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[Backers] Penny Camming & Tweaks & Mouse-folk Busts

Pretty sure everyone on the public discord has seen this bust by now, but if you haven’t… enjoy! (by: Adjatha)

With all the reviewing (and editing) I’ve been doing, I haven’t been coding as much as I ought to be, but that’s fine for the moment. William and Savin have been giving the head Jumpers some real effort and polish. I’m told that we’re down to finishing up the bad ends now

0.7.239 Changelog:

  • New Busts! The half-rodenian boy and girl. I assume these are the nude variants, but they’re all I have, so they’re shoveled in for now.
  • New scene for Camwhore Penny when you and her jerk off into and on each other for the camera. (By Wsan)
  • Adjusted the encounter rates on the foundry deck of Zheng Shi to favor our mousy friends a bit more.
  • The descriptions for ballsacks have had some more adjectives thrown in and a few yanks out. No more mentions of your “empty sack” just because you came recently.
  • Assorted bug fixes and typo corrections.

In non-code news, I finished my edit pass on the Luca expansion to hopefully get her somehwat presentable. I’ve also greenlit five other projects for coding and placed them on our internal trello, one of which was more than 100 pages of screwing around with various New Texan cow-girls. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, however. A fair few projects have been rejected, sent back for reworks, or launched into black holes.

Half the reason I hate reviewing projects is that I have to turn down people who have spent dozens of hours slaving over these projects. It’s not fun, and I don’t like doing it.

At least I’m most of the way through July’s submissions and getting into August’s. We catching up, boys!


I’ve been reviewing the backlog recently and greenlit a few smaller projects already. I’ve also been working on editing some content for Luca (the futa VR parlor lady on Canadia Station). I’m always half-way through her 70+ pages. Instead of trying to power through it, my current goal is to wipe out 4-5 pages of editing on each workday until I’m caught up.

Our community could really use some more good editors to help aspiring authors clean up their submissions. Comment-enabled submissions on google docs are actually really good for editing because anyone can suggest edits directly in the text that the author can then accept or reject as needed. Tomorrow will probably be similar, though I’m told Wsan has my Penny commission coming up soon. Look forward to that.

That said, it’s almost 11. I think I’ve earned a chance to play some bad videogames like Fallout 76.

P.S. I spent some time this morning reworking the ballsack descriptor to include details like fluffy/scaly/etc. It should also no longer display text like “empty sack,” because that does not read correctly. Instead I’ve thrown in some more adjective combinations to communicate that you’re backed up or fresh-drained.

[CoC2]Next Update ETA: A couple of days

Hi guys! It’s been a bit since our last patch so I wanted to touch base and let y’all know what’s about to drop.

First and foremost: TheObserver’s foxy momma Kiyoko hasbeen implemented and is in playtesting. Aside from the lady in question, there’s also a number of puzzles between you and her that required some code and art assets — I’m really happy with how those turned out.

We’ve also been revising a bunch of behind-the-scenes code for things like key items, status conditions, and dreams. Last night the writers and Drake engaged in a rather lengthy discussion about how we’re handling transformation items. The net effect is that there’s now (I think) three more TF items ready to go and four or so more being revised up to the new standard (though, to quote Drake “man coding TFs sucks dicks”). Everything for them is written, now they’re just getting ready to be coded. Included are the core five starting races plus minotaurs and salamanders.

What, you thought there wouldn’t be ‘manders in my game?

Speaking of whom, DCL’s finished some concept art for what our northern saladmanders are going to look like, as well as the portraits for the Alraune and her sub-boss, the Effigy Herald. The Alraune event will be the next big chunk of content after Kiyoko; we’re juuuust finishing up on the writing end for her.

TL;DR for next release:

  • Next patch will come out whenever “Patreon migration is done.” I don’t know what that means but Drake says it’s important. If it takes more than a couple days we’ll probably release a smaller patch to tide you over.
  • Kiyoko is ready for next patch. She has an ungodly amount of content — I’m talking literal novels’ (yes plural) worth — so only some of her will be included in the initial release.
  • Cloud-based saving is also a thing now, done via the blog, and AFAIK that should mean that you can transfer saves between devices. Save on your PC, pick back up on your phone in the john 10 minutes later. Note that cloud saving is for backer accounts only. Big props to Gedan for helping us out with this! <3
  • Cait has a sexual healing scene that replaces her normal in-camp/tavern healing.
  • Catfolk TF will also be in. Meow!
  • There’s a new menu for dropping items that Drake worked very hard on. Please tell him he is a good boy if you see him.

[Backers] Penny Camming It Up With Mitzi’s Panties

0.7.238 Changelog:

  • Cumslut Penny can now be recruited onto your ship as a camwhore. Note that if you recruit her this way, calming her down will not be an option as she has no fallback for making money. This comes with a few variants for some of her other scenes, like “Other Crew” for example.
  • Futa Penny can now be caught playing with a pair of Mitzi’s panties, thanks to Wsan. Note that for this scene to occur, the “Other Crew” discussion with Penny must be completed first.
  • Lots of fixes for Penny’s recruitment, the rat thieves, and assorted other things.

