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Finally, a patch! I cranked pretty hard this week getting all my ducks in a row for this patch, and I was thrilled to discover that we had even more delicious content coded in piping-hot from Leek. Check out the overly detailed patch notes below for a look at what’s coming in the patch, or look at the giant dragon dick-girl on the right if that’s more your speed. (More pixels are included in the Patreon and SubscribeStar posts!)

0.9.059 Changelog:

  • [Public] The Tainted Rusher is now available for all.
  • [Backers] Emese, the cat mommy (written by Doots), can be found on Uveto’s main street. (Leek)
  • [Backers] Sisterly Ruuing by William: With both Anno and Syri as crew members, and after both have acquired their maid costumes, players with a penis can trigger a new random event by simply boarding their ship in which the two Dornas tempt you with the prospect of domming them both in bed. Which of the two siblings gets to be first? (Leek)
  • Adjatha makes the most drool-worthy art.

    [Backers] New encounter on Phaedra: the Kihan Armature. It happens in a specific location on the way northwards in the east half of the map. This peaceful encounter will give you a little lore and set you up for the next piece of content…

  • [Backers] New NPC: Syne! After encountering the Armature in the wastes, Syne will be added to the random encounter table. She will give you a chance to help her out with a little problem she has: a mega-varmint inside a crashed ship with valuable data.
  • [Backers] New Micro-Dungeon: The Crashed Ship. This small dungeon features some puzzles, a fight with a nasty beastie, and the chance to get the ultimate in optional loot: sweet cologne.
  • [Backers] New Rooms: Phaedra’s first explorable area has been fully charted out for exploration. Room descriptions are still pending.
  • New Systems: Irradiated (and Heavily Irradiated) rooms, that can be protected against with airtight armor or armors tagged with the new “Rad Hardened” flag (not on any items YET). Radiation reduces all your stats by one when entering a square afflicted with it (more for heavy radiation). The effect is cured by your enhanced immune system at a rate of 1 point an hour, though at the expense of picking up a point of taint for each point of radiation damage healed.
  • You can no longer rest or sleep in irradiated areas.
  • Other actions or event procs that occur in radiated areas will not negatively penalize you. Radiation only applies with movement, as stacking up a huge debuff because you procced an autofellatio event would be hellaciously unfun. We’re here for fun, not gritty simulation.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs related to recent code refactoring work. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some navigational oddities and button updates connected to the Mail and Level Up screens. (Jacques00)
  • Added new parameter to control the image offsets via the manifest. This lets us control the position where the image is visible within the image boundaries (not physically cropping, but visually cropping the image)–useful for the combat layouts. So far, only one bust uses this, but we can add it to more busts, where applicable. (Jacques00)
  • The Level Up screen have some visual improvements. New additions will have a highlight color for the text and new/unchosen perks will have a color strip on the side of their level numbers. (Jacques00)
  • Perks on Level screen will display “Locked” for locked perks to preserve the “sense of achievement”. All unlocked perks can now be clicked on to display the perk’s information at any time. (Jacques00)
  • Added a receipt printout on the Level Up prompt so the user can review all the changes before they confirm. (Jacques00)
  • User can now Accept the level up to obtain the auto-gained class perks without needing to change the other stat and perks first. (Jacques00)
  • Minor updates to the piercing menu for better clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Cleaned up several items that had redundant defines for attackVerb and unused stat blocks. (Jacques00)
  • lowercase_donkey scurried through the code trying to bring us up to proper standards and cleared a bunch of bugs in the process.
  • lowercase_donkey broke and subsequently fixed a bunch of creature description functions.
  • Fixed a crash related to cumflating pregnant PCs. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the mouse mechanic not appearing in Zheng Shi. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Extensive typo fix for a weird pattern: “Your scratch your nose.” (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a vagId issue in Cackler. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Deployed a fix for Azra laying pipe in the text (“|”). (lowercase_donkey)
  • More work on getting a consistent palette of colors to pass around to places players can choose colors. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Spelling and text fixes for lots of Phaedra scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Narc italic fix.(lowercase_donkey)

Trials in Tainted Space: Greatly Changed Up Programming System (TiTS: G-CUPS)

The update – she cums!

