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[Backers] Korgonne Cookies & Threesomes, Oh My!

0.7.142 Changelog:

  • An Anno x Erra threesome (by HugsAlright) has been coded by Whimsalot.
  • A new item has been rolled into the game: UthraPlus by Violent Knight, sold by Dr. Lessau.
  • Kicking Kase off your ship no longer makes Anno stop sleeping with you.
  • New Busts for Tuuva and Nenne.
  • B slipped a new scene for in Nenne that I found quite amusing. Additionally, a silly mode-only scene from her original document has been added in.
  • Some fixes and tweaks. You know the ones.

Additionally, I reviewed an 80 page expansion for Fisianna (and approved it for coding) as well as a 20 page transformative that I’ve had to take a pass on for now. My email backlog slowly shrinks, but the code-pile grows!

Also, if anybody wants to see what a terrible DM I am, I’ve been putting my weekly D&D games up on my youtube.

[Backers] Polished Sylvie

Tonight I have this small bolt-on that ports a bunch of Sylvie’s original scenes back in to work with the new expansion. Also includes a few tweaks here and there, including an edit that amused me in the middle of her Doctor Badger story.


  • Sylvie’s original scenes have been back-ported to work with her new equipment.
  • Sylvie’s stories and interactions have had small modifications to fit with the rest of the expansion pack.
  • Zil males should now be able to impregnate you, as written by HugsAlright and coded by Jacques00.

That’s it for the weekend. I’ll be paging through my submissions backlogged in the old system.

Art of yours truly by JayEcho and touched up by Jacques00.

Event Submissions Update

Hey guys, I’ve gone ahead and updated the method of submitting events/items/characters/etc to the game. This way people can’t tell me they didn’t read the forum sticky, and I have a record with every submission agreeing to the terms. Content that has been PMed or emailed to me already is fine, but all new stuff needs to go through here.

Kiro/Kally chibis by Tsuda.

[Backers] Sylvie’s SynthSheath

I’ve gone ahead and taken a rough pass on Wsan’s futanari expansion for Sylvie of Canadia Station. It clocked in around 50 pages but was pretty well structured for coding and relatively simple to add, so I got it all chunked in at once. It’s missing edits to her existing content, and for right now it replaces all her old scenes. Once I get a little time to page through and make some edits, I’ll see about rolling some of the vanilla versions back in.


  • You can give Sylvie a synthsheath, if you’d like to give her a little extra. ~22,000 words of new content, or 1/2 of a young adult novel.
  • Verusha’s sex scenes have had their weightings adjusted.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Tomorrow: Sylvie edits and reviewing more backlogged submissions, and probably deploying a new form for turning them in.

Review Progress

Finally finished going over Shizuya. Now to get my government mandated seven hours of sleep for the night.

Tomorrow will probably code something and maybe page through a smaller submission, hopefully.

[Backers] A Very Verusha Visit

Verusha the Hyena is a domineering, hermaphroditic hyena mercenary that hangs out in the Mess’s bar when she’s not busy on a mission. She has a good variety of scenes but, including special ones for PCs in rut, heat, or with smaller endowments. Just don’t be too tall when you go to visit her, or expect to have much control over how things go!

I jumped on coding this back-logged character because I’m burning out hard on reviewing submissions. Editing that 150 page waifu is killing me, and I did not get enough sleep to be a good editor today!

0.7.139 Changelog:

  • Doots’s Verusha the hyena mercenary is now available in the bar on Tarkus. She’ll show up in the slot for roaming bar NPCs more than any others.
  • The roaming bar NPC system has been updated so that an NPC will stay in place for 90m to 150m. Note that this is not maintained through save/load cycles.
  • New Item: Hornucopia, written by Gothpastel. Sold by Ceria (unlocked alongside Hornitol), Nevrie, and Dr. Lesssu. It changes the color of horns (mainly mentioned in the appearance screen).
  • A few treatment effects for standard bimbo cows have been added thanks to AHornyPanda.
  • The “Potent” starter perk now causes certain volume-boosting items and effects to work twice as quickly.
  • Made a few tweaks and fixes as a result of playing the game a bunch.
  • A LOT of bug fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Art is Verusha going to town on what I can only assume is a fluffy purple Steele an OC by the name of Max, by DCLZexon.

