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[Backers | TiTS] Cherry’s Image Wall & Sylvie Preg!

Sinensian absolutely killed it with this art. This version with the jumper silhouettes didn’t make it in game, but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it.

Some hangups with Leyaks are going to hold them back for a bit, but DrunkZombie delivered Sylvie’s pregnancy expansion to me today, and I sorted out a pretty nice pile of high quality art for the game. Enjoy~!

0.8.141 Changelog:

  • Sylvie can now get pregnant! She can start or stop taking birth control. High virility Steele’s have a small chance to impregnate her even when on. She has special talk scenes during pregnancy, and futanari Sylvie can impregnate Steele as well. Nursery scenes are included in a special area.
  • New Busts: Big T, Bianca (though only for two of her variants), Cherry.
  • New Imagepack art: Anyxine under desk service (illustrated with SEVEN new images by SimplePhobia), Cherry’s Slutwall, Slut Wall Gabilani creampied, Slut Wall leithan creampied, Slut Wall raskvel creampied, Slut Wall ratboy creampied, Slut Wall slyveren creampied, AND I updated the Slut Wall spots that were missing embedded versions of their Adjatha bust to include the art.

As usual, the image-embedded version can be found on the relevant Patreon or SubscribeStar post. Thank you so much for your continued support!

[Backers | TiTS] Azariah Azariah!

Here comes my first drop of additional Azariah content! Written by B, author of such wonderful works as “Lane”, “Frostwyrm”, “Nykke”, “Nenne”, and more that I’m surely forgetting, this lovely (and heavily modded!) slyveren mistress is happy to have you help her girls service her cock. Check in with Sally on Dhaal to unlock her, but you have to make sure you treat her right! Once Azariah’s unlocked, you can bump into her on the east side of the Gyre at around the same North-South “elevation”. Patch notes a bit further down, under the general dev update.

I’m juggling a lot of irons in my fire right now between pushing out the visual novel, coordinating the TiTS team, and trying to keep the content flowing to you guys while some of our better coders (in my opinion) are busy with the port to Javascript. An update on that – Geddy’s still picking at teaching the flash version how to export something we could potentially import into the javascript version of the game. Odds are good you won’t have to start fresh!

As mentioned on my twitter, Jacques00 put together a little tween-animated tutorial helper we can use to help first-timers with the UI, already embedded into the current javascript port in mockup form, even allowing for me to give her some custom text. Of course I got goofy with it. It’s too good not to share on the blog!

Lighterfluid has been busy coding (in addition to real life demands) the Leyaks, which I can only really describe as floating jellyfish – if the jellyfish had sexy bimbo faces tucked into them. I wasn’t 100% onboard with the concept at first, but the busts Adj is putting together for them look really, really nice. One small wrinkle is that they were written to induce the effects of a galomax dose in certain loss scenarios, but given how galomax is written and structured, that won’t be a good fit. I’m going to have to work out an alternative goo-ification (jellyfication?) scenario to satisfy everyone tonight or tomorrow.

DrunkZombie has also had plenty to keep him busy in the real world, but he told me that I could reasonably expect Sylvie to have a pregnancy expansion on Friday. I’m not as into pregnancy as I used to be back in the CoC days, but I’m still looking forward to it!

0.8.140 Changelog:

  • Azariah the slyveren mistress is now on Dhaal! She comes with two sex scenes that have significant forks (each the size of a small scene on their own) and a blowjob that you can trigger from almost anywhere in her content – with significant variation based on when and where you start it. B really outdid himself on that one!
  • Gianna will now get out of your bed when you tell her to. Naughty companion robots, I swear!
  • Slave Sera’s inventory can now contain Vernacola and Dicksprout.
  • Tuuva can no longer have a threesome with Nenne while Tuuva is indisposed.
  • The “Twins” from Kiroquest will now properly offer their “Get Service(P)” scene to males. It was blocked by an error in disabled button placement – unless the PC was herm, like my test PC. Whoops!
  • FIRST-14’s “Overqueen” was missing her full list of “sexual dislikes”. You may find her a bit tougher to tease as a result!
  • “Generic” Enemies on FIRST-14 have had their uncommon drops standardized so that they cannot drop equipment you already have – and will instead drop a piece you don’t have instead. This should make getting pieces you don’t have a little easier and eliminates some random variance in methodology between the two.
  • Fixed a potential crash related to collecting Perdita’s stories.
  • I wub you guys. Stay safe out there!

