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Trials in Orgy Space

myr_gold_guardI just finished up the second custom scene I had to write that wound up being an orgy. This one was for a horde of fem-aliens squirting on the PC, so I had a column of gold myr mistake a dick-having PC as her unit’s entertainment for the night. Then the PC winds up ‘escorted’ to their barracks, placed on a mattress, and repeatedly fucked while hundreds of other myr take turns impaling themselves on huge dildos arranged around the PC, effectively using the PC as porn. Of course, honey gets everywhere.

It’ll either be a one-off or something you can trigger again by choosing to strut around the city completely naked. Either way, I have to do some editing and adjustments to it before I can code it. I’m sure there are more typos than Prisoner416 cares to report.

Next week I’ll be looking at the next thing on my agenda: Big butts (and making them bigger)

Expect a new build for backers Monday with a public build this coming Thursday. Hang in there, bras! (Oh, and here’s a video of me wrecking face as Tracer.)

Appropriately thematic Myr bust by Jacques00.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.50

nayna_suitThe big 5-0! Let’s see what’s in store, shall we?

0.6.50 Changelog:

  • New NPC in Beth’s on Tavros: Terensha!
  • Added a television program to ther bar on Uveto along with a placeholder description.
  • More busts: Briha, Lerris, Nayna, Sera, Zaalt
  • Gryvain starting race
  • New Item: Junk in the Trunk
  • Kui-tan have a new racial attribute…

New Nayna bust from Shou!

Zoot Sloot Riot

Aki_SeraStill feeling kind of sickly today (as evidenced by my latest Overwatch video on youtube – seriously mediocre attempt at commentary!), but I still cranked in a pretty good work day.

The following all got done:

  • 1000+ words of writing for the hyper-endowed male furry.
  • Coded the above scene.
  • Coded in new busts for Lerris (all six eight!), Nayna, Zaalt, and Sera.
  • Reviewed some code merges that happened over the weekend – a few small items are on the way.
  • Coded in a new NPC at Beth’s that Savin wrote.

Hopefully that’ll make up for the disappointing showing I had yesterday! I’ll probably drop a backer patch tomorrow if all goes well! Also, the next custom scene I have to do involves an army of alien girls squirting on the PC. Should be… uh… interesting.

Lovely fanart-turned-in-game-bust by Aki.

Latex Sloot Suits

Lerris Medium Clothed (Adjatha)Fen, you’re supposed to get sick the week Overwatch’s beta launches. Wayta shoot your load early, pal.

Anyway, I finished writing a latex-bodysuit-wearing whore for Beth’s yesterday. She was a lot of fun to work on — probably the most enjoyable bit of lewdness I’ve worked on in a while. Shame the overly intricate and detailed backstory I outlined for her never came up, but oh well.

Gonna start working on moving Shade over from Myrellion to Uveto today, for those PCs who’ve unlocked that story beat. Not going to be too involved to start with, but expect to see some e-mails in your Codex of various emotional content by the time you arrive on the moon, probably some new talk scenes. Slowly but surely clearing out that backlog.

Even bustier Lerris by Adjatha. Poor thing’s going to OD on Lactaid one of these days!

The Return of Fensick

It’s been a while since it reared it’s ugly head, but I’ve managed to snag myself another sinus/ear infection thing. I managed to record a voice-over for an Overwatch video I wanted to post this morning, sort out my emails, review code commits on the TiTS github, and add that lovely Briha fanart we saw last week as a bust option  before I stopped managing to get anything done.

Depending on how things go, this might be a slow week for me. We’ll see. I haven’t gotten tremendously nose-sick as often as I used to.

[Backer] Trials in Tainted Space 0.6.49

Here we go! I would’ve liked to have had that hyper furry male scene I was planning to do, but life had other plans. C’est la vie! Here’s what I got, bras!

0.6.49 Changelog:

  • Yammi can now become a follower, serving as the ship’s cook. Big thanks to Lady Jen for writing her ages ago and to Savin for editing and filling in the missing sex scenes!
  • Adjusted cold damage mechanics on Uveto and added a basic rescue scene for when PCs hit 0 HP from cold.
  • Gedan added the base layout of the Ice Plains into the game. (Still no encounters for them).
  • Some overhauls to the shop systems.
  • Nerrasa’s shop has been added to the game (on Uveto).
  • Kiro’s GalLink meetup can now happen for Male/Herm PC’s who have gotten the email about it.
  • Upped the chances to get the above email massively.
  • Probably some other things I’m forgetting!

Lots of Small Things

Lerris Small Clothed (Adjatha)Oh hey I actually finished a thing whoooo.

