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[Backers | CoC2] The Queen of Lust

As promised, you can now hang out with Azzy and the queen again after clearing the dungeon — and sucking on the queenly bosom has some, like, totally super cool surprises for you!! <3

0.2.27 Patch Notes:

  • You can now interact with Azyrran and the Hornet Queen after clearing the Hornet Hive Dungeon. (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • Sucking on the queen’s huge honey-laden bosoms can result in you becoming a bimbo! There are both temporary and permanent options.
  • New Busts: Senja Evergreen, Pregnant Evergreen (not yet enabled)

There’s a pretty huge chunk of new Evergreen sex scenes being coded right now, as well as a chunky new dungeon she can send you to full of kitsune troublemakers. Stay tuned!

As always, you can get backer access here! Be the first to turn your brain to fuck.

[Backers | TiTS] A Centaur Suit?

Helia’s VR twin is looking fine! I would’ve put a picture of the hentai that inspired the taursuit, but somebody in streamchat demanded this.

Today’s patch includes one of the first enemies developed for Kiro’s quest… who got forgotten in the shuffle of all the other stuff I had to do. Enjoy!

0.8.037 Changelog:

  • For those who rescue Kiro AFTER 48 hours, the ship obtaining options have been improved by DrunkZombie.

0.8.036 Changelog:

  • New Busts: VR Adventure Sprite, VR Adventure Salamander, and Kiona.
  • New encounter: a taursuit! This hollow centaur suit will try to show you how good it can be to be a hermaphrodite centaur. Don’t let it! Or do, your choice really. Includes a voluntary transformation scene, a bad end, and a loss-transformation WITHOUT the bad end if you can make a willpower check. (Being tainted makes it harder.)
  • The “generic fuckdolls” now drop items at less grindy intervals. You only need to defeat 10 to collect the VR holotape.
  • There was a largish patch yesterday as well. Be sure to check out its changelog too! (Or CoC2’s patch from yesterday!)

[Backers | CoC2] Foxwood

Short patch, mostly to fix a big oopsie that crashes the game in HornetQuest. Also, a ginger fox that fucks real good. Everybody wins!

Also there was a TiTS patch tonight as well, just scroll down slightly. It’s got a huge dungeon and Bimbo Kiro and other goodies!

0.2.26 Patch Notes

  • New NPC! Hatsumomo, a kitsune lumberjack, can now encountered in the Frostwood. She is buff and works hard, so maybe help her relax in a little hotspring somewhere…? (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • New busts: Nareva and Kavi!
  • Critical bugfix: the Hornet Queen will no longer crash your game on a certain sex scene.

If you want early access to firecrotch floofers, back us here!

[Backers | TiTS] Sharpening the Blade

She’s a little heavy on the back-end, but in this community, that’s a good thing. By R4Draws.

0.8.035 Changelog:

  • Literally nothing. I was concerned the build server was stuck.

0.8.034 Changelog:

  • Female Zil no longer have a blinding attack. It was dubbed a bit too hardcore for level 1s by Savin, and I agreed.
  • The “Buttslutinator” and “Orgasmender” are now accessible in your ship when bought from Doctor Po.
  • Kiro no longer appears in bars while she is abducted.
  • It is no longer possible to encounter a generic fuckdoll after a boss encounter in Kiro Quest with no break.
  • Kiro’s Quest no longer starts unless the PC is level 9.
  • The Clydesdale K7 had the following adjustments to its stats: Thrust:+35, Agility: -5, Sensors: +15, Module Capacity: +2.
  • The imagepack has a new image for Kiro’s transformation. It isn’t a perfect match, but should be close enough.
  • The Sidewinder has a bust, courtesy of R4.
  • Kiro’s ship, the Blade, has a bust, sourced from an ancient piece of fanart by Deimacos. Big thanks for breathing life into our silly ideas!
  • Looting Kiro’s ship now actually swaps your ship for hers. Note that non-broken Kiro will likely have a path to obtain her ship for credits once she is recruited.
  • Kiro’s transformations now increase her vaginal capacity, anal capacity, refractory rate (balls swell 50% faster after a certain point), and gives her a minimum cum volume of 2000, just in case you somehow drained her dry. Doctor Po is thorough!

[Backers | TiTS] Kiro Quest Test Run

Whew! It’s been a long day of coding, writing, and watching MrPink doodle up amazing art, including some lovely designs for the bimbo version of Kiro that this quest is going to unlock. Perhaps more interesting to some of you – he also did art for a scene on the next planet that’s ready to go.

