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[Backers | TiTS] Holiday Fixes

I really want to thank lowercase-donkey for the Tank Kannon-sized batch of bug fixes we got in the bin over the holidays. He worked damn near tirelessly to erase whole pages of bug-fixes – I still have to catch up with collating all the bugfix forum posts in light of everything he’s done. Ensuring that I get the gist of every bug fix in the changelog will be nigh-impossible with this much girth. Let’s see how well I do!

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 Changelog #889:

  • The stats page of the Codex now has nice bars for looking at.
  • Rewind/Redo states: we cut viewing past text pages to make room for this newer, better change: rewind & redo. Right now it behaves like the old feature by default, but the options menu should have options for full rewind/redo functionality if you dare risk the bugginess that will come with it. This is an unfinished and in development feature, so expect tweaks and changes going forward.
  • An option to upscale without smoothing has been added for those who prefer to see the pixels on the lower resolution busts lingering in the game. (Off by default.)
  • The checkout prompt now includes a credit display.
  • “PregnancyPlaceholders” were removed and replaced with full Creature stat blocks. This should clear up a number of bugs & crashes where they were mentioned, as PregnancyPlaceholder lost a lot of features it needed to work properly after the move.
  • I had to juggle around some values related to AmberSeed to avoid cyclical dependancies, so apologies if a new bug got introduced there. If not… well, just more evidence of my unholy perfection.
  • A number of seldom-used and ultimately pointless checks that were removed from the javascript version during the port have been more fully excised, hopefully fixing a number of crashes.
  • Tweaked how Lemon Loftcakes work to hopefully prevent really, really strange issues with characters becoming walking skyscrapers. I also added an effect where they will knock down your height some if you managed to exceed the game’s intended maximum.
  • Extrameet Dates have had a number of bugs cleaned up.
  • Updated busts: Geoff, Burt, Po
  • Tanis’s bow should be attainable again.
  • Heat-related crashes should be fixed.
  • Location stats have been archived for now.
  • “Flee” fixes.
  • Deck 13 location fixes.
  • Mhen’ga’s apostrophe style has been standardized, hopefully fixing functions confused by the presence of a fancy apostrophe vs a boring one.
  • Fixes for “makeClone” in combat.
  • Improvements to map loading and stability – and a lot of under the hood tweaks and updates to various map data across the game.
  • A lot of places referenced your current location using the old flash method. They got updated to use the new hotness.
  • cocksMatch() has been corrected to matchedCocks(), fixing a crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the worms in Kimber’s Quest.
  • Improvements for the num2Text methodology.
  • A small fix for frog girls.
  • Some more loops that got janked up in the move to javascript have been cleaned up and polished to a mirror shine once more.
  • Pandaneen should properly track if your clit has been changed by it.
  • ReductPro should work much better.
  • Dicksprout should also work better.
  • DendroGro should also work… BETTER.
  • Properly imported StringUtils for NaleenMales, which probably fixes a crash.
  • A small tweak so Lane’s intervention event was made so it can be accessed by the rest of the game when needed.
  • Lane’s button should have his name on it once you’ve met him.
  • Fixes to Bianca’s camp & made a number of her functions accessible in a broader scope, since she shows up on multiple planets.
  • Properly locked down Breedwell until it is ready.
  • Prai’s email italics should be fixed.
  • A number of tweaks and improvements were made to item menus and interactions with the inventory screen.
  • Corrected thicknessUnlocked() checks to use cockThicknessUnlocked() checks where needed.
  • Syri’s panties have been added to the global space.
  • Tweaks to the item-button method so that it can be used in shop interfaces where needed.
  • Tweaks to how some lists are generated.
  • Salvager Brutes got cleaned up to work better with how we handle combat initialization.
  • The Love Starz email unlock email should work properly now.
  • Fixes for mimbranes.
  • Inspecting items in Mi Amour should work better.
  • Lots of typos fixed.
  • Lots of pregnancy fixes.
  • Other things I definitely skimmed back, didn’t see, or forgot. A lot happened!
  • Leek has been hammering on Tarkus & Myrellion content under the hood. I hope to have the devteam testing and refining Tarkus soon ™.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Public | CoC2] More Aileh & Fixes

EDIT: A hotfix has been released that fixes a multitude of crashes and strange behaviors, particularly relating to successive loading of saves.