But in all seriousness, as Fen mentioned below, I finally worked up the willpower to make myself finish Yammi. That felt good, though it was probably the least fun I’ve ever had writing TiTS content. Other than that, I recently slapped together the encounter map and the room descriptions (oh god those were a pain! So many!) for the Ice Plains of Uveto — that’s where you’ll be fighting the various mobs like Adj’s Korgonne or Nonesuch’s Stormguard warriors — plus an encounter with some very flirty scientists on the space station who’ll make sure you have what you need to survive planetside.

Also did the very basic-most interactions with a Treated Ausar (aka Hellhound) shopkeeper on the station who’ll sell things like heat belts, survival gear, and other necessities. To do: any sort of meaningful interactions. Also a Huskar TF (aka “Chubby floofy ausar variant”). I wrote a thing for the player being able to start as a half-Gryvain (aka dragon futa waifu race), though I doubt that’s anywhere near the coding priority now. Plus a Kaede encounter for Uveto Station, though I’d like to expand that a bit more now that the planet-side (moon-side???) content is getting fleshed out.

Immediate plans: finish a new whore at Beth’s (who I had to sideline for Uveto stuff but who just needs some finishing touches), try and probably fail to code her myself, then do the Very Bare Minimum to get Shade set up so you can bump into her at the Irestead bar, so we can actually move her there rather than having her be mysteriously still on Myrellion forever. Her actual content expansion on the planet is going to be pretty in depth, so I’d rather clear out some of these half-finished projects before I get started on it!

I don’t make blog posts very often. Never really feel like I have anything to say that justifies making one. But, uh, there you go I guess. I’ve been fairly productive, yay.

Bust art of Lerris the Inflatable Kitty (smallest version) by Adjatha. Adjabro did like 8 different variants of her, so now I have a surplus of blogpost art for the forseeable future!

Pardon Me, The Furrening is on Hiatus for the Fishening

Ha ha! Vagina joke.

Ha ha! Vagina joke.

I got word from our local Puppyvin than he had finished up giving Yammi a few sex scenes – three to be exact. So I put my plans for furry domination on hold and jumped into the code-seat to get her ready for tomorrow’s patch. (That’s right! New build in less than 24 hours.)

She’s a pretty useful follower. For one, Yammi enables you to freely acquire a high-strength energy recovery item (can only ever have one at a time), and if you eat her food, you’ll heal 50% faster while resting in the field for two days. She’s also cute as beans, holy fuck. She can be yours for the low, low, low price of 7,000 galactic standard credits.

Also in tittyverse news, Gedan tells me that she’s rounding up bits and pieces of Uvetan content to make another push with. Reaper claims his NPC is ready for her first chunk to hit the game, so I passed her on to Gedan. We’ll see how that shakes out.

On the art front: Shou and Adjatha were working hard today (or hardly working?) Adjatha banged out a pile of Lerris busts for the TamaniCo shop, and Shou finished up Zaalt’s lovely avatar, then began construction on a certain Uvetan fluff-bun. Hopefully we’ll have all that shoved in for tomorrow!

The Furrening is Upon Us

Before any furry haters gripe at me, I’d like to point out that all the furry/futa stuff I’m doing lately is entirely due to $200+ commissions from back in the initial Offbeatr funding drive. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. People supported me and my games, and I’m going to give them what they paid for.

With the disclaimer out of the way, I wrote a 4,000 word furry orgy for Kiro, a cat-girl furry, two fox-girl furries, and Flahne. It’s probably the dirtiest, perviest thing I’ve written in a long, long, long time. I even got Savin to let me steal the names of Helia’s fox-girl friends for these two vixens, only this Mai is domming the absolute hell out of Miko. If you’re at all into that kind of stuff, I think it’s one of the better things I’ve written.

Adjatha has busts for Lerris almost done last I checked. I’ll keep you all posted and probably try to put out a new build by Thursday night, even if it only has a handful of new scenes and busts.

Next on the Fengenda? I have to write something about a fox/horse hybrid with a dick so big he has a team of girls to help him carry it around. I’m thinking a pervy reality show like Steph Irson’s Galactic Huntress.

Also someone mightof drawn an amazing moose-taur in a mounty hat, thus cementing my desire for a brief visit to New Canada, or at the very least New Ontario.

[Backers] TiTS 0.6.48 – Bunnyfux

xantheNot a lot in this one, but I figured why not push out a release?

0.6.48 Changelog:

  • Added a new scene for Nayna.
  • Added 8 new custom PCs off the list (an Offbeatr reward – don’t sweat it if you don’t know it. Still 53 pages of Offbeatr reward things to do)
  • New texts for the Uvetan space elevator.
  • Fix for ‘Nuki Nuts vs. Suma Cream on tiny kui-tans.
  • Suma Cream bad end now triggered by weight/strength requirements in addition to size.
  • Added and implemented Shou’s Xanthe busts.
  • Adjustments to exhibitionism decay by ignoring exposing underwear from check.
  • Added metallic black and iridescent to Shear Beauty hair/fur color menus.


(New Xanthe is lookin’ adorable. Good work, Shou!)

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