…is it too late to rebrand after the javascrypt conversion?

Gedan gave me a poke this morning to indicate that another big ol’ batch of bug fixes was ready, so lets get right into the meat and potatoes of it.

  • Corrected the below save/load issue.


  • [CRITICAL ALERT]: It has been discovered that saves made in this patch will not load. We will deploy an update ASAP to resolve this. We recommend holding off on this patch for the time being.
  • [New Public Content] Penny Pirate Suck! It’s now possible to have the Cyberpunk Cheetah Pirate suck off your loyal futanari cumslut (or bimbo) fox, written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, Fenoxo’d by Fenoxo.
  • [New Backer Content] It is now possible to take Anyxine on a date.
  • [Now Public] Anno can introduce you to a trio of kitty cats when boarding your ship at Tavros station once you have met Urbolg, adding a new repeatable fap scene. (William & Leek)
  • [Big Fix] Several Perks that were intended to make permanent adjustments to the players resistance stats (Tough, Tough 2, Helldiver, etc) were not actually applying the modifications due to Javascript being Javascript. 0/10 coding language, do not pass go, do not collect 200 bikini babes (or bros). This should be fixed now, with old saves being properly upgraded to have the correct values applied. (Gedan)
    • Also Helldiver’s perk text has been updated to correctly state “burning” damage instead of “thermal”. Note the old text may be stored on old saves. (Fenoxo)
  • [Semi-Big Fix] Order of post-combat events should be corrected so that the screen properly clears and doesn’t append your victory (or defeat) text directly onto the enemy appearance text.
  • The Tainted Rusher’s encounters now require you to experience the previous planet’s encounter before running into them on the next planet – this should address inconsistencies in the events where scenes would act like you recognized before you even met them, and guarantee proper continuity of their content. (Jacques00)
  • Shower jerkoff options have been further unfuckulated. (Gedan)
  • You can no longer use the Prostitute Pro to commit fraud on Breedwell. (DrunkZombie)
    • To prevent an infinite money exploit, Steeles can no longer use Breedwell Pods with an implanted Prostitute Pro.
  • If the player is flying, they will no longer pancake on the overpass during Feruze’s fight, and will instead zip out of the way. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed incorrectly gendering enemies who cannot reach you while you are flying. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed Bianca’s icon appearing on Myrellion even during her off hours. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the Easter Zaika’s bust being broken, and numerous typos. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Somebody did a find & replace across the codebase to remove “public” from the code – something that would frequently appear before function definitions in flash but doesn’t need to be there nowadays. It ate a lot mentions of republics, etc in the Codex articles. This has been corrected. (lowercase_donkey)
  • SteeleTech turrets may not be the best turrets, but they’re efficient, durable, and highly-repairable with minimal power tools.

    Work on fixing hard crashes related to custom busts & image gallery code. (Gedan & Jacques00)

