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[Backers | CoC2] Centaurs of Attention

HOTFIX: Rose will no longer lock you in the Inn forever.

A whole lot more ‘taur is on the table today courtesy of Wsan and Garde.

0.4.35 Patch Notes:

  • The centaur caravan in the Khor’minos outskirts has a hefty new expansion — over 200 pages of content! (By Wsan)
  • A new girl’s working at the Passion Pasture: Decima. (Written by Gardeford) (Coded by Squishy!)

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[TiTS Update] Error Reporting, Fog of Whore, and Korg’ii War

Who needs to relax on a weekend when you can fix bugs and add new features?! We’ve got a spicy Monday drop that not even Garfield could hate. Maybe our code spaghetti congealed into code lasagna!

02/23/2022 BONUS Changelog:

  • Minimum lust has been converted to Minimum Lust Rating, and it now has diminishing returns the higher it gets. This eliminates a lot of janky behavior and makes it much harder to accidentally lock your lust at max.
  • Leek made some changes to how characters are loaded for combat that should result in less errors during battle.
  • Emmy’s Herm Harness’s Codex controls should work now, both in person and remotely.
  • Geddy improved how the game handles loading a save in an invalid location.
  • There’s an existing issue where character heights could become considered a string by javascript, which would result in strange addition when changing height. Ever suddenly gotten 10x taller? That’s the culprit. We’ve deployed two fixes that should try to prevent that from happening in the future…
  • The Omnisuit is now a rare item, also a lil more polish to it.
  • Undressing for the New Texas pool should be less crashy.
  • Cockvine tails now count as parasites again.
  • Backing out of Nevrie’s shop no longer displays main menu buttons.
  • Fixed a missing room description on New Texas.
  • Submitting to Lund no longer crashes.
  • The softlock that happens after submitting to Lund that was hiding behind the crash has ALSO been fixed.
  • More improvements for displayed names, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Fixed an issue buried in the parser’s belly.
  • And many more!


  • TiTS now has an error reporting system built in. By default it is disabled – there is an option to enable it in the Options screen, under Gameplay – look for Automatic Error Reporting.
    • This system is based on, but we’re hosting our own instance of it, and I want to explain a little bit about it in the hopes you guys will _opt_ to turn it on.
    • Firstly, we’re defaulting it to off – you, the player, has to make the decision to turn it on. There’s no popup about it, there’s no reminder or anything. Turn it on or don’t, it won’t get in your way begging for your attention either way. For all intents and purposes, this is the only time we’re going to talk about it being a thing and asking people to turn it on because we are like you – my ass always gets chapped when this kinda stuff gets forced on me so I am absolutely not gonna do the same.
    • As for turning it on, there are two modes: Auto and Prompt.
    • Auto will just send the error message straight to us as soon as it’s displayed. It can send us some extra data as well, chiefly, a record of the last couple of actions you’ve taken leading up to the crash which will allow us to more easily track down the issue.
    • Prompt simply adds an extra button to the error screen that will send the error, and only the error, to us, but only if you hit the button.
  • The exploration system has been turned on for Mhenga, Tarkus, and Myrellion. Now you can chart your own journey through the sparsely explored wilds of the galaxy, and more easily tell which places you have explored, and which you have yet to explore. Perhaps in time we can add a place for you to make a few bucks off your map data…
  • Item Rarity display is coming to TiTS! Expect to see items in your inventory have different colored icons to denote their rarity. My current labels for them are common, rare, and custom.
    • KNOWN BUG: Currently rarity information is not displayed on equipped weapons on the paperdoll. (This is fixed!)
  • Item level display has been configured for most weapons and armors in the game.
  • The battle for Korg’ii Hold is now able to be completed – at least on the test save I plowed through with it. I fixed up a bunch of broken room linkages, added staircase icons where appropriate, fixed something like 10+ different crash bugs, cleared up missing text when defeating the War Alpha, and more. There’s still one issue with encounter text being eaten – I think when Tuuva is assisting, and that’s on my agenda for today…
  • Geddy took a pass through the Codex buttons and cleaned up the whole mess of them.
  • Fixed a Mirrin softlock.
  • Fixed a Bothrioc birth codesplosion.
  • Fixes for the nursery & plenty of pregnancies.
  • Lots of under the hood changes for Roxy to address some of her bugs.
  • Lots of name displays got fixed. (By which I mean all-caps displays with “\n” or “<br>” have been formatted to fit the new display style.)
  • Many improvements to quest log display.
  • Addiction data has been moved into the medical log of your Codex.
  • The Pumpking’s bust cropping has been fixed.
  • And more! <3

[Public | CoC2] Musical Moo

Time to spoon the bard!

