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Sick Writes

Still coughing, still sound like a 50 year old chain smoker. In spite of that, I sat down and wrote some stuff for gloryholes tonight. It was supposed to be one scene that was modular for a couple different NPCs that could be on the other side. (I’m doing the ‘pitch’ side of gloryhole stuff atm.) Instead it wound up being 2,400 words of stuff for one random, four-boobed kaithrit.

I’m probably going to prune back the scale of it and do one for a centaur, and one where you get to fuck a pussy through the gloryhole, then roll over into doing stuff where the PC is on the receiving end (which is where the option to unlock a Kally/Kiro threesome will happen).

Blech. Hopefully I get more writes done tomorrow. Got a wicked nasty headache now. Night.

P.S. If anyone wants to write a one-off where a wacky alien or existing NPC shows up to give the PC blowies, I made a thread for it.

[Public] Fixes

Still coughing up my lungs over here, but Jacques00 did some work to clean up some bugs. It’s the least I can do to put the work on the website.

0.6.91 Changelog:

  • Blatantly stolen from Jacques00’s changelog on the pull request.
  • Minor compilation error fixes.
  • Bunch of forum fixes.
  • Sera should now (hopefully) appear in the nursery instead of resetting every map check.
  • Fix Let’s Fapper menu crash.
  • Fix reset for cunt snake flag post-egg laying.
  • Cunt snakes now have a hatchery in the nursery for creating cunt snake children.
  • Move Goo Armor and Omnisuit to Item Interact menu for consistency.

[Public] Halloweener Build

nerrasaIt’ll be full of bugs; I guarantee it.

Since it’s Halloween, we’re going to put out a public build with a spooky new tentacle dungeon. Some of you may have found your way in there in older builds, but whatever.

Gedan did a complete overhaul to the time process system, so I expect we’ll see lots of new bugs pop up, both there and in the dungeon. Be sure to log any new stuff in the bug report forum, and if anything major crops up, we’ll dump out fixes as needed.

0.6.90 Changelog:

  • Dr. Lessau is in game.
  • Spooky Halloween dungeon should be active.
  • Time passage recoded to be more efficient – should be less lag on waiting for pregnancies to complete.
  • New busts and such.
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff. I’m sick and all the merges make it tough to pick out exactly what’s new for this one.
  • Gedan and Jacques00 can yell at me if they want stuff added here.

Buff Ausar by Shoupup.


jacques00_shekka_vnI think I’ve slept 10+ hours the past two days, and I’m starting to feel better. My voice still sounds like a chain-smoking 80 year old, and energy levels still aren’t where they used to be. Definitely still room for improvement. At least I can sleep for more than 6 hours without being woken by my own coughing.

Word from Sav-town is that he’s getting better too. So yay!

I’m going to dig through some of the piles of things that I have to review – there’s a lot, then put out a pubbie Halloween build so everyone can enjoy the spoopy adventure Savin write up… a year ago. Has it really been so long? That’s about the best effort level of work you’re getting out of me today.

At left: Shekka more or less as she should appear during the VN, of course drawn by Jacques00. I’m going to bundle the finished arts up in higher quality on Patreon for those backing at the $10 level in a few minutes, I think.

Kill Me

Feel worse than yesterday. Probably going to cease mentioning illness until it vanishes or something of note happens. :{

In Sickness and in Health


I’m sick again. Lungs full of crud, all that fun. Before everyone gets all “FEN IS SICK ALL THE TIME,” I’d like to point out that Savin is sick too. I’m gonna win the recovery race if it kills me!

Seriously though, I’ll try and get some stuff done anyway. I just wanted to touch bases. (“Fen gets sick all the time,” only happens because I tell you guys when it happens.)

Edit: Not sure if inspired by Jacques00 and Adjatha streaming all day, but started writing again. Just jammed out like 1500+ words of Bro-specific scene for Kally.
Edit2: Hit a total of 2,500 words for the day. Just wrote the scene where Kally and Kiro get all teary and huggy once it’s out in the open that Kiro sent her sister a bigass gem to help open the bar years ago. It’s cute. Now to do the alternate versions of the same scene tomorrow, health/mind permitting.

