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[Backers | CoC2] Time, What is Time…?

Do you guys like kobolds? Cuz it’s kobold time!

0.3.31 Patch Notes:

  • Lyric the Kobold can be found frozen solid in the Glacial Rift. Maybe help a scaled friend warm up some…? (Written by B!)
  • New fancy time display! You can turn it off in the options if you prefer plain text.
  • Married Ahmri has some new talks!

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Lyric splash art by our very own DCL!

Catching Up on TiTS

We’re long overdue for an update on where TiTS stands with the death of flash and the porting to javascript. Obviously flash players are being scoured from internet browsers across the world. The executable “air zip” still functions on windows machines for now, but what about mac users? What about linux bros? What about people that want to use the image pack?

Well, we’re working on getting things ported to use javascript and play in nearly any browser (much like CoC2). It’s a difficult process requiring reorganizing an absolute fuckton of code to work in a completely different system and methodology. Geddy just dropped a big commit a few days ago with this:

  • 100 changed files with 7679 additions and 4979 deletions

TiTS, moreso than even CoC2, is a nightmare hellscape of entangled content and systems – partly due to my own deficiencies in the coding arena but also due to the size, scope, and nature of the game I’ve created. Some of the design decisions that make the game so wide-open for adding content and changing characters make for a LOT to rework. Let me lift back the curtain and post some of Geddy’s own explanations:

  • A ton of the niceness we used when extending the game in Flash just plain doesn’t work in Javascript land, not without making huge changes to how all of the code relating to Characters and Items is handled. Cyclic dependencies makes pp very sad.
  • The sheer scale of the game and its content is pushing common javascript tools to the limits of what they can reasonably handle. A lot of energy is going in to keeping build times low enough to not get in the way of iteration of the UI and a lot of this revolves around careful isolation of different elements of the games code. Even then, doing things “the proper way” is still way too much to handle for things like Webpack.
  • We’ve built up a ton of weird almost-duplicate functionality that we really didn’t need – little utility functions that do something almost exactly the same way as something else that had just been lost down the back of the sofa and forgotten about. Rectifying these duplications and straightening up a lot of the odd, janky situations that we’ve created over the years.
  • The rebuild process is trying to start at the beginning of the game and work forward, using planets as a natural kind of border point between what should be converted and updated now and what can wait for another day – but this means dealing with some of the oldest and least organised code, back before we had a solid handle on a lot of the features we have today. Squeaky hackjobs to get something working quickly, that we only later built proper systems around.
  • A lot of the time spent so far has been focused on cleaning up the back of the house and make sure all of the individual little components that the content relies upon are ready to go so that work on the bigger components, like navigation and combat can focus exclusively on those, and not needing to go rooting around in the guts to convert yet another character that some specific aspect of a unique fight element relies upon.
  • A word on scale though; before the conversion process started, TiTS consisted of over a million lines of code and content. It took until I was putting the finishing touches on the Character and Item classes in the Javascript port before I realised that we had over a thousand classes between these two things – many of those rife with weird little unique issues that needed hand-touching to bring over to Javascript.

Actual image & functional previews of the rework have been on the sidelines while Gedan was (is?) digging into the guts. The game wasn’t even in a state to work when we clicked “new game” for a few weeks. Now we have the intro back, and early indicators are promising that we will see Tavros and Mhenga soon. Gena138 has been working at converting the jungle planet’s rooms into the new system now that Tavros’s file is set up as a template.

The creative wing of our little studio has hardly been idle. The new introduction dungeon is almost ready. All the rooms have their descriptions and interactive events written. Two new generic enemies are both ready to code, penned by Savin & I (mine is up on Patreon in pdf format!), including two new PC pregnancy paths for those of you itching to have kaithrit and gryvain children. William has been tapped to write the boss encounter, though he’s been so far up in Anno that it’d be hard to justify pulling him out of such a lovely nook just yet. And Adjatha? Well, let’s just say Molli (part of Cherry’s Tap Hall) has a significant blob of new content in the pipes…

What are my plans for the week? As the ADD perv-nado that I am, I’m engaged in efforts to make Gianna recruitable (since Savin said he’ll make Syri recruitable once I do!) Writing a sit-down dinner with Big T where you have to convince him to let you take his android daughter off-planet is going to be fun!

For too long, I’ve let my characters languish while stretching myself to handle to handle what needs doing in the game, and this year I want to make some serious efforts to close up some of the hanging threads I’ve left on characters like Gianna, Emmy, etc. Oh, and Anno? Savin did give me permission to write a futanari expack. I’ve been too busy to start it, but there are ideas tickling along…

Thank you for hanging in there. Rest assured, more is coming!

P.S. New Years Success! I’ve completely weened myself off of energy drinks, and this week I should be down to one soda a day!