  • Taking the Tainted Rusher’s virginity is now tracked. (Jacques00)
  • Tainted Rusher combat texts should support non-PC targets. (Jacques00)
  • Made some under the hood changes to how Tainted Rusher bust displays are called to support future art. (Jacques00)
  • The weapon output for ship combat has been converted to a proper table layout. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted appearanceWornCollar() in appearance to only show on the player character’s appearance output. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for temporary color values in game. (Jacques00)
  • All [pc.Name] parser calls should be changed to [pc.name]. This will not force uppercase on name output for those who want to have a lowercase name. Personally I (Fen) had done this intentionally because I figured a fair number of players might just type in a name without worrying about proper casing, but I suppose some players also want to be able to further dehumanize their characters. (Jacques00)
  • lowercase_donkey did a lot of find & replacing of formatting things for eslint.
  • Reviewed and updated all race() checks and simplify to raceShort() (or isAusar(), isCat() or isDog()), where appropriate. (Jacques00)
    • Adjusted some race outputs. * The “horse” and “demon” races should now be “equine-morph” and “demon-morph”, respectively.
    • The “amazon” “race” output should slightly vary based on gender.
    • Race output override moved down slightly to better accommodate any prefix/suffix changes.
    • The stripped-down version of myr races (red, gold, orange) should now be “myrmydion”, so it’ll be easier to find all variants of the race with raceShort, and the specific race with a race().indexOf().
    • Many instances of Terran have been replaced with human.
  • Re-added in cowScore() for checks that only want the cow score value without the added bovine score. (Jacques00)
  • Updates to the quest log. (Jacques00 & lowercase_donkey)
  • Some accessories incorrectly gained boot icons. This has been rectified. (Jacques00)
  • Numerous other smaller fixes, tweaks, changes, and find-and-replaces. (THE TEAM <3)

[TiTS] They Fly Now?

Phaedra’s locals can be quite friendly!

Smugglers fly now.

They fly now.

(And the CoC2 folks pushed a big update with a dungeon or something!)

Fen here with an overdue update to give you the level 12 unlocks your hearts have been desiring. I’d like to give a big thanks to Savin for doing the hard work of getting some initial ability ideas down on a page and helping me refine them into their current form. We’ve already started work concepting for level 13 as well. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that in the weeks to come – as well as me personally digging into the current Phaedra content to polish and balance around the new player abilities.


  • New Busts: Nuka, Glowing Nuka, Medibot, Warboy, and Glowing Warboy. (Drawn by Adjatha, added to game by Leek)
  • [Currently Backer-only] Added scene for Naomi, a cowgirl on New Texas that got stood-up and is looking for revenge. Available to bipedal Steeles with a cock. Will trigger randomly along the main street between the hours of 1800 and 2400 with a 1 week cooldown. (Written by Damie, coded by DrunkZombie)
  • Maximum level has been increased to 12.
  • [Level 11] New Smuggler Perk: Die Another Day. When HP drops below 50%, recover 25% of your maximum HP and energy. And drop a flash grenade, because YOU AIN’T DYIN’ YET!
  • [Level 11] New Smuggler Chosen Ability: Twist the Knife. Your Sneak Attacks and Aimed Shots apply a bleed effect on your target for 50% of the damage. The bleed effect can stack, but it only lasts for one proc.
  • [Level 11] New Smuggler Chosen Ability: Booster Pack. Gain the “Flying” effect for four rounds, and the ability to trigger your Aimed Shot or Sneak Attack ability against enemies who are not flying (while you are). Feruze should’ve been a Smuggler.
  • [Level 11] New Mercenary Perk: Helldiver. +10% thermal resistance jumping feet-first into danger!
  • [Level 11] New Mercenary Chosen Ability: Vaulting Strike. Grants the ability to make a high damage melee attack that does +50% bonus damage to flying or tripped targets. Hmmm what else can I call +50% damage? Minicrits? MINICRITS BAYBEEE.
  • [Level 11] New Mercenary Chosen Ability: Sturm & Drang. Grants the ability to make one melee strike that procs a volley of ranged attacks like ‘Rapid Fire’ ability with enhanced accuracy and critical chance (+25%).
  • [Level 11] New Tech Specialist Perk: Perpetual Energy. Gain 1 energy each time damage is done to your shield.
  • [Level 11] New Tech Specialist Chosen Ability: Overclock. Give yourself the Haste condition for four turns, increasing your evasion by 5% and granting an extra attack for melee and ranged attacks. For when you absolutely gotta go fast.
  • [WARNING: ERROR PRONE] [Level 11] New Tech Specialist Chosen Ability: Deployable Turret. Slap a deployable turret onto the battlefield with a decent-sized laser cannon. Many older AI routines aren’t tuned for the possibility of a PC who adds an ally onto the field. That means they may attack the turret and display text that reads like they’re striking you. There is also a chance that it could introduce bugs into more script-heavy combat encounters like Feruze’s Taxi battle encounter. I will be working on clearing up as many issues as I can over the weekend, but just be aware of the instability this choice might introduce (for now).
  • [Level 12] New Perk: Boundless Reserves. Your energy maximum is increased to 150.
  • [Level 12] New Chosen Ability: Specialized Combatant. The flurry attack granted by Second Shot or Second Attack is upgraded to a full accuracy attack.
  • [Level 12] New Chosen Ability: Second Striker. Allows you to become comfortable making bonus flurry attacks with melee AND ranged attacks.
  • Bleed damage now bypasses shields.
  • Bleed now deals damage on the last turn of the effect (to enable the “Twist the Knife” ability for Smugglers).
  • The “Haste” effect is now shaded as STATUS_GOOD.
  • The “Flying” status can now be assigned with a duration, using its v1 value.
  • Some holiday tweaks and adjustments. (Not Holiday the character, sorry b-baka)
  • Tweaks and adjustments to the Player Character paperdoll display in the corner.
  • Added Achievements for Dhaal’s probe events. (Gedan)
  • Fix loading screen sometimes going past 100% (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Fixes for Dreghan Catch scenes which sometimes confused ass and vagina, leading to some errors. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Fix for Tarkus sexbots using a vagina’s index to look up a cock, which might or might not exist. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Tweak nursery buttons for specific children to remove blanks spots. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Clean up and organize old code. (Lowercase_Donkey)
  • Numerous smaller fixes (and larger fixes that seem small on the surface) courtesy of Gedan, Jacques00, DrunkZombie, Lowercase_Donkey, etc.


