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[Backers] Nenne Sexytimes~

0.7.134 Changelog:

  • Nenne’s sex scenes have been added.
  • Nenne will now properly give the PC free items in exchange for lewd activities. Note that every freebie increases the amount of activity required for the next.
  • Some edits to the Bothrioc Diplomacy mission.
  • The number of children you have with Ula is now tracked.
  • Completing the optional “Hard” yoga with Paige now awards a temporary perk that gives a 20% bonus chance to escape grapples.
  • Fenoxo lost 5 lbs.

Art is a WIP of humanized Kiro fucking furry-ized Anno. Drawn by Shou! This was just a personal commission of mine, not indicative of any content coming into the game.

Twitter Comics!

So before I dig into murderizing my brain with work, I wanted to share something that popped up on my twitter feed that was absolutely amazeballs. A lovely fan commissioned a comic of their PC/OC interacting with some of my favorite waifus in TiTS, and I couldn’t not share them on the blog.

More panels below the break! Art by: Kinkymation, Commissioned by: CascadeHelsing

[Backers] Surprise Saturday!

Between Jacques00 and I, we’ve got a pretty solid chunk of content to drop here. Some of it’s relatively untested, so it’ll be up to you, my loyal backers, to tell me when shit lights on fire and explodes. Hopefully it won’t. But if it does, you know where to find me!

0.7.133 Changelog:

  • The Bothrioc Diplomacy mission by Nonesuch has been added to the game by Jacques00. I’m not quite sure how to start this one, so you’ll need to ask one of them!
  • Korgonne should now appear as a race if suitably transformed.
  • Korgonne tongue type has been added to the game.
  • Tongue descriptions have been tweaked. Adjectives have overall been reduced. A few new ones have been added and some unappealing ones removed. Let me know if anything awful jumps out at you!
  • Added some items to Lerris’s TamaniCorp shop on Tavros that can be used to keep orifices from losing their fluid contents. They appear at level 3 and up!
  • New Busts: Egg Trainer, Quaelle, Pregnant Ula, Charles, and the Doctor from character creation.

Quaelle bust by Adjatha. She’s quite lovely!

[Backers] Nenne-nenne-nenne-nenne

Next week I should have a healthy chunk of stuff for Nenne to drop into the game. I might get a small patch to tidy up Korgonne Snacks tomorrow, but if not, look forward to some stuff hitting next week!

0.7.132 Changelog:

  • Healing items have all been put on the same once-per-combat cooldown.
  • B’s Nenne has been partially added to the Korg’ii Hold. Her lewder interactions aren’t yet in place, but a limited selection of inventory has been added.
  • Nenne sells Aphro Daisies (consumable combat lust grenade), a healing poultice (H.P.), and an early version of Korgonne Snacks (Transformation Item).
  • Korgonne Snacks feature a combination of existing canine transformation effects and new, racially-specific bits to achieve the desired look. The following effects are known to be missing: blue tongue and korgonne race detection.
  • Fixed an issue with Ula’s first time meeting assuming the PC has no genitals if they have a blocked vagina… even while they have a penis.

Anno hugging it up by SheepPun!

Ged-Update, Possibly the first ever

Aight, time to scream into the void a little bit and fill you guys in with what the idiot red clown is up to.

I just got done fiddling with the Save/Load from file stuff for the Desktop AIR build, so the next releases should have that fixed. I’ll try and get a few more of the bugs and oversights sorted before then, but it’s time to spill the beans!

Unlike the rest of the team, I don’t get ill, so don’t worry there.

Instead, everything around me falls to pieces. Check after the break if you care about idiot RL stuff that has kept me busy for the last half year!

[Backers] Pregnant Ula!

0.7.131 Changelog:

  • Ula can now be impregnated. UpcastDrake helped lay out the code foundation for me to fill in all the lovely stuff I wrote into, saving me a good bit of time. Thanks dude!
  • The Biothroc Quadomme has been added to Myrellion’s deep caves. Written by Nonesuch, coded by Jacques00.
  • Added a few missing rooms to Korg’ii Hold.
  • Added Shou’s Taivra bust and Adjatha’s Erika bust.