0.8.033 Changelog:

  • Kiro’s Quest can now naturally proc. To trigger it, simply have 100 trust and fly between planets until you get a distress call. Then bitch about how long other travel events are, fly some more, and then get the real Kiro distress call. (That’s how it worked for me in testing, anyway.)
  • Kiro’s transformation events can now occur after you receive her distress call. I didn’t have much time and energy left to thoroughly test them, so bugs are possible and probably. Still, there’s a lot of good text in there for those who like forced transformation and mind control.
  • Illustria Po can now be encountered and bartered with or defeated at the end of Kiro’s Quest. Let me know if you think she’s too easy – I erred on the side of easy, and she was one of the last things I did today, so may need some more tuning. She has five possible win scenes and a unique bad end!
  • Amber got a new scene in the imagepack for her Anno threesome.
  • New frog girl scene written by William. It’s “Fuck Her”.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
  • Please maintain a save from before the quest – there is still incomplete content to finish out, and some options are not fully complete (like the option to take Kiro’s ship if she’s fully dollified.)
    • I will have another patch out tomorrow evening (or sooner) to clean up things and fill in missing content (like Kiro’s ship).
  • Kiro’s crew content is not in yet. Regular Kiro will have an event where she offers to join your crew. Bimbo Kiro will simply appear onboard when the time is right.

[Backers | CoC2] Hornets and Horny Babes

Finally! Behold, the hornet dungeon — and an immense new(ly returned!) NPC to go with it. Several hundred pages of new content here, so enjoy!

0.2.25 Patch Notes:

  • Azyrran, the Hive Knight, will ask you to accompany her to help redeem her corrupted hive. Requires 5 Trust, gained by succeeding Challenges without sex or by Cuddlefucking her, and a defeated Alraune. Includes bosses and new bad ends written by myself, BubbleLord, SomeKindofWizard, and B! Currently the dungeon itself can be completed; repeat interactions with the queen are coming soon (already written), and curing bimbosis will be a little later.
  • Evelyn has been reintroduced! You can encounter her in the Inn Guests section after waiting for a week after her initial scene. Evelyn is a human shemale that delights in being in charge in the bedroom, and all but 1-2 of her scenes have her dominating the player character. She has a bunch of randomly rotating scenes, and unique virginity loss variants for the player that wants to offer her those. (By Wsan)
  • Brienne can get a cowbell and some piercings now! Talk to her about it so the cow can get extra moo!
  • Busts for all the hornets in the dungeon + your human helper, all by Moira!

As always you can get backer access here!

Codin’ Po Roughs

Tonight I’m gonna get everything blocked out and ready to go. Tomorrow I I’ll add her combat logic, connect the pieces, debug, and put out a patch for testies. I’ll just keep this post up and edit it when the stream is done. (P.S. I streamed a few hours this afternoon without telling anyone, since my internet is as reliable as a wet paper towel.)

Approximately 1,200 lines of code got written for Doctor Po’s victory sex scenes, bad end, dialogue, haggling, etc. I still need to write her combat routines – I wound up having to write some additional dialogues for intros/outros/escapes/etc instead. Hopefully patch soon (1-2 days soon, not tonight soon)!

…assuming all the Kiro transformation and taunting transmissions go easy.

[FOE] 0.5.4

Hey, Alder here!

I wanted to push more content into 0.5.4, but there have been some rather big bugfixes that have accumulated over the past two weeks, so I feel it’s better to do a smaller release now rather than wait until after more has been written/edited/coded. What we get is one rather big and complex scene with a ton of variations. So far the new parser method has definitely sped up my workflow, especially since it catches so many bugs before they even have time to manifest.

On the backend side, I’ve experimented with setting up automated testing, which should also improve the overall quality and stability of the game as I implement more tests.

Play the update online here.

Download the offline version here (open foe.html in your browser).

If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.

Full changelog after the break.

KiroQuest Update

I almost have everything for Doctor Po’s fight ready. The optional non-combat path has been slowing me down.


[Public | CoC2] Variety is the Spice of Life

Hey guys. This patch is just a hodgepodge of random new content. Enjoy!

0.2.24 Patch Notes:

  • You can meet a renegade memeber of Tollus’s cult in Harvest Valley, and including a fight and some new lore. (By BubbleLord)
  • Brint’s trap-exclusive anal scenes now have shemale variants. He has a new scene exclusively for lactating shemales. (by me!)
  • There’s new voyeur scene where you can watch a Marefolk Shaman get railed by her treant. (by Serrated Seat)
  • New Busts: Lucia, Janeen, Vaush, Centaur Marauders.
Cait’s always excited for more milkies!

As always, if you want to support us, you can find our Patreon here!

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