[Public | TiTS] Salacious Sally, Azariah’s Precursor

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of additional Gianna crew content. I have some work on the backburner, but Savin also did me the favor of kicking my butt into gear on the visual novel during Wednesday’s team meeting. I’ll talk more about that after the patch notes, but let me hit you with those first. A lot of bug-fixing got done over the last few days along with some work on a commission from B…

Image Embedded version updated. (Requires a stand-alone flash player.)

0.8.139 Changelog:

  • Salacious Sally can now be met on Dhaal. She’s a working-girl Slyveren under the employ of one Azariah, who will be getting content in a future patch. She has one scene with a few choices along the way, and depending on how you treat her, you could get an invite to some future content…
  • Newly created Leithans should now have their skinType set to “skin” instead of “scales”. In addition, most of their extremities will now be tagged as both chitin & scales. LeithaCharms have been updated appropriately – as well as the leithanScore() function that is used to determine if the PC qualifies as a Leithan.
  • When accessing the crew menu, Gianna’s text description should now vary based on her personality and appearance state, like it does on New Texas.
  • T1-K4’s STD immunity treatment should now actually make you SSTD immune.
  • Dove Balm can now remove back tentacles, shark fins, etc.
  • The MaxLaz Rifle dropped by the Gryvain Techie in FIRST14 now properly does burning damage and is tagged as an energy weapon and laser.
  • Gryvain pregnancy can now properly give you strawberry milk.
  • The highestWetness() function was bugged and should function properly now.
  • Thyvara’s button text should now fit the button.
  • Made a slight tweak to the galomax text to handle an edge-case.
  • You can now take down the posters from FIRST-14 if you hung them up.
  • Kase’s arm would not count as “healed” until you asked him about it. To address this, once Kase’s arm is healed, he will immediately talk about it when approaching him.
  • Fixed an instance of misgendering Jack/Jill, the rival.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to access Gianna’s crew menu before recruiting her.
  • The equine mechanic on Myrellion can no longer crash your game by impregnating a vagina that doesn’t exist.
  • You can no longer use “wait” instead of “rest” to cheese some HP/energy recovery while wearing a slave collar.
  • Tweaked the appearance screen facial display for Kui-tan to be more accurate.

If you haven’t heard of our visual novel, well… it’s been in a bit of development hell for an age. We have a great script by SomeKindofWizard of CoC2 fame, amazing art by Hizzacked, Jacques00, and Moira, and most of it put together using Ren’py. What’s missing is audio and polish. Sure, I had put together a good chunk of the introduction segment months and months AND MONTHS ago, but it’s largely sat since then. No longer. In the past few days I’ve chunked through the rest of the introduction and all of chapter one. This thing will be going on Steam, Gaben-depending, and if you’d like an idea of what it will look like, well, look no further.

[Backers | TiTS] Crew Gianna & Evening~

Gianna blowies by Pzero.

Hey guys! I’m back and cranking on crew Gianna! I went through all of her current sex and talk scenes to try and make sure they would make sense in a crew capacity, but being me, I’m sure I missed a few bits here and there that I’ll be happy to clean up as they’re reported to me. Enjoy!

0.8.137 Changelog:

  • Gianna can now be recruited! You’ll have to go through dinner with her adoptive father, Big T, but you can recruit her! Just make sure you got to know her first (and slept with her enough!) Currently her crew content is functionally identical to her current suite of content but in portable form, but new scenes are the next topic on my to-do!
  • Evening is here! This bar-going mercenary can be found in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Feel free to challenge her to games of darts or show her some of the unique guns you’ve found in your adventures! Written by AceInTheHole and coded by Lighterfluid… though it looks like Lighterfluid didn’t set up the author tagging. Don’t fret, it’s fixed for next patch.

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[Public | TiTS] Bigger, Tiddier TiTS

Okay guys, Grandpappy Fenoxo is back with a heaping helping of bug fixes as well as a dribble of new content to keep you entertained. The patch after this one is likely to be an exclusive for our loyal backers once more, either containing some Anyxine or Gianna as well as some more new bust art. More to share on that soon (hopefully!)

The jumper and Riley Steele having a good time, as illustrated by MehLewds!