Also TiTS just put out a big patch. Go hug Queen Taivra again!

0.4.34 Patch Notes:

  • After completing CaliseQuest #1 and tipping Livrea at least once, you can find the bovine bard at the milker stall which leads to a date, and then to some repeatable sex scenes with her. Moo!
  • Fem!Keros has a new scene for female PCs. (By TheObserver)
  • Daliza and Jael’yn have an optional threesome date (by Skow), and the Maid Jael’yn version has a new CG to go with it (by Akira).
  • Byvernia has a new encounter that can occur in the Old Forest, Foothills, or Harvest Valley. Requires having fucked her before, and you need to beat her in combat in her normal encounter to refresh it (By BubbleLord). Includes a CG with 2 variants (by Anon)!
  • Balak’s begun work on a sweeping set of changes to the game’s underlying combat and character mechanics. Check below the break for a more exhaustive list of changes!
  • New Busts: Ring Slaver, Kazuo’s Puppets, and Fem!Keros “Pregnant” version.

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TiTS: Frozen Cartography

New day, new patch, new features, new bugs!

(EDIT) Hotfix Changelog:

  • Fixed an error that caused the map to stop working entirely.
  • Fixed an error with Leek’s optimizations that made many puzzles (and some other content) softlock.
  • Fixed Bianca exploding the map system.
  • Azra’s mom-dom scene was ported back in.
  • Fights with multiple enemies will no longer give you multiple times the XP/credits they should.
  • Fights with multiple enemies should correctly output the list of defeated enemies.
  • Equipping heavy weapons you cannot carry should no longer crash.
  • Corrected the “Lights Out” puzzle in Azra’s Tarkus expedition to use the proper arrangement laid down in the holy Flash texts.
  • Fixed a crash with submitting to Overqueen Ysolte.
  • The Overqueen should no longer auto-grapple smugglers or athletic PC’s, as is written and intended.
  • Getting hit in the face with the Overqueen’s bolas should no longer deal lust damage, considering how painfully the text is written.
  • Pierced tongue descriptions should no longer always say “heavily pierced”. A few new small variants were added based on piercing type too (bar vs hoop).
  • Korgonne translation should be less crashy and error prone.
  • The softlock in Roxy’s doggie-style scene has been fixed.
  • A bunch of content & items that were changed in Flash after the JS port was started were updated with changes that were made in Flash. (Playing catch-up!)
  • And more!


  • [Backers] Uveto is now available for play in the backer build of the game! As usual, it’s going to be pretty rough around the edges. We’ll be banging on the bugs as space-time and bug reporting permits!
  • [Public] Myrellion is now explorable in the public version of the game! Don’t worry, we left the sexy bugs intact!
  • [Backers] The new experimental “exploration” system has been turned on for Uveto’s snow-fields. This is a feature I’ve wanted since the very early days of working on the game in Flash, but I lacked the skill to pull it off myself. Of course Geddy cracked it out in short order, that canny dragoness! Now rooms will fill in on your map as you explore them, and their exploration status should save. In the future we plan to bring this feature to more of the “wilds” of the game world, after shaking it down for any possible meltdowns in the snow…
    • Known Issue: Korg’ii Hold is visible before being explored.
  • The new exploration system should restore our ability to display markers for Bianca and Kattom Osgood, kaithrit businessman supreme!
  • The Omnisuit should actually be working again! This was… wayyyyy more of a headache than you would assume. The new inventory UI really did not like an item replacing itself with another item midway through the equipping process, or proccing multi-page events right in the middle. To get around this, I wound up making the collar a consumable “gadget,” which taps into the same sorts of systems driving player transformation items. Just use the collar, and presto! Your armor is an omnisuit, and any old armor is looted. Once you remove it, it will quietly transform back into a collar again for your future use. I dumped at least six hours of work across three days getting this fucking piece of shit working…
  • Donkey took a bunch of improperly formatted button prompts out behind the shed and took care of them. That’s well over 100 potential crash points absolutely shredded. The next time Gordon Ramsey calls someone an “absolute donkey,” it’s going to be a compliment.
  • Fixes for Bess.
  • Fixes for Shade’s bust.
  • Fixes for Dr. Poe’s menu.
  • Some fixes for nursery baby interactions.
  • Restored busts for: Sexdolls (Kiro Quest), the Cumjuice Poster decoration, Yammi Crew, Anno (Adjatha’s variants), Anno (Nikku’s variants),
  • Removed a duplicate Kiro/Paige threesome from the code.
  • Kimber fixes.
  • Bianca crew conversation fix.
  • Fixed Qualle softlock
  • Fixes for Kane’s wrestling event.
  • Fixes for Shade interactions crashing when Uveto isn’t loaded.
  • Catnip should now interact correctly with tail genitals (and fixed a missing parenthesis in the codex’s information about tails!)
  • Fixes and improvements to the questlog, courtesy of our resident lowercase-donkey!
  • Under the hood work to prepare the blackjack minigame for Zheng Shi’s arrival.
  • Under the hood work to prepare the ship systems for deployment.
  • Fixes and improvements for GooArmor.
  • Fixes to reduce how often the game has to fully re-render itself.
  • And much mooooooore~

