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[Backers | CoC2] A Fungus Amongus

It’s time for more shrooms, baby.

Hotfix: A hotfix has been released that fixes the new Druid Set not having an encounter power, the Forge Golem causing health to become NaN, a crash in Hawkethorne, and some text issues.

0.6.4 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new fungus-themed dungeon, continuing the story of the Boreal Elves and their outcast druids’ integration with the city. You can initiate this expedition by talking to Hethia, after having finish the Specter of the Wyld quest. (By TheObserver).
  • Etheryn gets a new Druid-themed set through doing the dungeon.
  • The combat code’s gotten some overhaul to help smooth out bugs and make things easier to expand on in the future.

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See you in May 🙂

Trials in Tainted Space: Greatly Changed Up Programming System (TiTS: G-CUPS)

The update – she cums!

…is it too late to rebrand after the javascrypt conversion?

Gedan gave me a poke this morning to indicate that another big ol’ batch of bug fixes was ready, so lets get right into the meat and potatoes of it.

  • Corrected the below save/load issue.


  • [CRITICAL ALERT]: It has been discovered that saves made in this patch will not load. We will deploy an update ASAP to resolve this. We recommend holding off on this patch for the time being.
  • [New Public Content] Penny Pirate Suck! It’s now possible to have the Cyberpunk Cheetah Pirate suck off your loyal futanari cumslut (or bimbo) fox, written by Fenoxo, coded by Fenoxo, Fenoxo’d by Fenoxo.
  • [New Backer Content] It is now possible to take Anyxine on a date.
  • [Now Public] Anno can introduce you to a trio of kitty cats when boarding your ship at Tavros station once you have met Urbolg, adding a new repeatable fap scene. (William & Leek)
  • [Big Fix] Several Perks that were intended to make permanent adjustments to the players resistance stats (Tough, Tough 2, Helldiver, etc) were not actually applying the modifications due to Javascript being Javascript. 0/10 coding language, do not pass go, do not collect 200 bikini babes (or bros). This should be fixed now, with old saves being properly upgraded to have the correct values applied. (Gedan)
    • Also Helldiver’s perk text has been updated to correctly state “burning” damage instead of “thermal”. Note the old text may be stored on old saves. (Fenoxo)
  • [Semi-Big Fix] Order of post-combat events should be corrected so that the screen properly clears and doesn’t append your victory (or defeat) text directly onto the enemy appearance text.
  • The Tainted Rusher’s encounters now require you to experience the previous planet’s encounter before running into them on the next planet – this should address inconsistencies in the events where scenes would act like you recognized before you even met them, and guarantee proper continuity of their content. (Jacques00)
  • Shower jerkoff options have been further unfuckulated. (Gedan)
  • You can no longer use the Prostitute Pro to commit fraud on Breedwell. (DrunkZombie)
    • To prevent an infinite money exploit, Steeles can no longer use Breedwell Pods with an implanted Prostitute Pro.
  • If the player is flying, they will no longer pancake on the overpass during Feruze’s fight, and will instead zip out of the way. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed incorrectly gendering enemies who cannot reach you while you are flying. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed Bianca’s icon appearing on Myrellion even during her off hours. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the Easter Zaika’s bust being broken, and numerous typos. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Somebody did a find & replace across the codebase to remove “public” from the code – something that would frequently appear before function definitions in flash but doesn’t need to be there nowadays. It ate a lot mentions of republics, etc in the Codex articles. This has been corrected. (lowercase_donkey)
  • SteeleTech turrets may not be the best turrets, but they’re efficient, durable, and highly-repairable with minimal power tools.

