Lerris Small Clothed (Adjatha)Oh hey I actually finished a thing whoooo.

But in all seriousness, as Fen mentioned below, I finally worked up the willpower to make myself finish Yammi. That felt good, though it was probably the least fun I’ve ever had writing TiTS content. Other than that, I recently slapped together the encounter map and the room descriptions (oh god those were a pain! So many!) for the Ice Plains of Uveto — that’s where you’ll be fighting the various mobs like Adj’s Korgonne or Nonesuch’s Stormguard warriors — plus an encounter with some very flirty scientists on the space station who’ll make sure you have what you need to survive planetside.

Also did the very basic-most interactions with a Treated Ausar (aka Hellhound) shopkeeper on the station who’ll sell things like heat belts, survival gear, and other necessities. To do: any sort of meaningful interactions. Also a Huskar TF (aka “Chubby floofy ausar variant”). I wrote a thing for the player being able to start as a half-Gryvain (aka dragon futa waifu race), though I doubt that’s anywhere near the coding priority now. Plus a Kaede encounter for Uveto Station, though I’d like to expand that a bit more now that the planet-side (moon-side???) content is getting fleshed out.

Immediate plans: finish a new whore at Beth’s (who I had to sideline for Uveto stuff but who just needs some finishing touches), try and probably fail to code her myself, then do the Very Bare Minimum to get Shade set up so you can bump into her at the Irestead bar, so we can actually move her there rather than having her be mysteriously still on Myrellion forever. Her actual content expansion on the planet is going to be pretty in depth, so I’d rather clear out some of these half-finished projects before I get started on it!

I don’t make blog posts very often. Never really feel like I have anything to say that justifies making one. But, uh, there you go I guess. I’ve been fairly productive, yay.

Bust art of Lerris the Inflatable Kitty (smallest version) by Adjatha. Adjabro did like 8 different variants of her, so now I have a surplus of blogpost art for the forseeable future!