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[Hotfixed] CoC2: Three Whole Years! (Plus a Public Patch)

[Not an April Fool’s Post]

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s been three whole years since CoC2 came out. We launched on April 1st, 2018 without any fanfare — we’d kept a tight lid on what we’d been working on — and just came out with our current dev patch like it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

I’m not normally one for a lot of pomp and circumstance, but I do want to take the opportunity to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who’s played the game, become part of the community, and supported us in countless ways since then.

Speaking of which, the Steam version of the game‘s going to be on sale tomorrow (~10 AM Pacific, April 1st) if you haven’t picked that up yet.

And this seems as good a time as any to make some announcements and talk about what’s coming up in the near future for the game:

  • As of today, TheObserver — best known for his writing of Kiyoko and the Gunvaldsen pups — is officially joining the staff.
  • Now that the revised appearance code is finally finished, the halt on new Transformations can be lifted. Demons, boreal elves, lizardfolk, and more are all written up already!
  • Within the next month or two we’re going to start releasing the next major story areas for the game: the Undermountain, accessible through the minotaur gate in the foothills, which will lead down into the subterranean city of Khor’minos. Expect loads of content for Brint/enne and everything bovine. How convenient this ended up being the Year of the Cow!
  • Skow and I will also be working on a bunch of Wayfort-related content over the next few months: repairing and renovating the place to be a proper keep, and adding to/expanding on the characters that occupy the place. Our objective is to make it feel like as much of a living, breathing place as Hawkethorne… just with more lewds.
  • I’m finishing up a bunch of Evergreen-related content (more services from the witch, and you dating her daughter Senja). My immediate next project after that is going to be finally getting around to adding some romancable salamanders to the game. Big strong elemental lizards give the best hugs 🙂
  • Oh yeah, and May’s coming up, which means… Mayternity. Plenty of pregnancy-related content over that horizon, lemme tell ya.

And with the future-content-shilling out the way, here’s today’s bonus public patch:

Hotfix is Live!

  • Fixes Appearance crashes
  • Adds Viv blowjob CG

0.3.39 Patch Notes:

  • The Appearance screen has been reworked. You won’t notice much difference on your end, but it’s no longer a giant pile of spaghetti code that’s been dragged from the bowels of CoC1 for the last 10 years across three games.
  • A stylist has finally been added to Hawkethorne! (Written by SomeKindofWizard).
    • You can get hair cuts, change your various colorations, get your hair extended, and even get tattooed up. Enjoy your tramp stamps and slutty womb tattoos. 😀
    • The new Appearance and stylists options are all brand new! Please report any bugs on our bug report forum so we can hammer them out!
  • Cait and Naiyana have some new scenes together (written by myself and Skow). Potentially turn that 3some into a 5some with the Mare Guards!
  • You can now assfuck the Wingleader when she interrupts your sleep. (Written by StrawberryTea)
  • Encounter zones within each region are now color-coded for your convenience — each different set of colored tiles has (and has had, just with no in-game way of seeing) its own encounter table.
  • There’s now a default cock selector if you have multiple tools. May be helpful for fitting into tight places.
    • Like with stylists, please bug report any instance where the scene specifically picks a cock and then doesn’t actually use it.
  • Viv has a new bust (still by Moira), and Winter Knight Brint has an Appearance Screen portrait.
  • Several new CGs have been added: Zo training has one, blowing Arona on her throne, Cait/Leo Gals 4some, a headpat ceremony with Kiyoko and Kinu (also a new scene, via freed Kiyoko in her home), and sleeping with Hretha and Infrith.

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[Backers | TiTS] Horsey Mechanic and Naptime with Gianna

“Big and Tall” stores in TiTS must have an additional meaning…

0.8.138 Changelog

  • You can now take Gianna to bed with you! When she first joins your ship, she’ll ask if you want her to share your bed. You can change this later – just like other crew members. Unlike most of them, her “sleep with” scenes are a combination of numerous different micro-openings (~15 possible with different configurations) and a similar amount of larger, morning variations. I even managed to support exotic character attributes like tail-genitals, dick-nipples, and the like. There’s even a variant for PC’s with 3+ dicks that can fit inside of her!
  • Megrez the mechanic has landed on Myrellion to patch up your ship and blow a hole in your panties large enough to float a freighter through. The big horse boy was written by Doots and coded by Fenoxo.
  • You can now return Zaalt’s shipment of A.I. cores to Anyxine for some money or a one-time chance to make her do subby stuff for a change!
  • The gryvain techie now has her proper combat description enabled.
  • Lighterfluid tore some bugs a new one. Highlights include resolving a crash with Evening, Overqueen typos, italic bleed in Love Starz, and Anyxine emails not getting properly parsed.