0.8.134 Changelog:

  • The image pack is updated and available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.) This version of the game allows you to zoom in the corner busts for a better look at most NPCs. It also adds a small selection of in-line illustrations that appear during some scenes.
  • New image pack scene embed in the Bored Jumper scene for losing three times in a row… (Note: the illustration always shows the gray jumper. This is not a bug.)
  • New Codex: Caesselians! Unlock this by fighting the Overqueen in FIRST14.
  • New loss scene for the Gryvain Techie by William! This beauty of a scene is actually two – one for servicing her vagina and one for her other endowment…
  • The Overqueen’s victory sex menu should function properly now.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to gift sluttified Kiro a dildo if her inventory was glitched to a certain state.
  • You can no longer select your anus as the chosen hole for vaginal scenes with the feline salvagers.
  • Resetting the communications repair puzzle should no longer remove the “Abort” button.
  • The gryvain techie should now drop some credits.
  • You can no longer call SteeleTech infinitely for infinite credits.
  • Fixed an entire molehill worth of typos.

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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Extended Tutorial Dungeon, Take 1

Dare you enter the overqueen’s lair?

Alright guys, I coded most of the day to get this up and running, so I’m sure it’s littered with all kinds of bugs. Assuming it doesn’t break anything too hard, expect a public bug fix on Monday to clean it up some more. You can touch down in FIRST-14 by starting a new game OR flying there from the miscellaneous flight destinations.

0.8.133 Changelog:

  • New dungeon: when starting a game, crash land on FIRST-14 and repair your ship before joining the Rush for real! You can return later, if you wish.
  • New enemy written by Savin: Gryvain Techie. I recommend downing them via lust.
  • New enemy written by William: the Overqueen! Look out for this sneaky snake!
  • New items: Hardlight Thong (this time not antigravity!), virgin-slayer sweater.
  • Feline salvage bros are now encounterable.
  • A week after completing Syriquest, Schora can now appear on Extrameet for those who treated her “right” (fucked her like she’s a toy) and parted on good terms. Hope you didn’t piss her off!
  • New PC pregnancies: kaithrit and gryvain.
  • New Busts: T1-K4, Gryvain Techie, Feline Salvagebros, the Overqueen, and Rogue Bot (part of Fungus Quest on Myrellion)
  • Two new lootable posters (with image pack image embeds).
  • New image pack embedded art: Princess Nasti (five new pieces of art scattered amongst her scenes).
  • New image pack embed for the gryvain techies.

Dev Notes:

  • You can go to FIRST-14 at any time after completing it, though if you’ve never completed it, you will be stuck there until you do.
  • After the defeating the boss, random encounters will be disabled for a few days. You can still explore later to play with the various mooks.
  • Image pack version of the game available! Requires a stand-alone flash player to play. (Some scenes include illustrations, and NPC busts can be expanded to see more of them.)

[Public | TiTS] TiTS Update Update

Update: Sorry about the deployment issue. The build server apparently ran out of memory, and I was out pretty shortly after the post thanks to back pain + meds. OG post below -v

Javascript rebuild/port report: It is now possible to move around on Tavros in our dev builds! Next: adding a more functional minimap/map. Great work, Gedan.

0.8.132 Changelog:

  • New art for the female sydian added with variations for armor being intact or broken.
  • New Image Pack image: Frosty presenting (visible in her vaginal scene).
  • VKo now sells EasyFit.
  • Ramis’s bust has been updated with a SteeleTech suit variant.
  • Image Pack updated (requires stand-alone flash player.)

No big “what’s new this month” addition because… GASP! …There’s not that much new. Soon though… soon…

[Backers | TiTS] Snaking Out a Patch

(Content Submission for TiTS is closed again. Thank you for the response!)

So flash is “dead” now and the JS port isn’t up and ready – yet. The “AIR ZIP” version of the game should work fine in the interrim.

Art commissioned from SXodium

Gedan started trying to get Tavros ported enough to function a few weeks back… which meant getting everything that touches Tavros ready to function… which meant figuring out things like how Mitzi’s outfit management works in JS (and every other Tavros NPC or NPC that spends much time on Tavros). Needless to say, the scope blew up there, but I heard encouraging rumbles from our code dragon’s lair and hope to have more to share with you after our weekly meeting on Wednesday.

In the meantime I’ve been banging on the new intro dungeon. Half the room descriptions have already taken shape along with some of the utility texts surrounding some of the simple puzzle content. Coming up with unique descriptions is always a bit of a grind for me. This time, I’m doing it while cutting out my morning 300mg energy drink. It’s not easy.