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

You Guessed It… TiTS Fixes

  • The Quest Log is back baybeeeee~
  • Aina turbo-speed pregnancy should be fixed. Thanks, DrunkZombie!
  • Other pregnancy speeds that went too fast should also be handled. Here’s a note from the intoxicated undead himself: Changed all npc preg flags from += totalDays to += deltaT/1440 to fix preg progression being way too fast. Preg flags in AS version were updated daily but are now updated per minute. totalDays is a running total of the time passed that day so adding it every minute was bad.
  • Fixes for raskvel male references in the “Sydian Queen” content on Tarkus.
  • Fix catnip causing femininity to be “Not a Number”.
  • “Cum Highs” had some of their checks fixed.
  • The Zil Twins should no longer make Burt’s vending machine disappear.
  • Fixes for the Love Starz portraits.
  • Fixes for the “keg” cow busts not showing.
  • Fixes for how Doctor Po and the Slyveren Slavebreakers interacted with the player character’s inventory.
  • Fixes for goo player characters interacting with their gooeyness.
  • Fixes for the KiroQuest Twins combat encounter.
  • New Texas’s varmint got fixed. Poor guy!
  • Fixed one of Big T’s tooltips.
  • “Shotguard” and “Techguard” had errors with their combat abilities fixed.
  • Fixed some hacky parser stuff I did in the early days that doesn’t need further elaboration…
  • Bhakar had his tooltips for sex filled in, and his apartment approach scene should properly display the repeat version now.
  • Drop menu updated with a confirm popup and receipt display.
  • Renamed “Accept” button of drop and shop menus for clarity.
  • Gianna’s busts should work again. Unfortunately we’ve had to retire Shou’s busts for her in the short term due to how busts are handled in our javascript engine.
  • Mitzi’s missing busts should work again.
  • Fixed a Chaurmine scene mentioning the wrong hole in one place.
  • Fixed a crash with the zil hoverfly.
  • A bunch of fixes that weren’t very well documented by their respective coders or that Fen skimmed over while creating this list.

[Backers | CoC2] Gods & Dragons

A god(dess) and a dragon are getting a little lewder today!

0.4.33 Patch Notes:

  • Fem!Keros has two new sex scenes (by TheObserver), one of which features a new CG by Bread!
  • Once you’re official with Aileh, she’s got a couple of new sex scenes, and one random scene for entering her tile! (by SomeKindofWizard)
  • There’s a new, non-lewd scene featuring Cait and Quin in the cat temple (by BubbleLord)
  • Brienne’s stargazing CG has been updated to include her cowprint bra!

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[TiTS] Donkey’s Kickin’ Bugs

The weekend is over, and lowercase donkey had a nice thick pile of code to deposit that should fix a bunch more bugs. Will it be enough? No, not yet, but it’s another brick in the ever-growing wall that is the javascript version of TiTS.

I’ll go ahead and leave a teaser here too. Word from mount dragon-code is that work for displaying Kattom/Bianca’s icon on the map is ongoing… along with another, more impressive update that I can’t wait to show off.


