My Games

  • Trials in Tainted Space – You can play it on this site’s play page, but people who have tossed money at me can usually get newer builds here.
  • Unnamed Text Game (Discontinued after 0.2.6) – Source Code Available!
  • CoC Prisoner – okay, this isn’t actually mine but a mod of mine but its awesome and the submissives out there should love it.


Links to Other Similar Games

All games given a ‘Fenoxo Awesomitude score’.  The scale is 0 (boring) to 10 (fap till your dick falls off).

  • (8Cursed – A game centering around the player being turned into a woman.  I haven’t rated it because I didn’t get much into the sex but it has a LOT of stuff in it besides sex that makes it cool.
  • (?) Euphorian Tide – This project has since been abandoned, but the creator is making a new game, Venture Seas!
  • (?) Fall of Eden (Android App) – A game in the mold of CoC.  Currently just starting to have content fill in, but you can grow a horse-cock, so I consider that a good start.
  • (8Flexible Survival by Nuku – F.S. has LOTS of encounters, but it doesn’t spend as much time on the transformations and such after you get them than I would like.   It still is a very rewarding and deep game that is updated frequently with new content and also has a multiplayer MUD in the same world that Nuku develops full time.
  • (?) Loren Ipsun’s Hill House – Text game with typing-based input.  The player is lost in a strange mansion full of items that transform them.  Feels a lot like an oldschool puzzle game.
  • (8Mutant Minx Meltdown by Seldompie – Text game with click-based UI.  The player is stuck on an island full of horny, slowly mutating girls.  Interesting but wears thin after about an hour.  Game penalizes you for having too much sex by having your explode (WHY YOU DO THIS?!).  Has chicks with mouth-ginas, which is neat.
  • (?My Very Own Lith – A furry catboi slave/pet simulator.  Built by someone inspired by CoC/UTG.  Pretty detailed, decent writing if you’re in to that kind of thing.
  • (9Nimin Fetish Fantasy by Xadera (Locally Hosted Copy – v0.975o) – Nimin has lots of content, but with a greater emphasis on furry content than CoC.
  • (7.5Pornarium by TacoKing – Pornarium is like the unholy child of CoC and Slavemaker.  Think CoC with pictures.  I scored it 7.5 due to the fairly limited content and the fact that it is now dead. RIP, Pornarium.
  • (9.5Slavemaker – No mention of porn games would be complete with this.  This game has pictures.  You play a character called a ‘slavemaker’ and are in charge of training slaves.  Some are easy to train, some are hard.  They can be abducted by tentacle beasts, become milk-slaves, or be abducted by a greedy futa-milking recluse to name a few outcomes.  The game is awesome.   I won’t lie, when I first started playing it I fapped myself raw.  I also made Aeris for that game, so check her out (lots of breast/dick growth and milking possible with her!)
  • (8.5) Tales of the Drunken Cowboy – A RAGS game about dealing with your AI that gets corrupted and tries to brainwash you into a bimbo.  Pretty rad!
  • (9) Village of Nightmare – An RPGmaker game originally in Japanese.  The game focuses heavily on corruption – the PC is turned into a succubus and has to corrupt everyone in town (including the men) into succubus.  Lots of corruption & futa and other weirdness.  100% translated at the moment.

Other Cool Games

  • (6) Mission Brothel (Requires FutanariPalace account to view) – Mission Brothel is a game about taking ‘slave training’ missions and managing a brothel.  It’s pretty simple, but has a nice clean UI, good picture selection, and scratches my completionist itch.  My big beef is that there is ZERO transformation, and little sense of persistence with any of the characters.
  • (9) Monster Girl Quest I, II, and III – These games feature a fairly young ‘hero’ out to fix the racial problems between human civilization and monster-girls.  Come for the fem-domme reverse rape, stay for the surprisingly good story!  Originally in Japanese and NOT free, but the translation patches are very well done and the games are very fappable.  Warning – some vore.
  • (6) Project X: Love Potion Disaster – Furry game where you a play a Sonic the Hedgehog character and try not to get raped by all the suddenly-rapey baddies.  It’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up, but does contain some bestiality.  I enjoyed playing it but couldn’t fap to it.

Bad-Ass Artists

  • CoC Fanart Gallery – Not really an artist, but a compilation of a LOT of the art I’ve gotten for this game.
  • Adjatha – Draws LOTS of CoC fanart and wrote Scylla in CoC!
  • AF – Another cool artist that does some CoC fanart in addition to his other works.
  • Alder – A cool guy that can draw good shit, write good shit, and is probably a better programmer than me.
  • Gats – Wrote lottie, draws great stuff, and routinely serenades fen-streams.
  • Jacques00 (FA)  – A fantastic artist that sometimes does CoC art and has tons of fantastic breast/butt enlargement and futas to boot!
  • Lemonfont – Author of a popular shapeshifter comic, you should check it out!
  • NinjaKitty – Does lots of CoC character commissions and they come out great!
  • Pzero – A great artist that draws lots of busty women and curvy futas.  He also sometimes streams for like 8 hours straight. Here’s an artbook he made!
  • SPN – Drew some AMAZING character busts on fen-forums.

Cool Stories Bro:

  • Dominika’s Hentai-Foundry – Stories by the author of CoC’s Dominika.
  • Futazeroth – A story of dickgirls and WoW.  Pretty great writing and hot smut IMO.
  • MC Stories – The erotic mind control story archive.  Everything from awesome to suck is there, and all of it focused on mind fuckery.
  • Slywyn’s Stories – A friend from Darknest that writes lots of futanari and incest.

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