Did you see yesterdays patch? Didja? If not, take a detour down south and pop back before you dig into this one.

With that fun little preamble out of the way, I’m pleased to finally deliver Adjatha’s long-delayed Zaika Gang encounter. This random encounter in Dhaal’s Gyre assembles a randomly generated gang with a randomly generated name to harass you out on the streets – or sell you drugs – or just say mean things at you while you walk away. There’s a number of possible “encounter” events that can lead to combat or fun. The combat itself features six unique fighters with their own set of moves. I tried to keep the action economy of the situation from being overwhelming, but some groupings may be more dangerous than others.

Good luck, and keep your tail covered.

0.9.033 Changelog:

  • [Backers] The Zaika Gang encounter is now live in the Gyre! This encounter, as penned by Adjatha, includes approximately a dozen new sex scenes and a few fun micro-events when you greet the misguided alien gals! (Coded by Fen)


[TiTS] Shortstackfix

Gwon wants to say hello!

We got a short, stacked hotfix coming in piping hot, for those who liked last night’s patch but had some bugs or thought that there weren’t enough goblins in it!

Shortstack Hotfix (0.9.031 hotfix #2795+):

  • The Brightwater testing content received a number of fixes, from fixing a “loop” possibility in the dungeon’s scene routing to ensuring that the bar encounter with Harru is actually in the correct menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Gwon, the owner of Gabmart Threadz on Dhaal got a small expansion written by Adjatha that gives her a whole mess of new interactions and fun. (lowercase_donkey)
  • That’s all folks!

[TiTS] A January Summer Patch

Fen here, and that’s no bull!

Fenoxo here, taking care of this blogpost to let Geddy catch some early zzz’s tonight. Despite the sunny, t-shirt compatible weather breezing by outside, we huddled up for our normal Wednesday meeting and put together a patch with some lovely new content, and that’s not all! Fenny Mays has a lot more in the pipeline, ready to blast into code. Personally, I’ve finally hit my stride on the Zaika gangs I’m coding for Adjatha. They’re a complicated menagerie of menace with a randomly named, randomly generated group assembled from six possible combat NPCs and introduced with one of fifteen different introductions that range from getting caught in an acid rainstorm to being offering a chance to take alien street drugs on the spot. (Protip: don’t do all the drugs.) The intros are good, most of the fight is done, and I hope my brain will be compatible with blasting through the metric tail-load of sex content so that I can deliver it in a future patch soon ™.

