I’ve gone ahead and taken a rough pass on Wsan’s futanari expansion for Sylvie of Canadia Station. It clocked in around 50 pages but was pretty well structured for coding and relatively simple to add, so I got it all chunked in at once. It’s missing edits to her existing content, and for right now it replaces all her old scenes. Once I get a little time to page through and make some edits, I’ll see about rolling some of the vanilla versions back in.


  • You can give Sylvie a synthsheath, if you’d like to give her a little extra. ~22,000 words of new content, or 1/2 of a young adult novel.
  • Verusha’s sex scenes have had their weightings adjusted.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Tomorrow: Sylvie edits and reviewing more backlogged submissions, and probably deploying a new form for turning them in.