    Work on fixing hard crashes related to custom busts & image gallery code. (Gedan & Jacques00)

  • Taking the Tainted Rusher’s virginity is now tracked. (Jacques00)
  • Tainted Rusher combat texts should support non-PC targets. (Jacques00)
  • Made some under the hood changes to how Tainted Rusher bust displays are called to support future art. (Jacques00)
  • The weapon output for ship combat has been converted to a proper table layout. (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted appearanceWornCollar() in appearance to only show on the player character’s appearance output. (Jacques00)
  • Fixes for temporary color values in game. (Jacques00)
  • All [pc.Name] parser calls should be changed to []. This will not force uppercase on name output for those who want to have a lowercase name. Personally I (Fen) had done this intentionally because I figured a fair number of players might just type in a name without worrying about proper casing, but I suppose some players also want to be able to further dehumanize their characters. (Jacques00)
  • lowercase_donkey did a lot of find & replacing of formatting things for eslint.
  • Reviewed and updated all race() checks and simplify to raceShort() (or isAusar(), isCat() or isDog()), where appropriate. (Jacques00)
    • Adjusted some race outputs. * The “horse” and “demon” races should now be “equine-morph” and “demon-morph”, respectively.
    • The “amazon” “race” output should slightly vary based on gender.
    • Race output override moved down slightly to better accommodate any prefix/suffix changes.
    • The stripped-down version of myr races (red, gold, orange) should now be “myrmydion”, so it’ll be easier to find all variants of the race with raceShort, and the specific race with a race().indexOf().
    • Many instances of Terran have been replaced with human.
  • Re-added in cowScore() for checks that only want the cow score value without the added bovine score. (Jacques00)
  • Updates to the quest log. (Jacques00 & lowercase_donkey)
  • Some accessories incorrectly gained boot icons. This has been rectified. (Jacques00)
  • Numerous other smaller fixes, tweaks, changes, and find-and-replaces. (THE TEAM <3)

[Public | CoC2] Bug Fixin!

We’re sneaking out a quick fix patch for everyone while we’ve got the next dungeon cookin’ — should just be a few days, depending on how laborious the combat code turns out to be.

0.6.3 Patch Notes:

  • Etheryn’s appearance screen now accounts for her being uncaged
  • The Critical Error screen no longer allows you to attempt an Autosave, instead you can attempt to load the last checkpoint. The attempted autosaves were always a bad solution, since the autosaves generated could have bad game-state due to the error. Checkpoints should not have this issue
  • Fixed a bug introduced with level 7 that caused all healing to be increased by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bald and bearded PCs to have “NONE” beard color
  • Fixed an erroneous NPC marker in the Wayfort if you have the Behemoth
  • Fixed a bug that made Etheryn’s [Royal Dicking] Cait threesome gated by the PC having a cock
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Abyssal Depths Barricade fight to crash if you used certain items
  • Using items here also no properly removes them from your inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Dracia Tower stairs not always taking you to the right floor
  • Fixed a bug where Kaina would be nude while requesting tea. She’s not that much of a degenerate
  • Made the cock length parsers for Lyric’s new exhib scenes more consistent with the rest of their content
  • Tipping Livrea now properly deducts EC. No more conjuring coin from thin air for her.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the fight with Alissa in Dracia to crash
  • The [Let Elthara Take Her] first-time scene for uncaged Etheryn now properly requires the PC has a cock
  • Drifa [Praise] option now works properly if you’ve never fucked her
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to Hogtie the Demon Dragoon after fucking her even if you don’t have anywhere to send her
  • Fixed a bug that would show “0x Item” in the combat loot
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the new Cleaving Strikes, Enchanting Acts, and Overflowing Health level 7 perks
  • Also buffed Cleaving Strikes and Enchanting Acts to 40% from 20%
  • Too many misc. text fixes to count

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[TiTS] Itty Bitty Fixy


Art by: ototatx (via Discord!)

Another quick, off-cycle update to clean up some more things; last week I shoved out a replaced system to handle keeping track of how and when the UI changes between different display layouts. In the past we only had the possibility to track a single previous layout and some minor additional data with it (generally main text and buttons) – it was basically a bit of a hackjob that I cobbled together when getting the initial port work together enough to start seeing the game work, but over time as we’ve made the UI more complicated, it became clear the limitations were becoming ever more problematic to work around. We had to build more and more special cased code to handle exactly what we wanted to happen in certain circumstances and it was just generally a goddamn mess. I took it as far as I could, but it was clear we’d be chasing issues with it basically forever.