Ula getting bred by JamesAB.

[Story] Feeding the Cat Some Cream

A while back I had the idea for a proper OC/Fursona/Whateverthefuck who was a psychic minotaur whose horn color reflected whatever powers he was using. The other night I came up with a proper listing of his various psychic powers and started writing a little story to go along with it. 3,500 words later, I have this little piece of hotness to show for it. Now if I can just find me an artist to do art of this character! Anyhow, I hope somebody gets as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did writing it.

By: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, Blowjob, Mind Control, Blowjob, M/F, Cock-Worship, Maledom, Fen’s OC

[Backers] More Ula Options


  • Centaurs don’t get enough love, so I added a centaur-only scene to Ula’s options.
  • Tentacle-tails also don’t get enough love, and you guessed it: Ula has a scene for them now.
  • New busts: Ula and Paige.
  • Paige can now be dismissed or picked back up.
  • It looks like Jacques00 added the broodmother perk from an NPC pregnancy on Tarkus. This will likely be reverted in the future. If we do a broodmother thing, I’d prefer it be tied to a sufficient amount of ANY pregnancy, not just one.
  • Kiro found Urta’s panties.

Shou did some lovely art of Paige that I gave her the go-ahead to finish up. We might slap it on a shirt or mug or something. I had a lot of fun churning out about 3,600 words of content today, including some stuff for the eventual Ula preggening. All the bounty projects for Korg’ii Hold are still in WIP land, so I’m taking the time to round out my contribution to it. Once Ula can be suitably impregnated, I’m going to call her complete and roll onto some of the various other projects.

[Backers] Warm Crusts

0.7.129 Changelog:

  • QuestyRobo’s victory scene for the Stormguard male has been added to the game.
  • A new shop has been added to Korg’ii Hold – Warm Crusts. Includes an NPC written by Doots that sells a few bits of barbarian-themed lingerie and a traveling cloak.
  • Added new accessories to Dr. Badger and Emmy’s shops that fire off a damage pulse when your shields go down, once per combat.
  • Cleaned up some combat code that prevented certain procs from occurring when an attack’s damage was tagged to display “minimal” output. They now occur, though perhaps textlessly.
  • Kiro found Kally’s panties.

Kiro & Kally art by SheepPun!

Sickness: Over…?

At this point, I feel enough like myself that I can get back to work. I’m not sure what the hell happened there. My cough is clearing up, finally, and more importantly – my libido came back. It might seem a little TMI, but being into the stuff I’m working on is a pretty important part of the job – especially for the writing. Yesterday in particular, I was really feeling mostly like my old self, gnarly cough aside.

I still don’t know why the hell I got sick, especially considering I had just gotten over a different illness a few weeks earlier. Whatever. I’ve laid on the couch enough for the week.

TO WERK! (Also Happy Birthday to me, I guess)

0.7.128 Changelog:

  • Savin’s mini-xpack for Kaede has been rolled into the game, courtesy of another fan-coder.
    • Savin Makes a Post Edit: The new xpak is some Exhibitionist content for Kaede. If you’ve already done her events you’ll need to grind her voyeur threesomes or tease options to unlock it. Once you do, there’s new scenes for Canadia and Tavros.
  • I’ve gone through the main Uveto folder and attempted to bring the planet up to compliance with our new vaginal plug stuff.
  • Both Pippa and the SubTuner are disabled outright for plugged folks. The former had some complex scene routing that didn’t handle a lack of genitalia well, and I was burning out by the later. If you want to do petplay, don’t plug up your orifices!

Now I just need to get it to display a status affect while it’s up, and I can move onto developing new stuff (and spending the next year fixing problems that this pussy plug stuff introduces!)

Fanart of Fisi by Rorai!

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