0.4.28 Patch Notes:

  • Aileh now has some sweet new sex scenes (written by SomeKindofWizard).
  • A critical error for Android users has been tracked down and patched up. Thanks, Drake :3
  • The loading bar at startup now tells you what it’s loading and gives legit progress tracking.

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[Backers] Stompin’ on Bugs in TiTS

The bug fixes, they are a-comin! We even picked up a new volunteer coder that has been taking some big chunks out of the bug backlog: lowercase_donkey. I don’t have an ETA for when the javascript version will make its way into the public channel, but I will keep you posted.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

Javascript Bugfix Changelog #836:

  • A proper UI for dropping items and swapping with a full inventory should be deployed, courtesy of Leek.
  • The Codex’s stats page should be back.
  • Elder Venus Pitchers should be marked on the map once discovered, as it was and should be evermore!
  • The Bulletin Board in Esbeth (Mhen’ga) now has a icon, and when all available quests on it have been seen, it switches to a more faded icon.
  • Other NPC location icons have been updated/improved – not Kattom’s though, because he’s a little weirdo, and the new map system isn’t compatible with the trickery I used for him before.
  • Love Starz require their unlock email to start once more.
  • The “Tripped” tooltip should now correctly state which combat button is replaced with “Stand”.
  • Kelly should be able to purchase Skysap without crashing.
  • Busts can now be expanded out to a medium-large size just like the map, if you prefer. This is a WIP feature.
  • Using dildos anally should no longer crash.
  • Fixed a crash with the heat status effect.
  • Tanis bow training should work now.
  • Cleaned up some for loops in a variety of places to work better in javascript.
  • The Special attack menu in combat should work properly once more. (Not sure if it was broke in the last public patch, but it got broke in the dev channel…)
  • Gathering Uthra Sap should work properly now.
  • Combat names for enemies should now display their full unique identifier in the sidebar (Ex: “Zil Male A”).
  • Birthing psychic tentacle monsters shouldn’t crash any longer.
  • A lot of references to inventory and equipment locations that were not properly translated to the new format have been updated, potentially eliminating a large number of crashes. Thanks, lowercase_donkey!
  • Extrameet works! At least for the dozen or so encounters I swiped through…
  • Fixed a crash in Ramis’s content.
  • Removed placeholder parser markers in Ramis’s content.
  • [AriOrGreen] has been replaced with proper name calls for Green/Ari in the Love Starz.
  • Calls to the non-existent “isMisc()” function have been replaced with proper “isMischievous()” checks, closing a large amount of potential crashes.
  • Syri’s cow-girl scene shouldn’t cause crashes any longer.
  • Syri’s Anno talk should work properly (once we get to Anno…)
  • A lot of calls to the defunct “inCollection” check have been replaced with their proper javascript equivalent, again closing a large number of potential crashes. Thanks again, lowercase_donkey.
  • Jacques00 fixed potential crashes in the appearance mannequin display for those with excesses of things to display.
  • Flahne’s bubble-consuming should work better.
  • Custom V-Ko scenes should work.
  • pc.virility() checks that crashed the game should be properly updated to pc.cumQuality().
  • Fixes to embedded image functionality.

[Public | CoC2] The Lady Trickster

UPDATE: Hotfix(es) have been released that fix a couple issues with FemKeros. If you are playing a download build you will need to redownload.

Most of the CoC2 staff is starting their holiday vacations about now, so until next time: happy holidays, and be kind to each other.

0.4.27 Patch Notes:

  • Keros can be a girl now?? Talk to your local trickster deity to learn more. (By TheObserver)

New Since Last Patch:

  • There’s a new companion, Agnimitra, whose recruitment starts at the Wayfort after completing Winter City.
  • You can now visit the Khor’minos brothel, with two new whores (and more to come).
  • More Wayfort Renovation progress + two new residents, Aileh the Dragoness and Rumie the Bee Bartender.
  • After having sexed her and done the artificer’s quest, you can now take Rindo as your concubine and put a kit in her.
  • New busts: KM whores, Aileh, Fem!Keros, Brienne 2.0, Pregnant Rindo + Post-Baby, Agnimitra, Atugia 2.0

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Backer] TiTS JS Weekend Bugfixes

I’m going to be doing a lot more today (hopefully) and maybe tacking on to this as the night progresses. Here’s what’s coming!