I had an idea of a better way to approach it that would allow us to strip out most if not all of the special casing; now we only need maybe one or two special cases in strategic places (essentially only for the main menu, to deal with when a gamestate is or isn’t available and what should happen in that case) but I kept putting it off, hoping One Last Set Of Bandaids would cover everything; and without fail, more shit would crop up that would need another set of bullshit to get working. The downside being, now I gotta fish out all of the special casing that had built up over time and strip a bunch of that shit out so we can just rely on the state stack instead. With as many submenus and sub-submenus we have, it turns out there was a lot more of this garbage that needed to get thrown out that I expected, but I think most of it should be out on its ass now. At least it’s given me an opportunity to carefully comb over all of the little bandaids we’ve stacked up over time, which has let me find a few sneaky bugs that existed under the old system that’ll finally be getting fixed to boot.

0.9.052, builds 3334 and up:

  • Added busts for ST Turrets, Divrani Cultist, Shalin Shaman and Cheetah Pirate. (Adjatha & Fenoxo)
  • Fixed some more of the submenu loops under appearance. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a react error in the lightsout minigame. (Gedan)


  • Added special support to the Accept/Cancel keybinds to also apply to the “Your inventory is full” modal. (Gedan)
  • Added inline image support to the codex and added some new art assets to squeeze into the codex. (Jacques)
  • Rebalanced the level 2 tainted rusher encounter. (Fenoxo)
  • Rebalanced available hours for the Pumpking encouter. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed appearance screen submenus softlocking into loops. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential issue with the level up screen that could in rare instances result in a softlocked menu. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the image scaling option not properly applying. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the data menu sometimes not initiating in the correct mode layout. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a menu to options to menu loop using the escape keybind. (Gedan)
  • Fixed an issue with the mail and mail setup system that could result in loops and weirdness when backing out of the mails. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a button configuration error in a shower masturbate menu. (Gedan)
  • Fixed autopathing always disabling after navigating a single room. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Johr and the Pumpkings attack text appending to the players attack text. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the room configuration around the Pumpking encounter. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the room configuration around Kally’s house. (Fenoxo)

[TiTS] A New State

Armature, Adjatha

Armature, Adjatha

Swinging in with some fixes for the UI state system that got swapped out over the weekend – I left a couple of dumbs scattered around, as is the style, and they needed to get cleaned up. That was part of the plan I guess about doing a sneaky extra update over the weekend, with a push to clean up whatever cropped up during the regular patch time. There’s still a couple of weird issues around, but I don’t think they’re caused by the new state system, they’ve been kicking around for a while and simply exacerbated by the new changes rather than being caused by them, and I’ll be continuing to look into them and get them fixed as soon as I can figure out the causes.