I intend to take a break for Thanksgiving, after which I am going to tear into the review backlog with a vengeance. Wish me luck!

Happy Turkey Day everybody!

[Backers] Camming Foxes and Naughty Mice (This Is a Big Boi)

Looks like someone commissioned another pic of the Seer (on Myrellion) and their captain Steele, by Octomush

Seriously big patch hitting today. William’s been working on a group of enemy encounters for Zheng Shi for a long while now – to the tune of 200+ pages of raw, written content and thousands upon thousands of lines of code from Lighterfluid. I haven’t exactly been idle myself in the time since yesterday’s patch either – Penny’s getting some more of her options prepped and ready to be used with her crew variant. Tomorrow I’ll be looking to add a scene for recruiting Cumslut Penny as a camwhore. It should be a simple write.

0.7.235 Changelog:

  • New encounter in Zheng Shi: Rat Thieves. The last big gang on Zheng Shi to be represented, Rat’s Raiders, fight in groups of three, containing two male and two female rodents that are randomized per encounter, including a full Female Rodenian. Approaching Urbolg three days after beating him will trigger an event and enable them – rarely in the Mines, and commonly in the Foundry.
    • This all-mouse group will always attempt to shake down unaffiliated people wandering Zheng Shi. You have the option of paying their toll in credits, gems, oral sex, or breastmilk. Fighting them is fine, too. True to their name, they are focused on stealing your credits and gems, and their fighting reflects this. If you lose, expect to be relieved of a lot of cash! Be careful of getting stunned!
    • Rat girls and rat boys have different combat abilities and quirks, some shared. The girls have higher shields, more aim, and focus on damaging shields and hindering you. The boys have higher HP, more physique, and focus on damage output. They will also use items frequently amongst each other. There are either two boys or girls in a fight, changing the dynamic of combat – carrying multiple damage types is heavily advised!
    • After enough wins (or losses!), a series of events kicks off where the Rats determine a little something about Steele! This mini-plot can be concluded with enough interactions and input, leading to benefits down the line while also changing all the interactions dynamically.
  • It’s now possible to bring Penny to bed, thanks to B! (Unsubtle plug: you can take a peek at his newest project early if you back him on Patreon.) Falling asleep with low energy results in a different, sexy waking scene, so be sure to give it a spin!
  • Penny can now be convinced to become a cumslut while on crew, though the result is her getting into camwhoring rather than opening up for public use.
  • Penny’s cumslut-specific scenes should be re-enabled for crew Penny with necessary logic adjustments made to the text – including the Flahne tryst. Though it occurs to me I forget to add a check to make sure your ship is on Mhen’ga. That’ll come next patch.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

0.7.236 & 0.7.237 Changelog:

  • Fixes for the new rodent encounter.

[Backers] B-b-b-onus Scenes

Fenoxo upon reading new Penny content. Thanks Shou!

This one is mostly a collection of small, 1-2 scene expansions that Wsan has sent my way along with a little bit of Penny work. The weekend is over, and Fen is back on the workhorse. There might be another patch tonight (or tomorrow) with more follower Penny stuff.

0.7.234 Changelog:

  • Added some flavor text to Penny’s crew approach for if she’s a squirter.
  • Added a new talk option for discussing her newfound squirtiness which then slightly changes the above. Futanari Penny is far more shameless about it.
  • The milodan fertility priestess encounter rates have been increased, and losing to her 4+ times in a row now results in a new bad-end.
  • You can now volunteer to serve as Haley’s personal milker.
  • You can now make use of some of the taur toys you get from Urbolg, so long as you have a penis. (And crew Amber can join in!)
  • Futanari Shekka can now take a swing at your backdoor.
  • Fixes for various typos.

[Backers] Recruiting Penny 0.1

0.7.233 Changelog:

  • Penny’s recruitment quest is complete! Help her claim that Oxonium, admit her complete and total infatuation, and join you onboard!
  • Penny’s recruitment is relatively untested, so there may be some jank! I tried to go through all her sex scenes and tweak the text to excise office-specific stuff for usage in ship.
  • Her full futafication path should be available, though I have not yet edited the SynthSheath content yet.
  • There’s more Penny follower content in the hopper, coming soon!
  • Big thanks to B for helping write some of it!

As mentioned above – more is coming. Stuff like her staying in bed with you, for example. Expect to see a good bit of stuff for her next week like cuddling, the ability to send her into cumslut mode post-recruit, and at least one new scene.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Fenoxo The Horny? I thought not. It’s not a story Patreon would tell you. It’s a /d/ legend. Darth Fenoxo was a Dark Lord of the Fappers, so powerful and so horny he could use Adobe Flash to influence the word processors to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from becoming soft. The dark side of the Patreon is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so horny… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his erection, which, of course, he never did. Unfortunately, he taught Savin everything he knew, then Savin created a sequel to his work in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from Patreon, but not himself.


