Hey guys. This patch is just a hodgepodge of random new content. Enjoy!

0.2.24 Patch Notes:

  • You can meet a renegade memeber of Tollus’s cult in Harvest Valley, and including a fight and some new lore. (By BubbleLord)
  • Brint’s trap-exclusive anal scenes now have shemale variants. He has a new scene exclusively for lactating shemales. (by me!)
  • There’s new voyeur scene where you can watch a Marefolk Shaman get railed by her treant. (by Serrated Seat)
  • New Busts: Lucia, Janeen, Vaush, Centaur Marauders.
Cait’s always excited for more milkies!

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New Since Last Public Update:

  • Last public update was for Halloween so…
  • New Old Forest Encounter: Viviane the Enchantress
  • New Frostwood Encounter: Kitsunes!
  • New Frostwood Encounter: Imps!
  • New scene during Arona’s quest: let Cait suck Pavo off
  • New feature: Change party roster from any Waystone Idol
  • New feature: visible keybinds on the button dock
  • New codices: Boreal Elves & Tanuki