Tired, so keepin in short. Back 2 da mines…


  • BACKER: There is now a tainted rusher that you can encounter on a variety of planets as a random combat event. (Fr0sty & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Added scene for Naomi, a cowgirl on New Texas that got stood-up and is looking for revenge. Available to bipedal Steeles with a cock. Will trigger randomly along the main street between the hours of 1800 and 2400 with a 1 week cooldown. (Written by Damie, coded by DrunkZombie)
  • Added cheats to reset Delilah and Akane content. (Jacques)
  • Added an extra option to TapTooltip mode; you can now choose to have buttons generate a filler tooltip (thus always requiring two taps to activate buttons), or only require two taps on buttons that have actual tooltips (and buttons without tooltips will activate on the first tap). (Gedan)
  • Fixed the control overlay not quite working with the new UI state stack. (Jacques)
  • Fixed mail buttons, enabling and disabling them respective to the currently viewed folder. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some lingering remnants of the old UI state system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the data menu state code to align more with how all other UI states are transitioned in and out. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash backing up from the data menu when on the main menu without a gamestate active. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the findLast crashes under android. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a ton of potential null/undefined checks inherited from AS3 era code. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the experimental undo system not cooperating with the new UI state stack system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Bizzy busts going missing when she wears a collar outside the matching body type in the art. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sera busts showing a dongle when clothed. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some missing descriptions in the image manifest. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some scroll height issues in the codex when the control overlay is enabled. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a crash with Black Void grunts. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of issues and oversights with the porting of Mimbranes, re-enabling some combat and time-passage events. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Sturm and Drang using an incorrect accuracy value. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the placement of some tease buttons in the combat menu. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Jasvalla becoming inactive when levelling past her existing level ranges. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some inactive content that was waiting for Gianna crew to happen in some Bess scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed potential issues with the way saving is blocked, unifying access to the variable that controls it. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some issues with Leithan and Raskvel body part type instances. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Galomax consumption softlocks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash in Riyaquest relating to the Security Droids blowing up (in this case, literally). (Gedan)
  • Fixed typos in many places. (Jacques, lowercase_donkey, Gedan)

[Public | CoC2] Yusra + Public RynQuest!

There’s a new lad to lay in the Temple of Mallach today, and RynQuest is now in the public build — go free the princess from her cage!

0.6.2 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new NPC in the Temple of Mallach after you’ve built it: Yusra! (By TheObserver)
  • Yusra has several new talk scenes and six new sex scenes, including a Cait threesome. (By TheObserver)
  • Evergreen has a new “Cock Sleeve” sex scene if you’ve blown her a bunch! (By LooMoo)
  • Lyric’s sex menu is disabled when all their sex options are, instead of soft-locking the player. Oops!

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now reach Level 7! This level comes with TWO new perks for each class — you’ll pick between one of the options when you level up, or when you switch classes if you’re already Level 7.
  • If you encounter Gytha in the Frostwood after discovering Alissa’s whereabouts (and before leaving for Dracia), you can now confront her more properly. Might be for her own good that she not stay free…
  • After having done Calise’s first quest, you can now head out on Etheryn’s personal quest ‘The Demon of Ice.’ Return to the Palace of Ice’s temple, where you normally meet Elthara, to catch a ride to the dungeon. This is a Level 7 quest.
  • Etheryn, Daliza, and Livrea all have new or updated talks to reflect the events of RynQuest and the expedition to Dracia it entails.
  • Lyric (Male or Female base) can be turned into a futa. (By B!)
  • Lyric has two new public sex scenes. These require 33+ libido and are accessible in populated areas, excluding the Frosthound itself, your Camp, and the Wayfort.
  • Kitsunetsuki no longer requires the Fox Jewel to use, instead wielding the Fox Jewel increases its duration to 4 rounds.
  • The Tail Whack power is no longer accessible to the PC.
  • Etheryn now properly gets the Crown of Winter in her sets if you gave it to her during DraciaQuest.
  • Ally summons will no longer de-summon between phases in 2 phase fights.
  • Fixed a bug where un-recruited Ryn would remain in the party after DraciaQuest, causing crashes when opening the party selector.
  • New Busts: all the new RynQuest NPCs, updated Ryn busts post-quest, one other surprise elf’s updated bust for the quest.

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[TiTS] Moving Pixels

Cheetah, Adjatha

Cheetah, Adjatha

UPDATE: Got a few solid fixes to handle some issues that have come up as part of the new storage limits, shoving them out of the door earlier than otherwise so we can see if there’s another layer of problems hiding below the immediate ones! Update should allow more flexibility with ship storage limits when moving items around, and this should hopefully provide (the start) of a full fix for weird UI display loops doing weird things.