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

Game Version 0.69.420#776 Changes:

  • Genital slit issues have been fixed in: creation, Ruskvel, and Naleen Nip.
  • Feeding your parasitic tailgina should no longer cause a crash.
  • The holo-mannequin has had a few small tweaks and fixes applied by Jacques00.
  • The custom image option for your PC portrait should now have a note that the feature is not yet ready.
  • Default artist priority should remain between all saves.
  • Fixed errors in the “Smut” submenu of “Masturbation.”
  • Fixed fertilized venus pitcher pod birth crashing.
  • Male naleen blowjobs shouldn’t crash any longer.
  • Fixed a crash for teasing with hips while not wearing panties.
  • Fixed a crash in the appearance screen related to fuzzy nuts.
  • Burt’s strange habit of collecting zil paraphernalia should now work properly. Cash in on his obsession once more!
  • Fixed a crash in letting Kiro fuck your pussy when you save her.
  • Fixed Kase’s busts.
  • Some fixes to the combat UI courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Fixed a crash in a secret system :3 (thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Ship fights no longer proc (and crash the game).

Game Version: 0.69.420#783 Changes:

  • Atha’s unlock email no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed more errors in the “Smut” submenu of “Masturbation.”
  • Atha’s main menu no longer crashes.
  • Atha’s live stream no longer crashes – like 8 different fixes tbh.
  • Kiro’s busts should work again.
  • Fixed a crash in the player object that would rarely occur.
  • Kiro’s sex menu should now work.
  • The movement associated with Kiro’s sex menu and sex scenes should now work.
  • Fixed the movement associated with Kiro’s “Drink Off” event.
  • Fixed a crash in the Gal-Link Fuckmeet.
  • B-dee b-dee b-dee, that’s all for tonight folks!

I hope the folks hanging out in the discord chat enjoyed the free 1-month TiTS-backer codes I was slinging out each time I fixed a bug. More tomorrow (ihope).

[Backers | CoC2] Hearts and Whores

There’s a lovely new resident of the Wayfort ready to sweep you off your feet this week, plus some willing new holes to fill (and a pole to be filled by) in Khor’minos.

Hotfix: Brienne’s new busts have been added and there’s a whole host of bugfixes.

0.4.26 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new brothel now open in Khor’minos. Two whores (Mimi, by Skow, and Nikol, by B!) are there already. More to follow. (Coded by Squishy)
  • More progress on the Wayfort, including a new resident you can bump into at the old tower (also by Skow)!
  • Busts for all the new characters + a new CG set for the Wayfort’s horny new occupant.

If you want to get access to this and all the other backer content we put out, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Backers] TiTS-JS Bug Hotfixin’

If you’re wanting to play the test release for backers, see this post for more details.

  • Fixed multiple Vanae crashes.
  • Fixed Static Burst not working. (hasShields() needed adjusted in the creature object.)
  • Fixed a crash when using your first Galomax dose.
  • EasyFit should now work correctly (and no longer crash).
  • Furball should no longer crash.
  • Fixed a tooltip not displaying in the Vanae portions of Mhen’ga’s jungle.
  • Fixed being locked in a loss scene to Naleen if you’re level 1.
  • Fixed venus pitcher pregnancy crash.
  • Fixed Yoma’s date at Burt’s crashing.
  • Fixed the Love Starz square on Tavros being non-visible on the map, and fixed it crashing if you walked in to it.
  • Fixed a crash in the Love Starz’ content, though likely more lurk – and I’m aware their busts aren’t working yet.
  • Fixed some related crashes in future content that aren’t accessible in javascript yet but were ported.
  • Fixed a crash when Shou shows up at the Taxi.
  • Fixed a pregnancy-related appearance screen crash.
  • Fixed the special attack menu making every button execute the last listed button’s attack.
  • Added new Kimber art to the artpack, by Xtatoto, though I’m not sure if that scene is actually accessible yet.
  • Drone attacks should work.
  • isChestCovered fix.
  • Zil TF should be fixed.
  • Blue eggs should be fixed.
  • Dildos should function now, or at least the PuppyKitten one should.
  • Probably some other stuff I missed.