  • [KNOWN ISSUE] Character art appears improperly scaled or positioned. This error was introduced by changes to the display code made for getting ship combat ready. We hope it does not take too long to resolve.
  • Lots of fixes for goo armor.
  • The defense value should actually show when inspecting an item in javascript TiTS.
  • Defensive flags on equipment should show on the inspect screen.
  • Fixed the “undefinied y” error in the Treatment.
  • Boatloads of fixes for Gastigoth, Canadia, & Breedwell.
  • Fixes for Kaede, including my favorite message on a block of committed code: “Make Kaede some cereal.” This translates into fixing her so some of Geddy’s magic code (THE SERIALIZER) is aware of her.
  • A fix for Luca’s submission tracking.
  • Fixes for Riya’s content.
  • Fixes for the Implantation Station on Dhaal.
  • Fixes for Cherry’s Tap-Hall on Zheng Shi.
  • Some big chunky fixes that touched a bunch of files at once without much documentation. I’m talking like 30+ different code files.
  • A fix for the gildenmere orgy crash.
  • Fixes for Brandy’s icon display.
  • Bess fixes.
  • Lots of under the hood work on ship combat.
  • Tweaked error formatting to look nicer when copy/pasting into a forum bug report.
  • Fixes for the Event Whorizon map.
  • Fixes for Kane.
  • Fixed [ara.himself] parser references to [ara.himHer]self.
  • Fixed a crash at the Raskvel Dockmistress.
  • Fixed references to now-removed functions for communicating about TF-locked body parts.
  • Fixes for Saendra’s quest.
  • Zil Champion fixes.
  • Pollen fight fixes.
  • And still more fixes. You want fixes, we got ’em! Just ignore the extra new ones slithering around…

TiTS Bug Fix Report

Snow high. Caffeine low. Fen out!


  • Installed Devices should be available in the storage area of your ship once more – though the sleep fapnea appears next to your bed now.
  • Sexual installed devices are also available from anyone on your ship inside the masturbation menu in the “installed” category.
  • Improved install messages for installed devices to better relate to their new organization.
  • Some fixes for Syri’s quest are in.
  • The friendly zil will no longer leave you in an in-combat state after interacting with her.
  • Single enemy fights should display their in combat descriptions once more. By default I’ve configured it to only show up in the first round, but I added a toggle to the options to display it every round (more like how it was in flash), if you prefer it that way.
  • “Look Closer” has been updated to work on any enemy, though enemies not configured for full appearance screens will only display their standard combat description.
  • Cunt snakes should no longer be referred to with masculine pronouns (he->it).
  • Many rooms that had variable icons in flash now work again in the javascript version.
  • Saves broken by the Hammer Shield typo fix should now be able to load against thanks to Dragon & Donkey magic.
  • Emmy’s hyper footjob scene should properly determine a player penis to footjob now.
  • Kane no longer sends you to an undefined room.
  • Fixes for Mirrin.
  • Fixes for getting stuck in Taivra’s dialogue.
  • Map fixes.
  • Fix Gianna’s missing crew blurbs.
  • A bunch of other fixes.

[Backers | CoC2] Dragon Laying

It’s time to finally be a hero and lay the dragon in your castle…

Also, Fen just dropped a big TiTS pub/backer patch pair!

0.4.32 Patch Notes:

  • If you’ve made a good impression on Aileh, she’ll send you on a quest to make her accommodations in the fort a little more comfortable, which leads to some inevitable bonding…
  • Said bonding includes a new CG by Akira Raiku!
  • Vitra’s brother has opened shop in Khor’minos, selling some new adventuring gear.

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[TiTS] People’s Tarkus & Capitalism Bugs

Be forewarned: Myrellion is probably janky enough to make Cyberpunk 2077 look polished on PS4 at launch.

Here’s today’s changelog for the Backer & Public builds:

  • Tarkus has been unlocked for the public.
  • Myrellion has been unlocked for backers.
  • Uveto was accidentally enabled. This has been fixed.
  • The following part flags were incorrectly set to correspond to the same value approximately a month ago. The number? 55. I’ve changed the values to increment appropriately, though as a result, older saves that have parts flagged as artificial, genital slitted, or uniballed will now all be counted as parasitic, since parasitic won the lottery and got to keep the assignment to 55.
  • The Codex stats page should now display the correct values for tail genitals. Formatting for tails was also improved to be more readable: types are listed first followed by flags. Tailcunt and tailcock displays were separated to better allow for multi-genitails in the future (Zaika style hybrid cock-cunt-tails.)
  • Soak, the Treatment, Throbb, and Gush now all have a quick button prompt to jump directly to the Codex entry if you’re blocked from using the item by not having read the relevant data log.
  • Fixed Briget’s bust not displaying.
  • Fixed a crash in the Treatment during body tone transformations.
  • Fixed orgasms not correctly emptying balls – and as a result blue balls are properly attainable again.
  • Fixed a crash in Codex->Stats->Location
  • The following Uveto content got some fixes since it got some bug reports: Syri’s Uveto Quest, SubTuner, Zaalt, Kiona, Frostwyrm, Milodan Futazons, Krym.
  • Gigantic nuts can immobilize you once more.
  • Fixes for the “Event Whorizon” event.
  • Improved counting items when there are multiple stacks.
  • Applied several fixes to the goo menus.
  • Fenoxo’s balls grew one size that day.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

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