I’m still bouncing back and forth between being ill and not quite so bad, but I spent most of the week digging into deeply annoying bugs that have been lingering for a couple of weeks, on top of piles of things that recent reworks have caused. I’ve barely been able to keep up with the report volume for the last couple of weeks as it is, but this past week has been especially bad so I’ve put everybody on notice – no more reworks until the bug backlog is looking much, much healthier. There’s a couple of important things that need to get fixed, and I want to be able to focus on them rather than worrying about treading water with a couple of bigly fucko bugs being introduced because I blinked and didn’t meticulously review every line of every pull request.

DZ and Jacques have jumped in pretty hard to start chopping back some of the more volumous reports, and it’s given me an opportunity to fish out some rather annoying fuckos that took a while to root around and find the true cause of. Leek also came in clutch with dropping the system required for us to support animations; namely, a system to support video embeds just like our existing image embedding scheme. There’ll likely be some more work put towards this to further tune it, but for now there’s a handful of scenes that we have animations for that are finally wired up!

Back 2 da mines.


  • Added a cheat to enable “infinite” storage for location and ship storage inventories. (Gedan)
  • Added a lot more polish to the entire video/animation system, including: Scaling, Autoplay configuration, Image viewer support, Playback controls. (Jacques)
  • Fixed UI state changes between different displays by using a fully detailed stack of displays and associated settings required to return to them. This has nessecitated removing a lot of special casing from the old way state transitions were handled, and some of it may still remain which is likely to cause issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed potential softlocks with the new ship storage inventory limits by allowing more flexibility when the ship storage is overloaded; you can now accept trades whilst ship storage is overfull to allow you to move items bit by bit rather than needing to complete a singular trade that would leave both your personal inventory and ship inventory at or under their respective limits. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Leyak not being considered unique in combat. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the formatting for nursery computer list output to better match list formatting used elsewhere in the game. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some issues with the Big Green Potion, including relaxing the skin color checks slightly. (Jacques)
  • Fixed Hrad race score labelling. (Jacques)
  • Fixed clarity on the level up screen. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the trade summary screen with ship inventory not displaying the correct slot counts that are actually in-use. (Gedan)


  • BACKER: The firepup has a new scene that requires a set of GravCuffs. (William & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: A Cyber Punk-modded Clydesdale K7 I’ve been calling the Cyberdale. Guess what? It uses the holographic duplicate system! She’ll surrender if you pop her mirrored images and drop her shields, but you can always ignore them to take out her armor. Comes with two new victory sex scenes! (This encounter requires Zheng Shi’s coordinates to be unlocked in order to occur.) (Fenoxo)
  • Added support for video embeds. (Leek)
  • Added a bunch of animations that we’ve collected over the years to a variety of scenes, namely Maja, Bianca.
  • Added support for in-game emails to support embedded images. (Leek)
  • Added better visibility to stat totals in the level up screen. (Fenoxo)
  • Rebalanced resolve so that it no longer boosts max willpower. (Fenoxo)
  • Rebalanced the counter rate of the Kashima event. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed nursery computer ‘undefined character’ crash. (Jacques)
  • Fixed additional buttons in Ilaria menus. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Kaede sex menu buttons missing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed custom bet issues with blackjack. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a few blackjack hand vs house winning issues. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a handful of issues with text input elements and when they are displayed and removed. (Jacques)
  • Fixed the win/loss count for blackjack hands and enhanced legibility of values. (Jacques)
  • Fixed tease combat crash. (Jacques)
  • Fixed “Lust Staggered” crash. (Jacques)
  • Fixed outfit visibility checks. (Jacques)
  • Fixed “isAndroidBrowser” crash. (Jacques)
  • Fixed RatsRaiders crash. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash that can sometimes happen when loading a game relating to achievement historical tracking. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a bunch of missing Sera busts. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a few crashes in some Punk SpecOps scenes. (Gedan & lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed incorrect handling of permanent flying status for a handful of enemy types. (Gedan)
  • Fixed removeStatusByRef ship crashes. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Zaika Ganger menu buttons not properly clearing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed the Clear button not being very… clear on the custom bust image editor. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a Tarratch Slaver buttfuck scene crash. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a broken room in the myrellion caves that blew up the autopathing system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed ship storage limits not being properly applied. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Sturm and Drang using a base ranged attack implementation instead of a base melee attack implementation. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the bonus from Boundless Reserves. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed the “Nake” player gender issue. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some issues with the combat tease menu button generation system. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a potential crash relating to “childNodes” that can happen when mashing a keybind to open an inventory display and a key that would navigate the inventory at the same time. (Gedan)
  • Fixed completing malai quest not unlocking the additional scenes as expected. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Sera’s Sterilix option being available too early. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed porn studio name brands on Reaha, Sera and Mitzi. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Jasvalla not handling neuter players by disabling encounters with Jasvalla while a neuter*. This will be rectified better when we have opportunity to rework the scenes to better handle this eventuality. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fix for a rare Nuka crash that happens if a previous encounter was not cleaned up properly (isTainted is not a function). (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and italics bleeds all over the place. (Jacques, lowercase_donkey & DrunkZombie)

