What’s up my fine fellows?

I don’t have a ton to report today. The Egg Trainer’s more basic functions are working – that is the scene where you let the squirmy tentacle work you over or the one where you let it fill you with eggs, then instantly push them back out. However the more complicated stuff like faux pregnancy or a permanently egg-swollen womb (the best form of contraception!) are not yet in.

I have to teach myself how to make use of the pregnancy subsystems that Gedan added ages back, I guess, so that’ll be my project for tomorrow.

We’ve also started shoveling coal into the Uveto engines – a small pile of projects have found their way onto the bounty board for authors, and I believe Savin finished up the last racial codex for the planet yesterday. I’m not saying you’ll see that planet soon (when can we has an alternate access method, SavvySav?), but it’s looking a lot closer.

I’m going to push a backer build tomorrow whether I get the egg thing working or not. Jacques00 has been busy under the hood slipping new transformation items in willy-nilly, so there should be plenty to sink your teeth into there.

Happy X-Com 2 day tomorrow!