We’re still waiting on some overhauls to processTime on Gedan’s end, but we’re gonna push some of this stuff out for those who want to test it.

0.6.89 Changelog:

  • Various fixes and typo corrections from the forums.
  • Minor fixes to nursery content (especially children generation).
  • Minor Kally fixes.
  • New Adjatha Busts for Lieve.
  • Any old debug mode users should now have a button to deactivate it (forever) on Appearance screen.
  • Fluid in mouth effects for ingesting fluids (not just milk).
  • Huskar Treats give floofy mane. Terran Treats removes it (and even chest floof).
  • Drone Techs get buff based on level.
  • Nursery computer fixes retro baby data.
  • New Content: Sera Impregnation, by Nonesuch.