Today I popped over to code some fantastic slyveren hypnosmut on the side since it was more or less ready to go and hot as hell. I hope you all enjoy it!

0.8.131 Changelog:

  • Watching hypnosmut with Kiro can now lead to a bad end! Two new scenes were added. After getting the warning, you can still watch the old content if you take a 7 day break (though it’s framed with a menu that lets you voluntarily bad-end yourself at any time.) I felt this was the best way to enable the new content without completely blocking off what people were already loving. (Written by BobSamade, coded by Fen)
  • Gena138 fixed a BUNCH of bugs with the new Vark stuff.
  • The Pexiga now has an embedded image for her blowjob scenes in the Image Pack.
  • You can no longer encounter Shizuya before visiting New Texas.
  • Updated some old Shekka bust calls to the new hotness (so they should appropriately show naked/futa Shekka.)
  • A few other small fixes.

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[Public | TiTS] Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Eve in my part of the world, but even if you don’t decorate tree corpses in your living room, I’d like to extend a hearty “Happy Holidays” to all of you and yours.

2020 has been a heckofa year. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, and general Covid-19 precautions have really put a damper on the ol’ holiday spirit in my neck of the woods, and doubtless on most of the world as well. We’ve seen health and family emergencies within our little “studio”. Flash died. You know, flash, the plugin our games have run on for near a decade! It’s kicking the dust, forcing us to rebuild and reorganize a lot.

But we’re still here moving forward. The JS build looks fucking slick. Geddy’s been logging a ton of hours whipping Tavros into shape but also reworking how the game’s data is held and managed in memory, something that is more necessary as it grows in size (over 500MB with embedded images!) In the meantime, we’re still working on the expanded tutorial dungeon. You can get a taste of what it will feel like with the new salvager enemies included in this public patch. I think they came out pretty great for “getting started” encounters. There will also be environmental challenges, tutorials for using a tent (and leveling up), a boss fight penned by William, and more.

I think you’re all going to love what we bring you in the new year, but for now, enjoy this arrangement of Christmas cheer and a small public update (and another one~)!

Azra putting on her Christmas finest to celebrate by Morgore!

Cait snuggling up with a big ol’ bear by CheshireCatSmile37!

0.8.130 Changelog:

  • Vark got a pretty sizeable expansion thanks to Damiekinz’s writing and Gena138’s coding. It’s now possible to fight him, defeat him, and even make him your pet if you like. Merry Christmas!

0.8.129 Changelog:

  • Embedded some CGs by Doxy into Rat’s VR content (accessible via ‘test’ cheat in the image-embedded version of the game.)
  • Fixed a few small typos.
  • (And another patch may follow~!)

THICC Images Version available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.)

[Backers | TiTS] The Night Before the Night Before…

(Original Cyber-fen by Jojocite, Santa hat added by Bullifrawg on discord.)

If you were waiting for the TiTS public patch, hang in there – it will drop tomorrow. Right now Fennyboi has a steaming hot cup of content for the loyal TiTS backers that have supported us through this shit-hell of a year. Be sure to drop any major issues with the new stuff in the bug reports so I can make sure tomorrow’s holiday patch is as jolly as possible!

0.8.128 Changelog:

  • New cheat: “test” for allowing you guys to experience WIP content that doesn’t slide neatly into the game yet.
  • New encounter: Tiger/Lion salvagers. This is an encounter meant for the expanded intro we’re putting together, but you can fight him now. They’re tuned to be fought by newly created characters with no upgrades, so your current PC will likely shred them. Includes three loss scenes and four victory scenes. (Encountered via new “test” cheat.)
  • New VR event: Rat from Sexena: Arena Tales. As part of a crossover promotion with that game, I had them add Tamani to their game and added a VR encounter with Rat to TiTS. This will eventually find its way into the Mindwash Visor and the like, but for now it is encountered via the “test” cheat.
  • Fixed a crash with post-sparring Paige oral that would crash in certain circumstances.
  • Bimbo Kiro should now have a small blurb on the “crew” menu (instead of nothing but a button.)
  • Sweet Soup’s button should no longer disappear from cooking menus.
  • Lots of typo fixes in the Love Starrz and Bhakar.
  • Fixed an issue with the LGBT where it would heal itself instead of just the pilots.
  • Numerous other smaller fixes.

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