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[Backers | CoC2] I Know Kung Fu

Time to get hands on with some curvy orcs, and then learn some open-hand techiques from a quiet doggo!

Update: A hotfix has been released to fix a myriad of technical issues with Zo, including her combat appearance and powers.

0.3.38 Patch Notes:

  • Zo the Lupine Monk can now be encounter in Harvest Valley. Help her out, learn kung fu, maybe learn a little about each others’ bodies. (Written by B!)
  • You can now finally catch up with Infrith after the Right of Conquest questline — and have some fun. She looks pretty breedable, doesn’t she? (Written by Gardeford)
  • There’s now a GALLERY feature accessible from the game’s main menu, showing CGs and busts.
    • Busts seen were not previously tracked; you’ll need to see them on your save to unlock them.
  • Roughly one metric fuckton of bugfixes courtesy of Leek.

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Infrith and Hretha drowning a Champion in Kervus tid, by DieselBrain!

[Backers | TiTS] Crew Gianna & Evening~

Gianna blowies by Pzero.

Hey guys! I’m back and cranking on crew Gianna! I went through all of her current sex and talk scenes to try and make sure they would make sense in a crew capacity, but being me, I’m sure I missed a few bits here and there that I’ll be happy to clean up as they’re reported to me. Enjoy!

0.8.137 Changelog:

  • Gianna can now be recruited! You’ll have to go through dinner with her adoptive father, Big T, but you can recruit her! Just make sure you got to know her first (and slept with her enough!) Currently her crew content is functionally identical to her current suite of content but in portable form, but new scenes are the next topic on my to-do!
  • Evening is here! This bar-going mercenary can be found in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Feel free to challenge her to games of darts or show her some of the unique guns you’ve found in your adventures! Written by AceInTheHole and coded by Lighterfluid… though it looks like Lighterfluid didn’t set up the author tagging. Don’t fret, it’s fixed for next patch.

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[Public | CoC2] Extra Fluffy

Finally it’s time to realize the dream of an even thiccer, fluffier Cait!

0.3.37 Patch Notes:

  • Even more of Cait’s post-quest content has been added, including turning her into a half-leothran, a foursome with Lyrish/Syrish, and a few new repeatable sex scenes by TheObserver.
  • You can actually get Cait’s new set now after finishing the quest. Enjoy your red mage cat!
  • Barney can teach you a new joke TOTALLY SERIOUS AND USEFUL power by talking with him. He didn’t earn that title of his for nothing!
  • Etheryn has a new scene for nursing from lactating PCs. (Written by Alypia)
  • Arona has a new scene for giving you a blowjob if she’s a sub. (Written by BubbleLord)
  • New bust: Lyric. New CG: Lusamine enemy missionary.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now complete Cait’s personal quest, Cat Call, by taking her to the Caravanserai in northern Harvest Valley. This unlocks a load of new Cait-centric content!
  • Imora the siorcanna shamaness now appears in the Rift.
  • Lusina the Mothgirl now moves to the Marefolk Village after you complete CentaurQuest. She does NOT go to Hawkethorne as her previous (now amended) dialogue indicated.
  • Kinu has another new quest from her perspective. Finish both the Den’s other quest (and her previous paralogue) to unlock it!
  • There’s a cute new scene that triggers by bringing Ryn to Gianna’s caravan.
  • A new scene has been added to the Wayfort, introducing Bailiff Daliza. Meant to be part of the initial claiming with Farrah.
  • Viviane the Witch can now be found during daylight hours, too.
  • New Codex: Ghosts. After meeting the Hellhound, a new section of the Lupine codex unlocks.
  • New Busts: Flame Dancer, Flame Knight, Leothran!Cait.

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Fanart of Leothran Cait by bk!

Plugging Other Games!

It’s been a while since I plugged a completely random game, but recently a friend of mine talked to me about a game called “Monster Girl Dreams“. I tried it out the other day, and…

It’s really damn good.

It plays a little like if Monster Girl Quest and Corruption of Champions had a baby, and I gotta say, I love it. Combat is largely sex & tease based with enemies having variable “weak spots” and vulnerable damage types. For example, fucking an elf in her vagina might reduce her to a drooling mess in no time, but do that to an Alarune, and you’re gonna have a great time – just not win the fight. The writing is generally solid and hot where it counts, tagging a lot of the same sorts of character archetypes that do so well in our games – like tsundere lizard-girls with tail-pegging scenes.

And there’s art!

Anyway if you’re needing to try something different, I highly recommend Monster Girl Dreams in spite of its unfinished status. There is a LOT of finished content.