Better News

Penny’s recruitment quest is almost 100% complete. I just finished the last fight. A bit of polish, and then I can get into actually moving her onboard and adjusting her scenes!

Soon! ™

[Backers] Two Things (One of Which May Make You Unhappy)

Art for the Seer fucking a Cap’n by Cherrigig who has authorized us to use it in the artpack (eventually) in exchange for a Patreon plug. Check out their work!

Let’s rip the band-off first. We’re cutting a bunch of the most obtrusive incest content from the game to better comply with Patreon’s terms of service, starting with all of the “Inner Circle” Frostwyrm stuff. Soon I’m going to make Kiro and Kally step-sisters as well. Shade is probably going to stay as is for the present.

Why? There’s a lot of reasons I could cite, but the only one that matters is that I have a number of employees (and commissioned writers) that count on us being able to pay them every month. We’ve got enough bankrolled to pay the bills for quite a while, but getting kicked off Patreon would still force me to consider laying off some of my good friends and employees before too long to try and keep the company positioned well to continue making content. Risking my friend’s jobs (and my own paycheck) isn’t worth indulging one specific fetish. I could probably transition to a new service and do okay by myself, but we couldn’t get back up to the kind of numbers we pull on Patreon in any reasonable amount of time.

Nykke isn’t going away for good. Savin and her author (B) hashed out a plan to create an alternate intro for her where she is not your offspring (but presumably preserving the bulk of her fun scenes).

If this alarms or upsets you, and you would like a refund for your most recent pledge, please send me a message on Patreon.

What’s the other thing? Penny’s recruitment quest has its second encounter done. This is the most involved encounter I have planned for her, since it features two enemies with unique per-character moves, a different kind of grapple mechanic than we’re used to, the ability for one of the enemies to defeat itself, and two different victory menus depending on the status of characters when combat is won. I absolutely adore the scenes I wrote for these, especially if you let Penny get sucked into a pod and then rescue her.

0.7.232 Changelog:

  • Frosty’s incestual content should be removed thanks to a lot of work from Quiet Coyote that let me continue to focus on Penny instead of having to chunk through old content to cover our collective asses.
  • The second fight of Penny’s recruitment adventure is now live. Includes three new victory scenes, one bad end, and some slightly tweaked versions of the original scenes for if you somehow win without Penny getting turned on.
  • Sera received an expansion from Nonesuch & DrunkZombie. It adds the ability to turn her Sterilex on or off, a reverse cowgirl wakeup scene, a tweaked shower prank to be avoidable after the 1st time, and a tender pussy fuck sex scene.
  • Kattom should stop showing up in odd places.
  • Amber’s Mitzi threesome should be fixed for the two dick option.
  • A bunch of other tweaks and fixes.

[Public | CoC2] Sugo’s Wild Ride + Development Update

While wandering the Old Forest north of town, you can now encounter the effete centaur fuckboy Sugo. Let’s just say you won’t be riding on his back.

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.28 Patch Notes:

  • An equine boy-toy has been added to the forest. He gives free rides when you take him back to town! Written by BubbleLord.
  • The Obscured condition was broken. It’s fixed now: grants +10% Evasion and all powers that currently grant it reduce your current Threat by half.
  • The game can now display multiple busts in the pane at once, because…
  • If you’ve got Brint in the party, you’ve fucked him, and then you approach Sugo, you’re in for a special treat…
  • The usual bevy of bugfixes and typo corrections!

Internally, we’re talking about starting backer/public update segregation soon. What we consider the game’s vertical slice — having all major systems installed and two explorable areas — is pretty much done. This means that we’ll be able to open the game up to other coders to come in and implement content, and with the game’s core mechanics all set behind the scene, we can focus on churning out content. Speaking of which, there are four fairly large chunks of content on the immediate horizon, in order of “done-ness:”

  • A side dungeon in the Old Forest wherein you can find Kiyoko, a kitsune spirit and summonable waifu (complete; written by TheObserver).
  • An quest given to you by Garth to go rescue his idiot son and some of the townsfolk who’ve gotten themselves captured by a sexy druid (complete; written by TheObserver).
  • The encounter with your first truly corrupted foe, the Alraune guarding the way past the forest and onto Kasyrra’s trail — plus the second encounter with the demoness and a new party member in the form of Etheryn the elven ranger (Nearly done; written by myself and SomeKindofWizard).
  • Arona’s recruitment quest, where you get to go beat up her family and friends and help her hijack herself an orc tribe (About 30% done, written by myself).

All plans of course subject to change as development progresses, but that’s a general idea of the big things coming your way in the next couple months!

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