Happy Valentines Day & Report

Happy Valentines Day! Eat some chocolate, and remember that pornhub does its premium shit for free today.

A quick head’s up – I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing of ancient submissions that have piled up since this has been a hectic week with family birthdays and V-day all landing around the same time, resulting in a tired Fen. Turns out sitting around and reading takes less brainpower than churning it out yourself, luckily. One highlight thus far has been Verusha, the hyena mercenary. She’ll be good stuff. Zil pregnancy is also looking pretty good.

In addition, I spent the better part of two or three hours playing TiTS for the first time in a good long while. Got all the way through Mhenga and Tarkus, picking up Kase and Anno along the way. I have to say, the item re-balance feels really nice thus far in game. Armor and weapons all have interesting niches, so it was nice to pour over two different items and contrast and compare which would be best for my build.


(PS: Ohgod140pagewaifutoreadkillmenowwww)

[Backers] Down With The Thiccness

That’s going to be it for this weekend! I look forward to to fully polishing off my contributions & plans for Uveto so that I can go to work on the next plot mission or Azra’s next expedition. Or coding some backlogged stuff, I guess as well! <3

0.7.138 Changelog:

  • Anno can now be slipped a pile (10) Huskar Treats in order to get THICC, courtesy of Savin. Most of her sex scenes have been subtly or not-so-subtly tweaked to account for her new figure.
  • A new Adjatha bust for THICC Anno has been added.
  • One of Tuuva’s talk scenes has been adjusted to account for the PC helping her out with her size problem.
  • The timer for getting locked out of Ula has been temporarily removed. In a month or so I’ll be bringing it back (gotta let the next public patch give folks a chance to save her).
  • Somehow bringing your maximum HP into the negatives should now result in a bad end.
  • New item from Maja in silly mode: Miniature Giant Baby Kor’diiak. It serves no purpose.
  • [EDIT/UPDATE]: Jacques00 also coded SoAndSo’s space moth and goat transformation items. The Seer in Gildenmere sells them.
  • Assorted other fixes and tweaks.

THICC Anno bust is by Adjatha.

[Backers] Maja the Animal Tamer

The first part of Gardeford’s Maja character is now in game, though without all the LOODs you guys probably demand. You’ll just have to be patient till he can finish writing them. Also, it occurs to me that I have once more forgotten to put in author credit for this NPC. Sorry Garde, I’ll have it on next patch.

It also looks like someone made a subreddit for my stuff! I’m not involved in any official capacity, but if that’s your jam, give it a subscribe.

0.7.137 Changelog:

  • Korg’ii Hold’s first sub-level now has the map fully out.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s second sub-level has been partly mapped out, including Maja’s stables. Currently only accessible through the southwest stairwell.
  • The PC can rent one animal from Maja’s stables at a time and must return the rented animal before another can be taken. Some make movement take less time, help in combat, or both. Sadly, animals are less reliable than drones.
  • The inventory screen quickly displays your equipped items once more.
  • New bust, Heidrun – pictured at right.
  • Goo armor has some new flavor texts and should be harder to lose.
  • Yappi Strap prices have been adjusted.


PS: I forgot to do this, but I’m going to try and make Ula not disappear from her cave for those that missed her the first time around, and update the event to make it more clear that it is limited time and somewhat important before restoring the time sensitive bit.


Brogress Update

Today I finished filling out all the rooms for Korg’ii Hold’s basement-1 level and started rolling out some of basement-2, where the pet shop will be located. Gardeford is still working on sex scenes and the like, but I’m going to hook you guys up with some cool stuff sooner rather than later.

Expect to see a backer patch with that in it tomorrow, along with some other tweaks and adjustments.


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