Anyone who wants to see what I sound like – I played a little BF1 with Savin and Reaper (warning, harsh/offensive language):

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.89

We’re still waiting on some overhauls to processTime on Gedan’s end, but we’re gonna push some of this stuff out for those who want to test it.

0.6.89 Changelog:

  • Various fixes and typo corrections from the forums.
  • Minor fixes to nursery content (especially children generation).
  • Minor Kally fixes.
  • New Adjatha Busts for Lieve.
  • Any old debug mode users should now have a button to deactivate it (forever) on Appearance screen.
  • Fluid in mouth effects for ingesting fluids (not just milk).
  • Huskar Treats give floofy mane. Terran Treats removes it (and even chest floof).
  • Drone Techs get buff based on level.
  • Nursery computer fixes retro baby data.
  • New Content: Sera Impregnation, by Nonesuch.



[Backers] 0.6.88 Slow Progress

hizzacked_tentaclesThose of you excited about the visual novel: we’ve landed Hizzacked as our CG artist. That means we’ll be grabbing some pretty baller art for the NSFW version! If you REALLY like her art, go check out her site. I couldn’t be happier with the choice.

I promised you guys some scenes for Kally & Bimbos. Here they are. I also wired up the stuff to have random NPCs appear in the bar.

0.6.88 Changelog:

  • A new option for bimbo PCs to help Kally out under the bar.
  • Other NPCs can now show up in the bar, same as any other bar.
  • Toning back of lust defense that I accidentally gave to player characters.

Adjatha drew up some NPCs for Savin’s Myrquest dungeon. Those of you catching the streams have doubtless seen some of those. Savin has been hard at work writing stuff for that. I heard words about a gold myr gangbang? Gedan is still working on optimizing processTime to minimize lag between scenes. Something about the Treatment being a nightmare. Supposedly we should be able to merge that in along with some more stuff for the nursery after a week or two, but don’t hold us to that.

I’m trying to write some Kiro talk scenes to round out her interactions at her sister’s bar, but I’m bouncing back and forth between starting to feel a little sickly and not. I just gotta hope hitting the gym doesn’t finish me off.

[Backers] 0.6.87 – Kally & Raskvel & Nerfs


Click for lewd. (by DCLZexon)

Hold onto your butts! This one is a bit experimental.

0.6.87 Changelog:

  • Max trust Kiro can now send players an invite to come visit Canadia Station (Name subject to change) with her, in orbit over Vesperia to meet her sister. (And a new Kiro scene hidden in there if you do the right things). All of Kiro’s Vesperia bar content is not yet written. To anyone with concerns that the area is only accessible via Kiro – there are intended to be multiple unlock routes possible.
  • Kally (Kiro’s sister) is in the game. The most you can do with her at the moment is get drunk, talk, and maybe grope her (consensually, of course. We aren’t running for president.)
  • New scene for Raskvel Females, courtesy of FrankenApple.
  • If you are two or more levels above an enemy, fleeing is now easier.
  • Enemies now have defenses against lust-based weapons and specials based on willpower and level. This is still subject to testing and tuning, but you should no longer breeze through every encounter with max aim and a lust-bow.
  • Tease damage reduces exponentially against enemies who are higher level than you.

I have some more Kally stuff written for bimbos (approx 8 pages). If I get time, I’ll get it in this weekend. Otherwise, Monday. Jacques00 and Gedan have been doing a lot of testing and tuning to the pregnancy content (and adding Sera pregnancy stuff), but we’re holding off on pushing that till it has had a decent amount of eyeball time on it.

…unless Geddy wants to slip it in over the weekend. Up to her!

Hope Everyone Had A Great Weekend

Because I just slept 12 hours in hopes that it would somehow not be Monday. Turns out I didn’t sleep long enough! So back to work I go. Last night, I started writing some smut where bimbos can blow Kiro’s sister behind the bar during a slow spot in D&D. I guess I’m going to start off the week by finishing that, then write up some conversations with her.

Edit: Still writing that scene (and the three possible end variants). Over 4,000 words. It’ll be a treat for bimbofied PCs for sure. I just gotta wrap up the one where she takes a bunch of shots of her own alcoholic cum and massively cumflates the PC. I might try to do something special for taurs too. This is what I get for starting a scene on a lark on my day off >.>

Edit2: 4.8k for the day. Damn near my top end for work in a day. See you gents Tuesday (or this morning, I guess).

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