I know I’ve consistently overestimated my ability to get this stuff into game, but it’s finally feeling close. And the holidays are over. And the old cranium actually feels like it’s working well this week for a change. It’s actually been great practice for working through how to convert attacks that are written to only hit the PC into code that can gracefully handle striking other targets… like deployable turrets. I still have a TON of NPC encounters to page through and bring up to par if proper, deployable drones with full stat blocks are to be supported. (Coming soon to a level 12 Tech Specialist near you.)

What else? The next plot planet’s (first zone) map has been posted on Patreon… and a tiny piece will be accessible with the first random encounter very, very soon. This week soon, if all goes well. It was almost tonight-soon.

0.9.031 Changelog:

  • [Backers] The option to train Anno to enjoy anal sex was added previously, but was part 1 of a 3 part series. The second part is now added, written by William. It will organically appear after doing the training enough times (3+). Part three TBD. (Leek)
  • [Backers] There should now be an alternate route in the Brightwater path through Dhaal’s final dungeon. Instead of fighting the last boss, you can volunteer to take your rival’s place as a lab rat for a while to pay off the debts. (lowercase_donkey) I added the feature flag wrapping myself (Fen), so if for some reason the button is missing on backer builds, you can totally @me. If you didn’t take the Brightwater Path, you should be able to proc an event to encounter an NPC in a bar to peruse the content as well. Written by Adjatha.
  • [Backers] Shalena, the team captain of a sports team on Uveto now has an option to date her through extrameet after you become the team’s towel(boy/girl/person). You can get more personal with her as a result and find out that the big kitty-cat likes to play the doting mommy who takes good care of young space adventurers! By William. (Leek)
  • [New Bust] Ohrskun (& nude)
  • [New Image] Hellhound Syri – appears when approaching the crew version of Hellhounded Syri. Art by Blizzmaster, used with permission. (Fen)
  • [New Image] Kiro Poster – found in Onsen of Kally’s bar after the Kiro/Kally threesome events. Art by Blizzmaster, used with permission. (Fen)
  • [Tweak] The trip status effect is now assigned the STATUS_BAD coloration, so it should now display its icon as red instead of default. (Fen)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed several issues with downloading the image pack. (Gedan)
  • [Bugfix] Stray { or } outputs in text have been hunted and chewed up. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a softlock with ChameleonArmor and Slavesuit menus in the appearance menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fix issues with the Myr Pills not properly checking the status of the PC’s arms. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Verusha’s content got some cleanup to remove placeholder value functions and reference the NPC statblock directly. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] “Sleep prick” became “sleek prick” as intended. (lowercase_donkey) (:3)
  • [Bugfix] Slave collars should properly equip as needed, and properly save the item they replace in inventory. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fix being able to walk away from a Sophora combat encounter. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a Bess crash related to checking for a holodeck. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed the Colt XLR’s bust connection.
  • [Bugfix…ish?] Lowercase_Donkey decided to merge the Myr Pill items together into one item handler, so please don’t @me if something explodes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • [Bugfixes] A few other smaller or non-user-facing improvements, or more difficult to describe tiny tweaks. (Mostly the donkey of lowercastion.)


[TiTS] Dungeon Hotkeys – Coming ASAP

Hey all, Fen here with a report on our progress. TL;DR: Dhaal’s dungeon has all the pieces loaded in, coded in, and getting polished, but we’re halfway through adding inventory hotkeys for the inventory & shop UIs, and I dare not push a patch until that effort is finished. Hopefully I can patch in a day or two. Details lie below.

Ahhh the classic “snooty aristocrats and their sex-dolls” fight. Note: screenshot was taken during my work yesterday, before final stat values were set for the NPCs.

