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[Backers] Peanut Butter ‘Pocalypse

In which Lund has wayyy too much fun with the PC’s cookie stash.

0.7.157 Changelog:

  • The desk girl at Stella’s beach now sells some swimwear.
  • The PC can now feed Lund a peanut butter cookie. Sadly, he’ll only let you feed him more if he’s been domming you…
  • Shekka’s breeding scene shouldn’t crash anymore.
  • Penny’s RP scene should now properly take certain virginities.
  • Ula’s appearance screen has been written and put in the game. Sorry about that. If there’s still other old placeholder things lurking about, make sure to scream at me till I fix ’em!

[But Wait, There’s More!] 0.7.158 Changelog:

  • Hermaphrodite versions of Shekka can now impregnate the player character.
  • Male Raskvel can now impregnate the player character.
  • A new scene for characters with ovipositors has been added to Crew Shekka’s menu.
  • Annnnd I’m done for the night. <3

I also wrote some stuff for a raskvel pregnancy that the player can get. I’ll be trying to wire that up tonight along with a new Shekka scene Gardeford tossed my way. There’s also some bust art piling up I need to get in… (Update: I did not nooot.)

So much to do, so little time! (At right: ShadowFlareon’s rendition of everyone’s favorite cat-girl mechanic: Tam-Tam! Sadly I seem to be having trouble digging up the gallery.)

[Backers] The Stellar Stella

0.7.156 Changelog:

  • A new resort shop is open on Tavros, home to Stella, the ausar bimbo beach babe!
  • That’s pretty much it! She’s got a good chunk of content to run through, though. I’ll be adding an option to buy swimsuits from the shop-girl as well, I think.

Pictured at right: Stella, in all her Adjatha-drawn glory.

[Backers] Shekka Funzies

I’ve been in a fairly write-happy mood, considering I chunked out a solid 8,000 words of Shekka stuff over the past two days. I’ve lobbed it all into the game in a rash of coding, so enjoy! Please be aware it is only edited in the lightest sense of the word. I hope to clean it up a bit tomorrow afternoon, time permitting.

0.7.154 Changelog:

  • Hermaphroditic Shekka can now be caught playing with a toy, resulting in three possible sub-scenes!
  • Crew Shekka may follow you into the gym for some “squats”. Hit the weights if you’d like to see this one. (Requires a phallus.)
  • Myr Venom now automatically gives your tongue the aphrodisiac-laced flag.
  • Motherhusks should no longer crash on use. Whoops!
  • Watch out for Space Bears in silly mode.
  • The odds of Throbb increasing penis size are now higher.
  • Many typo fixes.

Art is Adjatha’s rendition of the New Texan gym sluts. Thanks to whoever requested he draw that during his doodle stream!

[Backers] Tainting Space + Shekka Refining

ToonNik’s rendering of Chibi Mirrin approves of this patch.

So this patch adds in a new mechanic and subsystem that’s been nothing but an idea for… a really long time at this point. Talking with the CoC2 team and writers just reminded me that I should really get on making it a reality…. Thus, please make a warm welcome for the addition of “Taint.”

0.7.153 Changelog:

  • Follower Shekka can now Buy, Sell, Fix Emitters, and buy Tarkus junk once more.
  • Follower Shekka now has a new item in her inventory. Enjoy!
  • With the addition of Taint, the libido-reducing “Chill Pill” item has been made active in the game again. It is available from Dr. Lash and a number of vending machines.
  • A new hidden statistic has been added to the game: “Taint.”
    • Taint is gained by using illegal, unsafe drugs/chemicals or being transformed by eating alien foods.
    • Taint is functionally a minimum libido score.
    • Going 72 hours without a taint-increasing event causes your taint to drop by 1 point.
    • If you hit 100 Taint, you gain the “Corrupted” perk, doubling your maximum libido and forever locking your taint at 100. This will never be curable.
    • Alerts for crossing thresholds of Taint have been added.
    • A Codex entry has been added for Taint in the medical section.
    • The introduction now makes mention of Taint in the passage about your immune booster system.
    • Most illegal drugs and alien-food-based transformation items now have warnings in their tooltips about taint.
    • [To-Do] Adding taint gains from PoE A events, Badger’s Transformation scene, and maybe some of the gloryholes or whoring, if appropriate.
    • [To-Do] Adjust Penny’s talks to mention her transformation giving her a high amount of taint (and thus explaining her very, very high libido).
    • [To-Do] Overlay indicators for minimum libido and lust onto their respective bars. This one probably won’t happen till after ship code gets done.

