

[Backers] Gotta Jump!

0.7.184 Changelog:

  • The Jumper’s first bust variant has the clothed version done and has been placeholdered in. Enjoy the bun!
  • A new contributor, William handed me 30 pages of new scenes for the Jumper, which I’ve gone ahead and rolled into the game. Enjoy the new goodies! Three one win options, one with two forks!
  • Some fixes and tweaks

That’s it for me for the week. I’m going to leave you guys in Savin’s capable hands! As mentioned, the Jumper pictured at right was done by our talented Adjatha.

[Backers] Mysterious Mysteries

It’s time for a new update! Ya’ll ready for this?

0.7.183 Changelog:

  • A significant amount of rooms have been added to Zheng Shi’s mines. Roughly 2/3 of the mines are in at this point.
  • Lund can now be broken, courtesy of Wsan and Gedan’s coding.
  • Two new scenes for the Bored Jumper have been added. (By QuestyRobo)
  • The Bored Jumper is now resistance to burning and freezing damage.
  • The Jumper has an additional 30% evade chance versus ranged attacks.
  • Negative evasion now also reduces base dodge chances.
  • Fixes for a bug with Anno in the gym.

Writing room descriptions is slowly killing me, but there’s not much down here to go at least.

Fondling Bases

Today I did a solid amount of writing (~2000 words), put together a brief powwow with Savin and SoAndSo to work out what we all had to do for our various parts of the mines, reviewed some submitted code for a submission (it wasn’t ready for prime time), got some eyeballs reviewing a few other submissions, tweaked negative evasion to also reduce dodge chances (not yet live), and am probably going to dig through some other submission stuff.

One important thing is that I’ve finally started going through the backlog on the event submission form. Everything that was emailed at me should have a response one way or the other. If something somehow didn’t get any answer, please poke me again about.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are 44 submissions in this form to look at.

[Backers] Pretty Bee, More Fun With Urbolg and Jumpers

0.7.182 Changelog:

  • Tivf now has a bust (by Adjatha)!
  • Urbolg now has a sex scene for centaurs with feminine anatomy (By Wsan).
  • The player can now induce a bad-end using one of Urbolg’s collars intentionally (By Wsan). It’s a good one!
  • The Bored Jumper has a new victory scene for player characters with feminine anatomy (By Me, Fenoxo).
  • Having a negative evasion statistic now carries penalties. For every overall point of negative evasion, HP damage taken is increased by 3%.

[Public | CoC2] Cait Needs Some Lovin’

More kitty fuckin’ for the kitty gods!

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0.0.13 Patch Notes

  • Cait has a new sex scene, focused on her pussy! Compatible with all sexes. Cumming inside her will net you a new talk option as well.
  • Many, many bugfixes and misc. tweaks. Thanks for pointing ’em out, y’all!

Meanwhile, Drake and DCL are hard at work on the UI for the character sheet and inventory. A camping system is also in the works!

Art of the next enemy we’re adding, Berwyn the trappy dog-boy summoner! Written by HugsAlright, and art’d by DCL. He really needs a hug, if you ask me.

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