hizzacked_tentaclesThose of you excited about the visual novel: we’ve landed Hizzacked as our CG artist. That means we’ll be grabbing some pretty baller art for the NSFW version! If you REALLY like her art, go check out her site. I couldn’t be happier with the choice.

I promised you guys some scenes for Kally & Bimbos. Here they are. I also wired up the stuff to have random NPCs appear in the bar.

0.6.88 Changelog:

  • A new option for bimbo PCs to help Kally out under the bar.
  • Other NPCs can now show up in the bar, same as any other bar.
  • Toning back of lust defense that I accidentally gave to player characters.

Adjatha drew up some NPCs for Savin’s Myrquest dungeon. Those of you catching the streams have doubtless seen some of those. Savin has been hard at work writing stuff for that. I heard words about a gold myr gangbang? Gedan is still working on optimizing processTime to minimize lag between scenes. Something about the Treatment being a nightmare. Supposedly we should be able to merge that in along with some more stuff for the nursery after a week or two, but don’t hold us to that.

I’m trying to write some Kiro talk scenes to round out her interactions at her sister’s bar, but I’m bouncing back and forth between starting to feel a little sickly and not. I just gotta hope hitting the gym doesn’t finish me off.