Why does genetic damage result in nymphomania instead of horrible cancer (at least in the short term…)? Because the Trials in Tainted Space universe is wayyy better than the real one.

[Backers] Some More Shekka and a NEW CHALLENGER

Bet you all thought it’d be a while till a new patch. Well, surprise! A recap of my trip to FWA is in the post below!

0.7.152 Changelog:

  • Shekka’s milk-drinking scene should now work for follower Shekka.
  • A new event is possible where Anno and Shekka argue about the best way to make a Dildo. It’s repeatable too. Yay!
  • A new parser has been added: [pc.womb] (or [pc.uterus]). It will usually simply randomly output womb or uterus, but pregnant characters and characters in heat can get a few descriptions to pop up (assuming writers decide to use it).
  • Jesse has been added to the game, courtesy of Whimsalot’s coding efforts. I haven’t had a chance to bug-test it yet, so let us know if there’s any problems! (Check Canadia Station!)
  • Added some more mentions of Shekka’s reactions to PC’s with aphoridisiac spit.
  • Many issues were resolved, including one that prevented Shekka’s futa status from properly being recorded.

I’m gonna play some Overwatch now. All work and no play make Fen a grumpy boy.

Art of Shade by MilkTofu. We might see this appear as a variant bust later!

[Public] Crew Shekka (Alpha) & Final FWA Notice

Fenoxo here! I hope you all had a great Easter and April Fool’s. I stayed kind of quiet so as not to steal any of Savin and CoC2’s thunder, but suffice to say, I am excited to see where this goes. UpcastDrake is a phenomenal coder, and DCL has been knocking the UI design out of the park for them. Keep the good work coming, guys. (Also I had a D&D game to run Sunday night!)

Now, onto TiTS (which is going to keep chugging along largely unaffected by this). I’ve got a public patch with the start of Shekka’s follower content on the way. There’s an Anno “nerd-off” event still in the document that’s going to need some work, and I’d like to do more with the red venom addiction stuff than there currently is, so I’ll see what can happen there before too long. For right now, I’ve got to get ready to go to FWA, run a panel, and have a good time!

DCLZexon did this piece as a commission for Quiet Coyote. Not sure how Tuuva got to a green planet, but she seems to be enjoying it!

0.7.151 Changelog:

  • Shekka can now be recruited. It takes in-game months and a lot of funding to pull off! Thanks to SKoW for chipping in to write this stuff and supply some edits to her sex scenes.
  • During creation, the height selection box is now auto-filled with a semi-random average height for your chosen race. You can still change it, but it provides a quick baseline if you’d like to get going faster.
  • JohanLitvisk’s “Siren’s Bounty” transformation item has been added to the game. Nevrie on Myrellion sells it.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.

This month has been bigger on back-end work and writing than coding, leaving us with only perhaps 2-300 pages of new content instead of the usual, enormous amount. Hopefully the new scenes, new options, and Lund will be interesting enough to hold you over for now – well that and Shekka! Unf, I love that little Rask.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Scenes: Sexytimes with Milly the Steeletech agent, new Kase stuff, new milking scenes for some of Savin’s characters, a pretty big Fisianna expansion, a new email from Kiro and Kally, a foursome with Kiro/Kally/Sylvie, two new penny scenes, and Maja’s lewd options.
  • New Character: Lund!
  • An inactive blackjack system is in the code now. It’ll show up later, sadly. (We made our own game with blackjack and hookers, wooo!)
  • Whimsalot coded a number of milking scenes for Savin’s characters including some fun little stuff by HugsAlright for Kase.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s rooms are all filled out now. Yay!
  • Breast descriptions have been slightly reworked to better reflect lactation.
  • More Synthsheaths can be found, and Shekka can sell some after the PC unlocks the Codex Entry for them (by using one on themself or an NPC).
  • New Busts: Maja, Verusha, Seer, Fix, and an unused recolor of the naleen male.
  • You can now shave your beard when showering in the ship or nursery.
  • A new piercing subsystem has been added, though currently only one piercing exists (Lund’s).
  • Under the hood, we added a new function to allow for a vagina selection menu to be used for certain scenes.
  • Ula’s rescue timer is back in the game. After the first time you approach her, you only have five days or so to rescue her. I’ve appended some bolded text strings to make it more obvious that she’ll be leaving, and that she might be important.
  • Added the ability to watch certain holo-scenes from anywhere (the “Smut” option in the masturbate menu).