(I also wrote 1,400 words more of crew Gianna recruitment content today.)


[Backers | CoC2] Clappin Catte Cheeks

It has been 10,000 years — well, more like almost 3 — but you can finally finish Cait’s personal quest and get a bit closer to your pink pussy-priestess. And hey, there’s also a shiny new shark waifu to play with courtesy of Skow.

0.3.36 Patch Notes:

  • You can now finish Cait’s quest, Cat Call, by taking her to the ruined caravanserai in northern Harvest Valley. After the quest, you’ll get a new set for the catgirl, a bunch of new talks, and finally the opportunity to take Cait’s anal virginity (and then take that ass over and over). Alternatively you can enjoy an excellent bad end written by Wsan if you fail the quest :D! There’s more of her post-quest content coming in the next patch, including a bunch of new sex scenes by Tobs and the ability to turn Cait into a half-leothran like the twins!
  • You can meat Imora, the siorcanna shamaness, in all her glory up in the Rift. (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • After returning to the ruined Wayfort for the first time, you’ll be introduced to Bailiff Daliza of the Winter City and be given an opportunity to legally assume control of the fort (as well as in reality with or without Ryn’s help). This is meant to be part of the same event where you meet Jael’yn and Farrah there.

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Illustration done by Unreal Studio!

[Backers | TiTS] More Scalebutts, Anyone?

Do you have what it takes to lay the dragon?!

0.8.136 Changelog:

  • Fixed an issue with Anyxine having two separate flags tracking if you had met her. This should address issues people were having with getting her sauna event to start.
  • Made the spelling of Anyxine’s last name consistent across the game. It was nice remembering the Agrosh/Argosh/Argrosh debace from back in the day!
  • New busts: Nastizia, Jack, Jill, Cat Jack, Cat Jill.
  • Did you know that DrunkZombie coded Kaithrit pregnancy a while back? He did, and it’s in game.
  • Anyxine should no longer email you about Shade quite so freely.

0.8.135 Changelog:

  • KNOWN BUG: Saves which interacted with her before this patch may be unable to access the new content. This will be addressed in a patch within the next 24 hours.
  • Remember Anyxine? No? The lady in Uveto Station that says something about sitting down in her office, but you can’t actually? Well, you can now. Clocking in at 74 pages, this chunk of new content fills out things Savin planned for the character YEARS ago.
    • Anyxine comes with a special first-time sauna sex scene, a repeatable Kaede threesome interaction, a pile of email messages, and four repeatable sex scenes.
    • Anyxine also includes a bonus sex scene for player ‘taurs with a vagina, written by me (Fenoxo <3)
    • Tip: to unlock Anyxine’s lewds, walk back into her office sometime after the first time, and it should proc an event where she goes to the sauna. You can figure it out from there, I’m sure!
  • You should no longer get emails until you beat FIRST-14 (or are above level 3 if you have an older save.)
  • Added a few drops to FIRST-14: Ballistic Underlayer (boss drop, +5 HP accessory), a MaxLazRifle (gryvain techie drop), and a Beat Stick (boss drop). The boss no longer drops a shield.
  • If you defeated the Overqueen before unlocking her Codex, returning to her room should unlock for it you (though silently).

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[Public | TiTS] Bigger, Tiddier TiTS

Okay guys, Grandpappy Fenoxo is back with a heaping helping of bug fixes as well as a dribble of new content to keep you entertained. The patch after this one is likely to be an exclusive for our loyal backers once more, either containing some Anyxine or Gianna as well as some more new bust art. More to share on that soon (hopefully!)

The jumper and Riley Steele having a good time, as illustrated by MehLewds!

0.8.134 Changelog:

  • The image pack is updated and available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.) This version of the game allows you to zoom in the corner busts for a better look at most NPCs. It also adds a small selection of in-line illustrations that appear during some scenes.
  • New image pack scene embed in the Bored Jumper scene for losing three times in a row… (Note: the illustration always shows the gray jumper. This is not a bug.)
  • New Codex: Caesselians! Unlock this by fighting the Overqueen in FIRST14.
  • New loss scene for the Gryvain Techie by William! This beauty of a scene is actually two – one for servicing her vagina and one for her other endowment…
  • The Overqueen’s victory sex menu should function properly now.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to gift sluttified Kiro a dildo if her inventory was glitched to a certain state.
  • You can no longer select your anus as the chosen hole for vaginal scenes with the feline salvagers.
  • Resetting the communications repair puzzle should no longer remove the “Abort” button.
  • The gryvain techie should now drop some credits.
  • You can no longer call SteeleTech infinitely for infinite credits.
  • Fixed an entire molehill worth of typos.

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