[Backers | CoC2] Lyrical Enhancement

0.6.1 Patch Notes:

  • Etheryn, Daliza, and Livrea all have new or updated talks to reflect the events of RynQuest and the expedition to Dracia it entails.
  • Lyric (Male or Female base) can be turned into a futa. (By B!)
  • Lyric has two new public sex scenes. These require 33+ libido and are accessible in populated areas, excluding the Frosthound itself, your Camp, and the Wayfort.
  • Kitsunetsuki no longer requires the Fox Jewel to use, instead wielding the Fox Jewel increases its duration to 4 rounds.
  • The Tail Whack power is no longer accessible to the PC.
  • Etheryn now properly gets the Crown of Winter in her sets if you gave it to her during DraciaQuest.
  • Ally summons will no longer de-summon between phases in 2 phase fights.
  • Fixed a bug where un-recruited Ryn would remain in the party after DraciaQuest, causing crashes when opening the party selector.

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[TiTS] Risen Dead

Cultist, Adjatha

Cultist, Adjatha

I’ve been in and out of hospital a bunch over the last couple weeks and it’s thrown me off track a bit – nothing super serious but enough to need to make me drag my ass there. Sure do love sitting my ass in waiting rooms for a couple of hours at a time, twiddling my thumbs!!! Everybody else has been hard at the grindstone in my absence though, so there’s plenty of fixes to go around.

What little time I’ve had to focus has been rifling through annoying bugs and reports for shitty handling of things on different platforms. A lot of these turn into “No Good Answers” problems, so morph into a challenge of thinking up some bullshit to work around the issue and make things at least usable. Big shout out to Android browsers here for doing weird shit with overlapping elements throwing off our positional calculations for the page.

Fen has been fishing through combat code and rebalancing things as part of laying down code for new perks and levels, fixing up annoying little issues that have cropped up over time with how we’ve ended up implementing a lot of combat attacks in practice. Point of fact, that’s what most of us have kind of been doing this week; rifling through combat stuff and cleaning up lots of little bits and pieces here and there that have stacked up over time.

Back to da mines!


  • Walking around on New Texas should no longer crash due to a misconfigured feature flag on the newer cow-girl encounter.