[Public | CoC2] Love is in the Air

I hope you guys have a sweet tooth cuz this patch is fulla sugar~

0.3.30 Patch Notes:

  • You can now follow up with Ahmri after CentaurQuest, assuming she wasn’t absconded-with by Tollus’s goons, including new sex options and the ability to marry the chunky pony. 😀 (Written by Gardeford)
  • Arona has some new scenes in support of her impregnating the PC, showing off just how much she adores your baby bump… (Written by BubbleLord)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Quest: Help Gweyr stop the cultists!
  • New NPC: Lyla, the wandering knight!
  • New NPC: Solveig, the half-lupine, half-orc. Found at the Frost Hound after GarretQuest and AronaQuest.
  • New post-quest scenes with Chieftain Naiyana. New Etheryn buttfingering scene.
  • New set for Brienne (NOT BRINT), gotten at level 5 from the Frost Hound.
  • You can now move around the map by clicking on it when the crosshair is active. Adjacent locked tiles are now connected by a dotted line while exploring. The map also now has a marker on it when you’re in a region or dungeon over your level.

Ahmri titfucks art by Lazorchef!

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[Backers | CoC2] Midwinter Knights

Hi guys, no witty repartee tonight; I haven’t slept in 48 hours and am at like 5% brainpower. Thank you for your support as always, I love you, happy new year.

0.3.29 Patch Notes:

  • Gweyr has a new quest, available once you’ve talked with her a bit. (Written by TheObserver). Lot more coming on this line of questing, so stay tuned!
  • You can now finally shag ex-chieftain Naiyana back in the village after her daring rescue! (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • There’s a sexy new(half) knight found in Frostwood, after doing Winter City. If you like Evelyn’s brand of content, you’ll probably like Lyla here. (By Fleep)
  • New busts for Hawkethorne townsolk (Sanders, Ivris, Leorah, Ninian) by Moira. Young Garth by DCL.
  • Brienne has a new set, available at her Level 5 from the Frost Hound.
  • Summons now act on the turn they are summoned.

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[Backers | TiTS] Snaking Out a Patch

(Content Submission for TiTS is closed again. Thank you for the response!)

So flash is “dead” now and the JS port isn’t up and ready – yet. The “AIR ZIP” version of the game should work fine in the interrim.

Art commissioned from SXodium

Gedan started trying to get Tavros ported enough to function a few weeks back… which meant getting everything that touches Tavros ready to function… which meant figuring out things like how Mitzi’s outfit management works in JS (and every other Tavros NPC or NPC that spends much time on Tavros). Needless to say, the scope blew up there, but I heard encouraging rumbles from our code dragon’s lair and hope to have more to share with you after our weekly meeting on Wednesday.

In the meantime I’ve been banging on the new intro dungeon. Half the room descriptions have already taken shape along with some of the utility texts surrounding some of the simple puzzle content. Coming up with unique descriptions is always a bit of a grind for me. This time, I’m doing it while cutting out my morning 300mg energy drink. It’s not easy.

Today I popped over to code some fantastic slyveren hypnosmut on the side since it was more or less ready to go and hot as hell. I hope you all enjoy it!

0.8.131 Changelog:

  • Watching hypnosmut with Kiro can now lead to a bad end! Two new scenes were added. After getting the warning, you can still watch the old content if you take a 7 day break (though it’s framed with a menu that lets you voluntarily bad-end yourself at any time.) I felt this was the best way to enable the new content without completely blocking off what people were already loving. (Written by BobSamade, coded by Fen)
  • Gena138 fixed a BUNCH of bugs with the new Vark stuff.
  • The Pexiga now has an embedded image for her blowjob scenes in the Image Pack.
  • You can no longer encounter Shizuya before visiting New Texas.
  • Updated some old Shekka bust calls to the new hotness (so they should appropriately show naked/futa Shekka.)
  • A few other small fixes.

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[Backers | CoC2] Mapping the Family Tree

It’s time to go on a little scavenger hunt for a new denizen of the Frost Hound, and while you’re at it, check out some sweet updates to our map system!

0.3.28 Patch Notes:

  • New NPC: Solveig Karisdóttir! Found at the Frost Hound after doing GarretQuest and AronaQuest, this watermelon-flavored half-orc has some questions about her family tree you might be able to help her solve… (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • New feature: you can now move around the map by clicking on the map itself whenever the crosshair is up. Just click or tap on the quadrant corresponding to the direction you want to move in! This is mostly for mobile users so you don’t have to chicken-peck the NSEW buttons anymore, but I’ve found it pretty handy on PC too.
  • New Etheryn scene where you get to use your fingers. By Alypia.
  • Also, unexplored adjacent map tiles are now connected with a dotted line, so you know if there’s still exploration left to do!
  • If you’re in a region of the world or a dungeon whose recommended level is higher than yours, there will be a little red skull in the corner of the map to let you know you’re in the wrong neighborhood.
  • Tweaks to how CGs are displayed, and a new CG for Witch Cait, viewable in her appearance screen while the set is equipped.
  • Usual bevy of bugfixes.
  • New Busts: Rroljar, Jen (Redo by Moira), Zhara (aka Harpy Wingleader, redo by DCL with nude and preg variants), Solveig, Sluasaid (with a special Silly Mode variant!)

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