We’re sneaking out a quick fix patch for everyone while we’ve got the next dungeon cookin’ — should just be a few days, depending on how laborious the combat code turns out to be.

0.6.3 Patch Notes:

  • Etheryn’s appearance screen now accounts for her being uncaged
  • The Critical Error screen no longer allows you to attempt an Autosave, instead you can attempt to load the last checkpoint. The attempted autosaves were always a bad solution, since the autosaves generated could have bad game-state due to the error. Checkpoints should not have this issue
  • Fixed a bug introduced with level 7 that caused all healing to be increased by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bald and bearded PCs to have “NONE” beard color
  • Fixed an erroneous NPC marker in the Wayfort if you have the Behemoth
  • Fixed a bug that made Etheryn’s [Royal Dicking] Cait threesome gated by the PC having a cock
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Abyssal Depths Barricade fight to crash if you used certain items
  • Using items here also no properly removes them from your inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Dracia Tower stairs not always taking you to the right floor
  • Fixed a bug where Kaina would be nude while requesting tea. She’s not that much of a degenerate
  • Made the cock length parsers for Lyric’s new exhib scenes more consistent with the rest of their content
  • Tipping Livrea now properly deducts EC. No more conjuring coin from thin air for her.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the fight with Alissa in Dracia to crash
  • The [Let Elthara Take Her] first-time scene for uncaged Etheryn now properly requires the PC has a cock
  • Drifa [Praise] option now works properly if you’ve never fucked her
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to Hogtie the Demon Dragoon after fucking her even if you don’t have anywhere to send her
  • Fixed a bug that would show “0x Item” in the combat loot
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the new Cleaving Strikes, Enchanting Acts, and Overflowing Health level 7 perks
  • Also buffed Cleaving Strikes and Enchanting Acts to 40% from 20%
  • Too many misc. text fixes to count

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