Yeah, the dungeon is basically there. This week I filled in two more combat encounters (one with four foes, the other with two), polished some of the interaction UIs and buttons, and added new support functions for a generically applicable “restrained” status effect to reduce evasion. Leek whipped up some “Lights Out” puzzles to crack into a safe, coded some bad-ends that Adj wrote last week, and helped me with snapping more of the pieces into place. They’re all there now, save for two enemy descriptions with placeholders and a player-obtainable weapon that needs its final stats set. There’s a lot to this dungeon: more rooms to explore than most, puzzles, optional fights, and a final boss that can be one of three different bosses – some of which have their fights come in multiple formats.


A preview from today’s team meeting of the current inventory state. (Thanks, Gedan!)

As you can see above, Gedan has spent the week iterating on hotkeys for the inventory, shop, and drop user interfaces. You’ll be able to navigate the highlighted section around, tab back and forth between shopkeeper inventories and your own, and even jump between categories in UIs that support it with the function keys. It might seem simple at a glance, but there is a LOT to do in order to make sure it feels good to use – like remembering what you have highlighted when you add something to a cart or droplist so that it doesn’t reset when the entire UI redraws. As a keyboard player: I am so fucking jazzed about this. Soon I’ll be able to do inventory stuff left-handed once more!

Thank you for your patience. The content pipe is about to burst just like Kiro poppin’ a nut.



Gooooo people… goo people… slop like goo and suck like people…

Fen here, touching base to give a better appraisal of my activities. It’s been a busy month! I finally got fiber installed to my house, which means I can hopefully stream once more! No matter how much of my furgold I shoveled into my cable ISP’s furnace, I could never get consistent enough upstream bandwidth to reliably broadcast a video feed of any kind, leading to a gradual, frustration-based cessation. (Even with gigabit cable service!)

Now I’m getting ~700Mb/s upstream on my desktop in my office. 60 fps 1080p streams, here I cuuuum~!  I only had to call after missed appointments twice, and deal with a web interface that kept reporting my install date as Christmas of 2021 – you know, average ISP stuff. And it costs half as much as my old cable ‘net! Calling to tell Mediacom to fuck allllll the way off is going to be borderline orgasmic. Somebody’s gonna have to get me a mop.

As previously reported by Gedan, I’ve been working on combat routines for Dhaal’s final dungeon. The current project is a horde of morphic goo creatures that shapeshift into a variety of different existing NPCs. I’m not actually attempting to copy combat routines from those creatures, but I am accurately pulling their appearance data onto the shapeshifter and using that to drive a variety of a tease attacks based on gender and sexual equipment. Pulling that data wasn’t that hard – but I also had to figure out a way to have the goos accurately store their combat designation (Goopleganger A/B/C/D) away while shapeshifted – and re-assign it after slopping back into a blobby foe.

On top of that, I’m attempting to avoid repetitious combat text since this is a party-type combat where you will be battling 3-4 of these goopers at a time. To do that, I broke their attacks into three types: slappy, fem-teasy, and masc-teasy. The attacks are tracked in sequence. Each time a goopleganger uses one of those abilities, the game goes through the entire horde and updates the tracking data so that the next blob-chungus will know to use the next tease or slap down the list. That fight is finally getting close to ready for implementation, after which I’ll jump on the final version of the final boss fight for that dungeon. Fortunately, more HP-driven battles tend to be quicker to do, since I don’t have to conceive of horny texts for attacks.

Oh, and we’ve been slipping out some hotfixes for the last release.


  • Dropping an item should no longer crash the game. (Thanks, Geddy!)
  • Renvra pregnancy no longer eats all the movement buttons at a certain stage. (Thanks DrunkZombie for helping me track this one down!)
  • Added a toggle for the animation of scanlines in the player character outline. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Art for the Diamond suit of playing cards should be added, completing the set. (Thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Fixed a softlock on Poe A (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Cocksocks should now allow you to select the penis you wish to wear one on. (Thanks, donkey!)
  • Lots of textual issues resolved. (Thanks, lowercase donkey!)
  • Pregnancy speed should be correctly displayed in the codex. (Thanks, DrunkZombie)

[TiTS] Take a Chance

If you like CoC2, they patched YESTERDAY! Check it out.