Back to the fixing mines I gooooo~!

Blog Registration Issues – BE PATIENT

Guys our email service is choking and backlogged by ~800 emails at this point. Unfortunately, due to people registering emails that bounce, tagging our emails as spam, etc, we are limited to 26 outbound emails an hour. Yay “Poor” rating with our mass mail service!

Please be patient – your email is coming, I swear!

[BACKERS] TiTS: Now In Javascript!

Alright boys and girls, it turns out that now is the time. “The time for what?” you may ask. It’s high noo – no wait, it’s time to go nuts on our javascript port, as the title no doubt told you. For now this is for backers only. You guys have supported us while this bad boy has been in the oven, suffering delay after delay, and it’s only fair that you first crack at the results!

Thyvara says: “Let’s get bug hunting!”

But before that, let me give you a few notes and warnings:

  • Saves with items that have not been ported/updated for the javascript build will not import. Don’t go nuking all the old stuff just yet – we’re entering new territory, and who knows what could break with all this new tech! We’re not exactly packing a full QA team.
    • Seriously, the number of surprise bugs we managed to find while beating this into shape over the weekend had me doubting if we would have this anywhere near presentable by the end of the weekend.
  • The game is currently set up to crash hard when just about anything is misconfigured. This is good for helping to track down bugs that might silently fly under the radar. Sorry! Save early and often!
  • Hotkeys are non-final, and the WASD hotkeys on the main button dock to do not currently work.
  • Inventory in combat is unavailable.
  • Looting with full inventory still uses the old UI, and the “Use” option should be disabled (but if not, it doesn’t work anyway).
  • Some inaccessible areas are currently visible even when they shouldn’t be, like the pumpking’s fortress and the like. Don’t sweat it for now.
  • TF items were not extensively tested and likely hold the most unreported bugs (in this minotaur’s estimation).
  • When reporting bugs, please use the new bug report forum for Javascript TiTS bugs.

Notable New Features:

  • Redesigned and rebuilt shop and inventory screens, complete with per-item icons (currently assigned by type, usually).
  • Dynamic appearance outline for the player character that scales to match your stats. Note that it does not and will not reflect more specific changes like snouts, wings, etc, but it’s good for eyeballing the general shape. You can access your appearance screen by clicking on it outside of interactions/scenes.
  • Rebuilt map system that can display rooms more than a handful of links away without lag, including a larger pop-out map option that lets you get a better grip on your surroundings.
  • New Codex and Email displays, redesigned and snappier than I had dared hope for.
  • “Image pack” functionality baked into the main game so that you can see fabulous art in some of the scenes.
  • Revamped combat UI… it’s good. It’s real good. It also includes bigger windows for checking out who you’re fighting.
  • Updating hacking puzzle systems. Lights out looks much nicer, and the circuit-routing puzzles? We added like 10 new kinds of nodes, some of which you can see yourself as part of the Comms hacking puzzle in FIRST-14. Be careful, because I boobie trapped that one…
  • Fancy new loading screen, complete with hilarious placeholder image courtesy of Geddy.
  • Seriously the entire front-end of the game (and most of the underlying systems) have been rebuilt from scratch at great cost. No expense was spared! According to Geddy’s off-the-cuff estimates, ~60% of the “things that make the game work” have been entirely rebuilt. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but hey, that’s what the edit button is for, right?

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

Hammering out some of the remaining unfinished systems may take a little time, but once those are done, I suspect we will be able to deploy the other planets in relatively rapid fashion.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers | CoC2] Bacon Bits

Rindo’s got a whole lot of new love for her this patch, and if you like a girl with a little more meat on her bones, you’ll soon get to love the buzzin’ bartender settling down in the fort.

0.4.25 Patch Notes:

  • Rindo has a new expansion — talk to Komari about making the crispy cutie your concubine, or let her go her own way. She can get pregnant thereafter, with a new sex scene and updated talks, as well as a new bust.
  • Rumie the Bee Bartender (aka Beetender) will now buzz into the Wayfort after Winter City. She can serve drinks right now, but she’s mostly gearing up for the renovation.

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

Cute as heck Rindo pinup by Sulcate.

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