  • BACKER: Anno can introduce you to a trio of kitty cats when boarding your ship at Tavros station once you have met Urbolg, adding a new repeatable fap scene. (William & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: There’s a new extrameet scene variant for some Kaede and Anno funtimes. (Savin & Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Bizzy has a couple of extra scenes, one some solo action and a few involving Reaha. (Nonesuch & Leek)
  • Added additional clarity when taking actions via the inventory. (Jacques)
  • Added an icon for skintight/underlayer armor. (Jacques)
  • Added scanlines behind big item images. (Jacques)
  • Rebalanced how blindMiss was implemented, effectively removing it as a seperate step in the combat calculation flow, thus allowing blind status effects to more consistently be applied. (Fenoxo)
  • Rebalanced how status effects are processed for combat, aligning the processing step with how general status effects are handled and also hopefully scraping a bit more performance out of combat processing at the same time. This process also likely fixed some lingering/hidden issues with some combat effect processing that have gone unreported, but it has also probably introduced entirely new fun bugs as well! Whee! (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed verbiage and application of gas grenade damage when used against the player. (lowercase_donkey & Fenoxo)
  • Fixed GaloMax softlock. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an errant unimplemented text variant in a Sophora scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a lot of errant variable shadowing issues behind the scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed many typos throughout the Hyrax content (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed typo in Twist the Knifes perk description. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a variety of issues relating to the additional buttons displayed on the main menu for fullscreen & panic mode. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some layout issues relating to Android browser page rendering by forcibly moving the entire game UI out from under being overlapped by the address bar. Fullscreen mode is the intended means to work around the remaining layout issues whilst we investigate the true causes of a few other overlapped-by-system-component issues. (Jacques & Gedan)
  • Fixed a variety of issues with Zaalts attack implementations. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed how damage stacking works with Power Strike. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed errant text formatting issues with Low Blow. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a variety of typos throughout the spreadsheet panic screen. (Jacques)
  • Fixed NPC auto-orgasms from being tracked before the player has met the NPC in question. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a variety of lingering issues with the Grey Goo armor. Subscenes and features that were disabled as part of the port have been re-enabled, removing the Undroppable and Unsellable flags – if she is discarded, she can be reacquired on Myrellion via a random bar event or via Anno’s store. (Jacques)
  • Fixed typo in icon selection for acessory items. (Jacques)
  • Fixed some layout issues with the Achievement and Credit display screens. (Jacques)
  • Fixed crashes with the Tarratch Slaves. (Lighterflud)
  • Fixed potential Flash-to-JS imported save issues with broken ship weapon configurations. Ships with broken weapons should fix themselves. (Gedan)
  • Fixed crashes with the Akkadi Security Robots and the Target Link ability. (Gedan)
  • Fixed crashes with the Zaika Hazard Trooper. (Gedan)
  • Fixed text generation issues with the Zaika Hazard Troopers shield-break state. (Gedan)
  • Fixed issues with Bess/Ben’s title selection menu. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Extrameet codex entries being missing. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed typos with the Easter Jumper. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed missing virginity counts. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed Kattom being able to show up on Phaedra. (Gedan)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the implementation of Vaulting Strike. The cooldown should now be appropriately tracked as a combat effect, as well as have a one-round cooldown, as indicated by the perk text. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some border display issues with the control overlay button graphics. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a typo in a flag tracking some Vanae content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a typo in a flag tracking some Shou content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the ordering of Vaulting Strike and Sturm und Drang so that the perks better fit the columns they are presented in the level up screen as part of. (Gedan)
  • Fixed typos in many places. (DrunkZombie, lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a flipped Lust/HP victory variant descriptor with the Tarratch Slavers. (Gedan)

The Most Drawn Out of All April Fools’ Jokes

Hi folks, Savin here. No April Fools joke this year (from me at least), because I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone. Five years ago today we tossed out the first public build of CoC2 without fanfare, like it was any other patch day, as our April Fools gag. We had just the tutorial, and a greyscale copy of TiTS’ UI, but it certainly caused a buzz! Since then the game’s grown to several million words of content by dozens of authors, hundreds of busts and illustrations, and even launched on Steam! Your support’s been life changing for a lot of us, letting me bring on a wonderful team of full time writers and artists to help keep the game rolling smoothly beyond what Drake and I could have ever done on our own. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them, and none of us would be here without you — so thank you everyone, for five amazing years of CoC2.

Four our 5th birthday, we brought you some cake and milk. Dig in!

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