With the looming pain of taxes distracted by a check larger than I care to think about, I can devote my brain back to TiTSing around once more! I’ve been building up and writing the rooms for the next major plot dungeon on Dhaal, so that they can be dropped in soon ™. It’s gonna be a good one, IMO. Will has continued churning out plenty of hot smut of course, and the rest of the code team has buried plenty of treats in this patch for everyone!


  • THE GAME GOT HARD. I fixed a bug that caused the game to think “Easy Mode” was on all the time. There are likely to be balance changes that will need made as a result.
  • New NPC: Chance the Faux Cow!
  • New Scene: Kase and Ramis threesome! As long as the player meets Ramis’ preferences and there’s been a blurb or two with her and Kase, it’s now possible to have Kase join in. There are two unique variants to the scene depending on if the player is topping or bottoming for Ramis.
  • New Scene: Crotch worship for Lund! After submitting to Lund and becoming his bitch, the player now has a repeatable crotch worship blowjob scene. Also, Lund’s collar is now equippable at any given time like the Sub-Tuner, Sera’s, Lorelei’s, etc.
  • New Scene: Kase Nursing! A new, small scene with Kase is now available for milky momma PCs to nurse their kitty-boi. Options are available to jerk him off or let him drink himself into a nap.
  • Tweaks for Kelly! After building a relationship with Kelly, you will be able to do things like flirt with her at work. This initially leads to a teasy under table blowjob, but now with this scene you have an option of letting her take the lead.
  • New map icons: door entrance and door exit.
  • Lowercase-Donkey reworked the underpinnings of NPC bust dispays across the game.
  • Improved handling of hyperlinks under the hood and how they are displayed.
  • Improved image compression for public builds.
  • Improved error handling for attempts to move to invalid room indexes.
  • Did work under the hood for a “toasts” style achievement display system. (Good work, Ged!)
  • Plenty of other fixes and new opportunities to slip bugs in for y’all to find!

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

[TiTS] Syri-ous Business!

Kept you waiting, huh?

Thanks, Syri!

Now that the javascript version is rapidly approaching full content parity with the ol’ reliable flash builds, it’s time for everybody’s dog with a bone to finally have her crew expansion escape into the wild. I suspect that there will be a fair few bugs to shake out of this one, so be sure to hold onto a “before” save when you tackle this, just in case something blows up.


  • [HOTFIX] The Appearance screen no longer crashes.
  • Syri’s recruitment quest is live! Written by Savin and coded by Leek, this picks up right after the Uveto quest put a Syri in your hold! It might be a good idea to have Anno onboard for maximum pupperonis.
  • Gedan waded through the late changes on the flash version and applied them to the javascript version. This was an enormous amount of work, and we salute you for it! o7
  • Buying food on New Texas should work properly again.
  • New bust: male sexbot
  • New icon: ship wheel for navigation.
  • New icon: pool rooms.
  • Fixed Ula appearing in two rooms after completing her quest.
  • Fixed sexbot gender tracked and display functions. (Thanks donkey!)
  • Locked down a few cuntsnake scenes to properly require tail parasites.
  • Cleaned up the cunt snake feeding routine to make sure the game wouldn’t accidentally feed a non-parasite tail.
  • Fixed the “hasVaginas” check returning “true” for single vaginas instead of just multiple, as was intended.
  • Fixed two “stuck in combat” message bugs after interacting with female zil.
  • Fixed several female zil crash bugs (thanks donkey!)
  • Fix “quickies” in goo combat so they display as they should.
  • Fixes for the parser barfing on some Vanae parser calls.
  • Various other sundry fixes.

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