[Backers] Milly Fun, General Milkiness, and Translating Lund

Shou and I will once again be meeting up at Furry Weekend Atlanta, if anyone would like to come say hi, have a drink, and talk lewd, crude, and with attitude. Our panel is Friday, April 6th at 10:30 PM at “Panels Dock 6.” We won’t be selling merch at a booth this year, but we’ll bring some to the panel if anybody wants some spiffy branded flashdrives, buttons, or stickers.

0.7.150 Changelog:

  • The translator now properly translates Lund’s dialogue. Meeting Lund and fucking him now both award progress toward unlocking the translation matrix as well.
  • Milly, the Steeletech agent who can pick up the probe on Mhen’ga for you, now has a bit of extra fun available to PCs with genitalia and a suitable lust quantity.
  • A blackjack system has been added to the game. No, it isn’t active anywhere, but we’ll definitely use it on the next main plot adventure.
  • Whimsalot coded a number of milking scenes for Savin’s characters including some fun little stuff by HugsAlright for Kase.
  • Bess now has a jailbreak option that allows for the PC to swap the ‘bot between male and female variants.

At right: Adjatha’s Verusha bust.

[Story] Mind-Altered Masturbation

Here’s a little story I put together to go with a commission I got (and also set up another story to go with another piece of art of my dude I’ve got waiting in the hopper). It’s mostly focused on male minotaur-noxo getting his cyberware hacked to mess with his head and make a fap session even lewder. If that’s not your jam, don’t click to read more!

Art by JayEcho

By: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, Minotaur, Masturbation, Solo Male, Mind Control, Mild Body Modification, Exhibitionism, Big ol’ Horsecock, Fen’s OC
V1.0: Basic edit pass done.

Fenoxo sat down on the couch and eyeballed the datachit. On the surface, it looked like any other universal data-store: matte black with a few gleaming electrodes where it could interface with nearly any machine. The bull-man knew the contents inside to be more insidious. He had picked it up from a trusted contact who promised the high-definition memory-store would provide an unforgettable experience: supposedly some next level memory-data that made getting gang-banged by a batch of New Texan bimbos look like a walk in the park.

He had forgotten about it for a few weeks, but now that Derri and Lyko were sound asleep in bed, he decided he might as well give it a try. Fen was still horny.

Reaching up, the shaggy-furred bull-man pressed at the hidden port on the back of his head where his cybernetic ‘horns’ plugged in. He long ago made peace with their presence.  Just because he had no say in having them bolted on didn’t mean he didn’t appreciate the eventual benefits. Big glowing horns were a conversation starter, for one, and psionic amplification was nothing to sneeze at. Since having that bundle of circuitry laced into his brain, he had gained abilities unmodified terrans could only dream of – one of which was the ability to load properly recorded sensory data to relive on a whim.

[Backers] Fun With Maja

Maja isn’t completely done, but Garde’s gotten her most of the way there. You can run into her on the very bottom of level Korg’ii Hold, if you haven’t visited her just yet. I’m going to work on either filling out the rest of the rooms for the bottom level or setting up Lund to work with the translator. Whichever happens first.

0.7.148 Changelog:

  • Maja has her lewd interactions coded and functional! (Except one that isn’t done being written. Look forward to that.)
  • Breast descriptions have been updated so that they won’t spam lactation-related adjectives at you quite so often. They’ll also display more accurate lactation-adjectives. If your breasts are freshly milked, they can be “empty,” while a full pair can be positively “milk-swollen”. The lactation adjectives have also been updated to work more correctly with a variety of milk types.
  • New Busts: Maja, Verusha, Seer, Fix, and an unused recolor of the naleen male.
  • You can now shave your beard when showering in the ship or nursery.
  • Lots of fixes for lots of bugs. Why are there always so many?

Maja’s bust by Adjatha.

[Backers] Fisianna Fixes Inventory!

Okay not really Fisianna. More like Jacques00. You know what? I’ll take it.

0.7.147 Changelog:

  • Crashes in certain shopkeeper inventories SHOULD be fixed by now. Sorry about that folks!
  • A basic piercing system is in! Thus far, only Lund’s piercings are active, and they can’t be removed! Note that lots of things about piercings and how they work may change. Whelp!
  • Whimsalot did us all a favor and coded an expansion for the ever-lovely Fisianna that needed doing! Thanks!
  • Fixes and other such things!

Don’t get used to Saturday night patches or ‘nuttin! <3 Fanart of Fisi by ToonNik!~

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